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the female democratic supremacy party part 17 1

Meanwhile back at the ploughing championships Sammys slaves were doing better. With two from every other slave team handicapped from the dead legs they had received Sammys slaves were able to catch up. Sammy was giggling to herself.
That punishment whipping from Jolanta had certainly motivated them. She loved it and drew back her whipp and lashed the lead male in her team, bringing a scream of pain.
Anyone looking at her would think she was so wholesome and beautiful, her long blonde hair, her heart shaped face her long legs. She may have only been 18 but she was a strong strict woman. She totally believed in the new regime and that men were slaves. This was her first ploughing match but she knew it wouldn’t be her last.
This is what Im born to do she mused, drive males , work males and dish out punishment she loved it.
Sammy stood up and lashed her slaves some more. Her feet were hot in her knee boots and stockings and she enjoyed that. A friend of her brothers used to tease her when they were younger. She now had him tied down on his back to some cleats on the floor of her room. She almost couldn’t wait. She was going to make his life hell later. It was so warm and her effort to make the males work was making her perspire. He was going to be her sweat removal slave.
First she was going to give him a good hard kick to the balls from her booted foot. Really punish him,ha She loved kicking balls so much fun, well for her anyway Then she would remind him if he didn’t do a good job, or even hesitated she would kick them 20 times more.
Then she would make him start on her arm pits. Force him to lick them hatotally clean.
Then she would remove a boot and waft haher nylon hacovered toes right under his nose. Make him get the full benefit from their aroma. Then she would make him lick every millimetre of her nylon feet, force him to take his time
If he gagged to hesitated she would punch his aching balls, she was going to force him to take a long time over the licking then start on sucking.
The thought of pushing her sweaty nylon toes into his mouth was delicious. He was going to have to slowly suck on them , make him remove any sweat from the mesh. She couldn’t wait. Oh he was going to pay for teasing her. Shed have him suck on her heels her arches and she was going to be difficult and demanding with him. The slightest mistake and she would pound his balls for him. She had in mind at least half an hour each foot. Then she would slip her stockings off and have him lick her bare feet, make him lick between each toe , really make him take his time.
And just to finish off. He was going to have to lick her ass clean. Mmm the thought of having him lick between her bottom cheeks was delicious.
Meanwhile Kellys slaves were struggling. She targeted the two slaves with dead legs in her team. Whipping their backs mercilessly and as the crossed the line for the half way point she was last.
Ling the gorgeous Chinese woman had volunteered to dish out the punishment this time and was going to enjoy every second.
The males were put in the pillory and Ling announced to the ladies that the males had suffered a lot so she was only going to whip them 5 times each for laziness.
Laziness the males had worked their guts out , how could she say they were lazy.
The women all cheered and were handed out glasses of the finest champagne as they prepared to watch ling at work.
Ling grinned at the helpless males and said,
This is going to hurt , and hurt a lot.
The males could see that Ling looked gorgeous in her black leather top, Black leather skirt inky black stockings and spike heeled knee boots. She had a slim athletic figure and held and evil single tailed whip in her black leather gloved hand. As she sauntered around to the back of the males , the male on the end started to beg for mercy. Ling smiled sweetly to him, then slapped his face hard with her gloved hand hissing,
Shut up weakling ,
She took up her position and looked up at Claire Malvern who stood up and raised her arm. The poor slaves in the pillory almost fainted as she lowerd it shouting.
Whip them.
Ling drew her arm back and whip, the first slave bellowed in pain. The ladies toasted the first lash with the champagne.
After 5 lashes Ling stopped and Kelly looking fab got up by the pillory and pouted.
Im not sure they have learnt their lesson yet. I think another 5 each from Ling would teach them a good lesson. So I think we should let them plead for mercy then you ladies decide.
The males couldn’t believe it their was no way they could take another 5, that bitch how could she suggest it.
Kelly laughed into their faces and taunted.
Id start pleading if I were you.
The males begged and pleaded for five minutes really amusing the crowd as they ate and drank champagne. After 5 minutes Kelly bellowed.
Silence slaves.
The males knew better than to antagonise the situation and fell silent.
Kelly them addressed the crowd ,
Well is it mercy or no mercy. Ladies. Have you made your decision.
Yes the responded.
Do they get mercy?
The ladies looked at the slaves for about 10 seconds before shouting
No mercy, No mercy.
Followed by whip them, whip them.
The slaves couldn’t believe it as Ling laughed out loud and drew her arm back

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Very nice!
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Thank you OneAuthor, for your encouragement
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good story
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doom11 thanl yoi for your positive comment. Much apreciated
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very nice story, i just started to read it days ago, very very great, hope to read more.
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sfcl31282 thank you for your positive feed back
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Great chapter, Morris!Wonderful idea :Plough races...mmmhhhh. Thank you very much and thank you in advance....

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shoeps thank you for your positive comments
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