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Modern day slavers part two

Mark, re-doubled his efforts trying desperately to please Cara. She was loving the almost electric pulses of pleasure running through her body, she was near to orgasm now and felt it building up inside her. Cara waited about 10 seconds and picked up the crop again, the thought of whipping him again nearly took her over the top, and as she drew back her arm and cruelly, then lashed the crop down on his back. Bringing a beautiful whap sound as the leather bit into the skin of his back.
Oh God she screamed ,
As She let go , she squeezed his head between her powerful nylon covered thighs as her huge orgasm enveloped her scenes.
She squeezed and squeezed on his head until he thought she would crush his skull . she imprisoned him between her thighs totally helpless as she let her orgasm flow through her body. He didnít know how long she kept him trapped there , but it seemed to go on for ever until she slowly released the pressure . He didnít know what to do so he just remained between her thighs until after about 5 minutes Clara ordered.
Get back down to my feet and get back to work on them.
No this wasnít what Mark wanted to hear, back to her sweaty nylon feet . he wanted to scream at the bitch but knew the price would be way too high.
He slowly moved toward her nylon covered feet . Cara shouted stop just as he was about to kiss her left foot.
Cara realised she was making it too easy on him , she wanted to be wicked to him, She wanted to be difficult and demanding , evil and cruel.
Mark thought for a fraction of a second she was going to be merciful to him, but then Cara ordered
Ask me nicely if you can worship my feet.
No No, the bitch ,the bitch, he screamed inside his head as he composed himself and said,
Please can I worship your feet.
Cara was smiling down at him, loving this but as the words finished her face changed from amused, to angry
Thatís please can I worship your feet what
She thundered.
Mark realised his mistake straight away as he saw Cara lift up the little remote for his shock collar. She hovered a beautifully manicured thumb over the button as he debased himself saying
Please Mistress Cara allow me the privilege of worshipping your superior feet.
Cara had a smile back on her face as she toyed with him pretending to press the shock button before saying.
Beg me slave, tell me how much you want to worship my beautiful feet.
Mark, had no choice he begged and pleaded with her which she revelled in.
Cara , knew she would shock him, she wanted to do it the thought was too delicious to miss out on so she eventually said,
Ok slave as you want to worship my feet so bad when I click my fingers get that nose buried under my toes and I want to hear loud sniffing, and just to remind you who is in charge,
Her thumb slowly pressed the button on the remote,
Mark jerked like he had been hit by a train and let out a scream of pain. As Cara deliberately held the button in for a few seconds making sure he really suffered.
Omg she thought. I love this, is so evil and fun. She giggled at his frantic movements and his bellow of pain amused her.
Eventually she let go and gave him a second or two to recover before she ordered,
Get that nose to work on my toes now.
Mark frantically pushed his nose into the nylon ridge between her toes and the ball of her foot and started sniffing away , His mind was in turmoil. He had to please her but the now damp nylon on her openly perspiring toes had a strong sweaty Oder , he hated but had to take in.
Cara looked down at the gorgeous man sniffing her sweaty foot. It was so funny so pleasurable as she slowly flexed her toes ordering.
Sniff harder, Donít make me use the shocker again,
Mark sniffed like a man possessed he couldnít take another shock. Torturing himself in the process. .
Caras sadism was starting to turn her on again so she ordered,
Get that tongue out and lick between those toes slave,
Mark had no option and forced himself to extend his tongue working it along and between the perspiring toes. His tongue exploring the mesh of the stocking for her pleasure.
Cara was loving every second as he forced himself to lick her feet lapping away at her soles for what seemed like forever before she curtly ordered ,
Ok lye face up on the bed.
Cara could hardly contain herself as she knelt above his face facing his feet and slowly lowered her very large bottom onto his face,
He could not believe how warm and enveloping her bottom was as she increased the weight on his face. Cara maneuverer around so his nose was against her butt hole making her giggle as her sex ended up over his mouth.
She sat down hard and after about 30 seconds he was struggling for air. Cara liked that and every so often raised herself just a little so mark could desperately drag some air into his tortured lungs.
Get that tongue working, unless you want me to stop and give you 10 presses on my little shock button.
Cara could see how well the threat worked as he forced himself to lick her sex.
Cara slowly built up for her second orgasm but wanted that extra little spice to push her over the edge and ordered.
Worship my bottom slave. Rim me.
Mark was in tears inside, how could he force himself to do such a horrible thing. He struggled to do this for Emma and Claire . He managed because they were so beautiful. . But Cara was so evil so cruel. But he knew he must force himself. The price of refusing was way too high and he started to run his tongue in circles around her bottom hole.
MMM thought Cara that felt so so good and she relaxed , enjoying the thought he would be hating having to do this for her. It was so delicious.
As Cara,s orgasm build itself up she ordered at the point of Orgasm. Get that tongue right up inside me now or my god you will suffer.
Mark forced himself to comply as she flooded his face with her pleasure , orgasming all over his face.
Eventually Cara had finished with him and said,
Slave you are dismissed.
Mark was so relieved he started to with draw towards the door, but Cara was only toying with him. And ordered
Come back hear , as a reward for your efforts and to thank me , you may remove my stockings and lick between my toes for me she giggled.
Mark felt his anger rising fighting to control it. That evil bitch he cursed under his breath as he returned and carefully removed her stockings before putting his tongue between her sweaty toes.
Cara had loved it all . she would still report him for poor service just so she could watch him being whipped for her. What a deliciously sadistic thought she giggled to herself.
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Fantastic update, thanks.
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Cara is so incredibly wicked. That was a great chapter!
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Thank you neal and OneAuthor, Your positive comments are really appreciated
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Wonderful. Can't wait for more!
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Thank you cothtath for you encouragement. It really helps
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Hello This is my first day here. Your story is delicious so far! I'm especially loving this chapter, it just gets better and better. I can't wait for more! Kudos!
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Thank you Predator of Pleasure for your positive feed back
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