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Any Given Sunday On Femina - Part 24

The Femina Island's Tale Continues......................

Any Given Sunday On Femina - Part 24

The hot sun beat down on Kyle as he trudged thru the hot sand. The umbrella under one arm, the rolled up beach blanket under the other and holding the heavy cooler with the shovel hanging down his back, the rope holding it cutting into his neck. Up ahead Sanjay walked behind Michelle, stopping when she paused to talk to friends. Kyle stopped to, remaining several paces back, his bare feet burning as they sunk into the hot beach sand. The girls, laughing, pointing to him. Kyle knew he'd be seeing them later when he was buried in the sand, just his head visible as he was used over and over. Maybe Michelle would keep him under the umbrella, his bare head shaded from the relentless heat.

Kyle collapsed, falling to his knees, his body soaked with sweat. Gasping for air he saw Michelle looking down on him, shaking her head in disappointment. 'Sorry Mistress' he managed to say as he struggled to get to his feet. 'Right here Kyle' Michelle told him pointing down. Kyle dropped his burden as Michelle and Sanjay walked down to the water. He laid the blanket, set the large umbrella in the sand and opening it. On his knees, in the shade of the umbrella, he watched Michelle with Sanjay wading thru the tiny waves. Tears filled his eyes as he thought about the day ahead of him.

With the shovel at his feet he waited for Michelle to tell him where to dig his hole. Please, under the shade of the umbrella he prayed. Michelle was talking with three young girls. He saw Sanjay go to his knees as one of the girls, black and slim remove her bikini and straddle Sanjay's upturned face. Michelle pointed to him and Kyle watched the other two, both white and a little heavyset run up the beach laughing. The look he got from Michelle sent a shiver down his back.

Both girls smiled down at him. Their bronze bodies soaked with sweat as Kyle watched them remove their bikini's. Warm hot sweaty thighs surrounded his face as the first girl rubbed her trim dark haired bush on his mouth. Kyle opened, cupping his lips around it. The hard slap made him cry out. 'Is that how you ask to serve me boy?' the girl yelled down at him. Kyle raised his trembling hands, his warm palms gently rubbing the girls tummy. 'Sorry Mistress' he mumbled, his head down. 'Better Slave' the girl told him grabbing his hair and gazing down at him. 'Drink it all from both of us and maybe we won't tell your Mistress about your rude behavior.

All the while Kyle's face was buried between her hot thighs, his mouth cupping her sweaty cunni, her sour smell invading him with every breath as his mouth tasted the first foul burst of piss. Kyle could hear the girl........'Drink, drink it all toilet......Don't spill any boy' she kept repeating as she slowly fed him every mouthful. Her friend standing behind him, pressing her tummy against the back of his head as they hugged.

Kyle fought not to gag with every swallow, gasping as the girl stepped away changing places with her friend. There was no sweet cum from the first girl to swallow washing the foul taste from his mouth if only for a few seconds. The second girl giggled, slapping his face even as he rubbed her tummy. Her friends tummy pressing against the back of his head as his mouth filled with more hot foul tasting piss. Kyle tried to keep up. Dark yellow piss leaked from his mouth, the girl not pausing giving him time to swallow.

Gasping and gagging Kyle looked up to see Michelle glaring down at him. 'I'm sorry girls' Michelle was telling them . 'Sanjay will clean you up' she told them. Kyle watched Sanjay go to his knees ready to lick them both clean, maybe get to taste their sweet cum. 'Slave' he heard Michelle call him. Michelle stuck the shovel in the sand away from the shade offered by the umbrella. 'Dig here Slave' she was telling him even as the girl on Sanjay's was moaning.

Kyle struggled to his feet. The hot sun on his tear filled face as he began digging the hole. The first girl was moaning. Kyle could hear Sanjay sucking the sweet cream from the young girl. Her friend ready to enjoy Sanjay's expert mouth. Kyle tasted only piss with every swallow as he watched Sanjay lick and suck the other girl.

'Come back later girls' Michelle told them as they turned to go. 'I hope you like hot chocolate brownies slave' the first girl told him as they both stopped and turned. The other girl giggling and rubbing her tummy.

'What are you looking at' he heard Michelle cry out. 'Keep digging. I want that hole deep Slave' she was telling him. Kyle saw girls down by the water watching and listening to what was happening. Pointing and laughing as he dug his hole in the hot sand so he could serve as a toilet for any girl on the beach to use.

************************************************** ************************************************** *************

Nathan Crier lay sobbing as he saw the morning sunlight streaming in thru the bedroom window. He hated mornings, especially Sunday mornings. Delia's day off from her job at the Spa and usually a beach day for mother & daughter.
Caroline would once again express her disappointment. 'I want to take you down to the beach an show my girlfriends what a obedient slave I have but you'll only embarrass me. Maybe Mother is right' she would sometimes say.

The other boy, Chet, didn't say much but Nathan knew he was enjoying his misery. He heard Caroline stir. He didn't get much sleep after Caroline nudged him off her bed after he'd licked her pussy and ass for hours making her cum. He could still taste the sweet cream on his tongue. Maybe she would leave him alone and maybe go use the bathroom this morning. Nathan knew the other boy, Chet had spent the night under that giant Throne as Caroline liked calling it.

'You awake down there Nathan?' he heard Caroline. Looking up he could see her smiling down at him. She was so beautiful. He remembered, back home, her slipping out of their bed, padding to the bathroom to go pee. How he would slink down in the bed, fluff the pillow under his head and wait for her to come back. He loved going down on her back then. She always smelled so fresh and clean. How she would crawl over him, tease him with her lips, brush her breasts across his face and lips before opening her thighs around his face.

'What are you thinking about Nathan?' Those mornings back on the Mainland I bet. Nathan watched as she sat up and lowered her bare feet to his chest. 'Don't you like licking me anymore Nathan?' she asked him as she slipped from her bed and sat lightly on his chest. 'Open Nathan. Swallow your pills' she told him. Her warm wet fingers pried his lips apart. He could taste her on her fingers.

Nathan could see her bare cunni as she eased up his naked chest. He could feel how wet she was and as she hovered over his face. He could smell her. He licked her. He tried not to think about what was coming. Her juices oozed into his mouth.

Caroline saw him swallow the pills. She had to pee and it was getting very hard to hold it in but she wanted Nathan to do better this time. It was only her fresh hot morning piss he had trouble swallowing and keeping down. Sometimes coming back from the beach and having to pee Nathan would gag licking her sweaty cunni and drinking from her.

Caroline gasped feeling Nathan's tongue licking her clit. The jet of her warm pee ran over Nathan's tongue. Caroline eased off his mouth, looking down she saw his face as he turned away forcing it down. 'Nathan, you have to try harder' she told him. He could hear the disappointment in her voice. Caroline felt his warm hands on her tummy. Slowly she sat her cunni back on his mouth. Nathan opened, sucking, trying to prepare himself, not wanting to fail her.

Nathan fought the need to pull his face away again as the hot acrid piss slipped down his throat. He looked up at her, so beautiful. He felt her hands holding his face as he drank. Each swallow making his stomach turn. Caroline watched him, she saw the pee leak from the corners of his mouth. Caroline sighed, she couldn't hold it any longer. Nathan's mouth flooded and he began gagging. Her pee covered his face as he shook his head trying to move free. 'NATHAN' Caroline screamed. She was crying. His eyes blurred, covered in her piss as he watched her run from her room. Nathan rolled to his side coughing. the puddle of yellow pee inches from his mouth.

'How did he do it? That other boy. How did Chet swallow it all? Not just the pee.......ALL OF IT' Nathan looked up to see Caroline's Mother in the doorway. 'Lick it up Slave' Delia told him. 'Lick every precious drop of Caroline's piss off the floor' Nathan began licking the cold pee along with his own tears as Delia stood over him.

'Caroline wants to take you down to the beach to show you to her friends but it looks like a lesson is called for Slave.
Chet will go with her while you stay behind Nathan' With the leash clipped to his brown slave collar Nathan was led on all fours from Caroline's bedroom.

************************************************** ************************************************** *************************

Jaclyn Lacey never missed a Sunday at the courthouse slave Lottery. She didn't have a slaveboy of her own as of yet but there were plenty down on the beach, even inside the Post Office. She giggled thinking about that poor boy she was tormenting. There were several Slave Toilets at the courthouse but she had her favorite, the ladies toilet nearest the courtroom. Sometimes she had to wait for stall 7 to be free but that was ok. Jaclyn loved watching the other Ladies come and go. The crying and begging from the slaves. The giggles and cruel taunting from the ladies as they fed them.

The lottery wouldn't begin for another hour but Jaclyn saw the benches inside the courtroom filling up. She knew the Ladies Room where her favorite boy served would also be busy. Jaclyn rubbed her flat tummy. She needed to pee but it wasn't pressing. Saying hello to a few friends she headed for the courtroom exit.

She could hear it even from down the hallway. The laughter, the crying echoing off the granite walls. Jaclyn flipped up the back of her short summer dress and sat her panty covered ass sat on the black face sticking up thru the red padded bench seat. Jaclyn wiggled her ass on the slaves nose and settled down in front of stall 7. The boy under her was sniffing & licking her ass crack thru her panties. Jaclyn leaned forward, elbows on her knees, feeling the eager young boy's tongue pushing her panties into her sweaty crack.

Twenty faces trapped inside the long bench seat facing the long mirror. Girl's sat facing the mirror checking their faces, others, like Jaclyn, facing the stalls waiting for one to open. The huge black Lady opened the door to stall 7 and smiled at Jaclyn who inched pass her quickly locking the door behind her. Jaclyn looked down at the boy, her boy as she like to think of him.

'Hi Henry' she said as she gazed down on the boy's wet face. The tears followed, they always did when he saw her. The begging would follow. Jaclyn felt her cunni growing warm and wet as she thought about how cruel she was being to this poor boy.

'Is it today Jaclyn?' the boy pleaded. 'Today..........Please tell me your getting me out of here today Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee' the boy begged. 'I was one of the five slaves that was left here overnight to serve the cleaning crew and guards. I'm being punished, someone complained to the Guards..........I can't take it anymore' he pleaded.

'Soon Herny, I promise. It takes time plus I heard the guards taking about complaints from Ladies, poor toilet service and stall 7 was one of them. I can't get you out of here if there are complaints about you. Don't you want to come home with me and be my Slave Henry?'

'YES YESSSSsssssssssssssssss' the boy cried, weeping uncontrollably. Jaclyn lifted her short summer dress and began lowering her wet panties as she cruelty continued her little game. 'You have to try harder Henry' she told him as she turned letting Henry see her ass cheeks spread as she lowered herself to the seat.

'OH I can't wait to take you home with me Henry' She told him as she felt the flat of his tongue licking thru her engorged cunni lips. 'You'll serve just me at home Henry not hundreds of women everyday. Wouldn't you like that Henry, just serving me like this every morning Henry?'

Henry lapped the fat lips, his tongue sinking deep as his mouth tasted the first drops of warm piss. 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's feels so good Henry' Jaclyn whispered as she listened to the slave swallowing her acrid piss. Henry's lips clung to her cunni as he opened his throat. It burned going down as he fought not to gag and break the seal of his lips. Henry licked trying to make her cum. He felt his cock throb inside the waste tube as he thought about drinking her cum, wiping away the taste of her piss. The wet hot fart invaded his nose. Henry knew if he lowered his face from between her cheeks she wouldn't be happy so he kept licking, fighting not to gag but he knew what was going to happen. It was the same every Sunday morning when Jaclyn came to see him but she was his only hope of getting out of here.

Henry's tongue slid between the wet cheeks, tasting it on his tongue as he lapped her hole. Another oozed into his mouth for him to swallow as his lips tugged on her. Jaclyn felt the boys lips tugging at her hole. She rubbed her tummy, sighing as she felt herself opening up, the boys tongue under the fat log as he guided it into his mouth.

'OH Henry' she sighed hearing him eating. His lips coming back for more as she felt the last slide free, her hole relaxing between his lips. Jaclyn fingered her cunni as she listened to him eating, chewing, swallowing.

'Does it taste good Henry?' she asked knowing he couldn't answer. 'I'll feed you every morning Henry. Just me Henry' Jaclyn could feel his cool tears against her warm cheeks. She knew what her words were doing to him. Giving him hope as he fought to please her. Jaclyn came. Thick girl cum coating her fingers.

Henry knew she came as the cold water flooded his face and mouth. Jaclyn was smiling down at him, his eyes blinking away the water. 'Open Henry' she told him, her cum covered fingers hovering over his face. Henry opened, the fingers inches from his lips.

'Please' he whispered, fresh tears rolling down his cheeks. Jaclyn lowered her fingers to Henry's mouth. She smiled as she watched him suck the thick cum from her fingers. 'Eat it all Henry' she told him. 'Soon you'll get to eat my sweet cream everyday Henry' she taunted him as she eased her fingers from his hungry mouth.

Then she was gone. Henry screamed seeing the black face looking down at him. His screams continued, muffled now as the huge black ass sunk into the bowl More screams from other stalls every second of every day.

Jaclyn stopped to talk to the tall black Amazon guard in the hallway. 'Stall 7' she told the guard. 'What about it' the guard asked. 'Rude, begging non stop ... as usual' she told her. 'Stall 7' the guard repeated looking into the Ladies Room. 'Thank you' the guard told Jaclyn as she walked away.

************************************************** ************************************************** ******************************

'Sit' Delia told Nathan as she pointed to the floor in front of the long couch. Nathan watched as Delia sat on the couch, her warm thighs surrounding and touching his face. ' You don't know about the Lottery do you Nathan. Nathan saw the large flat screen TV turn on.

'Good morning Ladies of Femina and welcome to the Sunday Slave Lottery' A faceless voice announced as the camera panned the courtroom. Nathan watched a group of frightened men and boys being led in then a group of young girls. The crowd in the courtroom began cheering. Nathan watched as the girls looked the boys over. The crowd once again began to cheer until the Judge slammed her gavel. The sound, like a crack of thunder echoed off the granite walls of the courtroom.

'Those boys, the ones chosen, will become slaves to the girls who pick them' Delia told a shocked Nathan. Delia squeezed Nathan's head between her thighs telling him to open his shorts and slip them off. Nathan sat frozen, fully exposed he watched Delia's foot slide down his chest to his crotch. He could her move, her panties now pressing against the back of his head. Wet, he could smell her and now her foot covered his cock, rubbing he could feel himself getting hard even as scared as he was.

'Does anyone have any business before this court before we begin the lottery?' the Judge asked. Nathan saw a young women leading a wretched looking boy before the Judge. 'Sandra Markey your honor' the young girl said. Nathan noticed how quiet the courtroom had become. 'I wish to return this slave your honor and rejoin the lottery' the young girl stated even as the shaking boy wrapped his skinny arms around her legs begging for another chance.

'The slave was untrainable' Delia told Nathan. 'Girl's are allowed to return a slave before 30 days if they don't please them and then rejoin the Lottery' Delia added. Delia squeezed her thighs around Nathan's face as her toes, shiny with his pre-cum stroked the shaft.

'Guards.............Take him away' the Judge ruled. Nathan, now wondering why Delia's was making him watch this. 'How long has it been now Nathan?' Delia asked. Nathan felt her thighs squeezing him tighter as she answered her own question. 'Surely less than 30 days since Caroline met you on the bridge. Just 3 weeks ago I think.....Yes I'm sure it was Nathan' Delia told him. His hard cock between both her soles as she stroked him.
'Even thou she didn't win you in the Lottery its not uncommon for a girl to be allowed to 'trade up' as its been called'

'Don't come Nathan........Look, their taking the poor boy away' Nathan watched the guard dragging the crying boy by his leash as the crowd noise began anew. 'Their taking him to the toilets Nathan' Delia said as Nathan watched the boy begging for another chance.

'He'll spend the rest of his life serving as a living toilet' Delia continued telling Nathan. 'Everyday, Women entering his stall in the Ladies Room to use him......20.....30......maybe more everyday using him when he could of been with his Mistress, the girl Sandra, serving her, her family and maybe a few friends instead of what he faces now'

Nathan began crying realizing what Delia was telling him. 'Caroline tells me you spill her nectar every morning and worse your inability to clean her after her toilet. Poor Chet having to serve both us girl's and you can't even be a decent bidet for her'

'Pleaseeeeeeeeee Mistress Delia.............Please....'Nathan begged. 'It's not up to me Nathan, but I know Caroline is very unhappy. She wanted you for her personal Slave and now she's beginning to have doubts about you'

Delia stood and turned off the TV. Picking up his leash she led him from the family room. Nathan, on all fours watched Delia's ass cheeks grind with each step under the very short skirt. Nathan saw the screened in Sun room overlooking the beach and the oral chair. The noise from the beach filled in the screened in room.

************************************************** ************************************************** *************

Olivia Parks walked down the aisle making sure everyone was buckled up before they landed on the big Island. The short hop from Oahu would of been uneventful if not for the passenger in the aisle seat with the grabby hands.

'You too?' Olivia asked Cathy Minton who nodded and rolled her eyes. 'He said yum, black meat Cathy added. 'He felt me up too' Charlene Tai told them. 'You know what we should do' Olivia told them. 'Isn't there an open stall now?' Charlene asked Olivia. 'More than one I think' Olivia said smiling down the aisle at the perv with the busy hands. 'Let's invite him into the lounge for a drink' Charlene said. 'Since he likes our asses so much we should say thank you in Island Air fashion.

Arnie Knowlon smiled back at Olivia feeling pretty good about himself. They knew he was just joking around right, a little pat on the rear was nothing to get upset about. Maybe all those stories about the mile high club were true so a pat or little squeeze on their rears was nothing right?


Arnie jumped at the chance to see the inside of the Stewardesses lounge. Maybe this was where the mile high action took place. Arnie watched Olivia swipe a key card and heard the click. Other Stew's, Olivia's crew plus others from another flight walked thru, some eying Arnie and smiling at him.

'Well, C'mon' Olivia told him as she stepped inside. Arnie followed her in, his eyes watching her ass cheeks slide under her short skirt. The girl behind the bar had already been alerted by Cathy and Charlene. The knock-out drops along with those little white pills, now dissolved, rested in a shot glass close at hand.

'Order anything you like Arnie, I'll be right back' Olivia told him. 'Tom Collins' Artie told the girl. Arnie watched Olivia walk away, his eyes glued to her ass. While Arnie looked away the girl behind the bar emptied the shot glass into his drink stirring it up. 'Here you go' the pretty bartender told Arnie. Vera Miller smiled at Arnie knowing she would be looking down at his sad and confused face just before she lowered her ass to the toilet seat.

Olivia, along with Cathy and Charlene, wheeled a stretcher between the tables of Stew's who were watching the familiar scene play out again. 'Where's he going?' one of the girls called out. 'Stall one' Olivia answered, the laughter grew louder as they all watched the new toilet slave succumb to the drug.

Arnie, head down on the bar was oblivious to it all. Vera held his wrists keeping him from sliding off the barstool. The four of them soon had an unconscious Arnie being wheeled away to the cheers of the Stew's at the tables.

Arnie stirred, nearly waking as his head pushed thru the rubber seal sending his head into the bowl in stall 1. The girls sat at the bar talking to Vera and enjoying their drinks while they waited for Arnie to come around. Like all the others his calling out and yelling would tell the girl's that he was ready for his reality check.

Olivia looked down on a crazed new slave yelling up at her before flushing the toilet sending cold water swirling around his face. Arnie gasped, the cold water shocking him as he realised where he was.

************************************************** ************************************************** ******

Pyria peeked into the room and smiled seeing Anaya sitting on Jackson's face. Eyes closed, Anaya rocked gently on Jackson's mouth lost in its pleasure. Jackson was the perfect slave to introduce Anaya to the wonders of Femina.

'Anaya' Pyria whispered, not happy about disturbing her friend at such a delicious moment but the Ladies were hoping Anaya was done enjoying her birthday present. 'Anaya' Pyria wispered again. Anaya was grinding on Jackson's face. The bed creaking as she was lost in her orgasm. Pyria closed the door softly. 'To bad Ladies' she thought. She'd have to tell them the bad news. Maybe they'd go down to the beach letting Anaya enjoy her birthday in peace.

Anaya shifted when she felt Jackson's long tongue slid over her other hole. The gasp that escaped her lips was followed by the chill running up her spine. Anaya slid onto Jackson's heaving chest and turned facing him. 'Please don't send me back to those women' Jackson pleaded thinking that Anaya was done with him or worse, she didn't like being licked back there.

'I wasn't sending you away' she told him, the last of her shyness long gone from her young mind and body. She snaked two fingers deep into her cunni and then pressed them to Jackson's lips. Anaya smiled seeing Jackson's open mouth sucking both fingers hungry for her creamy cum. 'You like the taste don't you' she asked him. Jackson nodded not wanting her to pull her sweet fingers away.

'When you licked me.....back there.....were...were you........' Jackson looked at her beautiful face as her fingers slipped away. 'Yes, but you move away. You didn't let me worship you there, didn't it feel nice?' Jackson asked her. Jackson felt her wetness as she inched up his chest, her wet cunni still leaking droplets of cum.

Anaya slid the same two fingers over her wet cunni lips, then lower to her Rose. Jackson watched Anaya's face, her cum covered fingers caressing her Rose. The short gasp as Anaya slipped her finger inside. Jackson saw her cunni oozing its juices as Anaya eased her finger deeper.

Jackson could almost taste the thick honey inches from his lips. Jackson looked up at Anaya's fingers. One covered with drops of her white cum, the other, coated, stained a more earthy color as they hovered near his lips. 'Choose one' Anaya told him, the two fingers spread, waiting.

Jackson felt his cock stir, seeing how the once shy girl was changing. His mouth hungered for the sweet cum covered finger but Jackson knew what this young beauty was asking. Jackson licked the dark stained finger before taking it in his mouth. He watched Anaya's eyes as he gently sucked, her breathing growing deeper even as she offered her other finger. Jackson sucked both fingers clean.

Anaya turned on his body an eased her spreading cheeks onto his face. Jackson licked, tasting the mixture of cum and sweat as he began rimming her Rose. Anaya's body rocked, her cheeks spreading around Jackson's face. The bitter taste on his tongue made him lick harder until the tip of his tongue eased inside.

Anaya moaned feeling the slave's tongue washing her, then opening her up. Anaya slipped her hand under the waste of Jackson's shorts. His cock hot and hard as she wrapped her fingers around it. Anaya opened his shorts until his hard cock stood tall. Anaya stroked, feeling the thick veins under her fingers. Moaning, her head resting on Jackson's stomach, she could feel his lips tugging at her as she opened within his mouth.

The sweet cum still coating his tongue as the thin dark snake slid between his lips. Jackson closed his lips around the warm mass and began eating, swallowing the juices as it seemed to melt in his mouth. Anaya's cunni was flowing like a river, feeling, hearing Jackson swallow. Her thumb rubbed the fat head as Jackson's mouth slipped around her once again. Anaya felt herself open then close around Jackson's mouth. She thought about taking his cock into her mouth. The juices oozing from the tip covered the veiny shaft as well as her fingers. Jackson was lapping her entire crack when his cock exploded. Anaya watched the ropes of white cum explode like a geyser. Her slave grunting. She could feel it in her hand.

Anaya rested her head on Jackson's body enjoying her Birthday Slave's tongue wash her clean.

************************************************** ************************************************** ********************

Cothath watched Alice Ortega stir. Yawning, she slipped off the light sheet and sat on the side of the bed. 'Good morning Mistress Alice' Cothath said bowing his head. Alice used her bare foot under his chin to raise the Slave's face up.

Alice stood and lifting the short nightshirt moved her warm brown thighs around Cothath's face. Cothath reached up, his palms caressing Alice's tummy before he wrapped his arms around her. Her trimmed bush warm with sweat as he licked, parting the thick lips even as her warm piss burst into his mouth. Alice held Cothath's head, keeping his mouth around her pussy. Alice couldn't believe how wonderful it felt using a human mouth to toilet in.

Alice saw Janice standing in the doorway. 'Good Morning Mother' Janice said with a smile. 'I'll want him when your done' Janice said as she sat on the bed. Janice could hear Cothath drinking, all but his head visible as Alice rocked on his mouth. Janice watched her mother in the throws of Orgasm as she moaned loudly before freeing Cothath's head. 'I'm taking Cothath with me this morning. We'll be gone all morning so use the cry baby in the stall downstairs. His name's Marty. Girls from the beach will be coming in to use him too once I open up' she told her mother as Cothath knelt between Janice's legs.

Janice raised her night jersey then lowered it over Cothath's head. She loved the feel of Cothath's lips covering her pussy even as his hands urged her to spill her warm morning piss down his throat. Alice watched her daughter, her cunni growing hotter as she thought about the boy in the stall downstairs in the P.O.

Janice led Cothath to her room as Alice checked the time. 7am. Janice wouldn't open up downstairs until 9am. Alice fixed herself a large mug of hot coffee and began going down into the Post Office to visit with Marty.

Cothath watched Janice undress. Her large brown breasts free seemed to grow even bigger as Janice slipped the jersey over her head. The jersey lay on the bed as Janice stood by the backless chair facing the small vanity and mirror. Janice wasn't one to wear much makeup but most mornings she'd sit before the mirror brushing her long brown hair. Cothath went to his knees and laying back rested his head inside the cutout of the thick seat cushion. Cothath felt his head forced deeper into the hole as Janice's ass settled around his face.

Cothath's tongue slid between the brown cheeks. He could hear Janice humming a favorite tune as she brushed her long tresses. Morning sweat along with the warm odors hiding between Janice's wide cheeks now coated Cothath's mouth and filled his lungs with each labored breath. Cothath licked around her Rose, rimming, softening it hoping that this Sunday morning Mistress would require his most intimate services.

************************************************** ***********

Nathan could hear Caroline mumbling under her breath as she kicked Chet hurrying him out the back on her way down to the beach. Nathan saw her look back to the screened in Sun room facing the beach. She wasn't happy.

'Nathan. Did Caroline give you your pills this morning?' Delia ask him as she slowly lowered her yellow panties. Delia already knew the answer.

Nathan watched and swallowed the lump in his throat as the very wet discolored gusset sank to the floor of the Sun room.

'Caroline told me what a good cunni licker you are, or were back on the Mainland. But here, on Femina a slave is expected to pleasure his Mistress anytime she desires' Delia told him as she pointed to the floor before her.

Nathan sunk to his knees before Delia and looked up at her. Her brown tanned thighs spread, her naked cunni wet and waiting for his lips and tongue.

'Pick up my panties Nathan. Hold the gusset open and sniff them'
Nathan almost gagged as Delia reached down and brought the gusset to his face.

'Lick it Nathan' she told him. 'It's time you learned about one of your other duties as Caroline's slave'

Nathan looked up and saw the wet juices oozing down Delia's inner thighs. 'As Caroline's slave you'll be mouth cleaning all of Caroline's panties from now on and maybe mine as well if your a slow learner' Delia told him as she watched him lick the soaked panty gusset.

Delia took the panties from Nathan's hands and dropped them on the floor beside the oral chair. Two fingers under his chin lifted Nathan's face as her other hand in back of his head guided his face between her sweaty thighs.

'Lick me Nathan...........Ummmmmmmmm. you have a nice tongue Nathan but right now I have to pee. My slave left with Caroline before I could make use of his mouth Nathan. I'll go slow, now open your mouth, cup my cunni like a good boy...........Ahhhhhhhhhh. Yes slave, drink it, drink it all' Delia moaned hearing Nathan swallowing. Delia paused. 'Your hands Slave' she reminded him. Nathan's palms, warm and wet caressed Delia's flat tummy. She could hear Nathan fighting not to gag but he was swallowing. Delia ruffled his hair between swallows. 'Good slave, good puppy' she cooed. He was crying but he was swallowing her dark yellow piss.

Delia enjoyed Nathan's talented tongue. 'You want my sweet cream slave?' she asked as Nathan licked and sucked her clit. Delia felt his hands on her ass cheeks, holding her to his mouth as each spasm oozed more thick cum into his mouth.

Nathan leaned back onto his hands. Breathing hard, gasping even as he licked her cum from his lips. There was a nice ocean breeze coming in thru the screens but both Nathan and Delia's bodies glistened with sweat.

When Nathan opened his eyes he saw Delia seated on the oral chair. Between Delia's feet Nathan saw the round hole. He remembered being under Caroline on the ride from the bridge.

'Come Nathan, what would you want me to tell Caroline?'
Nathan slid his head thru the hole. It was dark but not dark enough that he couldn't see Delia's spread ass cheeks inches from his face. Some light entered from the slits on each side of the box and more trickled in as she opened her thighs wide as she gazed down.

It was hot and Nathan could smell her. He turned his head away, breathing, fighting not to gag. Tears blurred his vision as his tongue reached between the warm cheeks as he began licking.

Delia smiled. She didn't even have to tell him. It was the video playing in his head, she was sure of it.

'Lick deeper Nathan. Caroline like it when Chet uses the flat of his tongue to lick her clean before and after she feeds him' she told Nathan.

Delia could feel his tears cool against the inside of her cheeks as Nathan's tongue found her crinkled rose. Delia could hear him crying, he pulled his face away, his tongue gone.

Delia waited. She could hear him breathing, then his warm breath back between her sweaty cheeks, his tongue gently scraping across her hole.

'Rim me slave,then suck on it' she told him. 'Yessssssssss' she cooed. 'Just like that.


'That's him' Goldmund heard. He looked up to see two young girl's grinning at him. Goldmund dropped to his knees in the hot sand as he saw Lynne talking to the girl's.

'Go ahead, straddle his face' he heard Lynne tell the young blonde. The girl held her bikini bunched in her hand as she move her hot thighs around his head.

'Slave' he heard Lynne yell at him. 'It's her first feeding. Don't disappoint me' she told him.

Goldmund looked up at the young blonde. The girl giggled when he began to rub her tummy as he began licking the sweat from her naked cunni.

'Go ahead Abbie' the other girl urged her friend on. Goldmund felt the first pulse of hot piss cut thru the cunni sweat he was trying to swallow.

Goldmund cupped his mouth around the flowing cunni. The hot piss burned his open throat going down. It wasn't until the flow eased that the rancid taste made him fight his gag reflex. Goldmund sucked as Lynne and the other girl huddled around the girl who was almost crying as Goldmund suckled her cunni, her swollen nub.

The scream was followed by Goldmund's mouth being filled with cunni cream as the girl climaxed.

Goldmund eased back, sitting in the hot sand as the other girl stood before him, legs spread, naked cunni already dripping down the insides of her thighs.

The crack of his leash across his back brought him to his knees, his tear filled eyes looking up at the grinning girl, her long black hair pulled back in a long ponytail.

Lynne raised the leash for another whipping but stopped as his palms reached for he girl's tummy and his tongue began lapping the shinny strings of sweat oozing from her cunni.

As Goldmund sucked, drank more rancid piss on his knees between the dunes and he hadn't reached the beach yet or the hole where he would drink, eat from God knows hot many Women. His screams, tears only bringing laughter and drawing more and more Women walking the beach who would come to watch and maybe use the human toilet.


Neal looked up thru the hole. He had watched as other boys were led to the many different oral chairs in the large showroom. Some whined and cried openly as they went to their knees then their backs on the cold hardwood floor before sliding their heads into the hole below each chair.

One boy, seemingly picked at random was led away to a small room in back. Screaming and begging he fought even under the crack of a whip. Neal felt himself begin to shake when he saw the special toilet when one of the Shoppe girls opened the door.

Voices filling the room as the Shoppe opened. Neal's knuckles growing white as his hands gripped the legs of the basic oral chair.

Neal watched several faces stare down at him before a young black girl turned, lowered her shorts and thong and sat over his face.

Neal breathed in the smell of a recently bathed cunni and ass as the girl wiggled down into the seat.

Neal raised his face eager to taste the fresh sweet smelling cunni. The Shoppe noise, voices, even the cries from other chair slaves faded away.

'Ooooooooooo' Neal heard as he licked, his mouth catching the cunni morning dew that was flowing. Neal wished the girl would never leave, even when she looked down between her legs and told him to lick her ass.

Neal dragged the flat of his tongue thru the cheeks tasting her as she wiggled deeper onto his face. Neal rimmed her, sucked her.

'I'm coming Mother' he heard as his mouth opened under her cunni hungering for the taste of her sweet cum.

Neal drank. If his hands could only reach up he would hold her to his mouth, afraid she would leave before he had tasted every drop.

Light flooded in, Neal blinked seeing the young dark haired girl smiling down at him. But all to quickly she was gone.

The roar of voices, crying slaves, shadows passing by him before he saw the young pretty black face staring down at him.

Princess Amari reached down forcing two bejeweled finger roughly into Neal's mouth.

'Open Slave' she ordered him. 'Wider...wider' she told a now frightened Neal.

'I want you to suckle my asshole slave. Do you understand' she added. Not waiting for any reply she turned raised her long dress and light blue panties and sat over Neal's face.

The black cheeks spread and the sweaty sticky ass sweat coated Neal's tongue as he tried not to turn his face away. Neal licked, swallowed, wishing the other girl had never gone away.

Queen Ashanti and Amari's sister Amara looked around the room looking at the different styles of chairs. Queen Ashanti had several she had back home but was happy to see some new designs, several in fact.

Amara saw them two as they both left Amari who was looking for a new Toilet boy to buy.

Neal licked the sticky hole almost gagging. Princess Amari smiled feeling the slaves tongue. Earlier, back in their suite of rooms she had used the young slave assigned to them for her morning toilet. Princess Amari hadn't showered afterwards.

She was on the hunt for a new Toilet Boy. Tired of the last one she had bought here last year he now served the kitchen staff back home at their estate.

Neal squeezed fresh tears from his eyes as his lips circled around the foul tasting hole and began sucking.

Amari relaxed then pushed feeling herself open. Smiling she imagined filling this new slave's mouth as he sucked on her like a new baby at his mothers nipple.

Neal fought the bile rising in his throat hoping she wasn't doing what he feared she was trying to do when suddenly she rose up. Fresh air, light flooded the hole and Neal saw the black girl looking down at him again.

Amari walked away seeing her mother & sister. Neal would never know how close he came testing his bond with Corrine.

'Hi' The beautiful dark haired girl was back. Neal saw the funnel she was lowering to his face. He opened his mouth around the nipple and watched the young girl sit back over him. After sucking the black girl's hole Neal welcomed the pretty dark haired yellow wine to wash away the taste.

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Old 04-21-2017, 6:33 AM
grablig grablig is online now
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Happy to read the another part, very exciting!
Thank you so much, Tekkar
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Old 04-24-2017, 1:47 PM
bearb8 bearb8 is online now
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Great continuation Tekkar, well worth the wait.
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Old 05-05-2017, 3:51 AM
tekkar tekkar is online now
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You have to admit I did try. All the stories I've posted & here only 2 replies...well 3 with mine. Maybe its time to retire.
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Old 05-05-2017, 12:00 PM
spacer1234 spacer1234 is offline
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Originally Posted by tekkar View Post
You have to admit I did try. All the stories I've posted & here only 2 replies...well 3 with mine. Maybe its time to retire.
keep writing..
and check out azras stories on writing.com and giantess world net
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Old 05-05-2017, 4:48 PM
bearb8 bearb8 is online now
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Don't retire, if nothing else go to another forum like Literotica.com (but please let me know which one). Your stories so graphically illustrate how men really are a lower form of humanity to women, to be used as dildos, toilets, eaten alive and tormented and tortured until death if that is what the superior sex wishes.
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Old 05-08-2017, 2:10 AM
thescrabble thescrabble is offline
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Please don't, tekkar.

Your chapters are very good and few writers make long and good stories like yours! I'm very waiting for chapter 25
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Old 05-18-2017, 5:17 PM
Shawn1987 Shawn1987 is offline
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Wow, great chapter! Most Olivia btw please.
Btw tekkar please don't stop writing. You are very talented and we really appreciate your contribution. Infact yours and astrall's and toiletman's are the only stories that come close to my fantasy(other being eternal toilet slave), so this is a request, please don't stop.
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Old 05-21-2017, 6:02 AM
mrgoodshoes mrgoodshoes is offline
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Please do not retire! Your writing is incredible and your stories fascinating. We are remiss in not replying to your efforts. Writing is enormously difficult work. I thank you for all your stories and look forward to future chapters.
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Old 06-05-2017, 7:55 PM
cothtath cothtath is offline
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Excellent as always. I hope you will continue.
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Old 06-06-2017, 3:14 AM
tekkar tekkar is online now
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Thanx my Friends.................Welcome back Cothath.
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Love these stories. Thanks for writing tekkar.
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