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Popular Girls

Popular Girls

by bullockspointbully@yahoo.com

Part 1



Ch 1. Fatass

Christy stood looking down at the fat girl on her knees in front of her. Christy was perfect--5 feet 5 inches blond hair, perfectly fit body, perky tits, perfect ass, long legs, pretty face, and perfect smile. She was the most popular girl in school. She ruled the school along with the other popular girls, Emily and Tessa. They were not your typical popular mean girls; they took things to a new level. They truly dominated the "ugly" people of the school. Every student deemed ugly by the popular girls were forced to pay an ugly tax of $20/day. These girls truly loved to humiliate the ugly people while reveling in their hotness and in the popularity that their hotness gave them.

The fat girl kneeling before Christy had a particularly humiliating task. Christy had the girl weigh herself the night before and then take a selfie showing the weight. To add to the humiliation, Christy forced the fat girl, who's name is Kate, to wear the bikini that Christy wore to win a bikini contest a month before. Christy was 115 pounds pounds with a perfect body. At 225, Kate was way too fat to wear any bikini. Her body spilled obscenely out of Christy's tiny bikini and it looked horrible on her.

After Kate sent her the picture, Christy's plan was to mass text it to everyone in the school. But Tessa who was there at the time as well had the idea: To copy the picture thousands of times and force Kate to hand them out at school the next day. They could always post it to Instagram later #fatass #slut #killyourself. Christy and Tessa laughed hysterically at the idea and immediately put it into motion.

Kate's tasks was to hand a piece of paper to everyone in the school, and hang up the remaining pictures. The picture was Kate on the scale in one of Christy's bikinis the caption read "hi I'm Kate I'm 225 pounds and counting, do you think this bikini looks hot?"

The task was so mean and humiliating but this is what the popular threesome did best. They found ugly people and played these humiliating games with them. At most schools there would be punishment for being so mean. But Christy and her two hot friends had complete control of the faculty (as we will see later in great detail).

Kate knelt before Christy, who was looking extremely hot in a purple bikini. Of course, it was forbidden to the student body to wear revealing swimwear in school, but the entire student body was under the thumb of Christy and the popular girls. They could do anything they wanted without repercussions. So, the popular girls wore whatever they wanted and occasionally they wanted to flaunt their tight bodies. Christy was so hot in this tiny purple bikini that boys and grown men would stop and gawk when she walked by; many of them came in their pants immediately after looking at her.

Kate began to beg "Please Christy!! Don't make me pass out these fliers!! IT WILL BE SO EMBARRASSING!!"

"But you are fat... Like REALLY fucking fat." And I'm hot... like REALLY fucking hot..." Christy smiled down a sexy smile at the fat girl. "Someone as hot as me should not have to look at someone so ugly. Since I have to suffer this inconvenience I'm going to humiliate you to make up for it." Christy said smiling an innocent smile.

'SHE'S SO MEAN!' thought Kate. 'I HATE HER!'

Words Kate thought often. She seemed to be Christy's favorite target. Christy had been embarrassing her in public for seven years now. One time Christy took Kate to Burger King, ordered ten whoppers, and made her eat them off the ground in the middle of the Burger King floor without using her hands. This was in front of dozens of customers. Everyone pointed and laughed at her and admired Christy the whole time. No one stepped in and tried to stop this evil act. Christy was so hot that everyone just wanted to impress her and be on her good side. Another time Christy forced Kate to sit in the trash can during lunch. She barely fit in it. Christy had every student in the school throw their trash away on Kate as she sat in a trash can. The whole cafeteria laughed at her. It was so humiliating. She hated herself because of Christy. She wanted to hurt Christy but she never did for some reason she was compelled to do whatever she said. She had asked Christy if she could kill herself a couple of times. Christy denied her request saying she was not done playing with her yet.

"I promise to lose weight! Please Christy!?" begged Kate.

The pathetic begging from Kate only made it event better for Christy

"No Kate, you have to do this... Now there is 2000 fliers here... There are 1000 students in school... You are to hand each person a paper personally and hang up the thousand extras around school. Is that clear?" Christy said, fighting off laughter.

"Yes it's clear," said Kate submissively

"Good. Now go, fatass" Christy flipped her hair and made a kissy face at Kate

"I'm so much better than you!" Christy said as she left the fat girl on her knees with the 2000 copies in her hands.

Christy swaggered down the hallway, ass shaking she walked by a group of boys who all fell to their knees and came in their pants as she walked by. She walked up to her boyfriend. Mike. He was the luckiest man in the world because he had three girlfriends, Christy, Emily, and Tessa -- the three hottest and most popular girls in the school. Mike was a star on both the basketball and soccer teams. He was relatively nice and quiet person and relatively good looking. No one knew how he landed all three popular girls as his girlfriend but he was the subject of intense envy. He just sat back and enjoyed watching his girlfriends look hot and take ownership of the school and everyone in it. Christy walked up to him and kissed him passionately and ended it with a sexy lick with her tongue. His bulge grew immediately and Christy unzipped his pants, freed his big cock, and began to stroke his penis in the middle of the hallway. He quickly came on the floor.

Christy turned and pointed to a girl she didn't know

"Lick up his cum ugly girl!" she said with a laugh.

The girl obeyed immediately. She dropped her books, knelt down and started licking the cum off the floor.

"DON'T STOP until you licked up every drop!" Christy laughed at her.

"I'll see you later baby!" Christy said smiling. She shook her ass walking away.


Christy strolled into into her first period class and sat next to Emily and Tessa (who we will meet in detail later). They had every class together and the two seats next to these girls were always reserved for Christy. They all received A+ in every class by having smart students do all their homework. These students were referred to as "homework slaves," and they would spend every waking minute after school working on the popular girls' homework in order to perfect it. Only after they finished the popular girls' homework, were they allowed to start their own. Sometimes Christy would rip up her homework and make the homework slave restart it, just so they would not get a chance to finish their own. Some of the smartest students had the lowest GPA's thanks to the popular girls. It was not enough to ruin just these people's day, she wanted to ruin their entire lives.

Christy sat and snapped her finger. "Homework slave!"

A nerdy student ran up and dropped to his knees in front of Christy and held up her homework.

Christy purposely didn't acknowledge him. She was talking to Emily and Tessa about a party they would be throwing later that night. It was a 'pretty person' party. They were discussing the plans for the party--it was set to be extravagant and fun. After about ten minutes, she took the homework from the homework slave. It was a 30 page term paper that would count for 40% of their grade.

"Now let me see yours," ordered Christy with a sexy laugh. Tessa and Emily began to laugh, knowing what was in store.

The homework slave gave Christy his term paper. He did not sleep all weekend writing both his and Christy's, Emily's and Tessa's papers.

Christy looked at it and laughed. "Looks good!"

She then proceeded to very slowly and very deliberately rip it up and throw it all over the ground.

"Now eat your term paper, looser!"

The homework slave began to cry knowing how hard he worked on it.

The popular girls laughed and went back on to discussing the party. While the loser was on his knees, eating his term paper piece by piece.


Third period ended and all the students flooded to the lunch room. The talk of the school was the humiliating fliers of Kate. By this time all the students had received their copy and additional copies were hanging up all over the school.

The popular girls walked in and took their place in the center of the lunch room. Christy stood up and called for everyone's attention.

"Kate, woman of the hour, please make your way to the popular table!" Christy said with a wide smile. "This is the day you've been waiting for!"

Kate walked to the center of the lunch room. Christy eyed her stonily.

"On your KNEES, you stupid whore!" Christy spat angrily. "Go back and do it again!" she shooed her sway with a look of disgust to her friends.

Kate exited the cafeteria and then painfully crawled through the crowd to the table as the entire student body pointed and laughed at her. Christy was smiling at Kate as she arrived in front of her.

"Not too CLOSE!" Christy said holding out her hand. "I don't want to get any ugly on me!" She laughed along with everyone else. Kate looked like someone had just kicked her in her fat belly.

The contrast between the two was amazing. Kate was fat, ugly, no self confidence, embarrassed. Christy was skinny, hot, cocky, reveling in the power she had over this ugly little fat girl. The laughter went on and on and on. Kate's face was as red as Christy had ever seen it. She congratulated herself.

"Strip naked, fat ass! I want my bikini back!" Christy said in an arrogant voice. She looked so dominant and sexy in front of the fat girl. As Kate got naked, the students were laughing along with popular girls. Christy put the tiny purple bikini into her $1000 purse. Then she pulled out permanent marker as Kate stood there trying to cover her privates. The other kids were taking pictures of the naked fat girl. Some boys were shouting rude things like "There she blows!" and "My eyes! My eyes!" Christy swaggered up to the fat girl, shaking her perfect ass and wrote the word 'ugly' on her forehead. Then handed the marker to Tessa, who wrote 'fat' on the girl's giant stomach. She handed the marker to Emily who wrote 'gross' on the girl's ass.

Kate stood there crying. She was so humiliated. Christy walked up to her again.

"Kiss my ass and thank me for everything I've done to you today!" She turned around and stuck her ass out at the ugly cow. Kate crawled up to Christy and kissed both of her perfect ass cheeks, one by one. Christy smiled and laughed. Emily took a video of the scene.

"Now crawl home and kill yourself!" said Christy with a sexy smile. Every man in the school came in their pants as she said this and the fat girl crawled painfully out of the cafeteria while food and drink were being thrown at her.

Christy calmly sat down.

"That was fun," she said with a smile. She gave no more thought to Kate's feelings than you think about how your dinner felt about being slaughtered and butchered. It just doesn't matter.

Christy begin to discuss the upcoming party with Emily and Tessa. They talked about what they were going to wear, who is going to come, and what drinks and fine foods they would have. The party would cost over $10,000, but that was small change for Chrisy and a small price if she enjoyed herself.
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Thank you, nice start.
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i love it. PLEASE continue!
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Popular girls chapter 2

Popular Girls

by bullockspointbully@yahoo.com



Ch 2. Worship me

The school parking lot was crowded but everyone rushed out of the way as Christy's SUV limo drove to a space closest to the door. The talk of the weekend had been the humiliation of fat Kate that took place three days ago on Friday. Tessa, Christy, and Emily all rubbed salt in Kate's wounds by posting pictures and videos of the event on Instagram. The three popular girls had the three most followed Instagram accounts in the school--and the town, for that matter. The video that Emily posted of the scene in the cafeteria already had million views in three days. Everyone was looking for Kate and her only two friends, Heather and Sarah, but they were nowhere to be found.

The hot three girls had not forgotten about the event but after two great parties on the weekend and a great workout it was not prominent in their minds.

The three hotties stepped out of the limo one by one, each stepping on the back of Christy's driver, a 60 year old man, who kneeled at the back door so none of the girls would risk falling.

Monday morning was workout morning for the popular girls. They would go to the gym early before school and work out together. The popular threesome were all wearing tight yoga pants and sports bras and flaunting their perfect bodies. They approached the school courtyard shaking their their tight, well-toned asses.

The school courtyard was quite a scene every morning. It was here that all the students assembled before the bell rang for homeroom. All the students who had been deemed ugly by the popular girls formed three separate single file lines each line contained 100 ugly students on their knees. In front of these lines were three comfortable leather lounge chairs that acted as thrones. These thrones were for Christy, Emily and Tessa of course. This happened every single day before school. Each ugly student was assigned to a popular girl as a "peasant." Each school day, each peasant had to pay their popular girl a $20 "ugly tax." The three girls did not need the money--they all came from rich families. Each had multiple credit cards, which were paid by extremely large trust funds. But the "ugly tax" was another way to dominate the uglies of the school.

Although $20 was nothing to these hot rich girls, it was very hard for some of the poorer students tom come up with $20 each day. Many of them had to get part time jobs after school. Those who couldn't work were forced to steal or beg. The "ugly tax" rules were: (1) uglies were not allowed to speak until spoken to; (2) they were not allowed to raise there eyes and look at the popular girls, and (3) they had to pay the ugly tax with a $20 bill. The rich girls had no use for small bills. Christy would often say that smaller bills had been "touched by too many peasants."

Failing to pay the ugly tax or any other violation of these rules would be punished by severe humiliation. These three girls were so sadistic and clever with their humiliations that everyone in the school would do anything to avoid being humiliated by the popular girls.

The three girls sat in there thrones and the students began to crawl up and drop 20$ bills in a golden bowl that sat on the ground in front of each throne. Sometimes the girls would mock the students while they paid their money, but today they ignored the ugly students while talking amongst themselves.

When all the lines had cleared, a nerd approached the girls on his hands and knees. This nerdy student had been tasked with keeping track of all the students who were required to pay an ugly tax and checking that they paid.

"May I please have permission to speak?" he asked humbly.

Christy sat with her legs crossed, talking to the girls. She looked at the nerd with her eyebrows raised. She was wearing red yoga pants and a red sports bra, and she looked so hot. Her legs were crossed and an arrogant but sexy expression was on her face. Her blond hair in a tight long pony tail.

"What loser!?" she said in annoyance.

"I'm sorry to inform you but your bowls are short sixty dollars... Kate, Heather, and Sarah were not here this morning."

Kate was of course the infamous fat girl who was humiliated on Friday, Heather and Sarah were her only two friends. They were the biggest losers in the school, and the main targets of humiliation from the popular girls. Sarah was a fat girl just like Kate, but she was also too tall for a girl. And her body was gross. She basically looked like a man. Heather was not overweight, but she was incredibly ugly. She had pimples all over her face, chest, and back. Her nose was huge and beak-like. Her gross hair was oily and hung down next to her face and made it greasy, no matter how she washed it. Finally, she had a smile that would break a mirror. Naturally, both girls had extremely low self-esteem.

"Whatever. They'll show eventually. Once we see them, they'll wish they were on time," Christy said smiling as the two other popular girls laughed.

The three girls stood up and walked to homeroom.

"YOU!" Christy said, pointing a well manicured finger at an ugly girl. "Get on your knees and lick the dirt off my shoes!" The poor ugly girl tripped in her eagerness to rush over and lick Christy's shoes. She went down face-first. Christy and her friends burst out laughing and this caused everyone in the room to laugh at the clumsy ugly girl. As the climbs girl raised her head, there was blood streaming from her nose, which made Christy laugh even louder.

The ugly girl started crawling toward Christy with her bloody nose dripping on the floor. Christy stopped laughing. She looked horrified, like a piece of shit was crawling towards her. She put a hand up to stop the girl.

"I hope you don't think your going to lick my shoes with all that blood on you, dumbass!"

The girl stopped in her tracks. Her face got beet red. She was on her knees. The whole class was laughing at her. She hadn't even realized she was bleeding. The whole room was laughing at the stupid, clumsy twat with the bloody nose and admiring Christy's hotness and her ability to make people feel lesser than her.

"Shoo! Shoo!" Christy said with a laugh. She looked to her phone and took a couple of hot selfies.

Just then an voice came over the loud speaker.

"Attention students, I have serious announcement to make ... I don't know how to say this... but Kate Collins committed suicide last night. The family will be holding a memorial tonight at St. Huley's. All are welcome to morn this tragic loss. We will now observe a moment of silence for Kate."

All eyes turned to the three popular girls. They were smiling at each other. Tessa and Emily began to laugh, and Christy was overcome with a feeling of power. Her pussy got wet and she could not wait to see Mike tonight and to ride his cock for hours. She had to be divine--she had really made someone kill themselves! So exciting! All eyes fixed on her. She was truly amazing--an 18 year old girl with complete power over people's very lives. As the school observed a moment of silence, Christy stood up and spoke.

"I'm so fucking hot! I literally destroyed that dumbass! Kate was more cow than human, really. I humiliated it to the point where it felt it was better to be dead than to continue living a cow's life. And I'm the one that made it feel that way. I insulted it (basically by telling the truth)! I humiliated it! I made it HATE itself! And all of you loved every second of it! And I'm sure you can't wait to see me do it again. And I will, because I can, and power makes me horny. I don't know what it is, I just love being mean!"

The class clapped for Christy's speech, especially the boys. They had all cum in their pants watching Christy. She was SO HOT!

"What do we do now? Everyone knows it was kind of our fault" asked Tessa with a careless laugh.

"Yeah we were posting the pictures on Instagram as #killyouself," said Emily, which caused the popular girls to break out into fresh peals laughter.

"What's the difference between Kate and an Elephant?" Christy asked with tears in her eyes.

"Nothing!" Emily blurted out.

"No, No, Kate weighs 40 POUNDS MORE!" Christy laughed.

"But, Kate can't lose the weight," gasped Tessa, "Because she's DEAD!" They all laughed and laughed. The class laughed along, eager to stay in their good graces.

"You know she's in Hell now," Christy laughed, "There's no way a CLOUD could support that kind of WEIGHT!"

"I'm sure Satan is putting her ugly to good use too!" Emily panted.

"He's having her sit on people!" Tessa giggled.

"I will miss humiliating her," Christy said. "But she was too fat and ugly for this world. I'm totally like a savior for ending her. I'm like, you know when your dad kills spider? I'm like an 'ugly squisher'!"

"You totally are!" Tessa and Emily both said in unison, which made them all laugh some more. They told a few more jokes about Kate ("what's the difference between Kate and a dead Nazi?" "Someone cared about the Nazi!"). They were really enjoying themselves at Kate's expense. Cristy was not worried about the repercussions. In fact, her mind was more agreeably engaged, figuring out how she could humiliate Kate even after her death.


Lunch began, again, and the talk of the school was the news about Kate. When the lunch room got full. Christy stood up and called for silence. You could hear a pin drop all eyes focused on Christy.

"Heather and Sarah, make your may to the popular table IMMEDIATELY!" she spoke loudly and firmly, like some kind of wrathful goddess.

Quickly, two ugly girls, Heather and Sarah, started towards Christy. They knew by her tone to crawl.

"You two are so fucking ugly and pathetic you don't even deserve to be on your knees in my presence. Slither up here like worms!"

The two girls went from their knees to their stomachs and started to slither towards Christy like worms, which caused the cafeteria to break into laughter.

"Faster losers! I don't have all day!" Christy yelled. The two ugly girls began to struggle to move fast on their stomach, which caused even louder laughter. Finally the two losers made it to Christy's feet.

Christy looked down at them in disgust. She looked so hot in her red spandex with her hot ass poking out. Her red sports bra showed off her perky tits and flat stomach. She had a fruit smoothie in her hand, a gift from a nerdy student. But it had banana in it. She proceeded to dump it on the heads of both girls. The cafeteria laughter became deafening.

"Kneel!" she instructed them and they quickly clambered to their knees. They trembled before her.

"How do you feel now that your besty finally killed herself?" Christy asked the girls playfully. The two ugly girls looked at each other with tears in their eyes. Their eyes were red from crying about Kate.

"I-I-I-" Sarah began to stutter out an answer.

"JUST KIDDING!" Christy cut her off with a big smile. "No one gives a shit how you worms feel about anything! I called you up here for a few reasons. The first is to inform you that you will not be going to the memorial, the funeral, or anything else for Kate."

"In fact," she said loudly, so everyone in the cafeteria could hear her. "No one is allowed to go. Do you all hear me? I will CRUSH anyone or anything that attends this memorial. I will be a million times harsher than I was with Kate Cowface. And I'm not even done with her. Am I clear? I want Kate's fat ugly parents to know how much of a fat ugly loser she was!" All laughter had stopped. You could hear all these losers swallowing in fear. There would be no attendees at Kate's memorial or funeral.

"The second reason I risked being close to your ugly faces is that I want a copy of her suicide note ... Do you have it?" Christy knew that these two girls were the only people with whom Kate would have confided.

"I-I-I h-hav--" Heather began to stutter.

"Well, GET IT! YOU STUPID CUNT!" Heather ran to her backpack and pulled out the note and ran back to hand it to Christy.

"Thanks," Cristy said laughing at the panting girl, who was beginning to weep.

"And the final reason I allowed you near my hotness is that you idiots forgot to pay your ugly tax. You'll have to pay for dead Kate too. You both owe me $30. But right now, you get a humiliation session." The lunch room began to cheer. They loved the popular girls humiliation sessions. It was great entertainment.

"P-Please Christy! Don't!" Heather pleaded. "We have the money! Please don't humiliate us!"

"Hand over the money, dumbasses" Christy said smiling devilishly at the girls. Christy took their money and ripped it up and tossed it in the air.

"You will still be humiliated, obviously, but I'm going to let Emily humiliate you. I have to go home and make preparations for Kate's little memorial service." Christy waved bye to the ugly girls, laughing, then walked out of the lunch room shaking her ass.

Emily rose from her seat with an evil smile. Like Christy, she was extremely sadistic and got immense enjoyment out of humiliating ugly people. Emily was absolutely gorgeous. She was 5' 4" and 118 pounds. She was half Lebanese, half Mexican and had long shiny straight black hair and bore a natural tan. Her tits were large, but her ass was absolutely perfect. Most would say it was the nicest ass they'd ever seen. Her stomach was flat and her figure was curvy. But her face was pure perfection. She had large dark eyes, a small perfect nose, big sensual lips and to top it all off, she had a cute birth mark just above her lip that added to her sexiness and accentuated her big bright white smile. Emily had been born in America into a wealthy family. Her father was an oil tycoon and her mother worked as a fitness model before she married. She was used to being treated like a princess.

She strutted toward the two uglies. She held her hand over her face and tried to fight off laughter but a slight giggle came out.

"I'm going to humiliate the fuck out of you two inhuman shits," Emily said. She pulled out two electric trimmers from her expensive bag and threw them to the two girls.

"First, you're going to shave each other's head and eyebrows, which will make you look uglier than you already are (if that's possible)!" Emily looked down at the kneeling uglies with an evil smile.

The two ugly girls began to shave each other's head while Emily stood above them with her hands on her hips. She tapped her feet in annoyance that they were being so slow. The two uglies looked truly pathetic. It took them about ten minutes to finish. The crowd was mocking them. Emily was smiling and truly enjoying their humiliation. The girls looked ridiculous. Already ugly to begin with, having shaved heads made them look like freaks. But Emily knew that this was just an appetizer. She snapped her perfectly manicured fingers and yelled out "EGGS!"
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Chapter 2 Continued

Immediately, the lunch room staff, who were under complete control of the popular girls, brought out 100s of cartons of eggs on wheeled carts.

"I make gym clothes look SO good!" Emily said to herself while taking a selfie. Her sexy black yoga pants and sports bra showing off her perfectly fit body.

Meanwhile, the two ugly girls kneeled, bowed their ugly shaved heads, and cried, terrified of what would come next.

"Awww... The wittw babies are crying!" Emily said sarcastically "But it's only gong to get worse..."

"Everyone!" she said loudly, addressing the students in the room. "Pick up a carton of eggs..."

"Start kissing, little babies," Emily said to the two weeping uglies. "Go on! No one else is going to kiss you two turds. With tongue. That's good. Now DON'T STOP!" The crowd of students laughed as the two uglies were forced to kiss.

"You! And You! and YOU!" she pointed at three random uglies. "Take pictures. I want all this documented on facebook and Instagram."

"Now! Egg them!" she shouted to the students and they mercilessly pelted the two uglies with eggs. Three of the jocks were competing to see which one could get more egg into the uglies mouths.

Emily walked a safe distance away, shaking her ass, and took her seat at the popular table. She watched with a sexy evil smile as her minions pelted the uglies. They were being hit with dozens of eggs and they were already covered with egg white and yolk. Everyone else in the cafeteria was enjoying themselves. Emily and Tessa sat there with their legs crossed, delighted in their absolute power.

Egg yokes were flying everywhere around the two uglies. One of the girls was hit right in the eye. Emily was no doctor, but she was hoping the eye was permanently damaged. Her pussy got wet thinking about it. Bruises and welts appeared all over their bodies. They were bleeding a bit and screaming into each other's ugly mouths in pain and humiliation.

Sadly, the bell finally rang, bringing an end to the entertainment. The two ugly girls lay in a large puddle of filth and kissed and cried. They were covered in egg and blood and a thick, thick layer of shame. Emily and Tessa swaggered up to the two uglies, keeping a safe distance from their mess.

"How pathetic... It must really suck to be ugly," Emily observer to Tessa.

"But we wouldn't know!" Tessa responded, and the two hotties burst out into raucous laughter.

"You can stop licking each other and start licking up this mess you caused," Emily said with a sneer. "You'll stay and lick the floor until it's all clean!"

"Hey! WHAT THE--" Emily noticed one of her ugly photographers trying to leave.

"I-I h-have to get to c-class!" the girl squeaked. "We h-have an ex-ex-exam, t-today."

"You can't go to class like that!" Emily roared. The girl looked down at herself in confusion.

"Take off your top!" Emily commanded. The girl looked confused for a second, but Emily narrowed her eyes menacingly and the loser girl quickly ripped off her t-shirt. She tried to cover her bra with her hands. Turning to the other two losers, Emily said, "Are you getting all of this?" They nodded their heads vigorously. "Good."

"Take off your bra," she said to the topless loser. "I want to see your breasts. I think everyone would like to see your beasts. They have to be better than your face. You've been hiding the wrong part of your body."

The girl turned redder than you would think anyone could possibly turn red. She slowly removed her bra. Her tits were tiny and boyish.

"Jesus!" Emily snorted. "Are you a GIRL?! Take off your pants, I want to check." The girls face was a mask of pain. She was weeping now. But she slowly pulled her pants down.

"DUMBASS, I want to see your CUNT, if you have one, which I doubt!" Emily said loudly. The girl's body shook and as she slowly pulled her panties down. She had a thick bush of hair. She was thin but boyish in her figure.

"Your crotch is uglier than your face!" Emily sneered. "Which I didn't think possible... We're going to have to shave that to see what kind of an ugly you are. Get busy!" The girl was red and trembling and confused for a moment. She was pretty sure that she wasn't allowed to pull up her pants, but the electric trimmers were several feet away. Finally, weeping, she shuffled over and started trimming her hairy twat. Emily directed one of the remaining photographers to cover the "eggy twins" and the other to cover "Ms. Hairy Cooter."

Finally, the poor ugly was done removing all the hair from her crotch and she was indeed a girl. Emily made her lay back on a table, raise her legs high and spread her pussy lips for the camera man.

"You're so ugly," Emily said distastefully to the now naked and sobbing girl. "No boy is going to ever want to talk to you unless you dress like a slut."

"Wait here," she commanded and disappeared into the kitchen with the loser girl's clothes. She dropped the bra and panties into the garbage. She made one of the kitchen workers fetch shears and cut off the pants legs. Twice, she made him cut them shorter. The crotch of the pants were now less than a pinkie width and the shorts were so short that the girl's ass and shaved pussy would hang out. The shirt was cut to just a few inches so it would barely cover the loser's nipples. She returned to the cafeteria and had the loser girl put on her new clothes. The loser girl's pussy lips hung out of the pants and the bottoms of her non-breasts were visible. Emily had her lean forward--her boy nipples were clearly visible.

"Well, your face and body are still really ugly," Emily said critically. "But I guess most of the boys won't even look at your face. This is the way I want to see you dressed every day from now on. And keep that cooter shaved."

"These pants hurt," the girl said quietly. Her eyes were downcast. She was obviously miserable.

"Like I give a fuck," Emily sneered. "I think a flatty-ugly like you is going to need a reputation too. Go to the boys locker room and kneel in the shower. Blow every boy that will let your ugly mouth near his pecker. Get their names, I want a list of who you've blow to make sure I don't let any of them rub their tainted pecker on his hotness." The girl started crying again, but she left the cafeteria heading towards the boy's locker room.

"Watch our asses as we walk out, uglies!" Emily said to the bald worm-girls, as she spun on her heels and swaggered out of the lunch room. The two ugly girls looked at the two hot girls and thought how nice it must be to be a hot girl. They truly envied these girls and hated themselves and their ugly looks.

"Make sure to clean up the mess too" Emily said as she opened the door adding even more insult to the humiliating and terrible day.


The limo pulled up to the memorial service. In the back, Christy sat beside Mike and her pussy was dropping wet--she had outdone even herself and had one of the most evil plans anyone could come up with.

"Only I'm allowed to be this evil!" she said to Mike, smiling as she seductively licked his nose.

He sat back as she pulled his pants down and licked his cock slowly. Within a couple minutes, he was ready to explode.

"Don't cum yet baby," Christy said. "I setup hidden cameras all over this place, so you get to watch me dominate this loser's family on this screen" Christy pointed to the large TV on the back wall of the limo. "I know you love watching me be mean, but don't cum till I come back. I'm gonna be so horny too. So, when I get back, if you've been a good boy, I want to suck your cock and swallow your cum. And then I'm going to ride you all night long."

Mike couldn't even speak, Cristy was so fucking hot right now. He just nodded his head eagerly. Christy was wearing a tight red bikini, heavy golden bracelets on each arm, and a golden necklace that spelled out the word "perfect," which is exactly what she was. She was the perfect height, the perfect weight, and she had a perfectly sexy face. She simply oozed sexuality and hotness.

Christy strutted into the church where the service was being held. The family was sitting in chairs and a priest was speaking, standing in front of the casket.

Christy strutting her perfect body down the aisle, her ass shaking up and down and side to side at the same time. Her hands were on her hips and she was walking like she was on the runway. She had her sexuality on full blast and she was an awesome and heavenly spectacle.

"Wow! I see where Kate got her ugliness and fattiness from... What an ugly and fat family!" she said laughing as she looked at the family on her way to the front.

The men, including the priest and Kate's father, were staring in a trance at Christy's perfect figure. They were completely overcome with her hotness and arrogance. Everything she'd done to Kate was common knowledge. Everyone knew, but no one did anything. (Well, the men stared and panted like dogs.)

Kate's mother despised Christy. She had gotten word that Christy had forced Kate to eat dirt in front of the whole school. It was one of many times Kate had been humiliated by Christy and her friends, who had laughed about it and posted the pictures to social media sites. Christy had written that she only did it because she was bored and Kate was ugly.

Christy had had the Janitor shovel a pile of dirt from the baseball field into a wheel barrel and dump it in the middle of the lunch room floor. Christy then forced Kate to lie on the ground "like a worm" and eat the dirt in front of everyone. She made Kate thank her after every bite. While this was going on Cristy told every student to walk up to Kate and spit on her and insult her. She told them that there would be a prize for the most hurtful insult. The students loved it! It was fun and they were relieved it wasn't them on their back eating dirt. But they loved it most cause it made the popular girls happy.

After it was over Kate lay there with a stomach ache, with dirt and spit all over her body. If that wasn't bad enough Christy made Kate write a thank you speech and read it on the afternoon announcements. Christy fucked Mike in the principals office while she watched and listened to Kate read the announcements. Kate looked at her through the glass enjoying perfect sex and her perfect life. Kate could faintly see her own reflection in the glass and she was ugly with the saliva of every student in the school stuck to her face. And she was publicly thanking the girl who made it happen.

According to Mrs. Cowbarf (or whatever her fat, ugly name was), that was the incident that drove Kate to decide to end it all. The pain was so great that she finally worked up the courage to do something it had taken her years to do. She told her mom everything Christy had done to her. Kate's mother became furious. She drove to the Christy's family mansion and banged on the gate screaming for Christy to come outside. Christy saw this from the security camera and arranged to go outside the gate and meet the women. Christy knew her super model mother would not allow someone so ugly on their property unless they were a servant.

When the golden gates opened, Kate's mother saw a unbelievably hot girl being carried in a giant cushioned litter like an Egyptian queen. The huge men carrying the litter were holding it so high that Kate's mother could not even come close to touching Christy. She could only see and hear her.

"What do you want, peasant?" Christy asked playfully, noticing the ugly resemblance between this women and Kate; they had the same double-chin and beady pig eyes. She knew who this women was and could guess what she wanted, but Christy wanted to mess with the women.

Kate's mother cursed and swung her arms but she couldn't reach Christy. Christy laughed at the fat women's struggles, completely relaxed on her litter, sipping a cool drink, wearing a diamond studded bikini. Soon after the police showed up an arrested Kate's mother for trespassing and assault at Christy's request.

Now Kate's mother looked at Christy as if she were part of a nightmare. Christy was walking to the front of the room, her perfect ass shaking wearing a huge smile.

The poor priest. He'd probably never seen such heavenly vision. He couldn't contain himself. His knees began to shake. Christy smiled at the priest and he came in his pants with a moan.

"Worship me!" Christy commanded. "I'm your God, now" she said in her most godlike and arrogant voice. The priest sank instantly to his knees and began to worship her in an up and down motion.

"YOU!" She pointed at Kate's father. "Crawl to me!" Christy pointed to a spot right before her.

Kate's mother looked on speechless. In shock, she couldn't move. She already wanted to kill Christy for Kate's death. She had been filled with rage directed towards the hot, young, arrogant girl. But now that Christy stood before her, she was paralyzed.

As the father was crawling to her Christy pulled out a piece of paper from in between her perfect tits.

"This is that cow's suicide note!" Christy said with a big white smile. "I'm am ugly and I hate myself. Goodbye," Christy laughed as she turned her attention to Kate's father.

"I want you to kiss my ass and thank me for what I did to your daughter!" Christy commanded, looking disdainfully at the man at her feet.

This finally broke the paralysis Kate's mother felt. With a cry of rage and hate, she charged Christy. But she was held back by her two brothers, Kate's uncles. Christy winked at the men and they melted. She was so hot no man could resist her, no matter how evil she was.

"How can you be so evil!?" the women screamed. "You humiliated my daughter! Made her feel worthless to the point where she took her own life! Now you stand here and make fun of her and her family after she is gone!? You evil bitch, I'll kill you!" she screaming violently, but her two brothers held her tightly and now more men were rushing to Christy's defense.

Christy only smiled and poked her ass out as Kate's father raised his lips and kissed both cheeks lightly.

"How did that feel?" Christy asked smiling at the man.

"It was the greatest moment of my life!" the man said reverently, kneeling just feet away from his daughter's open casket. "Thank you so much for making Kate do what she did. Thank you for humiliating her and making her feel subhuman. I'm sorry for bringing such ugliness into your world. It was an unforgivable sin."

"Yes it was," Christy said matter-of-factly. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, even she couldn't believe how evil she was being. Just then the police came in.

"Arrest her for assault!" Cristy said pointing at Kate's mother. The cops immediately moved to restrain the women. She fought back and the police had to tase her. Christy watched while the handcuffed her and arrested her for assault and for resisting arrest.

"Thank you officers!" Christy smiled her big white smile at the police. One of them violently shoved Kate's mother to the ground. That officer smiled at Christy and they shared a laugh together. It looked like Kate's mother might have been seriously injured; because her hands were tied behind her back, her face bore the force of her body hitting the ground. And, like Kate, she was a hefty woman. Christy laughed.

Her job was done. Christy surveyed the scene one last time to savor the wreckage of Kate's pathetic life. Then Christy began to walk out, her perfect ass shaking violently. She looked so hot and powerful. She walked by Kate's mother lying on the floor moaning.

"I'll be suing you for psychological distress... See you in court," she said to the woman. She laughed out loud as she strutted out of the church, knowing how absurd it was for her to sue Kate's mother. But Christy had unlimited power and she loved it.

"Needless to say the service is canceled," she said to the priest who was worshiping her still in an up and down motion. Christy walked down the aisle and every man came in their pants as she walked by.

She stepped into the limo. Mike was already naked with an enormous hardon. Christy knelt before his magnificent dick and licked it eagerly. She'd barely begun to suck it when he came and came in her mouth. She swallowed it down and kept sucking. Mike made little groaning sounds because this was too much stimulation, but he also didn't dare stop her. But soon she pulled aside the crotch on her bikini and settled onto his hard dick and started riding him. They fucked for hours in the parking lot. Then they were driven home. Christy had no doubt that she would sleep like a baby.
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So awesome. I'd love to see some foot worship.
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Quote: Originally Posted by yoohooguy

"I also prefer scenarios where the slave is there against his or her will and that is so rarely the case in most videos and stories.

My preferred scenario involves a society where rich women abuse the poor by using them for sport such as hunting or car crush, or for slaves. They find pleasure in the suffering and demise of these lower class humans and gain stature based on how many slaves they own, and how many they've killed.

I also enjoy the thought of these women having trophies of their kills around the house in the form of heads on the walls or slaveskin rugs. "

I love those sort of things too in a story. Sadly, there are very few if any stories published on the internet that will fit "our" likes! "
************************************************** *****************

Hey Mike! I don't comment much here but this is an awesome story! In regard to my above comment, if you work a bit on the descriptions and contrasts between very rich and dead poor-starved people, palaces and diamonds and such, you get the perfect piece! Thanks for the effort and for sharing.
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Old 06-21-2017, 9:30 AM
mike051690 mike051690 is offline
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Hey, thanks for commenting. There will be a lot of this type of stuff in upcoming chapters of this story .
But I'm working on another story that I will be posting soon that would fit this description almost perfectly .
Thanks for reading
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This pushes ALL the buttons for me. Please continue! Amazing!
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Originally Posted by mike051690 View Post
Hey, thanks for commenting. There will be a lot of this type of stuff in upcoming chapters of this story .
But I'm working on another story that I will be posting soon that would fit this description almost perfectly .
Thanks for reading
You've got our attention Mike. That's for sure! )
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I was going to commet, but then I realize that this is not my kind of story so...
reader of femdom stories
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Ggreat work, thank you.
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Absolutely fantastic story. Can't wait to read more! The humiliation is perfect although I would enjoy some farting.
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I hope this will be continues! Please don't leave us hanging
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Popular Girls Ch.3

Chapter 3. A Big Surprise
Tessa the only popular girl we haven't met , stood in front of a full size mirror in her luxurious master bathroom . Tessa was given her own house on her parents enormous estate when she turned 18. She went on to hire an army of servants to wait on her hand and foot and to make sure she never had to lift a finger .
There she stood holding her hair up and poking her ass out , admiring her own perfection. Wearing a designer one piece white bathing suit and designer sun glasses. Tessa was 5'8" 125 pounds. She had legs that seem to go on for days. Her skin had a very light tan . She had small but perky tits , a slender body a perfect big ass, long medium brown hair , that flowed far down her back. But her face was amazing everything about it was was sexy bright green eyes , a perfectly shaped nose a bright white smile , dimples on her cheeks , and big lips. When Tessa was not smiling or laughing she wore a constant expression of arrogance on her face. She truly felt that she was better than people . This look would make any man want to come in their pants .
As she looked in the mirror an old women of about 80 was on her knees scrubbing the bathroom floor .
" old bitch! you missed a spot!!!” said Tessa pointing to a spot about a foot away from her .
" I'm so sorry my queen" said the old women humbly, and crawled to the spot as quickly as she could .
Tessa required all her servants to refer to her as queen . Because that's what she was compared to these people . Despite her ridiculous wealth she paid her servants minimum wage in some cases even less and treated them like shit . She loved exploiting poor people, she loved the power that her money gave her . She treated her servants the same way she treated the ugly students of the school .
The old women began to scrub the spot violently despite being tired from working a 16 hour shift. She was the designated floor scrubber . She worked 16 hour days six days a week the entire time on her knees scrubbing floors.
Tessa could care less how miserable and tired this old women was .
She was still posing in the mirror looking at her self from every angle, she was so hot.
She turned to the old women .
" oh my god you are such a pathetic loser , I'm better than you in every single way . " Tessa picked up a large ice coffee that was completely full and dumped it on the old women's head , and held it over her head for a few more seconds to make sure every drop was out of the cup and on the women's head .
Tessa looked at her with her signature look of arrogance . " I know tomorrow is your day off , but as punishment for poor work performance you will come in and scrub the floors clean with a toothbrush. You won't be allowed to leave until your work is finished and if you miss a single spot you will be fired… I wish to see my perfect reflection on every inch of the floor " Tessa turned and walked away from the old women.
Suddenly the old women began to cry and said "Please !!!! no Tessa tomorrow is my grandsons 5th birthday party …. please don't make me work ." Tears dropped down from her face .
Tessa looked at this women and smiled . She looked ridiculous an 80 year old women on her knees begging an 18 year old girl for one day off. Soaked from head to toe in coffee.
" well you are going to have to explain to him that his Grammy will be on her knees scrubbing dirt and grime for her betters . " Tessa began to laugh and walk away shaking her sexy ass .
" oh yea and because you complained you won't be payed for work tomorrow " this was completely illegal but who was going to stop Tessa from doing what she wanted .
As she walked out of her bathroom her butler approached her .
" my queen, there is an ugly girl named Heather kneeling at the bottom of the steps outside the front door ."
Tessa laughed slightly to herself and proceeded outside. She had summoned Heather to her mansion earlier that day. Tessa stood in front of Heather who had her face pressed down on the hot concrete . It was at least 95 degrees today. But Heather new that Tessa would want her face to be touching the ground , so that's where it was .
" look at me Heather " Tessa said arrogantly to the girl on her knees.
Heather raised her face she was truly disgusting ugly pimples all over her face, her shaved head and eyebrows made her look even worse than before . She had marks and welts from where she was hit with the eggs just a couple of days before . And yellow stains on her face from the egg yokes .
Tessa took everything in and began to laugh hysterically and uncontrollably at the state of this girl. The laughter went on for minutes as the ugly girl kneeled there just accepting it .
Finally Tessa stopped laughing at the girl and spoke . " we are gunna have a fun day together…. I'm going to go shopping on the strip….. . And you get to follow me around and carry my bags….We are going to meet Mike for a nice lunch. You won't be eating obviously…. . If I think you did a good job I might let you lick the sand from the sidewalk while I eat a nice meal! And after that I have a surprise for you." Tessa smiled at the ugly girl.
" you're such a fucking loser.... now follow me "
Tessa walked a few hundred feet to a Bentley , a driver stepped out and opened the back door for her , she elegantly slid in . Heather who was a few feet behind her struggling to crawl fast enough to keep up with Tessa who only strutted like a model she never walked slow, the world was her runway . Heather went to climb into the back seat.
She was quickly stopped by Tesaa
" what the fuck is wrong with you ugly duckling , you don't ride with me in the AC get your ugly ass in the trunk!" Tessa spat angrily in the ugly girls face and shooed her away to the trunk .
Heather was so embarrassed . Why would she ever think she could ride in the back with Tessa she wasn't good enough for that , this girl literally had zero self esteem . She thought how much she sucked as she slid into the sweltering heat of the trunk .
They arrived on the strip with all the expensive stores in the city . Heather sat on her knees waiting outside Tessa's door swung open and hit Heather directly in the face . Tessa didn't acknowledge her at all she was talking to Christy on the phone , who was describing what happened at the memorial service . Tessa was laughing hysterically.It was time to start phasetwo of the popular girls plan.
She hung up the phone as walked into the first expensive store. Heather was crawling close behind.
" what the fuck are you doing idiot , they don't let people who look like you into stores like this . You wait outside and the clerk will bring you my bags to carry . You are as stupid as you are ugly.... actually go get me an ice latte from across the street , but don't touch the cup with your hands , I don't want to get any of your ugly on my hands" Tessa said as she strutted into the expensive clothing store . And Heather rushed to get Tessa her Latte.
As the afternoon went on Tessa spent more and more money and the bags began to pile up. Heather looked ridiculous holding about twenty bags struggling to balance herself and all the bags at the same time , as Tess a strolled around carefree holding only her purse . She stopped and ate lunch with Mike for an hour while Heather was forced to wait outside in the sweltering heat holding all the bags .
She had specific instructions from Tessa not to put the bags down and not to step out of the sun. Finally the lunch was over , Tessa and Mike walked out , kissing each other and laughing . They walked to Tessa's car without even acknowledging Heather who just followed like the servant she was . When they arrived at the Bentley Tessa instructed her to put the bags away in the trunk and kneel outside the door and wait for further instruction .
Heather did as she was told the trunk could barely fit all the clothes and jewelry that Tessa bought today . She must've spent over $10,000 dollars on this shopping spree. The trunk barley closed . She then kneeled at the back door like Tessa told her. She could hear Mike and Tessa fucking , not a loud hard fuck but a slow smooth one , moans of ecstasy coming from both , not too loud but just enough that Heather could hear , suddenly the window rolled down and Mikes penis appeared . He shot a gigantic load all over Heathers face. This was followed by sexy laughter from Tessa who looked at the girl in triumph .
" I really do fucking own you. " she said to the girl who kneeled there with a giant load of cum all over her face .
Tessa and Mike stepped out of the back of the Bentley , she kissed him and said goodbye . She then turned to the ugly girl on her knees and poured a bottle of water on her head .
" ugly it's time for your surprise . "
Heathers stomach dropped she thought getting a load of cum shot on her face in front of all the rich pretty people in town was the surprise, but Tessa must have something even more humiliating in store for her . She was so nervous she didn't know what to do.
She began to cry and beg Tessa to just let her go home and kill herself .
Tessa's pussy became wet upon hearing this despite having several glorious organisms’ just moments before.
" absolutely not , you are not allowed to kill yourself …. Now that fat Kate is gone you and your ugly friend are our new favorite toys and we are not even close to being done with you. You think this is bad just wait and see what I have in store for you. " Tessa laughed as she began to describe what was next for this poor girl.
" now ugly girl, there is a tattoo shop about two miles that way. Me and you are going to go in there together . But there is no room in the trunk for you . And there is no way you are getting in my Bentley. So I was gunna let you walk the two miles in the 100 degree heat . But that means my car would get there before you and I'd have to wait on your arrival. But I'm better than you so I don't wait for you to arrive that just wouldn't be right. So you're going to push my car the two miles to the tattoo shop while I relax in the AC and watch a movie . There nothing wrong with the car but I can't just have you stand there and do nothing "Tessa smiled at the girl as she carelessly stepped in the comfortable back seat .
Heather now crying moved to the back of the car and began to push . It took all her strength to get the car moving after a hot day of standing in the sun holding dozens bags for hours, the only water she received was used to wipe cum off of her face . She pushed and pushed the car was moving slowly , down the street. The cars behind her were beeping at her , the hot girls on the sidewalks shopping and eating were laughing at her struggle. Making comments about how they'd never seen such an ugly girl in there life .
Finally they arrived at the tattoo shop. Heather was about to pass out from exhaustion. She walked to the back door , and dropped to her knees face on the ground, heat beating on her .
Tessa was relaxing inside AC on enjoying a movie it would be another hour before she stepped out of the car she wanted to see the end of the movie and obviously she couldn't care less about the state of the ugly girl outside .
Finally Tessa stepped out and Heather lay there.
" follow me !" Tessa said to the exuasted ugly girl on her knees .
Heather began to crawl behind Tessa , she looked up at her sexy figure and was overcome with envy . Why can't I look like that if I could just have a little piece of her hotness I would be happy. She was snapped out of her thought .
" hi Dave " Tessa said to a man preparing ink and needles.
" hi Tessa , thank you for allowing me to serve you. " said a man of about 35 with tattoos all over his body. He dropped to his knees and kissed Tessa's shoes .
Tessa didn't even acknowledge the man she was so used to being worshiped it meant nothing to her at this point .
" get up Heather and look in the mirror " Tessa said arrogantly .
Heather hated mirrors she tried to avoid them at all costs. Everytime she looked in a mirror she would be overcome with shame and embarrassment due to her ugliness.
Tessa on the other hand loved looking in mirrors . As the two girls stood in front of a full sized mirror Tessa smiling poking her ass out loving herself while Heather stood there ashamed .
" I know you already know this..." Tessa said fighting off laughter ," but you are ugly , you're a freak , no one will ever want to have sex with you, people don't even want to look at you . The only reason I allow you to be near me because you are a reminder of how hot I am. But I think it is important to except who we are and I never want you to forget who and what you are... so, I'm sure you are wondering why we are here at a tattoo shop, well this is the big surprise you've been waiting all day for . You are going to plop you're disgusting ass on that seat and Dave here is going to tattoo the word ‘ugly’ on your forehead in big block lettering , so you can be reminded of what you are for the rest of your miserable life . "
Tessa turned and smiled at Heather who dropped to her knees .
" please Tessa don't do this !!!!!!!!!!! I won't be able to show my face in front of my family or school and I'll never be able to get a job , this will ruin my life!!!!!!!!”
Tessa was smiling her pussy getting wetter and wetter as the girl begged.
" I know that's why I'm doing it you fucking idiot . It makes me horny to ruin your life. And I deserve to do this to you. I mean look at you and look at me . God likes me better than you obviously , otherwise why would he make me so hot and you so ugly . I have the divine right to do whatever I want to you!And this is what I want . So kiss my foot and thank me for allowing you to get the word ugly tattooed on your forehead !!!!!"
Tessa stood there looking arrogantly at the girl looking so hot in her white swimsuit , designer sunglasses.
Every Man staring at her in awe of her hotness and power . Heather had no choice she thank Tessa and kissed her expensive heels .
And got up and sat in the chair .
" that's what I fucking thought "Said Tessa arrogantly . She was so proud of what she'd done to the poor girl . She had completely defeated her . Heather had little chance at a normal life due to her ugliness but that little chance was now gone.
Tessa sat on a chair watching the girl get marked . Enjoying every second of it . The cries finally subsided as Heather gave into the fact that her life was ruined . 2 hours later it was done.
Heather stood up and looked in the mirror and began to cry uncontrollably . Tessa stood next to her and took a selfie of the two standing next to each other the contrast was so obvious.
" looks like you lost again loser, my god it must suck to be you" Tessa said arrogantly .
" see you at school tomorrow " Tessa said nonchalantly as she walked out of the tattoo shop, her sexy body on display everyone staring in awe .
Heather sat on her knees crying . She wanted to end her life so badly , but she best not . Tessa had forbade her to kill herself and she knew better than to disobey a popular girl .
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