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Old 10-27-2015, 2:56 PM
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Clip Review: There’s no escape from the poison

As you can see already from this year’s Succubus clip, Mistress B’s Halloween and cosplay clips are some of Her best and hottest work. Being lucky enough to have the chance to speak with Her on occasion, and from reading Her twitter and blog, I know that She loves creating these clips – almost as much as I love watching them. There is something so special about a Mistress B cosplay clip because of the sheer amount of effort She puts into the clips. The creativity and the commitment to each and every character is astounding and shines through each and every clip.

Last year, Mistress B blessed us with the irresistible clip “I am Poison” and the equally irresistible Poison Ivy Pic Set. Based on the comic book and movie villainess, Mistress B took the role of the poisonous seductress to new levels of sexy. The toxic temptress, Poison Ivy, is the perfect role for an evil Mistress B. Obsessed with botany and all things natural, She is able to use Her deadly and manipulating toxins to control your mind and exploit your desires. Mistress B’s poison will be your down fall, Her poison will be your end. If you haven’t seen last year’s clip, be sure to check it out here.

Don’t think for a second that you will be able to stop there though, you know you cannot escape the poison for long. Soon enough the enchanting power of the poison will lure you back to Mistress B, back to Her feet. Even you do manage to resist the temptation, She will find you and all it will take is one kiss from Her sweet sweet lips. The moment that the highly alluring enchantress appears before you, tantalizingly drawing you toward her, you won’t be able to resist. You could try, you could try to pull away and run, but it is no use. You, like so many weak and helpless others, will fall to your knees weak and desperate to worship Mistress B in Her poisonous realm.

She is perfection. Every inch of Her body is absolute perfection. Your heart is pounding in your chest, your cock throbbing and oozing, your head dizzy and mindless. That could be the poison, but you know, its love. That feeling is absolute adoration and worship, the fire burns in your heart as it pumps Her “poison” all throughout your body. The desire, no, the NEED to worship Her is overpowering. Your body aches as She teases you with Her sumptuous body, using every inch of Her body as pure torture.

You were foolish for thinking you could escape, you were stupid to think that you could resist the temptation of Her poison. It has always been there in the back of your mind. You need it, you want it, and you crave it. Her poison is your world and your world is Mistress B. Can you resist the ultimate enchantress that is Mistress B as Poison Ivy? Can you survive the torture that She will put Your body through?

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Old 12-02-2015, 10:08 PM
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thanks for this post -- had not seen this until recently.

can't say it's the best Poison Ivy clip I've seen -- that would either be Tara Tainton's series, or Princess Lisa --

but definitely worth adding to your collection if you're a P.I. junkie like me.

merci, L.

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