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The sitting scene

In thinking about our favourite subject which i often do,i wondered just how many people are employed in what is a big industry.Videos have been produced for years now,and i was trying to imagine the scale of it all.i have ignored in my thinking the background people camera men etc.and considered only those in front of the camera.
First we have all the lovely ladies who do all the face and body sitting and then we have the jobbers who are sat on by them.
I had cause to contemplate their rather unusual existence, which is not in any way a normal type of job.I imagine they put in the usual number of hours say 8 or so and shoot several videos a day.
I tried to imagine the strain involved both for the ladies sitting on someone, and for the men being sat on for so many hours daily.Like most men i have thought how great it would be to be sat on by these lovely women,but surely they must be exhausted at the end of the day.Perhaps some of those involved could enlighten me?
Despite what i have written i cannot help but wonder why with all this sitting going on,i am unable to get myself sat on.
Oh the unfairness of life.
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