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Ilonas slave, gets trained Part one

The year was 2020 the great European revolution had all but settled down. New laws had been introduced that saw all men classified as inferior to women. Women had taken over all Government , police military and businesses. Men were reduced to subservient rolls and were basically the slaves of women.
At first there had been some opposition but this had been crushed under the spike heel of the women in charge. Any man who fort against it was punished , interned or in extreme cases executed .
Not all men struggled against feminine rule, Ian Jones had been pretty much a slave to his girlfriend, a Polish beauty and successful Business woman Ilona Samska.
Ian loved everything about her From her Blonde bobbed hair, to her gorgeous size 5 high arched feminine feet.
Ilona was 2 years his junior at 28 years old, 5FT 5INS tall, she had a gorgeous high cheek boned face, she had a slim waist but full breasts curvy hips and an amazing rounded bottom That his face had spent many an hour under.
Her legs were stunning and she loved to show them off in stockings and very high heels. But the things he loved the most were her bossy personality, her sadistic side, and despite being a very driven business woman she had a real lazy side at home. She loved to be waited on and would quite happily see him toiling for hours for her.
Ilona enslaved Ian and he loved it, she also loved to tease and he encouraged her to tease and deny him , driving him insane with lust whilst he had to take care of her every need with his tongue.
Ilona loved to lock his cock up for weeks and drive him to distraction, displaying her fine figure and legs in stockings to torment him , she just loved it.
Ilona made lots of money so Ian was reduced to house slave statusís. Ilona would leave him a list of jobs to complete , shoes and boots to polish, laundry to be washed and ironed. If any of it wasnít done to her satisfaction she would make him suffer.
Ilona had a very important business meeting with some very influential women in Zurich and it was now 9 oíclock and she intended to get an early night for the flight tomorrow.
Slave, get in here,
see ordered with the confidence of a woman who regularly gets to be obeyed.
He loved it when she called him slave.
Ian ran in and knelt at her feet as she sat in a comfy lounge chair.
Ilona knew only two well that after 3 weeks in restraint his penis would be desperate for her. She had deliberately let her skirt ride up to show off her amazing legs ina pair of high shine neutral coloured pantyhose to drive him mad. Just to add that extra spark, she was dangling one of her heels from the toes of her right foot so he had a view of her sexy nylon foot.
Much to Ilonaís amusement he could not take his eyes off her legs and her foot, he was drooling.
Ilona sated in a very authoritive voice.
I am in Zurich all week, I have put out some clothes I want ironed. My shoes and boots that I will be taking need cleaning and polishing, and you need to pack for me, is that clear.
Yes Mistress
Ian replied.
Come here and I will take off your restrainer,
At this she undid another button of her crisp white blouse and her could see the keys to his CB 6000 dangling between her beautiful breast on a chain, Breasts displayed to him in a lacy bra
He let out a barley audible groan which she noticed and enjoyed.
Ilona deliberately let the shoe fall from her right foot and saw he was entranced by the nylon coloured foot being displayed to him . Her gorgeous toes, Toes he had sucked so many times had coral pink nail polish on them which showed through the shear high shine stocking.
Ilona waggled her toes slowly just to torture him some more and enjoyed his reaction as he moaned out loud.
As she released his frustrated penis it immediately was rock hard for her.
Right massage my left foot for me as I give you instructions.
Ian was shaking with lust as he removed her sexy black spike heeled shoe from her left foot and started to kneed the nylon sole with his thumbs ,
What are you going to do whilst I am away boy she enquired.
I was wondering if I should book myself in for a week at the training hall you had me attend last month to tone up.
Ilona was amused , she knew it was a hell for males there but he was prepared to suffer it for her.
Yes I think thatís a great idea.
Replied Ilona
Who are you going to ask for as your trainer,
Ilona enquired, Knowing he may not chose the most sadistic trainer if lt was left up to him.
At this Ilona deliberately ran the nylon toes of her right foot up his frustrated penis .
She did this maddeningly lightly to drive him insane.
As this he jerked forward involuntarily from the amazing sensation.
He stuttered,
I,I, was thinking of Joanna.
Ilona beamed a huge smile as her nylon toes again feather lightly brushed up and down his desperate penis .
That would be a good choice slave,
she purred,
She is a very motivated and a superior, Polish woman just like me. It must be her thatís an order. Book it tonight.

Joanna was in fact a real sadist she was gorgeous 5ft 7in Tall slim build ,,endless superb legs with Polish high cheek bones and long blonde hair.
Ian had been trained by Joanna before and she really pushed him to his limits. She was the most beautiful but most heartless trainer at the school.
Ilonaís nylon foot was driving him insane and after so long in frustration he started to whimper.
Permission to come Mistress.
Ilona immediately stopped and giggled sadistically
Beg me,
Please please Mistress Ilona, please let me come Im so frustrated and desperate , im begging you.
Well beg properly she ordered.
Ian Immediately started to kiss the nylon foot he was massaging. Grovelling to her.
She loved to see him grovelling and kept him on edge by brushing his penis with her toes every so often.
Ilona had no intention of letting him come yet, No that was not going to happen until after she came back from Zurich , But she loved to have him grovelling to her, Besides it made it so so much more fun watching him grovel knowing she wasnít going to let him, and lets face it it added that extra spark to teasing knowing she was going to cruelly disappoint him. HMM such pleasure for her.
When he was about to explode from all her teasing she laughed in his face and said,
No, its too much fun to keep you frustrated boy,
On the floor now.
Ian groaned out loud in tormented frustration and lay on his back as Ilona straddled his head and lowered her damp pantyhose covered pussy over his mouth,
She sat on his face facing his feet Her pussy over his mouth. She wriggled about a bit so that his nose was trapped between her nylon butt cheeks pressing down until his nose was pressed tight against her butt hole.
That way he could take in her scent she giggled to herself.
She let him have some air now and again and ordered ,
Work that tongue and he had to worship her nylon covered pussy until she orgasmed right in his face.
She straddled his face for a while after letting him savour her flavours before getting up and locking him in his restrainer.
Get to work boy she commanded. Im off to bed.
Ilona was up very early, She knew he had been up most of the night making sure she was ready for her trip. She decided not to make him get up for her but regretted it as she had to do everything herself. She decided to punish him and deliberately left the bathroom in a terrible state. Towells on the floor tooth past in the sink, the shower in a state.
It was her bath room she didnít let him use it but he had to keep it in pristine condition.
At 0800 hours Ian surfaced and He saw a note. A car will pick you up from the house at 1030 sharpe. Clean my bathroom before you go.
Ian got showered and ready then went to attack her bathroom. He saw the state it was in and sighed. He then saw the little hand written note.
Get this place spotless and no cloths.
Oh no he groaned to himself , That meant he had to use his tongue. He licked the tooth paste from the sink cleaning up her spit mixed with it, and then the shower cubicle , he tidied the towels and just had to check the toilet. And put some disinfectant in it.
At this his phone buzzed and he saw it was from his Mistress.
The text said,
Just about to get on the Plane. If you havenít done my toilet yet, Defiantly no cloths and use your tongue before flushing. And no rinsing your mouth afterwards until just before your picked up.
Oh god no she had dent , she wouldnít.
He thought as he fearfully lifted the lid,
Oh no she had,. brown streaks down the back and sides of the bowel, that bitch he thought.
AS Ilona sat in first class she took a sip of Champagne and thought of what he was going to have to do. She had only done this to him once before to punish him, but she giggled at what she was making him do.
Im such an evil bitch to him, but its so much fun
She thought to herself.
Ian steeled himself, extended his tongue and forced himself to run his tongue down the tick brown stain.
That evil, Gorgeous, cruel beautiful, bitch, he thought as he tried not to gag. As he worked his tongue on his mistresses gift.
The stain was hard to get off and he was forced to work his tongue hard applying it the brown on the bowel again and again. Lapping and lapping at it until it was gone.
He eventually finished but she knew how to torture him even if he wasnít there. Making him suffer the taste of her waste for as long as possible.
At 1030 Ian was finally able to rinse his mouth and there was a knock at the door. Two beautiful brunettes in military uniforms with knee high boots and mirrored sunglasses took hold of him and took him to the car. It was a black Mercedes and as he went to get in the back seat the one woman carol dragged him back, drove her black nylon covered knee into his balls as the other woman opened the boot of the car.
Just as he was recovering from the first knee the woman drove her knee into his balls again giggling, A little present from Mistress Ilona, enjoy, Well I really did, Both women laughed out loud as he was pushed into the boot. The boot was closed and off they went.
20 Miles later the car stopped and the boot opened ,
They took him into a large Horse dressage hall with a wooden floor , The women took him to one end and chained him by his wrists to a cleat in the wall.
Enjoy your stay
said the woman whoís knee had punished him, and grinning into his face she slapped him hard across his face with her gloved hand, they both walked off laughing..
He was left for about half an hour and then he heard a door open at the far end of the long hall. Then he saw her Joanna,
She was stunning, As she casually strode towards him he could see,. She was wearing a pair of knee high very expensive black riding boots, The were polished to an almost mirror finish, Not that she had polished them. He wondered which poor male had been up all night working on them for her.
Her boot heels clacked across the hard floor as she walked. She was also wearing a pair of white skin tight jodhpurs which fitted like a second skin, Showing off her amazing legs s and figure He could just see that the seat bit of the Jodhpurs had a leather piece stitched in covering her bottom . She was wearing a white blouse and Black skin tight fine leather gloves. Her hair was tied up in a high pony tail Giving her a severe but haughty look.
She approached him and un did his chains and commanded strip,
IAN quickly removed his clothes and knelt on the floor,
Joanna smiled and took his chin in her right hand and said,
Good, You have taken up the right position.
She continued.
I am intrigued, It is only a month since I subjected you to a week of mindless harsh toil. Why are you back so soon.
Please mistress Joanna , I felt I was getting a bit Flabby gain and wanted to keep in my Mistresses good books.
I see
Continued Joanna,
But why me.
Please Mistress , because you are the most efficient trainer and the strictest
Stated Ian
Good grinned Joanna ,
Its true I am , and you know I will show you no mercy or pity . donít you.
Yes Mistress whispered Ian as he bent forward and kissed his new Tormentresses boots.
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Wonderful as usual, can't wait for part two.
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Thank you cothtath, It always helps to know my writing is appreciated
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This is simply amazing. Combining foot fetishism, chastity, and toilet slavery into a femdom story...what could be better? I eagerly await the next update.
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Thank you OneAuthor
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