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Ilonas slave gets trained part two

Joanna let him abase himself kissing her boots for a minute or so then walked off and took a head collar off a hook. She placed the collar over his head and buckled the straps up. The head collar had a ring about 2in , 4cm round at the top which was on a swivel. She next connected a long lead rein to the swivel and commanded,
And stand.
Ian Jumped to his feet and Joanna selected an evil Lunging whip from a selection in a holder.
Ok to the circle Boy
She ordered and he walked slowly to the centre of the room where a large 20 meter circle was painted onto the wooden floor. Joanna stood in the middle of the circle and drew back the longing whip and crack it hit him between the shoulders as she commanded
Walk on .
Ian lunged forward from the pain , then walked around the white circle.
Joanna had a cruel smile on her face as she thought, I am feeling particularly mean today,
She loved her job, working them to exhaustion.
Do you remember the commands boy
She enquired.
Yes Mistress he replied
How could he forget they were indelibly written into his brain by her.
Turn , meant go the other way. Left meant touch the floor with his left hand as did right with the right . Jump was self explanatory High step meant knees to the chest.
And turn.
Ian changed direction and walked the other way.
And jog
She shouted and flick hiss the whip caught him again on the shoulders.
He started to jog , twice around the circle then
Followed by
right, left
He was obeying each command as she barked out her orders.
Joanna was loving it, watching him strain to obey her commands she just revelled in working males like this, so so much fun.
And turn,
He changed direction, took three steps
He turned, she was playing with him
Her next order was
High step,
He started to jog bringing each knee up to his chest.
Joanna lashed his back with the whip,
Higher you lazy slob
She bellowed . And he doubled his efforts.
Twice more she lashed his back casing him to cry out in pain as she orderd
Higher I said,
He was already getting his first beads of perspiration on his brow as she made him do another 5 or 6 circuits of the circle.
He occasionally looked over at her and she did look stunning, Her boots, those Jodhpurs and her beautiful face.
He also saw that she was smiling and clearly loving what she was doing to him , this both excited and annoyed him in equal amounts.
And run
She shouted,
He quickly changed pace and started running , her whip snaked out,
Faster , whip, faster.
Oh this was so good she thought as she watched him running as fast as he could around the circle, she loved seeing a man slog his gutts out for her it made her feel so powerful, so mean, so wicked,
And turn
Ian started running as fast as he could in the other direction.
She knew he was doing his best but still lashed him regularly, she enjoyed it, she was a superior woman, and he was just a male, discipline from her. was good for him .
Round and round her went flat out until he was puffing and panting, he was feeling sick but still she whipped him .
Joanna was skilled at her job and as he was on the verge of collapsing she ordered
and jog.
His legs were heavy but he managed to grab some air as he slowed. He did a few circuits then she commanded.
And stop.
He stopped and knelt.
She aproached him with an amused look on her face and unclipped the lead rein. She clicked her fingers and said
He bent forward and kissed her boots.
She enjoyed his grovelling for 20 seconds or so befored shouting
Kneel up.
He obeyed and she slapped his face with her gloved hands left, right left right.
How dare you forget to thank me she pouted between giggles of fun.
Get over there face down on that bench.
He ran over to a bench about 2 meters long and 30cm off the ground and lay on it. She stroled over and he could hear her boot heels clack on the floor. She stopped by the whip holder and exchanged the lung whip for a long ridding crop. She stroled over and said,
The sentence is 12 strokes, and swish , splat she landed the first stroke to his butt,
He bellowed and she drew her arm right back and swish splatt she lashed him again.
More bellowing,
At 5 he was pleading,
She didnt feel sorry for him in the slightest.
At 7 he almost jumped up.
Finding it hard to take are we weakling ,
She mocked.
You had better hold on tight and not move again or I will double the strokes do I make myself clear,
You baby,
He held on as she continued the strokes enjoying herself and every last stroke,
Right back to the circle she ordered. Hands and knees.
He was still breathing hard and sweating profusely.
She casually stroke over to him and deliberatly trod on his fingers with the toes of her right boot.
She clicked her fingers,
He didnt make, the same mistake, kissing the leather toes of her boots and saying,
Thank you Mistress,
She let out a throaty laugh , it was so funny, she had worked him and punished him and he was kissing her boots thanking her.
Men were so pathetic she thought.
Right , and crawl
He set of crawling around the twenty meter circle as fast as he could. She let him do 5 circuits before she kicked him hard to his punished butt with her boots.
She barked,
20 circuits later, his kneed were bruised and battered when she said stop,
It was warn in the shed and she took a chilled bottle of water and a flask out of a smell fridge she drank from the bottle savoring the chilled water,
His mouth was so dry he so wanted water too.
She drew up a smell stool and drank in front of him, to taunt him.
Would you like a drink boy,
She asked .
Please . Please Mistress he begged,
Put your tongue out boy lets see she said,
Not dry enough yet, but it could be , Hmm let me think, , Yes lick the dust from my boot soles , then it might be,
She extended her leg so the sole was off the ground and he was forced to lick the dusty boot soles for her.
Ok she said once the soles were shone up to her satisfaction.
She took clear plastic cup and poured a small amount of water from her bottle into his cup. It was only just a third full, then she picked up the flask, he recognised it as his old work flask, she opened the flask and poured out some ice cubes filling up the clear plastic cup. He noticed the cubes had a greenish tinge to them .
Your Mistress made them specially for you, she explained,
A nice little mixture of her spit and her golden water for you to enjoy. Ha ha
She handed the cup to him and he was so desperate for a drink he knocked back the water straight down, leaving the slightly melted Ice cubes.
Joanna was enjoying watching him and ordered,
Put an ice cube in your mouth and suck it for me, No biting I want you to savour it.
He had no choice she would punish him mercilessly if he refused,
He tilted the glass and a large melting ice cube slipped into his mouth.
The salty taste invaded his scenes as he sucked on her special ice cube.
Joanna was laughing and putting her face right up to his taunted,
There wont be enough for all week, so I am going to enjoy making so for you myself, ]
And she cruelly laughed in his face, as the ice cube slowly released its flavour into his mouth.
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Part one was fantastic. This one is even better! I hope you will have enough time to continue your lovely stories.
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I loved part two! Looking forward to part three.
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Thanks for your positive comments OneAuther
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