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the female democratic supremacy party part 13

Back in the Cotswolds, Natalie Had David put her Slippers on her nylon feet and , she wanted to wear them as she had plans for them later. She grabbed David by the ear and said follow me
She took him up to her room and said,
My room need s tidying, start by picking any close up and putting them on hangers in my closet.
Natalie lay on her large bed on her back with her head propped up with pillows. She was going to enjoy supervising him , She was female after all he was there to serve her. David picked up a black skirt and she said,
Let me see if thatís dirty or not. David walked over to her bed. She examined the skirt and said,
Its ok hang it up, He went to move off and she stopped him.
I donít like you being higher than me, Im the superior sex, I want you on your knees until I say otherwise. Do I make myself clear.
Yes very Clear
David replied as he got on his knees.
Thatís yes very clear what?
hissed Natalie.
David immediately realised his mistake and Said,
Yes very Clear Miss Natalie im really sorry Please forgive me Miss Natalie.
I should think so too , I will deal with that later.
Natalie was loving this bossing him around, working him. It was so good fun . She flexed her nylon covered toes in her slippers in pleasure at having him crawling around the room on his knees.
David hung the skirt in her closet with 2 pairs of trousers and a jacket.
Then picked up some black stockings off the floor. Natalie immediately saw the opportunity to torment him more saying
Bring them over to me, I cant remember if they are worn or not.
David crawled over to her and she took a stoking off him. She peered at the foot part , then said.
I cant tell come closer.
Natalie with an evil smile on her face then put the toe part of the stocking over his nose and held it in place and laughed,
Well let me hear you sniffing , you wont be able to tell if you just kneel there like an idiot.
Natalie in fact knew only too well that she had worn the stockings the night before as she danced in a club for hours. She knew after all that dancing in heels they would smell pretty evil.
David was forced to sniff hard as Natalie instructed him to do 10 hard sniffs.
That evil little bitch he thought as he felt his anger rising , she was deliberately making him smell her sweaty stockings , the smell of leather and perspiration were strong but he just had to put up with it.
Natalie was loving it watching him suffering as he breathed in the sent.
What do you think, boy she enquired,?
Miss Natalie they are definitely worn.
Natalie pretended to sniff the matching stocking before giggling,
Mmm Im not sure 10 more smells just to check.
David couldnít believe it and sniffed hard another 10 times. At 5 Natalie warned him for not sniffing hard enough, doubling his efforts much to her amusement.
When he had finished she again pretended to sniff the other stocking before saying
Its not conclusive, We need a taste test open your mouth.
David just couldnít and said,
Please Miss Natalie I cant not that please. Please.
Natalie pretended to ponder for a moment before saying.
Well if you donít obey my orders I will have to phone SGT Abbotts and get her to have you caned again, now where is my phone.
David was terrified He just couldnít take another Cane stroke,
Ok , Ok Miss I will do it. Please donít phone her Please.
Beg to do it or I will phone her
David begged.
Oh Natalie was loving it, making him beg to suffer for her she couldnít resist making it worse by saying.
Not good enough, say Im begging you , superior Highness Miss Natalie Im begging to suck the feet of your stockings for you. Or else and she showed him her phone in her hand.
He had no choice and begged her. He hated having to call her superior highness, and hated even more when she laughed at it. Right kiss my feet whilst your begging,
and she slipped off her slippers for him.
He desperately tried to please her by frantically kissing the soles of her nyloned feet, much to her amusement.
After 5 minutes she relented saying
Ok if you really want to do it for me. But first I have to punish you hesitation. She sat up on the bed in front of him and raised her hand as if to slap him, he flinched and as he did her nylon encased foot shot out and her toes crashed into his balls inflicting some real pain.
He doubled over nearly being sick, Natalie let him suffer for about a minute before scolding,
Kneel up you weakling you have stockings to suck.
Open wide ordered Natalie and she waved the stocking in front of his face before gently pushing the toe of her stocking into his mouth
The stocking felt so delicate in his mouth, but the taste was acrid from her perspiration.
Work your tongue around the footpart to make sure you get the full flavour
she ordered.
He looked so stupid, down on his knees sucking on the foot part of her stocking. It was just such fun.
David was forced to suck both stockings running his tongue around the delicate mesh, tasting her perspiration before she accepted they were worn and made him take them to the laundry basket.
When he had finish her room she made him gather up 7 pairs of her shoes told him to clean and polish then. As he worked away in the kitchen she watched TV.
She reappeared an hour later with some of his step motherís boots and heels and ordered
Polish them too.
David worked away and didnít hear the front door open as his step mother Alexandra Lind-Smyth stepped in to be greeted by Natalie. With a long hug
Alexandra was an elegant tall medium built woman with shoulder length dark hair, she looked young for her 43 years and was wearing a designer pale blue skirt suit , the skirt being a couple of inches above her knee. She had a white blouse under her jacket and neutral coloured stockings. And a pair of So Kate black patent Louboutin 4 inch heels.
Alexandra flopped down in a chair and asked,
Where is David,
Natalie said
He is in the kitchen polishing your boots. She went on to explain how he defied her and she called the police.
Finishing off with its high time he started to wait on us hand and foot , we are his superiors.
Her mother nodded and said
Yes I have been a bit lenient havenít I
I know mummy but I understand it was difficult, but will you let me instigate a stricter regime on him.
Yes your right dear she agreed.
At this Alexandra moaned,
My feet are killing me in these heels all day I m going to kick them off.
No please Mummy can you wait 2 minutes it will help with his training,
Alexandra looked quizzical as Natalie went off to the kitchen .
She reappeared with David following her on his knees, as soon as he saw his step mother he went to get up saying,
Mummy look how she is treating me, tell her Mummy.
But Alexandra looked at him and said,
You have to do as she says,
Natalie ordered , back on your knees now !
He was confused as Natalie led him to his mother and ordered,
My mothers feet are hurting take her shoes off and massage her feet now.
He looked at Alexandra hoping for help. She just clicked her fingers and pointed to her heels.
David eased of her shoes and took hold of her right foot and started to kneed the nylon soles.
Is that good asked Natalie,
Oh lovely I'm just a bit worried they may not smell to fresh,
Oh he doesnít mind, Hes got to get used to that
Replied Natalie and picked up one of her mothers heels she went behind her kneeling step brother and holding the shoe, held it over his nose.
David hesitated for a second until she shouted.
Deep breaths through your nose and donít you dare stop massaging her foot.
Both ladies burst out laughing and Alexandra said,
Natalie darling hold my shoe on his nose a bit harder we donít want any fresh air getting in do we.
Natalie held it tighter and ordered deep breaths boy
The two superior females laughed at him.
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Wow. Thanks for another great chapter, Worth the wait. Looking forward to these 2 women really having him worship their feet while heaping abuse on him. Thanks.
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Thanks neal your feed back is very much apreciated
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Excellent update, Morris. I really enjoyed the humiliation, including the forced smelling of shoes and forced sucking of stockings.
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Thank you OneAuthor, I appreciate your positive feedback.
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Great! Can't wait for next part.
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Thanks cothtath
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