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Thanks Asjo, I will delete the previous version I downloaded.

BSeeder: Sometimes that red circle takes a bit of time but the link eventually appears to download just fine.
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By the way, mesteru, I never did say so, but I appreciated your comment. That's exactly why I'm sharing; because I figured that people who similar preferences would find it really good, and I offer something not many others do. I can only imagine how many hours I could have saved if I had traveled to the future and downloaded this myself
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Post More femdom ebook recommendations

As per the request of FeetandBooze, I have made some more ebook recommendations. By now, I've read through several hundred femdom ebooks that I acquired after reading their descriptions carefully, and so far only few have truly met my tastes. So, I definitely think reviews are important. Here are links to the previous recommendations I made:

Femdom ebook recommendations in post # 10

Femdom ebook recommendations in post # 35

Here are my latest recommendations:

"A Job For Life" by Keith Reynolds

A guy is kidnapped by a former top model, who now runs an organization devoted to enslaving males. She wants him as a plaything for her and her friends and wants him as a subject to her train some of her notice dominatrices in a process. In some ways, this story is amazing because you really feel the sheer terror, desperation and helplessness of the guy. At the same time, the lack of bondage for big parts of the story, with the women relying on electronic implants to control him, somewhat blunts what is otherwise some convincingly forceful moments. The story has a constant air of female supremacy and the top model character is story. There is a lot of oral action, and in some scenes the domination really shines through. In other ways, his submission comes too easily.

"Alice's Playground" by Candace Smith

A small woman run a devious scheme of capturing men and trying them to be obedient slaves to their wives. The premise is that the men can be brainwashed through torture and discipline and then left to serve without being in bondage never really appealed to me. But this notion doesn't dominate the story in any way. The kidnaps a guy and keep him completely helpless in her dungeon. A few times he is free of most of his bondage, but he is always very tightly controlled. The story has some interesting imagery and some exciting scenarios. The parts where the man is reduced to a puppy dog and constantly under duress are very elegant. The story just never delves into any great intimate or erotic moments and never reaches great depth.

"Free Man to White Slave" by Gudrun Lindstrom

This story very elegantly described the cruel dominance that a rich Arab girl exacts as she kidnaps a white man and has several women in her employ train and indoctrinate him as her slave. What I love about the story is how well-emphasized the power difference it. While the story is a bit scarce of details of sexual situations, it describes quite clearly the humiliation, degradation and fear that the man experiences. The captive scenario is somewhat believable because the control these women instill is so well described. I still bemoan the fact that he is rarely kept in bondage, mostly controlled by electroshock through the chastity-device attached to his scrotum, but it does not dispel the power of the story.

"Humbling Harry" by beltedone

This is probably the most extensive story I have read about a male being treated as a human dog. We go through all the typical scenario you can image. The guy is humiliation, treated harshly, beaten, strap-on fucked, thoroughly trained and often performing cunnilingus. The story even leads into a bigger plot about a group of woman who want to rule the world, subjugating the men of the world one by one. The focus of the story is a "humbler" that will keep men on their knees by keep the balls drawn back through their legs. A woman invests and high-tech humbler that she uses to completely subjugate her cheating husband. The utter disdain with which she treats him at times and the relentless dominance is very exciting. Aside from the humbler, the story does not contain much bondage. Therefore, you don't really feel that the husband is fully helpless, but is rather being manipulated into a lower position. With various hints of romance, the dominance in the story often becomes somewhat softer than I would prefer. Especially as the woman decides to send her husband to a femdom supremacy camp for "humbled hubbies" after he tries to escape. Some of the trainers act out the role as the typical angry women who want revenge against mankind. They only have minor roles. The leader of the training resort has the main role in this part of the story. She treats the guy with quite some softness as she trains him to become a pleasure slave. Rather than force him into submission, she tries to convince him to behave better through inspiring him to abode for the sins of the evil men of her past. While this story definitely has some intense patches, I find that it lacks overall passion in describing intimate sexual moments. Most of the description is on a day-to-day basis, and there are few situations where the really story gets into the moment or fully plays out an exciting sexual scene.

"Naked Rendition" by Chris Bellows

This story tells the tale of an arms dealer who is gradually subjugated after being kidnapped at a restaurant. When the story starts, he spends a significant period of time in the hands of what appears to be a government counter-terrorist agency. The interrogation that ensues is not how you would normally picture such. His woman is a female interrogator, who has decided to take control of his life. His existence becomes one of despair and complete helplessness. She humiliates him around every time, whether she keeps him immobilized in bondage or takes him out for a shackled walk, pumping his balls with a saline injection to add to his plight. Step by step, he is trained to cede to her will and to obey and please. When she later retires from her job as interrogator a very wealthy woman, she brings him with her on a yacht to cruise around the world. For a while, he gets to serve as her dog, his bondage forcing him on all fours. Before the story ends, he is used to duties of drinking pee, licking his female masters to orgasm and even licking asses for their pleasure. While his role of providing entertainment their pain and humiliation is the most emphasized part of the story, sexual contact holds no small part. As always with the stories of Chris Bellows, the situation of the male victim brings about of sense of dread, and his fall from human existence is very extensive. However, all the interaction comes off dispassionate, and apart from her cruelty, you never really get a feel for who the main female antagonist is. It becomes a one-sided beating, a very convincing one, showing how resistance can be tamed. That convincing process of subjugation in itself makes this story worthwhile, but there were definitely elements that subtract from the story as well. Surprisingly, the bondage used to subjugate the man was not convincing at all times. In some of the time that he spends serving as a dog, his only bondage is mittens on his hands and metal fittings over his feet to make sure he cannot stand. Whereas the main character ignites a spark, a great part of the story leaves us with a Samoan nurse who has the male charge in her care. As I have experienced it, this kind of character always seems to remove the edge of erotic stories of female domination. Although the nurse also relishes in sadistic joy, her dominance seems indifferent. She's simply there to enforce the will of the truly dominant women. She acts as a servant, doing what others will not, and yet the story spends a great deal of time with her as the dominant character. Her roles comes off passive and the way she is describes never serves to make her desirable. In effect, many of the scenes that have her as a main actor don't add much.

"Prisoners of the Governess" by Tanya Simmonds

This story tell of how of group of female sadists gain control of an infamous Turkish male prison in the 1950s. As such, it's a captivating tale about this joys of these sadists. They take complete control of the prisoners and exact thorough punishment at will. There prisoners are not bound, except during punishments, but the guys wield loaded guns and also fit some prisoners with electronic shock devices. The writing sometimes seems over the top and lacks a feeling of intimacy. Therefore. it never reaches the heights of some of the best femdom ebooks I have read. Nevertheless, the story keeps a high level of female domination and sexual action. There are many twists in the devious plots where the main character disposes of her husband and takes control of the prison. The stories show various creative display of sadism and punishment, and has a good deal of forced cunnilingus as well, with the terrified prisoners not thinking ever to refuse the whims of their captors.

"Return to the Crib" by Skyler Leigh

For most of my teenage years, the fantasy of being treated like a baby by girls in a situation where I'm powerless was a prominent one. As I got older, I think subconsciously discarded the notion, not finding it a very probable. And yet this story so elegantly described how a guy is brought to the state of a crawling infant that you never doubt it for a second. It has two parallel tales. One of the past, where a fifteen year old babysitter ends up discovering the joy of humiliating the nine-year old boy in her charge, turning him into a toddler. She's a perfect vision of a young dominant girl, fitting perfectly to the fantasy. She's not just crudely cruel, nor detached. She's constantly wonderfully intimate with the boy, while being very assertive, pushing him every step of the way. She never hesitates to overpower him to get things her way, both tying him down and forcefully spanking him as a meant to keep him under control. She also uses threats of public humiliation as a further way to pacify the boy into letting her take charge. A large part of the story is spent on this scenario, and it creates a perfect buildup since it turned on some deep psychological motions. You really get a feel for how the girl starts enjoying her dominance and how the buy delves into helplessness, but it also left in a ocean of emotion with the closeness of a very beautiful girl and her physical touch, close interaction. The other part of the story occurs when the babysitter is a woman. She has become a very successful business woman and has kept every bit of the dominant streak that she nurtured when she was younger. Her overpowering beauty combines with an arrogant air of self-assured assertiveness. The boy that she was babysitting is now a man and the owner of a multi-billion dollar company that he has created. She decides that she wants to acquire the company his company and mercilessly takes him as her permanent baby in the process, not thinking twice about having him kidnapped. Just like in the story where she is a young girl, she dominates the guy in a way that brings her into the role of the mother, but never with her immediate desires very far away. So, when she gets horny, she has him suck her nipples so that she can edge herself to orgasm. There is never where he isn't physically helpless or restrained, but the story of him being forced into adult infancy never extends very far. The aforementioned situation spans the only few pages of actual sexual action in the story. Yet, with that alone, this story tops any other story I have read about forced infancy, which is quite a few. Almost all the stories were very tame sexually and never truly brought about the same sense of intimacy and helplessness, having "baby talk" as the main psychological element in the transformation. So, to me, this story seems one of a kind, and one I'd recommend.

Also, I would like to re-iterate my desire for one of the mods to update the link to my story collection in post # 1 with the updated one that I posted in post # 36. I hope a mods sees this and can make the edit, since I cannot myself.

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Ebook recommendations # 4

I read one ebook that I simply had to recommend, and decided to write a few recommendations for other ebooks that I left out before as they good, but not great. Here goes:

"A Girl and Her Puppy" by Jenny Skye

After reading this one, I really wanted to recommend it. There are so few ebooks out there that have elegant scenes of non-consensual submission that are very sexual and also take the time to let the dominance unfold. This ebook has 20-30 really good pages in the middle, where we get a combination of juicy sexual details and a believable bondage scenario, in which the guy is rendered helpless.

The story is similar to others I have recommended in previous posts. Basically, a girl turns her boyfriend into her doggy slave. She has his limbs folded in leather sleeves, forcing him to walk on all fours, a shock collar that prevents speech and a butt-plug tail. Everything that happens is a bit of a revelation for her, and a colleague of hers inspired her to take control. The way she gets there is a bit easy, and requires a slight suspense of belief, but once she does, everything gets quite real, and sexual as well. The story never reaches the stage of "blind submissions", but lingers a lot of time in the sweet spot of the turmoil of change, the fight of reluctance, the exploration of new feelings. Sadly, the story ends without bondage, the girlfriend controlling her now more eagerly submitting boyfriend with a shock collar. Yet the tone of the story still delves into the exploration of dominant feelings and leaves a bit of room for power plays. It hints at the boyfriend someday becoming a permanent puppy slave, but does little to convince us that his current situation is impossible to get out of.

"The Making Of A Dominatrix" by Keith Reynolds

A secretary manages to complete enslave her new boss and take over his business. The slavery starts with blackmail, but is continued nicely with bondage. The way the story is told makes it quite believable, and there are definitely some powerful scenes of domination. The slavery is mostly focused on the slave providing oral sex for his mistress, and the story touches on this several times in an interesting way, even if never in any great depth. As the story expands, more women become involved, part of it due to a revenge plot, and another man is enslaved. It's a short story that makes a good tale, which is really worth it for the few scenes where the sexual domination shines through powerfully.

"An Educaction Under Her" by Alison Reddick

A young student is in a foreign country studying when he finds out that the woman that he's lodging with is someone he recognizes. You see, he's a facesitting enthusiast, and she has been part of the "scene" through a career of making facesitting videos. Things spark at a chance discovery, and the two move on from there, indulging in their shared passion. Having this young guy at her mercy beneath reignites her desire for total domination, and whereas things start of light and consensual, they become increasingly heavy. This ebook features an incredible amount of oral sex in combination with bondage. The scenes have decent variation and are well-described, too. The fact that the guy is playing along kind of ruins much of it, even if the woman sometimes goes to extremes, pushing limits and asserting power. However, the deal is sweetened at the end where the woman becomes completely self-indulgent and decides to keep her "chair" as a permanent feature against his will, suffering beneath her most of his waking moments.

"A Little Dog Training" by Felicity Ray Kyles

I didn't really want to recommend this one, since the good parts of femdom are quite short, probably amounting to a total of ten pages, with one good sexual scene. However, I figure that if you are searching for good stories of pet play and reluctance, it's probably worth it.

A girl lusts after a guy and is even willing to submit to him. She doesn't realize that she's about to be kept as a permanent pet, arms and legs folded together with straps to keep her in her place on all fours. This male-dominated build-up makes up a big part of the story. The girl's reluctance truly starts showing once the girlfriend reveals herself and starts taking an active role in the domination. It was actually her idea to acquire a doggie slave, and she wants to train the girl and keep her for sexual pleasure, among other things.

"Human Dog" by Maia Anne Fisher

Once again, I'd only recommend this one if you're looking for pet play stories. A hot girl takes an unsuspecting guy home, and before he knows it, he's in bondage as a permanent dog slave. He legs are folded in bondage, while he hands are encased in mitts, and a device forces him to stay certain angle to avoid electric shock, meaning that he cannot get up. He doesn't seem totally helpless, since his arms are only inhibited by the mitts, which gives him potential for action. Yet, the girl always seems on top of things. He is wearing anti-bark collar and there is an electronic fence will also help keep him in her vicinity. In places, the story progresses way too casually, which makes it less believable and less intense. However, despite the story being short, there is a good deal of description of him the poor guy is treated like a dog. The story never gets sexual.

"The Billionaire's New Pet" by Tabitha Kohls

Read this short tale if you're into the pet play stories. It has a really nice setup about how a female billionaire decides she wants a sex pet to humiliate. So, she arranges for another woman to get into an accident. She makes sure this woman has all her limbs amputated, arms at the elbows, legs at the knees. So, the woman has to become a dog, walking on all fours. The callous dominance of the billionaire and reluctance of her victim is quite vivid, and you really feel it. However, the story never really delves into the sexual part of domination (apart from a brief fingering of her victim), and ends early, so it leaves us at just that.

"The Dog Trap" by Felicia Drake

I would also only recommend this one if you have any interest in pet play fetish. A wife hires a young woman to entrap her husband to see whether he will cheat on her. When he fails the test, the young woman drugs him and delivers him to his wife. He wakes up naked, wearing a shock collar. As such, the story is fine, but the big problem is that for most of it, the wife uses just the shock collar to keep him in his place. Somehow, she seems oblivious to the fact that she hasn't really got him in her power, and this disconnect, for me at least, overshadows all the other action. Only for the last ten pages, which are great, proper bondage is introduced to make him truly helpless, and the young woman who entrapped him return for a good sexual scene during her "pet sitting".
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Thanks. I know that it represents a lot or work. We appreciate it.

do you know where to get "traffic stop"? I know some of it is on this site, but I think it is missing quite a bit.
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Originally Posted by curious461 View Post
do you know where to get "traffic stop"? I know some of it is on this site, but I think it is missing quite a bit.
Try this:



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Thanks for posting the link to Traffic Stop.
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An update of the collection - new link

So, I wanted to post another update of the collection. I've added around 100 more stories to it. I also discovered that Firefox was blocking BDSM Library (because one of their banner ads installed a drive-by trojan for a period). Because of this, if people try to open the .htm-files from there, a script in the HTML, running from their website, will cause Firefox not to display it. So, I edited the .htm-files to remove any scripts. I did skip most of the .htm-files in the 3.5 folder, since I couldn't find the time to do it, so you would still have to open those in another browser.

Asjo femdom story collection

I will list the new stories. As you can see, there have been a lot of stories with good elements (the 3.5 rating), but only few very good ones (>4 rating). Get writing, people!

Here is the list of new stories, grouped by rating:

|| 3.5

A Crude Awakening
A Girl and Her Rubber Dog
A Girls Night In
A Graceful Body.... Through Hard Work
A Relative Problem
A Slave to Fashion
A Willing Soul
An Event
Angela the Baby Slave
Anna's Final Burglary
Anna's Next Husband
Art Trade
Bad Divorce
Bad Girls Have More Fun
Be Careful What You Wish For
Becky's New Toys
Betrayed Wife's Revenge
BFF’s are not Always Forever!
Bondage Boutique
Bondage Warehouse Mistress
Breaking Binkers
Caged Heat
Captured and Sold
Curious Girls
Curse Of The Gifted
Dixie Chicks Rule
DJ Angel
Dog Eat Dog World
Dog Girl
Enslaved by my Daughter
Erica's Capture
From Princess to Pet
Gail's Long Day
Good Girl
Harry's Big Mistake
Heather's Wild Vacation
Hell Hath No Pony...
Her New Pet
Katie's Temptation
Jaded Janice
Jasmine Becomes a Slave
Jesse's Story
Jessicka's Revenge
Kate Gets Plastic Wrapped and Used
Katie's Temptation
Kaylee's Ordeal
Kerry's Mistake, Amber's Trick
Kibbles and Boots
Kimiko Loves Puppies
Lea and the Role Reversal
Lily Allen's Bondage Captive
Liz's New Slave
Mattie Learns a Lesson
Mistaken Identity
Monique's Profession
My Bondage
My New Degrading Life
Natasha's Little Angel
New Roommate
Pizza Delivery Girl
Playthings of the Mistress
Professional Kidnapper
Revenge Gone Wrong
Rubber Dog
Rubber Hell
Sallem's New Life
Shopping for Blondes
Slow and Painful
Sore Loser
Strong Arm Of The Law
Suki & Toki's New Slave Dog
Table Games
The Abduction of Amanda 2
The Beginning
The Big Switch
The Bitch and Her Boy
The Coincidence
The Kennels
The Life-changing Massage
The Little Things in Life
The Pledges of Delta Omega Mu
The Trip of a Lifetime
Under Arrest
Vegas Captive
Weeklong Bondage

|| 4

An Unexpected Vacation
Brittany's Training
European Nightmare
Prison in the Mountains
Raya Becomes a Puppy-girl
The Bondage Club

|| 5.5

My Life as a Dog

And once again I want to ask the admins of this forum to edit the link in the first post of this topic so that it has the most recent link to the collection. Would be awesome
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Thanks Asjo.....Always appreciated.
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Looking for a specific story

I'm wondering if anyone can help me identify a story. It's a story I had in my collection (rating 3.5 or 4, I believe), but for a while I haven't been able to find it, originally reading it many years ago. I fear I might have accidentally deleted it. As I want to re-read it, I've spent a bit of time trying to find it (searching the internet as well as searching my own collection using grepWin to search for key words).

Here's how I remember it: It's about a boy whose girlfriend has joined a sisterhood. As her initiation, she has to offer up a slave. She offers her boyfriend. One of the girls in the sisterhood lures the boy into a trap. While teasing him and rubbing him sexually, she manages to cuff his hands to the wheel of a car. After that, she manages to further subdue him, takes him to an apartment where she packs him into a suitcase. The takes the suitcase into her car and drives off to a warehouse. Somehow one of his friends get taken as well. His friend gets strapped to a wooden horse and whipped. The original boy is taken further, hands cuffed behind him, and introduced to the girl who wants him as a slave. He is told about his future life of slavery and forced to perform cunnilingus under the threat of a cattle prod. However, before that scene unfolds, the story takes a sad turn, as he manages to get free, and, in turn, enslaves the girls (I probably edited that part out in my version ).

I'm interested in the final moments before the boy gets free, which I remember to be quite strong and beautifully dominant. As I remember it, the capture is quite intense and well-written as well (the sweet sense of betrayal caused by the girl; the sudden helplessness of the boy). It's probably not the best story due to the abrupt ending to the female domination just as it's truly beginning, but I'm just curious to read it again ...

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Ebook recommendations # 5

So, I wanted to add some more ebook recommendations. Here you go:

"My Biggest Mistake" by Selena Prescod

This was an ebook that didn't do much for me, because the submission described is not enforced, but rather coerced through blackmail. Nonetheless, I feel like recommending it because of how well it was put together.

A teacher is in trouble when three girls come across some proof of his foot fetish. They use this as a way to enslave him and have their way with him. The girls are vividly described and come to life very well in their wild domination of the guy. The author does very well to paint the guy as a very reluctant victim, despite now having the chance to indulge in submission to women, something which he deeply craves. Despite him serving at his own will, we have redeeming factor in the bondage that is used on him in some of the key scenes, where he is taken past his limits. The story does feature a dose of cunnilingus, but also feature pegging and homosexual interaction (the girl who is most into it, and wants to keep him as a slave for life, gets him to serve her boyfriend sexually when they are having sex), which are both turn offs to me. Despite this, the book was an enjoyable read.

"Caged and Transported" II & III by Amelia Stark

This series is one that described girls being kidnapped and turned into helpless, latex-encased puppies and pony girls. It excels in describing how the girls are made absolutely helpless and encouraged to serve in horror. The series overall has both maledom and femdom, but book two and three in particular feature some really strong femdom scenes. The main female dominant, who is beautifully described, ruthlessly takes power of a slaver company, and turns the female personal assistant of her previous business partner into a puppy against her will. She sets about training her, humiliating her and having the helpless woman service her. We also hear the tale of one of the kidnapped and forced puppy girls, her about her anger at her situation, and how she is humiliated by the PA (prior to her being taken captive). Other books in the series also feature some femdom, a few decent scenes indeed, but to a much lesser degree than these two.

"The Family Pet" by H. Dean

A man and his wife are both employed at an organization that kidnaps people and turns them into slaves. The author normally writes male dominated fiction, and you will have to deal with some maledom bullshit in the first fifth of the story. The wife is slightly subservient to her husband, but isn't willing to truly submit to him. In fact, she herself likes to dominate and turn people helpless against their will. So, when her husband's previous girlfriend and current best friend comes to visit, she gets the idea to turn her into their own puppy. Despite his ex-girlfriend being very submissive, her husband would never entertain such an idea. He does reveal, though, that his ex has been exposed to some hypnosis, which has imprinted on her a very submissive mindset. This hypnosis can be activated through various triggers. He also mentions some of these triggers, for instance how she can orgasm on command.

The wife arranges for her husband to be out of the house for several weeks. She sets about enslaving the other woman, who desperately wants to avoid being enslaved and originally left the husband because she felt that she lost herself in the mindless submission. She is willing to fight for her life, and yet the other woman carefully maneuvers her into the position of a pet dog.

The woman is able to train the girl and fool her husband into thinking at the submission is voluntary, and even fools her own company, who wouldn't want the risk of her keeping an unwilling slave girl in her own home. The young girl is put into some bondage, but it detracts from the story that much of her submission comes from her previous hypnotic conditioning being triggered. Nonetheless, it's fascinating to read about the mindset of the dominant woman; how she gets the idea of enslaving the other woman, how she deviously, step by step, sets about enslaving her. The story is not rich on sexual details; there are three mentions of cunnilingus, but only one scene which goes into any detail.

"The Shackel’s Ranch" by W.L. Dowd

A middle-aged couple with two twin daughters in their early twenties make up a rich family that own a ranch and keep several unwilling slaves for entertainment and sexual pleasure. This book describes how new slaves are sent to the ranch and start a life of serving the horny family members. It’s well written and has plenty of enticing sexual scenes. I particularly enjoyed the focus on oral sex, with lots of cunnilingus. Bondage is a constant and the treatment of the slaves is somewhat believable. And yet, the story does not truly drag you in – it mostly feels like a chain of predictable sexual scenes. These scenes often contain a modicum of casual cruelty, while they lack intimacy and intensity. The descriptions are often superficial.

The family also acquires some pony slaves, but it’s not something the book goes to any lengths about. That part is mostly maledom due to some hired male handlers being involved.

“Doggy Daze” by Sara Tyr

This ebook definitely feels too short, which is the reason I have not recommended it earlier. However, it does contain some of the best pet play moments I have come across in the ebooks I have read so far. A woman spots how a young guy at her work is head over heels with her. She finds him a good subject for something she has been working for; programming a human pet.

Being a scientist, she has devised a method of hypnotizing a guy by flashing him with a specific program on her mobile phone. So, before the guy knows it, he is at her house behaving like a dog despite his best efforts to prevent it. He is angry and tries to defy her, and she is entertained at seeing him beat by the programming. She wants him as a pet and he’s not going to escape it.

The guy does eventually break his programming the next day, at least partially. At this point, however, he is in no better position to escape, locked in a small cage with sleeves folding his elbows and knees. The woman considers working on the programming, but then realizes how much she will enjoy conditioning her subject as he is. Following her thought process is exciting and watching the struggling that goes on between the two of them as she slowly tries to train him into doggy behaviour is tantalizing. Using desire and humiliation is part of her process to dehumanize him. Perhaps he gives in a bit too easily, since a bit of the programming still resides in him and he greatly enjoys it when she gives him positive attention or affection. But still, you can see the power of determination in this woman as she imposes her will upon him.

It feels like things reach a climax over when she takes him to the garden to play fetch. She invites a female colleague over to share thoughts about her little experiment and she explains to her new “dog” how her friend is going to castrate him if he doesn’t behave. Sadly, that’s where the story ends. This new life of powerless degradation and servitude is far from fully explored, and it feels like the story is only beginning. While we hear about the woman’s plan for receiving frequent oral sex, the story actually only contains one short sexual scene, where the guy is convinced to give her cunnilingus as she sits at the dinner table. I really wish this story would be continued – it leaves you longing for more.


If you, having seen my recommendations so far, feel that there is a ebook that is valuable to mention in the context of this thread, please make a recommendation. Here is a list of the femdom ebooks I own.

My past recommendations can be found here:

Femdom ebook recommendations in post # 10

Femdom ebook recommendations in post # 35

Femdom ebook recommendations in post # 48

Femdom ebook recommendations in post # 49

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Another update to the collection - new download link

So, it's been another year, and I figured I should post another update to this collection. I notice these forums a getting more deserted, but I'm sure there will still be a few people around who will appreciate it. 1497 stories in total now. Here's the file:

Asjo femdom story collection (click to go to link)

For those who have already downloaded the collection before, here are the new stories.

|| 3.5

A Dog's Tale
A Female Led Relationship
A Harder Course Than I Thought
A Modern Human Dairy And Meat Farm - The Orphans Barbecue
A Stupid Toy - Ponygirl
A Touch of Art
A Year of Slavery
After Winning
An Introduction to Farm Life
Angels of Artemis
Ascent to the Plane
Ashley Enslaved
Ashley's Birthday
Beer Run - The Corruption of Taylor
Bondage Weekend
Breaking Drake
Cathy Unfettered
Circ du Slavery
Clash of the Avatars
Coed to Slave - A Summer in Chains
Colin's Holiday
College Life
College Ponygirls
Command Performance
Denying Denise
Dom the Dom Dommed
Don't Get Jealous
Dream Dream Dream
Erica Deconstructed
Ever Increasing Bondage
Four Hands are Better then Two!
French Poodle Sissy
Girl Students' Revenge
Heather's Dilemma & Melissa's Quality Time
Her Present
His Idea
Honeymoon Gone Awry
Humiliation Suit
In Katie's Room
In the Deserts of Caldeum
Ingrid's Proposal
Janet's Ordeal
Jasmine's Puppygirl
Kate’s Catch-22 Conundrum
Katie's Place
Katrina's Taming
Kidnapped Mistaken Identity
Lana Wants to Share
Latex Pet
Lesbian Gangland
Lightning Can Strike Twice or More!
Linda & Kristi
Lost in Translation
Midnight at the Oasis
Mistress in the Making
Mistress Kathy's Academy
Mistress Kathy's Slave Catalog
Mistress Kathy's Wicked Protégé
Mortgaged into Slavery
My First Day as a Lesbian Cum Slave
My New Slut Cinny
New Order - New Opportunity
No Sin Goes Unpunished
Now You See Him
One Simple Task
Outre Incident on the 19th Floor
Paradice Lost
Prisoner Of War
Prissy Poodle
Puppy Play
Real Lesbian Desires
Redeem By Yielding Up Thy Body to My Will
Revenge X
Rubber Pervert
Sara the Puppygirl - Chapter 23
Sarah Goes to College
Sarina 'n Steph's Lezzie Lick Slave
Severe Satisfaction, Charlenes Epic Karmic Correction
She Kept Him Tied Up
Sinthia Becomes a Holiday Rep
Sisterly Love
Sister's Hoe
Slaves of the Desert Compound
Sweet Revenge XX
Tabitha's Revenge
Tables Turned
Taken X
Taking Lovely Breeana
Taming Candy
The Birthday Gift
The Circle J
The Contest X
The Corner Bar Dominatrix
The Cruel New Girl
The Distressful Prom
The Dominatrix Games
The Eunuch
The Interrogation
The Journey
The Kidnapping of Cinny
The Lust Boat
The Poodle
The Program
The Rubber Baroness
The Secrets of Shackleton Grange
The Solution
The Special Day
The Teacher’s New Pet
The Town
The Wrong Place
Two Fine Catches
Using His Mouth
Vae Damnati
Veronica's Test Subject
What He'll Do For Love
Will Power
Xena - Hercules Bound

|| 4

Brat Control (large update)
Enslaved by My Daughter (large update)
Mistress Diana (large update)
The Coincidence (large update)

Amy’s Bondage
Deadlier Than The Male
Group XS
Hospital Walk
How to Train Your Fratboy
Jasmine's Puppygirl
Lezzie Pet Games
Silkbound into Slavery
Stocking Tops
The Best Laid Plans
The College Baby and the College Pet
The Resort
Tightly Bound Bride
Tom Has Lost Hope of Escape But Then He Is Made An Offer
Truth or Dare

|| 4.5

Raya Becomes a Puppy-girl (large update)
The Trainer (large update)

B&D Academy
Pool Party X
Rachael’s Revenge
Revenge is a Bitch
The Countess Waltrude
The Perfect Face

|| 5

Forced to All-Fours
Master of the Universe

|| 5.5

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Very Good of You.
Thank You very Much.
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Thanks once again, Asjo Really love the updates
reader of femdom stories
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My Mega account got suspended, so I have re-uploaded the collection to another file host:

Asjo femdom story collection

For those interesting in my mainstream clip colllection, I am in the process of re-uploaded that and re-doing the links as well.
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