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Even a small update - such as part 34 - is great to read. Who wouldn't want to be at Mistress Caitlin's feet all night? :-)
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We sat at breakfast and Mistress pushed back her sunglasses on her head and crossed her right leg across her left. She looked at her right foot and commented, ‘My foot looks gorgeous; you did a good job on the nails, scum’.

‘Thank you Your Highness’.

‘It’s quite the weapon that foot, portable, versatile and lethal. Within 60 seconds from now, I could have you writhing on the pavement choking on your balls, or eating your cum after I made you wank with that foot resting on your face. Powerful, ae, wimp?’

I drooled looking at that beautiful foot and my penis strained inside the cage as I was hypnotised by the words Mistress Caitlin was saying. I couldn’t speak, I was too aroused.

‘I’ve damaged the balls, faces and egos of many males with that foot, David, mainly volunteers like you, who always come crawling back for more punishment no matter how badly I injure them. There’ve been a few other unfortunate victims of that foot, fools who thought they could get away with groping me in nightclubs and the like’.

I just gulped and stared at Mistress’ foot.

‘I take their pride and manhood and crush them under my heel, then laugh in their face at their weakness, just like I’ve done to you, loser’.

I finally managed to speak, ‘Nobody could resist you, Your Highness’.

‘You’re right about something at last, David’. Mistress threw her head back and laughed out loud at her ‘joke’. ‘Do you know that something like 7-10% of men have a foot fetish, dipshit?’

‘I had read that Mistress Caitlin, so yes’.

‘Here’s the good bit though, a significant number of them are submissive, like you, weak, spineless and submissive. That makes for fertile ground for a Woman with my assets, perfect feet, a lethal right hook and, because I’m sadistic, I don’t care how much heartache and misery I cause the lower life forms. For example David, has any of the trauma I’ve inflicted on you left any permanent damage?’

‘I think my left testicle has shrunk a little, and you have re-positioned my right testicle, like it doesn’t sit where it used to Your Highness’.

‘That’s music to my ears. Does it worry you, scum?’

‘Not at all Your Holiness, I know you hate overconfidence in your slaves but I really mean it when I say that I will do or endure anything, anything, to stay under your feet’.

‘This time I believe you, bitch, and it’s the advantage of only keeping one slave at a time. I’ve tried having several slaves serving me at once but, honestly, you can’t keep track of all the chores you’ve set them and where you are with breaking them down … and try to lead a normal life as well. Oi, keep your focus on my foot as I talk, fag’.

‘Yes Mistress Caitlin, sorry Mistress Caitlin’. I had been watching her lips move in my hypnotised state drinking this honest, and magnificently dominant, verbal discourse.

‘That’s why I prefer to identify a suitable subject, scum like you, who I’m pretty sure has a foot fetish which I’m pretty sure makes them submissive. Then I go to work using my tools, my feet, the grinding humiliation of working for others, including other males and, of course, that relentless, gut-wrenching, heart-breaking ballbusting which will eventually eliminate resistance in any male. I can tell when they’ve reached the point of no return, like you have. Do you agree David?’

I really didn’t know why she was asking me, my total capitulation to her stood out in stark relief,

‘Yes Your Holiness, I agree with you. I guess when a prospective slave is being swamped by you, like you did to me, the sub doesn’t understand what’s happening to them in terms that are as clear as you just explained. I found it overwhelming and disorientating from the get-go. I didn’t stand a chance from that first moment, did I Mistress?’

‘Hehe, no you didn’t, turd. I can tell from the first time my right foot penetrates the sac of a beta male how he’s going to turn out and, I could tell by your acceptance, I would wear you down. The hardest thing for a Domme is forcing a straight guy to serve another man, and you struggled against me before you accepted that Adam was superior to you in every way. It’s only appropriate that he puts you to work as his bitch. Am I right?

‘Yes Mistress Caitlin, that was difficult but I had to do it to please you so you’d keep me under your feet’.

‘Aah, my feet, those weapons of mass faggot destruction’.

I just continued staring at her beautiful feet and nodded.

‘You’re a freak David, a foot freak haha hehe’.

Breakfast arrived and Mistress tucked in as I drank a coffee.
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is true......
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The story keeps getting better and better!
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Wait...she actually referred to him as David a few times. She must be getting soft! ;-)
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Mistress Caitlin pushed her breakfast plate aside, wiped her mouth then addressed me, ‘Now, we need to come to an understanding, an arrangement, about our future’.

Future!! I liked the sound of that. ‘Yes Your Holiness’.

‘I intend to keep living my life as normal, I enjoy the job at the café and the other activities in my life so you’ll have to fit in around them’.

‘I’ll do whatever it takes, Mistress Caitlin’.

‘Here’s the catch. You will remain my slave under two conditions. One, I just LOVE ballbusting so if I ever damage your balls so badly that they shrivel to the size of raisins, I’ll have to find another kicking bag. Is that clear, David?’

I didn’t know how I could prevent that from happening but I obviously answered, ‘Yes Your Highness’.

‘Two, you have to be able to fund my lifestyle like you’ve been doing. If you run out of money, I’ll dismiss you and move onto my next prey. Is that clear?’

‘Yes Mistress Caitlin, I’ll keep working hard and I have savings’.

‘Good, good. It takes a while to break a sub male right down like I’ve done to you so I’d prefer to keep you underfoot for a long time. After all, that’s where you belong, isn’t it turd?’

‘Yes Your Holiness, it’s my place in the world and there’s no other place I’d rather be.’

She smiled a contented, knowing smile, and started sipping her coffee.

I contemplated our conversation. Basically, Mistress had said that if she destroyed my balls, or if she bankrupted me, she would move onto her next victim. She had de-humanised and objectified me yet again, indicating to me that her interest in me was purely functional, what I could provide to make her life better, that I was her slave, her property.

I was happy with that, it was the best deal that a foot freak like me would ever get, not that I ever had a say in anything that happened to me.

I stared at her right foot and pondered Mistress’ past words, ‘This foot can give you pleasure or pain, turd, your choice’.

How true that was, but she should have added, ‘… and control your whole life’.
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Nice. But I think what Mistress Caitlin really means is...

‘This foot can give you pleasure or pain, turd, my choice’
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Mistress Caitlin checked her phone then looked up at me still drooling over her kicking foot and smiled again, ‘It’s a magnificent weapon, isn’t it David. Way too much for a weakling like you to cope with. You can relax, the demise of your testicles and bank accounts will be long and drawn-out … and very, very painful. I did tell you I was a sadist, didn’t I?’ She smirked at me, knowing I was in full surrender mode.

Mistress was very satisfied with herself, and rightly so. She had conquered me and my submission to her was now total and complete. I looked around and smelt the salt spray from the nearby ocean, listened to the sounds of the surf, birds, and nearby diners, then my eyes wandered back to Mistress’ right foot, still crossed over her left knee. It had to be the 7th Wonder of the World, just so beautiful.

I had no regrets but, understandably, I guess, there were still pangs for my old life and I wondered how different life would be if I’d answered this question differently many months ago, ‘Why do you spend so much time looking at my feet?’

My eyes wandered to her feet regularly as we sat at the cafe, perhaps once too often. I looked at her right foot again and drank in its beauty.

Mistress must have been able to read my mind as she studied my face then broke out into a broad, triumphant grin and repeated those famous words,

‘Why do you spend so much time looking at my feet?’

The answer was obvious and there was no need to reply this time, Mistress was just gloating over her victory. Those few words were the lever she used to expose my raging foot fetish and submissiveness many months ago, then she was able to exploit my weaknesses with her beauty, dominance, cruelty and, of course, her incomparable feet.

‘My feet will always control you David, never forget that. You are a lower life form born to serve your Superiors and now I have given you a purpose in life, to serve and suffer for the Higher Beings. You have my permission to continue to lust over my right foot while I finish my breakfast’.

‘Yes Mistress Caitlin, thank you Mistress Caitlin’.

Once again, the knowing, victorious smirk and Mistress resumed sipping her coffee.
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I love these kinds of scenes as much as the ones with lots of action. Mind-games and psychological dominance are just as hot as physical dominance.
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me too, love this story
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My reverie was interrupted as Mistress’ phone rang and she spoke, ‘Hi Mum, yeah, I’m just having breakfast with my slave. You’d like that pedi today? No problem, I’ll send him over. When do you want to use him? OK, love you too, bye’.

These new developments were always unsettling but there was no wriggle room with Mistress so I just had to embrace my new life with enthusiasm.

‘Go and grab your pedi gear and head off over to Mum’s place, turd. I’ll text you the address. You may pay homage to my right foot seeing as how you’ve been staring at it all through breakfast, you weak, pathetic loser’. She did particularly like those few words as, once again, Mistress threw her head back and laughed a jubilant laugh. Why wouldn’t she, I was her subject.

I didn’t hesitate for one moment and, in fact, I had come to lust after public humiliation as a demonstration of my devotion to my Goddess. I knelt on the footpath kissing her feet when, suddenly and without speaking, she pulled her foot away and walked off typing into her phone.

Once again, that feeling of objectification.

I headed back to my apartment thinking, ‘OK, this is a new challenge but much less suffocating than the way Adam or, should I say Sir, had worked me’. In fact, I hadn’t had any direct communication with Mistress’ Mother. Who knows, she might be a kindly old soul, interested only in a satisfactory pedicure.

Deep inside, I doubted that proposition very much!!

Mistress texted me the address with the admonition, ‘110 Kensington. 11am. Kneel outside the door and wait for Mum. She’ll know you’re there and deal with you at her leisure’.

At her leisure! What did that mean? Fuck, there some very uncomfortable times being the footslut of a Goddess like Mistress Caitlin. ‘Yes Mistress Caitlin’, I replied.

I gathered up all my pedicure kit and drove over to the address. The house was an ordinary old brick place, probably built 30 years ago, with modest lawns and gardens. However, I refrained from making any judgments as I knew how painful that path could be!!

I knelt outside the door at the appointed time, pedicure kit in hand, not expecting to have that door open any time soon. People wandered by on the footpath nearby and I could hear the tittering but, by now, I was fully accustomed to public humiliation so I just let it all go through to the keeper.

I heard footsteps behind the door and my anxiety levels rose exponentially. I wasn’t quite as cool as I first thought. The door opened slowly and she stood there, Mistress Caitlin’s Mother. Holy fuck, this was really confronting. I was being loaned out to a person I’d never met before. Fuck, what was I thinking? Calm down, there’s no way out of this, never is.

‘You must be maggot’.

Maggot!? Should I correct her or just leave it? ‘Mistress Caitlin calls me faggot Ma’am, just so you know’.

‘Maggot, faggot, who gives a shit as long as you do a good pedicure. Crawl behind me maggot’.

I obeyed, of course, and I was led into the lounge room where Caitlin’s mother proceeded to sit in a large reclining chair. I knelt before her and awaited instructions.

‘You will call me Madame Sonya, or Ma’am’.

‘Yes Ma’am’. Madame Sonya was 50ish, short blonde hair, obviously dyed, and a little bit shorter and stouter than Mistress Caitlin. She was very attractive but I hadn’t seen her feet at this stage as she was wearing flats.

‘Do you have all your pedi equipment, slave?’

Slave?! Maggot!? I’d only been in her presence for 30 seconds. What did Madame know about me? ‘Yes Madame Sonya’.

‘Show me the bottles of polish’. She rummaged around and came up with a pastel/peach colour.

‘You have my approval to get under way, slave’.

‘Yes Ma’am’.

‘May I have your permission to remove your flats, Ma’am?’

‘Not before you tongue clean them, maggot’.

Maggot!? Why did that annoy me so much?’

‘Yes Madame Sonya’.

So I proceeded to thoroughly lick clean the uppers then the soles of Madame’s shoes, being meticulous and careful not to leave any specks which I had found had resulted in floggings from Mistress Caitlin in the past. Her words still echoed in my head, ‘One speck equals 10 ball tenderisers, faggot’.

I found it arousing, of course, being a foot freak, and became acutely aware that I was still locked up. Did Mistress forget or did she intend to have me in chastity for a reason while I served her Mother?

‘Don’t tell me licking the shoes of a 50 year-old woman turns you on, maggot? And what’s that strange bulge in your pants, boy?’

Whew, now I knew where Mistress Caitlin got her attitude from!!
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Oooh I like the new character a lot!
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Excellent love the story and dominant mother daughter. all slaves need to tongue shine their mistress's shoes especially flats.
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Mm I hope Madame Sonya have big calloused dirty and very smelly feet with toejam
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Madame Sonya had noticed the chastity device distorting my pants and I was acutely embarrassed as I had to answer,

‘Mistress Caitlin has me locked in a chastity tube, Ma’am’.

‘You’re joking! What sort of a fucking idiot let’s another person take control of his orgasms? You, that’s who, fool’.

I knew deep down that Madame was right, that I was an idiot, but I doubt that any Female could ever understand the extremes of craving and hunger a foot freak endures to achieve the ecstasy that I felt under Mistress Caitlin’s feet. Basically, I was willing to pay any price to have her soles on my face.

‘You know, when I heard you were serving my daughter I thought we might be friends given the age similarity. But since you’re a sicko, a wierdo, I think I’ll just exploit you like Caitlin does. OK loser, remove my right shoe and bury your face in it. Good boy; now inhale deeply … again … again. Now, tell me, how does the chastity tube feel, dickhead?’

It was glaringly obvious that Madame knew all about my addiction to female feet and I answered,

‘It’s uncomfortable Madame Sonya’.

‘Is the smell of my feet making your dick hard, maggot?’

I nodded as I tried to decide on an appropriate answer. I had only met Madame Sonya 10 minutes ago and already she was heaping humiliation on me. I thought she was being unreasonable, given the totality of the circumstances, and thought of trying to restore my dignity for one brief moment by trying to explain how I felt. But it was futile, so I just answered,

‘Yes Ma’am, I’m sorry, I can’t help it’.

More capitulation. She smiled, like Mistress Caitlin did. I had hoped Madame would sense my malaise and ease off but, just like Mistress, she was unrelenting.

‘Hehe, that’s why Caitlin calls you a weak, pathetic loser. OK, now take off my left shoe and bury your face in it. Breathe deep, and again, and again. There, that should have you all hot and bothered, maggot. Now trim my nails’.

I proceeded to trim all her nails and the clippings fell on the floor. Madame picked up her phone and spoke;

‘Put all my toenail clippings on your tongue and stick it out, maggot’.

I did as instructed and Madame took a photo of my face. She showed it to me and it was of my face with my tongue covered in her clippings. ‘This will amuse Caitlin’, she said as she obviously sent the pic to Mistress.

I was almost immune to humiliation by now but that did make me squirm, the thought of having a photo of my surrender to Mistress’ Mother bandied about like that.

‘Caitlin has replied and she loves the pic, maggot. You will be pleased to know that my daughter thinks you’re every bit as disgusting as I do, eating toenails. She’s going to send that photo to Georgie, Mistress Georgia to you, I gather, to put up on her Facebook page, you weak, pathetic loser haha hehe’.

I bowed my head in defeat and stared at Madame’s feet. They were beautiful, just like her daughter’s and, as Mistress Caitlin had said, the genetics were strong in that department. Madame’s feet were a little weathered and worn by the years compared with Her Highness’ feet but I had a premonition that I would be attending to that issue over the coming months.

‘Come on fuckwit, get on with it’.

‘Yes Your Majesty’.
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