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Old 02-28-2011, 5:22 PM
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Story collection (themes: non-consensual, oral servitude, bondage)

Despite having collected at least 2 TBs of quality femdom porn and recently having devoted hundreds of hours on finding and making all the best femdom clips from hundreds of mainstream movies, I find femdom stories by far the powerful channel for my fantasies of female domination.

I started reading such stories many years ago. I remember back then that the site Ulysses was the first I frequented. At the beginning, my needs were quite easy to satisfy, so the stories available were plenty. However, I later came to understand that I had awaken an urge I could impossibly satisfy, which lead me down a road of constant search for new stories.

For years, I have been finding stories in all corners of the internet, trying to locate every good femdom story available. I learned that a good story could easily be read several times, so at some point I started collecting all the stories, downloading then in a easily accessible format, rating them after how good I found them to be. I didn't buy into many stories, and most stories I have read have failed to live up to my standards. Despite this, though, my collection has grown quite large, simply because I have been through many thousand stories to find the really good ones. So, I thought you guys might enjoy if I shared. For those curious, around a tenth of the stories are from these forums - I hope that is alright.

As explained in the title, the stories I have collected have certain re-occurring themes. Anything consensual holds very limited value for me, so most if not all of the stories will be non-consensual, which also often means bondage is involved. My biggest turn-on in cunnilingus, which is often related to facesitting, so I thought this would be the appropriate forum to post it. Human pets and body modification are themes in many of the stories.

The rating system I made is from 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest. It is only really relevant to post the stories rated between 3.5-8 as no stories got higher than 8 and below 3.5 isn't really worthwhile. To explain the ratings, I would say that 3.5 is the stories that have good elements, but as a whole aren't satisfactory, while 4 would be good stories, 5 really good stories, 6 great stories, and so on .... 445 stories are rated between 4-8.

By downloading this collection you get the added benefit on me having joined all story-parts into the same file. Around half of the stories I found had been butchered into several different parts, and I have added all such parts them into single files (except for the 3.5 rated, where I didn't bother with some of the stories). Also, some of these stories might not be available on the internet anymore, so this might be the only place to find them.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Asjo femdom story collection

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Old 03-01-2011, 8:22 AM
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Thank you so much!
I agree, stories go so much deeper than 2 or 3 minute clips.
I am also a frequent visitor to ulysses or valkyrie or literotica, but this collection is amazing!!
:theband: sit on my face and tell me that you love me :theband:
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Old 03-01-2011, 8:35 AM
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Great stuff asjo. For some reason I can't seem to read the word files that are suffixed .mht. I'm not sure why that is. I keep getting the message that they're not a valid web archive.

Anyway, there are still loads there to keep me occupied. Glad to see some of mine made it into the list. Thanks so much for sharing.
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Old 03-01-2011, 8:48 AM
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Man, some of these stories I have not seen in three or four years. Thank you. LondonBob, I think that many of the stories could only be read if you have a working internet connection. I think that .mht are webpages, but i not sure. All I know is I can read them fine if you on the internet. It opens a webpage of the story. That should help.

This is actual the second story collection I seen( Check the Daddo's trample forum). Asjo, I see that you have " a smelly night of Facesitting and Smothering." It is the longest facesitting story I ever read. I was only able to get bits and pieces of that story before. Thank you again.
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Old 03-01-2011, 9:16 AM
asjo asjo is offline
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Most of the files are meant to be opened with web browsers. The main exceptions are the files form these forums, which I all saved in RTF-format (using Wordpad) and the stories from ASSTR.org which are TXT-files (open with Nopepad). Word isn't a very nice program for viewing the stories, I think. All the mht-files have been made using Internet Explorer 6 (all the HTMLs as well, for that sake), which is think gives the nicest look. So, Internet Explorer should be able to open all the web files. They work fine with Chrome as well. Mozilla Firefox doesn't seem to open the MHT-files.

I started saving the stories in MHT-format since that automatically saved the stories in a single file. When I saved in HTML-format I would have to rename the saved folder and delete it. Of course, I couldn't edit the MHT files, so all multi-part stories are HTML, which I have then edited with Notepad.

There is no need for any internet connection to read these stories. I remember that BDSM Library once had some stories that didn't load properly offline because of some interactive elements, but that should no longer be any issue.

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Old 03-01-2011, 12:24 PM
zenonvip78 zenonvip78 is offline
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Man, so much thx to you for doing this, you rule man!
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Old 03-02-2011, 2:37 PM
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Thumbs up

Many thanks asjo. En fin samling
Greetings from Copenhagen
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Old 03-02-2011, 6:56 PM
blackguyj2009 blackguyj2009 is offline
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The stories are nice. I was only disappointed becuz it wasn't a lot of female/female facesitting + snuff stories. Those are my favorite. I'm also dissapointed in general at the difficulty of finding white on black female facesitting and farting followed by snuff stories. Its hard to find them on the web. It appeals to me as a black male who likes white women.
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Old 03-02-2011, 7:38 PM
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blackguyj2009: It would seem that most of the women in the stories are white, while we don't actually know about the guys. For all we know, many of the male victims could be black - depends on your imagination ... Stories that are purposely interracial normally seem to lack in quality, perhaps because they are specifically designed for content that fit your requirements. Paladin on BDSM Library would be a good example of what I mean.

I feel the same is the case with stories with a big focus on farting. Now, farting would probably be a detractor for me, but I wouldn't dismiss a story simply on those grounds. However, many stories that focus on this fetish simply go overboard and become very one-sided and repetitive. I can see the appeal of that for the writer, but I think "balanced" stories generally do better.

There is at least a few dousin snuff stories in the collection, although maybe not with the other factors that you desire present as well. There is a lot of F/F oral action, some of which definitely do have one women on top of the face of another, but perhaps not with specific focus on detailing the facesitting.
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Old 03-21-2011, 6:36 PM
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As I talked about in my first post, the stories I found were never enough. And as I started using more and more time looking for stories, I reached I point where I was able to justify spending some money on the femdom ebooks available out there. So, I bought just about every ebook out there that seemed to have a proper non-consensual theme involved in one way or another. 65 ebooks in total.

I have to say, most of them were quite disappointing, even if the ebooks generally have more substance in the story. Despite appearing to have a non-consensual theme, many of the story-lines involve the male characters "magically" coming to like their situation and wanting to be dominated or simply not resisting in a way that any normal person would do, making many of the stories a bit surreal. Some of the stories were terribly written, the level of writing being below of many of the good free stories I found. Others simply seemed to follow some kind of "selling formula" for an "enticing" plot, being hollow and predictable. All in all, way too little non-consensual stuff and oral servitude for my money.

That said, I would like to recommend a few of the books I came across if others might be interested along the line of the niche that I have outlined for this thread.

"Collared and Leashed" by Chris Bellows

Revolves around the "human pet" theme, which seems to be one I favour (perhaps because it often involves a more complete loss of control). A young guy is lured into becoming a dog, restrained and walking on ankles and knees, for extended periods of time. There are some really good plot build-ups of the non-consensual stuff. Even if the story initially sounded like it was too consensual, much of the story lies within the gray area of reluctance. Sadly, the "action" in the story is mostly about humiliation, and the few scenes of oral servitude are sparsely described. Yet, the humiliation goes to great lengths, and the story really was a thrill to read.

"Never Leave Me" by Emma Kelly & Scott Kelly

Despite the main female antagonist being described as a "butch dyke", this story still works wonders along the lines of hot scenes of cunnilingus. A guy has cheated on his girlfriend, and a female friend of hers drugs him and keeps him captive in a dog cage outside in her back yard, alongside other caged dogs that she is training. The story proceeds slowly and is written in a captivating manner, which enhances the scenes that occur. Among other things, the guy has to lap up water with the pee of his captor, has to lick her pussy to be allowed to exercise (cuffed) outside his cage. The story does well to keep the realism, especially the balance of power and the mental development of the characters. The plot does become slightly more outlandish when the guy is moved to become a cuckold slave of his girlfriend, with the second half unfortunately having less bondage/captivity, but a few parts of that still worked.

"Becoming Miss Ashley's Pet" by Chris Bellows

A "gold-digging" man tries to marry into money, only to have himself forcibly transformed into a dog, living his daily life as a servant of the indigenous population of a small, remote and privately owned island, at the mercy of his wife who visits her island now and then, often bringing friends and acquaintances. The story has an abundance of quite dominant non-consensual scenes, but they are often too unfocused and scattered. I don't appreciate the male-on-male stuff, and it seems to have too much of a place in this story. Not all of the captivity and dominance is fully realistic, but much of it is well written, and the descriptions of body modiciations, bondage and other small details to serve in the subjugation of the male are quite detailed and elaborate. The story has a few really strong scenes where the powerful arrogance and nonchalance of the dominant wife as well as the complete helplessness of the poor guy shines through. Maybe my experience of reading the story was affected by the fact that I had to use the terrible Pink Flamingo reader (otherwise, I read all stories in PDF-format, using CTRL+L to view one full page per picture), which only shows very little text at a time, making it hard to get an overview of the story or anticipate good scenes.

"Puppy Love" by Candace Smith

Within a small community, the women exert great influence. Small time criminals and husbands are sometimes trained by the women as slaves and servants. One woman is "treating" these offenders, while often actually training them for servitude. Another women who suffers from a history of abuse becomes her lesbian lover, and they set out to train two of the people who sexually offended her. The story has a really good non-consensual run, even if it only lasts for 20-30 pages. Here, the two guys are kept in bondage that has them crawling on the floor like dogs. At the same time, they are carefully controlled through shock collars, and are several times forced to go down on the women, or "appetizers", as the men come to know it in the story. This isn't described at any great length, but the control of the women and fear of the men paints a wonderful picture. Sadly, the story also uses the assumption of a sudden "conversion" (obedient and reluctantly willing slaves), leading to less bondage and control outside this good span within the story.

"Only Her Plaything" by Susan Strict

Actually, the story really is too consensual, and doesn't have enough "juicy" action. It is just very well written, and has a good story. A guy finds some chemistry with a women as end up is some compromising situations that are enhanced where her seasoned dominant and mildly sadistic friend joins in as well. The plot unravels from there, and basically ends up with the guy liking it and playing along more and more. It's a while since I read it by now, and, writing this sleepily at 3:30 AM, I find it hard to highlight many features of the stories. As I recall it, the different situations came off as really intense and therefore quite sexual, despite the fact that not a lot of stuff happened. It really drags you in.

I also intended to edit the link in my first post in this topic since I added around 10-15 new stories to the collection and corrected a few things with the existing files. However, it seems I cannot edit the post. So, if a forum moderator sees this, please replace the link in the original post with this one:

Asjo femdom story collection

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Old 03-26-2011, 6:12 PM
lsue21 lsue21 is offline
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Thanks for the updates. is it possible for you to tell us which files/stories you updated or changed, even the change date would help us determine what files have been changed - how far back did you go, rather than going thru all those files. Great post and collection, thanks again
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Old 03-26-2011, 11:43 PM
luxelysium luxelysium is offline
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Thank you very much, a true treasure chest indeed!
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Old 03-27-2011, 1:13 AM
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lsue21: I didn't actually update more than two stories. I merged a few stories in the 3.5 folder, corrected some mistakes (correct title, remove links to story pages at bottom, etc.) in other stories I had joined, removed one or two double stories, corrected the rating or one of two stories. I didn't actually mean to "announce" it as an update - just had to, since I couldn't edit it in. I was thinking that no one would have been through all the other stories already ...

Anyway, the stories added in the second file were:

An Afternoon of Torment
Memoirs of Mistress Mary
A New Year
Lottie & Dottie
A Cell for the Night
One Dark Night Deserves Another
My Pet Sam
Just Meat
Lisa Trains Thomas
Liquid Bullets
Kara's Plaything
Rob & Sara
Gym Surprise
Betrayal (one chapter added, downloaded as HTML-version)
Veronica Lodge (updated with new chapter)

The first two seem really good. I have to admit that I didn't read them that carefully, since I had a lot of stories that I hadn't read yet and wanted to finish up and make the final version of my collection. When I made my original post in this topic, there were also a few places (among others, these forums and Literotica) where I hadn't checked for new stories in six months, so I made sure to go through those as well.

I still have 68 more stories that I haven't read or rated, among those a few long stories in the Gai-Shift series. However, I skimmed them, and none the of the stories really seem top quality, so I intend the above to be the last "update" to my collection.

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Old 03-27-2011, 4:07 PM
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you are so GOOD, thank You
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Old 04-06-2011, 12:58 PM
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Thanks a lot, greate stories
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