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Femdom for submale4u.

I know what you mean rubbermac. I've started off serving a Mistress, then been forced by her to serve her boyfriend, then been coerced into serving her mother, then the boyfriend's mother. The humiliation is intense.

Chapter 6


“Get your face under my feet cucky”.

I started to speak when a jolt of electricity passed through my balls.

“That was a 4 cucky. I’ve been trained to use this collar around your balls and basically 4 is uncomfortable, 6 is painful, 8 is very painful and 10 is agony. The dial goes from 1 to 10”.

“Please Gemma aaaaarrhhhh !!!”

“That was a 6 for a bit longer. It’s painful, isn’t it peepee?”

“We have to talk eeeekkkk aaaarrrh!!!”

“That was an 8 fuckwit. Hurts like hell doesn’t it? I’d keep your mouth shut if I was you. There’s nothing to talk about. You’re my slave and under my control. You’ll do anything and everything I say or I’ll fry your balls to shrunken black peas then your Boss will destroy whatever’s left. Do we have an understanding?”

“Yes Gemma aaaaarrrrhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

“It’s Mistress to you, you limp dicked loser”. Then she gave me a blast on 8 which went on for about 10 seconds. I was wasted.

“Drains the resistance away, doesn’t it cucky, makes you really want to be in a safe place like grovelling at my feet. Don’t worry, with the help of my little device, I will teach you compliance and obedience you never thought possible. I’m now going to live the life I’ve always wanted too, plenty of money and decent sex with an Adonis. He is handsome Max, isn’t he faggot?”

“Yes Mistress. Max, er I mean the Boss, is a very impressive specimen”.

“You’re lucky really peepee, I could have cucked you with someone you couldn’t admire but the whole world thinks Max is fantastic”.

“Yes Mistress”, I said but was thinking, please Gemma, I don’t need this right now. I fucking hate Max with a passion.

“Oh, by the way, there are a few housekeeping issues I want to discuss with you. You’ll be sleeping in the garage from now on. There’s a mattress on the floor and a doona. You can put a bucket in there for a toilet cause I’m gonna lock you in there at night, at least initially. I also have a chain around a pole which I’ll padlock your chastity tube to until you get used to this new arrangement”.

“May I ask a question Mistress? Arrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh!!!”

“That was an 8 again loser. The correct way to address me, if you want your balls to survive, is, ‘Excuse me Mistress, may I have your permission to speak’. Now, let’s try again but first here’s another 10 seconds on 8 to embed it in your memory”.

“AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh!!! Excuse me Mistress, may I have your permission to speak?”

“Not now peepee. I want a foot massage. And you’d better keep your mouth shut, the dial is set on 10”.

It was just total destruction of my ego and manhood. There was nowhere to turn. I could try to get the controls off her but Max would still be able to demolish my balls from afar. There was nothing to do but suck it up for now.

Mistress decided it was time for me to be bedded down for the night so I crawled behind her into the garage and was chained to the post in there by my balls. She stood before me hands on hips. You didn’t need to be Einstein to figure she wanted me to kiss her feet so I did.

“More passion cucky”.

I kissed her feet passionately. It wasn’t difficult she was such a beautiful woman and her feet were to die for.

“Now, just before I leave peepee, what did you want to ask me before?”

“Please Mistress, I just wondered when you’d let me cum next. I’m feeling desperate cause we hadn’t had sex for a while before today”.

“Naturally not, I’ve been fucking Max for a while now. You think I want to put up with your useless dick after being with a real man?”

“I suppose not Your Highness”. Utter defeat.

“Your Highness eh? A little bit of acceptance of the new regime setting in is it loser? Keep worshipping my feet while I tell you. Max doesn’t allow his cuckolds to cum. Full stop. He considers you lesser beings who should focus on service to their superiors and not their own selfish needs. He’s done research though which indicates that your storage sacs need to be drained from time to time so he allows a milking occasionally. Do you know what that is slave?”

“I’ve heard of it but not really Mistress”.

“You will be bent forward over a chair and one of us, with a glove on of course, will place a finger in your arse and massage your prostate. That will be the extent of your sexual relief. Get used to the idea cuckold, cause it’s forever. And you’d better pray it’s usually me because you’ve seen how big your Master’s hands are. Sleep on that tonight loser and remember, if you were a man with a decent sized dick none of this would have happened to you”.


“That’s 10 fuckwit. Any more pleading and I’ll leave it on 10 overnight. This is your destiny. Accept it pansy. You really are a pathetic excuse for a man”.

With that, Mistress turned and walked out, leaving me in darkness.
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Chapter 7


Gemma released me the next morning and I made her breakfast then lay under her feet. There was no conversation. It was becoming apparent that her interest in me was purely functional, what I could do for her.

Her phone buzzed. “That was the Boss cucky. He’s feeling horny so he’s coming over in an hour. I don’t need you for a while. Clean up the kitchen then go and kneel inside the door. No, wait. Go and get my pedicure kit. You can do a pedi for me first so I’m pretty for him”.

Great. Now I was expected to make my wife pretty for another man to fuck while I was never to orgasm again. I did a good job on the pedi I thought and Mistress was pleased.

Max let himself into the house with a key I didn’t realize he had. I suppose it shouldn’t have surprised me. I was kneeling by the door when he entered and kissed his shoes. He patted me on the head, “Good cucky”.

Gemma rushed up and embraced him passionately. He spoke,

“Hmmm, seems like you’re in the mood to see your man Gemma. Have you told cucky that he’ll be driving you over to my place sometimes for me to fuck you?”

“Not yet Max”.

“Listen up peepee. Sometimes I’ll want to ream out your wife’s holes at my place and I expect you to chauffeur her over, wearing your cap, of course”.

“Yes Boss”.

“When you bring her to me, you will escort her to the door and present her to me. Then you will kneel at my feet and beg me to give your woman the satisfaction you’re incapable of”.

“Yes Boss”. This was ridiculous. Max had already proven himself to be in charge, there was no need to rub my nose in it like this, especially in front of Gemma. A quick glance at her, though, revealed that she was relishing every moment of my submission to this stud.

“I then require you to go back to your car and stand there at attention until I’ve stretched all my whore’s holes and they’re dribbling with my cum. Yes, just like you did today when you stood by your car cuckold. You enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

“Yes Boss”. This was becoming excruciating. I hated standing beside the car today. Gemma wriggled in her chair, pupils dilated; she was clearly turned on by witnessing my being dissected by her lover, my new Master.

“When I’m finished with my slut, I’ll summon you boy. You’ll walk up to my home and prepare to take your wife home. I call that walk The Walk of Shame when you wimp cucks come to me to reclaim your women until I want to fuck them again”.

I couldn’t speak, the humiliation was too great. I hung my head in shame. That big hand crashed across my face again. It hurt like hell cause my face was still so sore and swollen from yesterday.

“You will answer me boy”.

“Yes Sir”. My balls exploded as his right foot tore into my ball sac.

“I’m not Sir to you fuckwit. I’m your Boss. If you feel the need to humble yourself before me even more, I do give you permission to call me Master”.

“Thank you Master”. I was almost crying by now. The Boss had totally broken me down, and done it in front of my wife who had rejoiced in every millisecond of my demise.

“When you lie in bed tonight, I want you to visualize yourself on the Walk of Shame cucky. You will find it the most extraordinarily humiliating experience, especially when you kneel and kiss my feet and thank me profusely for tending to parts of your wife’s vagina you could never access with your miniature peepee”.

“Yes Master”.
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Thank you, great parts.
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Chapter 8


The Boss was holding a bag and he then reached into it and produced two items, a collar and leash, and a blindfold. He handed them to Gemma.

“Strip cucky, then kneel again”, she said. Mistress then placed the collar around my neck and pulled the blindfold into place. “Follow me loser”.

Mistress dragged me up the steps and into her bedroom.

“You will kneel there until your Master and I have finished fucking cucky. We want you handy in case we need to make use of you. Understood?”

“Yes Mistress”. The shame burnt bright. How had I ever let myself get into this position?

“By the way cucky, the Boss has decided you need your balls jangled so you don’t lose concentration while we’re pleasuring each other so I’m dialling your ball collar to 4 and leaving it there till we’re finished. Enjoy”.

The current starting passing through my testicles and was most uncomfortable. It wasn’t excruciatingly painful but it was an unpleasant sensation you just couldn’t ignore. And it went on and on ... and on. After one hour I was in trouble, aching from kneeling in the one place so long and exhausted from the electrical relentlessly current passing through my balls. Please, this had to be over soon.

Then I heard one of them get out of bed and use the toilet. I sensed someone standing in front of me.

“Did you have as much fun as me cucky?” It was Gemma. “Yes Mistress”. What else could I say? I knew she’d have the dial in her hand just busting to turn it up and cripple my balls.

“I have a surprise for you peepee. Turns out I’ve missed having your tongue on my clitty. So I’ve talked it over with your Master and he’s putting you on clean-up duties after he’s fucked me. Yay, you’re finally gonna have access to my pussy again. What do you say?”

This was terrible. Much as I loved my wife’s vagina, the thought of licking it full of semen deposited there by another male was repulsive. Then I felt the current passing through my testicles start to increase in intensity. There was only one way out of this.

“Thank you Mistress. I would love to lick your pussy”.

“Yes I know that silly, but what do you say to your Master? I mean he’s the one who has to give you permission to touch me. Here, I’ll hand him the dial in case he’s not happy with your answer. Better make it good cucky”.

This wasn’t quite life and death but there was a lot of pain heading my way if I didn’t snivel enough.

“Thank you for allowing me to touch my wife’s pussy again Boss, I am most grateful. You are a very generous Master to allow a worthless cuckold like me such pleasure. I just can’t thank you enough ... ”

“That’s enough fuckwit. You’re gonna make me puke in a moment you’re such a pathetic faggot. OK, get to it. I’m taking a shower. What do you want the dial on Gemma?”

“Five please Max, a little extra incentive to perform, eh?”

So then it happened, I buried my face in my wife’s vagina and licked away, lapping up copious quantities of the Boss’ sperm whilst targeting her clitoris. It was utterly revolting and I felt ravaged by being forced into such a demeaning act. Gemma had several orgasms then was spent after 20 minutes. She pushed me away with her foot like I was a sack of garbage and spoke,

“You can go downstairs and make us coffee cucky. We’ll be down shortly. No, don’t put your clothes on. You’re to wear your chastity tube and collar and leash only when you’re home. Get moving loser”.
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Chapter 9


My own wife calling me a loser was unbearable but I had to face facts, she was right. I made the coffees and they appeared shortly after. I served them then knelt before them. They ignored me for a while then Gemma spoke,

“By the way cucky, I’ve cancelled our housekeeper and yardman. You’re going to take over those duties from now on. Now you’re my slave, the only activity I’m going to permit you to have outside the home is your work. That gives you plenty of free time to be our maid and cabana boy. Max and I are still trying to figure out what uniform we’ll require you to wear but we’ll let you know shortly and you can go buy it”.

“Yes Mistress Gemma”.

Max then spoke, “And your work better be up to standard boy, I expect my house and yard to be immaculate”.

HIS house!! Fuck that. Whoops, thoughts like that could only cause me grief so I replied, “Yes Master, I will go out of my way to make sure the place is perfect for when you visit”.

“I want you to always have 6 bottles of Dom Perignon in your wine fridge for when I come around; it’s my favourite champagne and I like to serve it when I entertain”.

Entertain? Not here surely, not in my home. Whoops, there I go again, the Boss did call it HIS house. “Yes Boss, 6 bottles”.

“And for your cabana boy outfit, buy a pair of leather underpants and a leather harness; that should amuse the neighbours”.

“Please Master ... ”

Crunch!! My face exploded again and he dragged me to my feet by my hair then applied that vice-like grip to my balls which were sticking out below the chastity tube. I looked him in the eye, as instructed, and he began to squeeze.

“This isn’t a fucking democracy around here peepee. You are my slave, my cuckold, and you’ll do whatever I tell you without question”. He increased the pressure on my balls until I thought they were at rupturing point. I was on the verge of begging for mercy when he spoke,

“Don’t speak cucky, I expressly forbid that. If you cry out, I’ll crush your balls for good, exterminate them permanently and make you my eunuch cuckold. Do you want that?”

“No Master”.

The pressure intensified even more and he said, “By the way cuckold, don’t you ever say No to me again”. He gave me one last extra squeeze them pushed me away. I collapsed in agony on the floor and Mistress walked over, placed her foot on my face and spoke,

“You will learn cucky, probably the hard way by the look of it. We aren’t compromising in any way with you. It’s our way or the highway and we do intend to use pain to mould your behaviour. It’s a simple equation, the more you give us of yourself, the more you humble yourself before us, the less you will suffer. Do you understand?”

“Yes Your Highness”.

“Interesting Max, he started calling me Your Highness last night. I think it’s a subliminal sign of his acceptance of his new status. Do you agree? Cucky, come over here and lick the dirt from the soles of my feet”.

“Yes it is Gemma, I’ve seen it before with these weaklings I’ve cuckolded. They lose all resistance and start to regard you as their God, their religion. We should encourage it. Cucky, you may now address me as My Lord as well”.

“Thank you My Lord, and thank you Your Highness for the privilege of licking the dirt from the soles of your feet”.

“Definite progress. OK Gemma, I’m off and I’ll see you tomorrow. Will you send cucky out on his own to buy his new outfit or will you go with him”.

“Oh I’m going with him Max. I’ll want him to model it for me before we buy it, hopefully with a nice young female sales assistant who I can share his secret with”.
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Thank you, great work.
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Chapter 10


I parked outside the The Bordello, an adult store downtown, and entered with Mistress. Sure enough, the salesperson was a young female, early 20s, dressed punk-style all in black with heavy make-up, a pierced lip and nose, and a bad attitude, probably from dealing with all the perverts like me who visited the store.

She sneered at me and said, “Wadda you want mister?” Then she then noticed Mistress and her demeanour changed as she ignored me and chatted politely with Gemma. I just stood there waiting, eyes down.

“So this guy is your slave and you want a leather jock strap and harness, right? And the jock strap has to be extra large. Why, he doesn’t look like he’s well hung. Oh, I see, he’s wearing a chastity tube. With a DreamLover! Wow, you’ve done well Gemma”.

“Thank you Christy. I’ve cuckolded him too. I’ve seen you at the gym, haven’t I? Well, my bull is Max, you know, the big blond gym instructor”.

I had been through a lot since Max and Gemma had taken charge but this was right up there in terms of being humiliating. I stared at the ground, not game to make eye contact.

“Yeah I do know Max. He’s an impressive specimen and I like the look of the bulge in his crutch. He should be able to satisfy a woman unlike this pathetic cuckold you’ve dragged in here today. Actually, I’ve never seen a DreamLover in action even though I’ve sold heaps. Any chance of a demo Gemma?”

Five minutes later I was running my tongue over the black Doc Martens boots Miss Christy was wearing begging for mercy. And yes, I had been instructed to call her Miss Christy.

“Wow, that current through his balls really made the freak squeal like a pig, especially on 10 Gemma. And I loved seeing it convulsing all over the floor; it’s such fun knowing there’s no way he can escape the pain. It really makes him ultra submissive too. Look at the way he can hardly wait to get back to my boots and grovel in the hope I’ll take it easy on him. No chance loser”.

Miss Christy then placed her boot on my throat and turned the dial to 10 and held me there as I writhed in agony under her feet.

“Very satisfying Gemma. Send me a few pics of the cuckold working in the yard in his leather harness, would you? I’ll use them to make some sales and make myself extra money. Trash like him should be exploited to the max, if you’ll forgive the play on words haha”.

I skulked out of the sex shop with my head down and wearing my harness under my clothes.
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More of Miss Christy please.....Thanks for another great chapter
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Yes great work, thank you.
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This is great. Please keep cranking them out quickly. I liked him licking the sales girl's shoes. I wish he would've licked the waitresses too. It gets repetitive when he kisses the same two people's feet. I love the different expressions when he is ordered to lick normal people's shoes (NOT "professional slave owners") like the sales girl or waitresses. Thank you.

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Thanks for the comments and input guys. We'll see more of Miss Christy later

Chapter 11


As soon as we returned home, Mistress Gemma spoke,

“Take off your clothes and clean up the back yard in your harness faggot. Clean the pool too cause Max is coming over this arvo and we’re gonna have a swim and a laze around the pool. Chop chop”.

I hurried to tidy the yard and vacuum the pool when Gemma appeared in her skimpy bikini. I almost fainted she looked so gorgeous, so delectable. She noticed my arousal and smirked.

“Off limits to you cuckold except the filth on the soles of my feet. Go and kneel by the door, your Master will be here soon”.

Max soon arrived and I humbled myself at his boots as I had been instructed to do. “Nice outfit cucky, it makes you look like a real faggot. Maybe you’ll get some attention after all if some of the gay boys in the neighbourhood see your BDSM gear. Go and grab a couple of champagnes”.

I scurried about and poured the Dom Perignon the Boss had made me buy and handed them the flutes. “Now get some cream peepee, I need a nice long foot massage. I’ve been at the gym all morning working out and instructing”.

I felt a proper fool kneeling at the end of Max’s recliner massaging his feet as they chatted away ignoring my presence. Then the doorbell rang. Mistress looked at me and signalled with her head for me to go answer. I hesitated given the way I was dressed and she reached for the buzzer and hit my balls with a 5 second zap on 8. It hurt like hell. So, full of trepidation, I opened the door.

There stood Gemma’s younger sister Sheridan who, by the way, was also stunning but a brunette. She looked me up and down and said, “What’s this Peter, a fancy dress party? It doesn’t do much for you, that outfit, with your belly sticking out. Where’s my sister?” Sheridan had never approved of me and had advised her sister not to marry me. She always treated me with disdain.

I ushered Sheridan out to the pool where she and Gemma hugged. “You know Max from the gym, don’t you Sheridan?” They shook hands and started to chat so I just stood there.

Then Max clicked his fingers and said, “Champagne for our guest peepee”. I ran out hoping Sheridan hadn’t heard what the Boss called me and praying she would leave before she found out about our “arrangement”. I presented her with the flute and headed off to tidy up the kitchen, anything to get away from there. I had taken 3 paces when I heard the Boss’ voice.

“Have you forgotten something faggot? You were in the middle of giving me a foot massage. Back to work boy”. I picked up the cream, knelt at the end of the recliner and resumed massaging my Master’s feet carefully avoiding eye contact.

“What the fuck is going on Gemma?” asked Sheridan. “Why is Peter dressed like that, and how come Max calls him faggot?”

“Calm down Sheridan. I’ve cuckolded peepee, it’s as simple as that”.

“I told you not to marry him Gemma. He’s a short fat loser. You could have done much better”.

“Think about it. I own this magnificent home, drive a Mercedes Benz coupe, I don’t work, not even around the house, I have an amazing sex life with Max whose has the biggest penis you’ve ever seen and knows how to use it, and I don’t have a husband anymore, I have a servant”.

“A servant? How’s that?”

“Well, peepee is now my servant and maid, butler and chauffeur, cleaning lady and slave and, in fact, anything I want him to be. He is totally under my control, thanks to Max and the DreamLover”.

“Slow down Gemma. You now call your husband peepee?”

“Or cucky, faggot, bootlicker, cuckold, he’ll respond to any of those names. He calls me Mistress and Max the Boss, Master or my Lord. He refers to me as Your Highness as well. I think we’ll make him call you Princess Sheridan. Would you like that?”

“I think I would. I never liked the little germ anyway. Did you hear that faggot, I’m Princess Sheridan to you from now on”.

“Yes Princess Sheridan”, I replied.

“Hey faggot, after you’ve finished massaging your Master’s feet you can do mine. And get me another glass of champagne fuckwit”.

“Yes Princess Sheridan”. I scurried off after checking with the Boss.

“So tell me about the DreamLover Sheridan”. They were words I didn’t want to hear because, needless to say, I was used as a test dummy that afternoon as Gemma schooled Sheridan in the use of the device. They both treated me like shit, like a sub-human animal as they took turns torturing my balls.

“Combined with chastity and regular floggings from Max, the DreamLover has turned cucky into the perfect husband, just like it says in the advertising blurb. You should see the look on cucky’s face when Max grips his balls with his right hand and squeezes. Honestly, it’s hilarious seeing his face all contorted with pain and the begging in his eyes as he pleads with his Master to let his puny nuts survive”.

“Oooh, I’d like to see that Gemma”.

Max spoke, “Stand up faggot. You have permission to look me in the eyes”.

I knew what that meant; the Boss was about to crush my testicles with his iron grip to impress Princess Sheridan. I knew better than to embarrass him in front of her by trying to resist in any way so I just meekly complied.

He gripped my balls and I eyeballed him from inches away as instructed. It was the only time he permitted me to raise my face to his, as you will recall, dear reader. This was going to end badly for me but the line of least resistance was the safest I figured. They were all a bit wired from the champagne and that was also hazardous for me.

The Boss began to squeeze and I began to squirm. God he was strong and the pressure was becoming unbearable, yet he was gradually able to increase it till I thought one of my balls must surely pop. I was sweating profusely and about to pass out from the pain. I heard the girls clapping.

“Bravo Max”, said Sheridan, “It must be my turn”. Princess stood up and swaggered over to where I was standing, having been released from the vice-like grip of my Master.
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Chapter 12


“You’ll be pleased to know that I pump iron at the gym too faggot. I’m stronger than I look, as you’re balls are about to find out. Look into my eyes. I’m gonna ask you some questions and I want completely honest answers. If I suspect you’re lying to me, I’ll make you a eunuch right here and now today. Understand?”

“Yes Princess Sheridan”. She gripped my balls firmly in her right hand and exerted pressure which was very uncomfortable. I maintained eye contact as she spoke.

“You knew you were never good enough for my sister right from the very beginning, didn’t you faggot”.

“Yes Princess Sheridan”.

“Yet you pursued her as if she were your equal. Why was that?”

“Because she is so beautiful that I hoped I could make up for my inadequacies by giving her financial security Princess”. The grip tightened slightly.

“You think that a fat wallet can make up for a 4 inch dick, do you faggot?” I wished she would stop calling me that extremely derogatory name.

“No I don’t Princess, but I hoped that oral servitude might have compensated for my small penis”.

“Ha, even a girl can lick pussy. We’re expecting men to shaft us with their penis, like Max does. But you’re not really a man, are you cuckold?”

“No Princess Sheridan”.

“What are you then peepee, what use are you to your superiors? I’d be careful with this answer if I were you faggot”.

“I am everything my Mistress Gemma and Master Max have told me I am which is a cuckold, a faggot, a bootlicking pansy who is a slave to his superiors and a maid, butler, chauffeur, cleaner, butler, servant, footrest and test dummy to be exploited to make all your lives better”.

That was it. I had shot my bolt and confessed every deep secret and desire I had while staring into the eyes of this beautiful, dominant young woman who so obviously had my measure. Her grip on my testicles eased slightly.

“Well, well, well, it seems you do have some insight after all cuckold. Keep looking at me. Now, I want you to tell me, and your Master and Mistress, how you feel when you walk with my sister on your Walk of Shame. Yes, loser, she has told me all about it”.

“I feel proud Princess Sheridan, proud that I am taking the woman I love to be satisfied by a real man who can give her the sexual satisfaction I’m incapable of. I feel proud that the Boss allows me to present my wife to him, proud that he lets a wimp like me be a part of his life, even if it’s only licking the dirt from the soles of his shoes and serving him”.

This was horrible and cathartic at the same time. I was saying words which I meant, disclosing feelings that I harboured which I had previously been unable to admit to, even to myself. It was exhausting though and the pain in my balls was radiating into my back and making me feel faint.

“Maybe my sister was right to marry you after all cuckold, you’re going to be a lot of use to my family. I’m sure Gemma will share you around so we all benefit from your pathetic weakness. Now get on your knees and worship my feet pansy”.

Princess released my balls and I fell to my knees and covered her feet in kisses in sincere submission to a truly superior female. I was spent, there was no dignity or pride left, my ego and manhood had finally been totally shredded by these three people.

Max spoke, “I think this calls for a celebration. More champagne peepee”. I poured 3 more glasses then knelt before them all.

“A toast. To the beautiful people, long may we reign over scum like peepee”. They all clunked their glasses together and took a swig of champagne.

Mistress Gemma spoke, “You know, I’m amazed by how easy this all was. I knew cucky was a wimp but I thought he’d put up some resistance. But no, turns out he’s a gutless pansy just like I thought when I first started leading him on. Yes, that’s right faggot, this was all a set-up, right from the beginning”.

I burned with shame at my wife’s words but I had to admit, deep down, I knew from the start she was way out of my league.

“Well, what do you have to say for yourself fuckwit, how do you feel about my sister playing you for a patsy?”, asked Sheridan.

“Every moment I have spent with Mistress Gemma has been pure pleasure, Princess Sheridan. I don’t care about all the pain and humiliation she has put me through, I’m still part of her life and I’d rather have what I have with her than anything else with any other woman. I will always love her and now my role is to serve at her feet to the best of my ability”.

Max chimed in, “I’ve seen this before, total defeat, the complete subjugation of one human being by another. His ego will never recover, but I’ll bet he has one last attempt at reclaiming his manhood sometime soon. Once you have squashed that Gemma, there will be no need for the CB 6000 or the DreamLover, cucky will be your utterly devoted subject and slave. The time is close”.

They all finished their drinks and I was locked in the garage. I’m not sure what went on for the rest of the afternoon and night but I suspect a ménage-a-trois in my old bedroom from the muffled squeals of delight filtering through the garage door.
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macrina macrina is online now
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Wat a great storie, thank you, love it.
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yomama1234 yomama1234 is online now
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Awesome. Great addition. I love the sister being surprised by it at first but then having no problem making him kiss her feet.
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Princess Sheridan is a natural yomama. She has more in store for cucky

Chapter 13


The following morning I was released and made Mistress breakfast before providing my face to her for footrest duties. She pretty well ignored me when we were together and headed off for a shower soon after, having sent a few texts while eating.

I could hear Mistress upstairs in the shower when I noticed she had left her cell phone and the controls to the DreamLover on the breakfast table. I agonised over what to do but then decided it was worth a chance for freedom, so I grabbed them and placed them in a safe in my office and changed the combination. This was my big chance to resume a normal life.

I waited until Gemma came downstairs then confronted her, told her what I had done and insisted that she give me the keys to my chastity tube.

Amazingly, she complied without resistance or complaint, removed the key from her anklet and threw it to me. I was surprised it was so easy but rapidly removed myself from the device then pulled up my trousers.

We looked at each other with neither speaking. Then Gemma sashayed over to me and buried her face in my neck. It was intoxicating and I instantly had an erection; I had not been permitted to cum for weeks now. Her hand roamed to my groin and she massaged my rock hard peepee through my trousers. I have never been so aroused in my life.

“Let’s talk about this in the bedroom, shall we?”, she said, taking me by the hand and leading me up the steps. Once in the bedroom, she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off, then undid my belt and let my trousers fall to the floor. Once again she fondled my penis through my underpants. I was insane with desire, well past the stage of any reason.

“Take off all your clothes”, she said, falling back on the bed fully clothed. I rapidly complied then stood beside the bed waiting for her to invite me to join her.

A smirk came over her face, then she began to titter, then she burst out laughing. “Oh cucky, you surely can’t expect to put that little wiener in me can you. Look at it, it’s the size of my little finger even at full mast”.

I looked down and saw what she meant. My shoulders sagged in defeat and I felt like a complete idiot standing there before her in the nude with my tiny erection.

“Why don’t you get on your knees where you belong cucky? Good boy. Now you know Max doesn’t like his cuckolds to cum but I’m going to make an exception on this occasion as long as you are happy to lie under my feet and pull yourself. Deal?”

“Yes Mistress Gemma”.

“When you’ve finished, I want you to go to the safe and remove my property. Then you will kneel before me, beg me to take them back and apologize for your behaviour”.

“Yes Mistress Gemma, whatever you say”. She knew she had total power over me in this dynamic with the thought of an orgasm under her feet driving every fibre of my being. I lay under her feet and began to stroke myself.

“Good faggot, I want you to cum soon. I’ll let you have regular orgasms under my feet if I think that you have given yourself totally over to me but I don’t want any further recurrences of your disgraceful behaviour today”.

“There will be none Your Highness. Please forgive me, all I want is to serve you forever on whatever terms you decide”.

“And Max and Sheridan, and my family, for eternity faggot. Now cum”.

I came on her command and was instructed to lick up my own semen.

“From now on, whatever sperm is ejaculated around this house you will lick it up faggot, whether it’s your Master’s from my pussy or from your own hand when I grant you release. Understood?”

“Yes Your Holiness”. It was true, she was my religion, my Goddess. I reflected on how foolish I was to try to assert myself and how effortlessly she had quashed my rebellion.
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