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Sinfinity Review - The Mistress B

The evil, hypnotic Mistress B has returned to enslave your mind and soul, this time for all of eternity. You have been led to sin before, but now Mistress B is here to lead you down the destructive rabbit hole for good.

I absolutely loved Sinspiration by Mistress B, the prequel to the Sinfinity; it is easily one of Her hottest clips. "Sinspiration" was all about drawing out the sinner in you, making you accept who you are. She wanted you to embrace your desperate need to jerk your cock for Her. She wanted you to encourage you to sin and unleash your dark side. It is truly an unbelievably hot clip and one I highly recommend getting before you lose yourself in "Sinfinity."

The clip is a perfect example of Mistress B's mindfuck mastery. Her evil and dark persona allows Her to instil a cautious fear, whilst Her beauty and power is all consuming. Her ability to hold your attention and grip your mind is almost frightening. She looks stunning in Her corset, showing off just enough cleavage to drive your mind wild with imagination. Her jet black hair, a stark contrast from her usual red hair, is a perfect contrast to Her smooth, porcelain skin. Her deep red lips and unfathomably addictive green eyes will leave you transfixed. She is the picture perfect example of a dark and evil beautiful Goddess.

The clip begins with a shot of Mistress B against a black background. She is all that you can see and all that you need. Your desperate need to sin for your Goddess has brought you back, longing for Her control. You couldn't keep yourself away and you needed to return. To sin for Her, to lose yourself in your perversions, that is all that you desire. You have been here before, on your knees before Mistress B, ready to sin. You couldn't wait to return to this place, though this time you won't be leaving. Your sin, your perversions are your drug and Mistress B provides the release you need. You will never be able to escape this, you cannot avoid your fate. You will always sin for Mistress B, your needy jerk stick belongs to Her. You are Her whore, Her perverted sinner.

Sinfinity is one of my favourite clips right now. The clip is so delightfully entrancing, Mistress B is the Master of Mindfucks and this clip is the perfect example of it. The imagery and effects in this clip add to the role-play elements of the clip, it is so easy to get lost in Her hypnosis and the delightful doom that awaits you. I cannot recommend this clip highly enough. Be sure to check out Sinspiration and then go buy Sinfinity. I suggest watching them back-to-back to really lose yourself in Her extraordinarily mesmerizing mindfuck hypnosis.
Let your sin consume your mind and body, you can't escape Mistress B's temptation.

Open up your mind and allow your perversions to envelope you.

Drown in your perversions and become Mistress B's eternal slave of sin.
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