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Old 10-26-2015, 2:17 PM
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Relinquish Your Soul & Cum for Me - Clip Review

I donít know why, but being under the control of a succubus has been one of those odd role-play fantasies that I have always had. When Mistress B first told me that She was considering doing it, I was delighted and then the clip came out. Oh my word, this clip is just beyond what I could ever have imagined. Every last detail of the video is perfect, from the echoing sound to the expertly hand crafted wings. Mistress B plays the role of wickedly sinister and sizzling hot sexy demon, from the very depths of hell, absolutely perfectly. You can almost imagine Her pulling your soul down to hell, to kneel at Her feet, as She gazes out at all Her minions beneath Her.

The clip, Relinquish your soul and cum for Me, is a masterpiece of depravity and manipulation. The Mistress Bís powers of seduction and control in Her human form are epic, but in Her demon form, they are extraordinary. Her voice echoes softly in your mind, weaving its way into your soul with a commanding absolutism. Her seductive and sexual demeanor has your body completely hypnotized, as She drags you further into Her spell. You could play dumb, but you both know why She is here and you both know that you will give Her what She wants.

The clip begins with The Succubus, Mistress B, towering over you. Her voice echoing in your mind, calling out to you, urging you to come to Her. She is pulling you in. Something isnít quite right though, If it werenít for the horns, Mistress B would almost look innocent. You can tell She is evil and has wicked intentions, but your body cannot help but betray you. The image of this Demon Goddess in front of you is just too much and She knows it. She hasnít even begun, and yet She has your mind, your body and your soul. Everything in your mind is telling you to run from this evil and yet, you can only crawl to Her like a puppet on a string.

You can do nothing but obey Her, as you slip further into the Succubusí spell. You want Her, you desire Her, you NEED Her. All you have to do is offer yourself to Her. It is as simple as that, give yourself to the Succubus and enter an eternity of pleasure. Allow Her to bring you down into Her lair and You can serve as Her puppet. All you have to do is leave your world behind and give your soul to Mistress B. Let Her take your energy, your soul, your mind. Give Her everything and relinquish yourself into Her control. Let Her drain your body of any sexual desire, of all your cum, and feed Her ever growing power.

You belong to Her. You will serve at Her feet. She owns your soul. Give in to Mistress B, the evil and sadistic Succubus.

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