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My Summer Job

Hi! My name is Nicole Mcbride. I am 17 years old and this fall I will be my senior year at Holmes High School where I have a 4.2 GPA. I am most definitely the most spoiled, conceited, rich pampered princess in my neighborhood.

My looks are undeniable and many of boys have told my the when GOD made me he truly made me flawless. Since as far back as I can remember I have had wimps and losers doing everything for me and it is just natural for me to boss them around.

I know I am far superior to these ugly scrawny losers and if they want the honor and privilege to exist in my world that I am going to make sure it benefits and put them to work. Why would I ever let a wimp around and not take advantage of getting some of my chores done. I cannot fathom why any girl like me would. Why should I clean my own room or organize my own closet when there is a healthy able wimps living across the street who can do it for me and thank me for the honor when he gets done. I mean I am having to waste my time supervising or at least checking on the wimp from time to time to make sure he is completing the chore I gave him to complete correctly. Can you imagine if my toilet was not scrubbed correctly?

Wimps are not real bright sometimes and I have learned until you have them trained correctly they need supervision.

When I was in the fourth grade I had new neighbors move in across the street. I was so excited when I learned that the family had two boys. One of the boys was named Nick and he was my age and in the fourth grade with me. The other boy Anthony or Tony was older and in the seventh grade.

One day Anthony was outside and I walked across the street and introduced myself. When I met him I was so happy my new neighbors weren’t going to be losers. I was in fourth grade mind you and already had three neighborhood wimps following me around and did not need anymore that is until I met his brother Nicky or Nicky.

After talking with Anthony in his front yard for 20 minutes his front door burst open and out runs a wimp and the little guys running so fast he does not see us thank god as he ran directly into the garage. Upon seeing this I said:

“Wow you just moved in two days ago and you already have a wimp! What was he doing unpacking your room for you?” I said

“Unpacking my room? Ya right my little brother is the biggest slob. And did you call him a wimp?” Anthony says while laughing

“He is a wimp! Are you sure he is your biological brother because if I were you I would be pissed if GOD put a wimp in my family.” I said seriously

“I can’t believe you are just seeing him for the first time and you are already calling him a wimp because in our old neighborhood I had to protect him from everyone because they all beat him up all the time and they all called him a wimp but they all knew him you don’t.” Anthony says while laughing.

“I do not need to know him trust me he is a wimp I can tell.” I said seriously.

“Well he is going to be real disappointed when he sees you and you call him a wimp because has heard all about you and keeps talking about that the blond girl across the street who is his age. He really really really wants to be friends with you.”. Anthony says

“Well he is going to be very very very disappointed wimp because I am not friends with wimps.” I said

Just then the wimp comes running out of the garage and sees us and he immediately runs over like a tornado with the biggest smile on his face.

“Ah Tony I told you there was a blond girl who was my age. What you guys doing playing?.” Nick says all excited.

“Nicole I would like you to meet my little brother Nick.” Anthony say while putting his arm around his little brother's shoulders.

“Ya I am Nick I heard you lived across the street. What you guys playing?” Nick says all excited.

A few days before this my mom had bought me a brand new pair of white keds and warned more that they were for school only and not to wear them outside. Well I wore them outside and got them really muddy and was hiding them from my my mom so I would not get in trouble so while Nick is still waiting for me to tell him my name I say

“Do you want to play with us” I say

“Oh very very much. Let's play hide and seek?” Nick says

“I have a better game. Hold on I will be right back.” I said and walked back across the street into my garage and grabbed my new muddy pair of keds I had been hiding from my mom and walked back over to the wimp and his brother and said while handing my muddy pair of shoes to the wimp

“Here take these and go play clean my neighbors shoes for her. and do not bring them back until they are new looking.” I said seriously

“(Stuttering but still taking the shoes from me.)You want me to play clean your shoes but that does not sound fun.” Nick says.

“Well fun or not that’s what you're playing so go play with them in your garage by yourself so I can finish speaking with Tony and do not finish playing with them until they are spotless as there new looking.” I said

“(Shocked looking and turning white in the face) HEY! I AM NOT GOING TO CLEAN YOUR SHOES FOR YOU.” Nick said

“OK don’t but we will never play again.and don't ever raise your voice to me again or else I will beat you. Now get lost runt.” I said calmly


I took a step toward him and he flinched and I said “I told you to lower your voice runt and do not raise it again. Now I am not going to tell you again. Go clean my shoes and bring them back when they are done or get lost and do not ever speak with me again. And do not say another word. Just take them and go. Goodbye.” I said

It was so funny the little wimp was holding my muddy shoes, his lower lip was quivering, and finally after like three minutes of silence where I just was just pointing towards his garage he turned and walked away and he walked towards his garage while carrying my muddy shoes

Once the runt was gone and I had him doing his first ever chore his brother said

“Wow, he does not know how to clean I do not think.” Tony said while laughing

“He better learn how to clean and very quickly if he plans to live across the street from me because the next game he will play is clean your neighbor's room and organize her closet when her parents leave later.” I said seriously

“(Laughing almost puking) Wow! He is a slob and I do not think he is gonna wanna play that but if he does can he play clean your older brothers room too?” Tony said

“Let's see how the runt does on the shoes first but I think him being around might not be that bad after all because I have lots of things he can do for me.” I said.

To make a long story short I got my shoes back an hour later looking spotless. My room and closet got cleaned the next week and so did Tony’s

It has been several years since that day but Nick has become my most trusty and reliable servant since that afternoon and I learned very quickly that the meaner I was to him the harder he worked to gain my approval which is just fine with me.

Now back to my present. I am currently laying out by my pool wearing my new hott pink g-string bikini. It is the first weekend of my summer break. It is a Sunday afternoon. My mother has just joined me in her new white bikini and my father is running around the house doing god knows what.

My father has been really on me lately because he thinks I am entitled, lazy, and spoiled which is all very true. He seems to be very concerned about my future and what I am going to do with the rest of my life. I tell him not to worry and I will OK. But he seems to think I need to learn some responsibility and focus my attention on establishing a good work ethic. Little does my father know that I already have a great work ethic as I am an exception supervisor with my wimp.

My father over the last few months has been assigning more and more chores around my house to me and now that I am older thinks I should earn my keep. I do not really have a problem with any of this but the I am having a problem hiding the fact that my wimp is doing all these chores and not me.

My mother I think is more like me and understands how I am but up to this afternoon I never really knew how my mother and i are exactly the same

Both my parents are very successful as my mother owns the largest advertising firm in the Southeast United States and my father is a surgeon.

My father was a very well known college football player at FSU and a very serious knee injury stopped his collegiate football career

This injury got my father interested in medicine and now he operates and helps athletes who become injured. My father is not a wimp, never has been a wimp.

My mother attended the University of South Florida obtaining a Masters degree in Marketing and she was a cheerleader.

I have never before seen my mother or father raise a voice to one another or have any disagreement before this afternoon. They have a loving and concrete relationship.

It is because my father has been on my ass and assigning more and more chores to me around the house that he has finally forced my hand and made me reveal the truth about my wimp. My father also had the nerve to suggest a part time job at a fast food restaurant. Can you imagine such a thing. I have never worked, nor will I ever work. Little was I aware that after this afternoon I would have my summer job.

Anyways I have just oiled up my flawless body and am laying in my new G-string next to my mom by the pool. It is Sunday at 1:00PM. I am supposed to wash, wax and fully detail my dad’s car for him sometime today and am waiting for them to go to their friends at 3:00PM to complete this chore as my wimp will be here at 3:01 to do the car.

For some reason all hell broke loose when my dad walked out to the pool and sat next me and my mother. Little did I know that the conversation and events that occur with parents on this afternoon will become a defining moment for my family and change all our lives forever.

Here is what happened.

“Oh no….Here he comes again. Can’t you get him a part time job or something mom?. I bet he brings the car up again. I know it has to get done today and it will as long as you go the Richards But he just won’t stop. Doesn’t he realize that I need to soak up the sun and relax first. You know I have a date tonight with Dave and need my beauty.” I say to my mom

“I know dear. Your father does just not understand. We are both very fortunate to have him in this family. He is a great husband and father. He means well. Just let his rants and raves go in one ear and out other like you always do OK dear? Believe me he just wants you to be happy.” Carly Mcbride my mother says

“I am happy. In fact, I love my life. Got lots of friends, a new stud boyfriend who is captain on the football team.” I say as my dad walks up and sits next to me in a chair.

My father is sweating a little and is drinking a large glass of ice tea.

“How are my two girls doing today?’ Richard Mcbride my father says

“Working hard day and living the dream dad” I say

“Ya it looks like you are working hard young lady. By the way my car is still gonna get done today correct “ Richard says

“(Pulling my sunglasses down and resting them on my nose and making eye contact with my dad). Yes dad. Planning to do it later. In case you didn’t notice I am a little busy right now.” I say

“(Laughing)Busy..Busy. How are you busy?’ Dad says

“I’m tanning. This body is not going to tan itself now is it dad?” I say

“You know Nicole I am a little tired of your attitude and I thought as you got older it would change but it seems to get worse the older you get. Now it is suppose to rain later so go start my car now and you can still get sun in the suit you wearing.” Dad says.

“No! I am busy right now. You car will get done. Have I not done you car correctly the last three times you made me. In fact, wasn’t it you who said how surprised you were when I showed you the engine.” I said

“Yes I have to admit. I was very proud of you dear. I still can’t believe you cleaned the entire engine area.” Dad said

“See dad. There is no reason to start a task if you are not going to complete the entire job.” I said

“In fact, wasn’t I so proud of you that I gave you $450 for that cheerleading camp?’ Dad says

“See worked out good for the both of us.” I said

“I will keep rewarding you as long as your responsible and prove that you can do something other than lounge around think the world revolves around you. Now I am serious the weather is gonna turn and it might rain so start the car now please. After all $450 for three washes is a lot of money” Dad said

“You gave me that $450 just not for the three car washes but if I remember correctly you said you were also proud of the way I have had my room spotless and didn't you say that you loved my new closet re-organization including the fact that I took the time to color coordinate my closet and hang everything by size?” I said

“Yes that was impressive to. That must have took hours to do.” Dad said

“Dad like I said there is no reason to start a task and not complete it. Now I am very busy right now. I will do the car even in the rain if I have too” I said

“In the rain. Are you nuts and you are not that busy.” Dad says

“Yes in the rain. I will wash it in the driveway and pull it in the garage and complete the inside and waxing.” I said.

“That's nuts young lady and I still do not know why you can’t do it now and since you seem hell bent on just lounging instead of doing the car why don’t you help hold the bag for my and help me pick all the dogshit up by the lake instead then? Now get up and help me. We can bond.” Dad says

I take my my sunglasses off my nose and throw them on the table next to me while sitting up and say

“DAD you are crazy to think that I am gonna pick up dogshit with you. I do not pick up dogshit. God that is just disgusting. I cannot believe you just said that.” I said

“Somebody has to pick it up.” Dad says

“Ya there called Mexicans or laborers, or peons, or losers, or wimps, Why do you think GOD made people like them” I said.


“Yes I am above those people and so are you! In fact, dad you have been frustrating me so much lately with this “do this...do that” attitude let me let you in on a little secret. I am to good to do your car, or even clean my own room. Why do think GOD made geeky little wimpy boys for..” I said.

My dad's jaw drops and he has a shocked look on his face but now I am pissed that he had the nerve to think I was gonna pick the dogshit up with him. My mom is just laying in the sun, eyes closed listening. My mom has a strange smirk on her face and seems to be enjoying the conversation.

I continue.

“In fact, let me let you in on a little secret dad. I have a 4.2 GPA and have never cracked a book. Don’t you find that odd? The reason for that is because I have geeks in everyone of my classes doing all my assignments.” I say

My dad tries to interrupt but I continue and I hold my hand up and say no dad let me finish because I am tired of these conversations.

“Not only don’t I do my assignments but I have only been in my school's library once because a hot jock I wanted to flirt with was in there so while flirting with him I made a little geeky boy who was sitting with his fat ugly girlfriend get up and give me a pedicure as my toes needed painting also.” I say

My dad's jaw is on the floor and he looks sick.

“Also I have never carried my own lunch tray to the garbage. I simply snap my fingers and look over to where all the wimps sit and point at my tray and with 5 seconds I have a wimp over taking not only my tray but all my friends trays to the garbage.”I say breathing heavy

My dad’s face is all red. He is fuming mad. He finally says


Now it was my turn for a surprise when my mom replies with her eyes still closed

“(Calm) Rich I see nothing wrong with Nicole having a few geeks or wimps assist her with her schoolwork or helping throw her trash away. Nor am I upset that she has wimps carrying her books, In fact, I am impressed with her time management abilities when she is smart enough to realize that her toes needed polishing while she was flirting with the stud in the library so she made the geek paint her toenails while she flirted. That was really smart of her as she probably got a date and still got her toes done. That was very smart Nicole?” Mom says,

“(Calm) Thanks mom. That is what I thought” I said

My dad is almost hyperventilating. His face is three shades of red. He is sweating.
“(Yelling) Carly that is crazy and I can’t believe you are condoning her behavior!!” Dad screams

“(Calm eyes still shut.)”What is wrong Richard. I had geeks doing my assignments in high school and college also. In fact, I had one geek Harvey who spent so much time getting me a 4.5 that he neglected his own work and failed out of school high school.” Mom say calmly

(Screaming) “What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Dad screams

“(Calm eyes shut still): Ya his name was Harvey. When he failed out of high school his parents were so mad at him because they know he is smart but I told him not to worry and advised him he could come to college with me if he wanted to.” Mom says

This story I had never heard and I was so proud of my mom. Dad looks sick.

Mom continues while chuckling

“I told little Harvey he could come to college with me but there would be no free ride. I told him that I was living in an off campus apartment with Lydia (Moms best friend and co-owner of her firm) and we had a large walkin closet where we could put a cot for him and and as long as he agree to work part-time and give me his checks for rent I would provide a roof over his head and feed him ramen noodles everyday. I also told Harvey that because he was only working part time Lydia and I would expect him to do all the housework (Laundry, cleaning etc). He is quite the maid. Of course, because he got me a 4.2 GPA in high school and was very smart he did all Lydia’s and my school work.”

I was so proud and excited to hear the rest of this story but I might need to call 911 for my dad.

“So what happened mom?” I said all excited

“(Shaking his head in disbelief) I can’t believe this and now I see where our daughter gets it from and why am I just hearing about this Harvey guy now? Wait a minute……...Harvey your janitor at the firm? Is this the same Harvey? My dad says with a disbelieving look on his face.

“Oh you met Harvey?. I was not aware” Mom says (opening her eyes and looking at my dad for the first time.

“Yes I know Harvey. I helped him with all that garbage when you needed to stop by the office on that Sunday a few months ago remember?” Dad screams


“Oh yes I finally got over being angry at Harvey for his screw up and took pity on him so offered him a minimum wage job about a year ago. He likes it much better that Burger King. But Rich please do not assist my staff again. I just bumped Harvey up by .25 cents an hour and expect him to earn his salary. I am a little pissed off that my janitor would allow his boss’s husband to assist him in his duties and I will address this with him Monday morning.” Mom says looking at dad.

“(Yelling) No your not gonna yell at that poor man! Me and you need to talk when Nicole is not around . I am very pissed off.” Dad yells

“Why can’t I hear! I am almost 18 and have my own Harvey and I think from what I am learning mom might have some great advice for me. I need to hear more about this Harvey idiot right now mom.?” I say

“(Yelling) Do not call him an idiot young lady!” Dad says

“Sounds like an idiot to me. Think about it dad. He got mom a 4.0 GPA in high school causing him to fail out and not graduate. Then he gets mom and Lydia through college and they become very successful and wealthy and now he scrubs their work toilets. I love it. Thank GOD he is a smart idiot Huh mom? Now dad I really need to speak with my mother about this Harvey idiot because he sounds just like my wimp so since you were gonna go pick the dogshit up why don’t you go do that so I can speak with mom alone.” I say all excited

(Screaming) No! I want to hear what you two discuss so you are gonna get off your ass and help me pick up dogshit, then your gonna do my car, then you gonna do any other thing I can find to keep you busy and after I discuss this with your mother than the three of us can sit down but I am too angry right now.” Dad screams

“Richard stop screaming at Nicole. I have never seen you so mad. It is not Nicole's fault at all.” Mom says calmly

“Dad I have a proposition for you because I am not leaving mom's side until she tells me more about this Harvey idiot. So if you wanna hear this conversation I will have my wimp come pick up all the dogshit by the lake for you as long as he is done by 3:00 becaase he needs to do your car then.” I say

“(Screaming again) WHAT! You aren’t the one doing my car?”Dad yells

“(Calm) Dad quit yelling. I never told you that it was me doing your car you just assumed it was me because you told me to do it and then I told Nick to do it for me. Besides I did spend some time on your car as I had to supervise my worker and check the car when he was done. Now do you want to do the dogshit or would you like Nick too” I say

(Shaking his head) Are you referring to Nick that nice kid from across the street? I thought you hated him and thought he was a nerd.” Dad says

“I don’t like him and he is a nerd but he sure likes me so I figured if he wants to like me and hang out with me then it am going benefit from it too. I think our relationship is awesome! Think about it Nick benefits as he gets to hang out with me while he cleans my room, organizes my closet, and does other chores for me. I benefitted as I got all my chores done and $450 from you. Now that I think about dad you benefited too as you got your car cleaned three times. I have the strong feeling that mom is gonna start benefitting too because there is a lot more to do around here. Right mom?” I said

“(Smiling and calm) Well I was impressed with the organization of your closet and would not mind if he organized and color coated mine too. In fact, tell me when you can schedule it and maybe I can have Harvey take a few hours off without pay of course and he can come over and give Nick some pointers because Harvey has years and years of experience.” Mom says.

“(Excited jumping up and down) FUCKIN A RIGHT MOM. Nick needs some guidance and could use a positive role model like Harvey.” I say

“(Yelling) No way. I am not having a grown ass man who is my wife’s janitor in this house with my 17 year old daughter organizing my clothes in my closet. Carly I can’t believe you even suggest such a thing He is probably a pervert and Nicole is only 17.” Dad says

“(Calm) I know how old Nicole is Richard! I believe she has a very mature mind and from what I am learning knows a great deal about bossing wimps around. I had no idea about any of this. I am OK with her meeting Harvey in fact I think she would love him. I also agree with Nicole and think Harvey would really help Nick. Also, as far as you worrying about him being a pervert do not worry Harvey has been in chastity for years now see the key on my anklet.” Mom says while pointing to a little key on her ankle.


My mom thoroughly explains chastity to my father and me. I am having a fucking orgasm and know that Nick is getting one as soon as possible.

“Carly we need to talk without daughter.” Dad says seriously.

“Dad go pick up dogshit now!’ I say

“I am not picking up the dogshit anymore ever. That has now become your job young lady and you are also gonna start working. I am going to put my foot down because this is just crazy talk. I can’t believe that I just learned that my wife of 17 years has locked some poor mans dick up in college and it still has it locked up. And to make worse he is her janitor. Now get up Nicole and pick up all that dogshit because it is your job” Dad screams

“Fine dad. Are you saying that it is my responsibility to pick the dogshit up.” I say glaring at my dad

“Every week Nicole. Every week” Dad says.

“Fine! I want in increase in my allowance then. Now let me get to work.” I say.

I grab my cell phone of the table and dial Nicks number and put the phone on speaker

“Who are you calling young lady. We are in the middle of something.” Dad says\

I hold the palm of my hand up and shove it in my dad's face and sat

“Be quiet dad I am working here” I say

Dad has a puzzled look on his face but my mom is smirking and I think she knows what I am doing

After the third ring Nick answers and the conversation go like this:

Nick: Hi Ms Nicole

Nicole: I have a new chore for and need right now

Nick: I am very busy hand washing the summer football teams jockstraps and I am a hard time hiding them from my mom.

Nicole: oh ya, I forgot that I had you doing those for Dave. But regardless, you can finish those tonight after you complete my dads car. You have work to do now. I need you to grab a shovel from your garage and a trash bag and start picking up all the dogshit behind the fence of my backyard near the lake. I am laying with my mom and expect to see you out there working in ten minutes OK?

Nick: what if your mom sees me?

Nicole: HUH?

Nick: What do I say if your mom sees me and what will she think when she sees me picking up all the your dogshit. Won’t she ask why?

Nicole: Well if she sees you she will probably say look at the wimp picking up all our dogshit. What kinda question is that idiot. Now I better see you hard at work in ten minutes.

Nick: Ms. Nicole just the area between the fence and the lake by your back yard?

My mom then signals me to put him on hold so I tell him Hold on idiot. I will be right back do not hang up.

I say

“What mom. “ I say

“Well I was just thinking now that it's summer me and your dad usually take a nightly walk around the lake and I am always looking for piles trying to avoid the dogshit and your dad stepped in a pile last night half way around so if it is not too much trouble maybe Nick could go around the whole lake so your dad doesn’t step in anymore.” Nicole

God I love my mom. We are cut from the same clothe. My dad looks ill and has a disbelieving look on his face

I say

“Great idea. Consider it done. Anything else?’ I ask my mom

“Well your dad's blue Nikes are in the garage and he wants me to clean them but if you're gonna make Nick pick up all the dogshit anyways and he is used to the smell can you have him clean the shoes too?” My mom says

God I love her and I just realize that loser Nick just got fucked because I think my mom is more excited than me.

“Absolutely Not! You two stop it.” Dad says yelling again

“Then clean your own damn shoes OK. Because I not? Mom yells back

“Dad shut up. I will do it for you. It really is no problem at all. Now shhh” I say.

I hit the hold button and resume the conversation which goes like this.

Nicole: You still there?

Nick: Yes Ms. Nicole

Nicole: OK. I want you just to walk around the entire lake and pick up all the dogshit because my dad stepped in some last night half way around the lake and cannot and will not happen again. So it takes my parent a good hour to just walk around the lake so I would imagine to actively search for dogshit it should take you two to two and half so get busy because you still have my dad's car to do and those stupid jock strap for the summer football team. SO no slacking. Got it.

Nick; Yes Ms. Nicole.

My mom is waving her hand like a mad woman so I say

Hold on again. Don’t hang up.

“What now mom?” I say

“Don’t forget your dads shoes! Remember? I am not doing it now.” My mom says all seriously

“Oh ya. I forgot. Consider it done. “ I say

I hit the hold button and resume the conversation:

Nicole: OK I am back. After you do pick up all the dogshit and before you get started on the car get my dad's blue Nike gym shoes which are in the garage by the door and clean them too. Now I am not going to constantly watch you but I am going to check your chores when you're finished. I do not want you to call me bothering me with your stupid question. I am relaxing right now and do not have the time or energy for you. Are my instructions in what you are to do clear?

Nick: Yes Ms. Nicole

Nicole: Well unlike some wimps who are smart you happen to be pretty dumb so let me make sure you know what my orders are. I do not want you bothering while I am relaxing in the sun. Repeat the three chores you are to complete for me.

Nick: Pick up all the dogshit around the entire lake, clean your dad’s blue Nikes and do his car like last time.

Nicole: In ten minutes I better see you hard at work.

Nick: Ms. Nicole do you think when I am done doing all that I can rub your feet please?

Nicole: No! Your working and picking up dogshit all afternoon so you're not coming anywhere near me

Nick: But Ms. Nicole I can wash myself it's just I heard you let Jeremy Strutter rub your feet yesterday after your cheerleading function and I was just wondering why you did not call me to do that for you.

Nicole: Loser I am trying to have a relaxing lazy afternoon and you are wasting my time with your stupid question. Do not call me or speak with me again till you have complete the three chores which I have assigned. I made Jeremy rub my feet because he was there, I like him better than you, he is cuter than you, and I felt like it. Your job is not to worry about who i have rub my tire cheerleading feet now goodbye.

I hang up and mom has tears coming down her cheek and is beaming with pride. Dad is hunched over shaking his head

“OK dad. Now that I am competing the new chore you gave me i want an extra $50 a week.” I say seriously

“I am not giving you $50 more a week” dad says

“I will and because you got your little worker out there minutes after your father told you to do it I will increase it by another $50. Hunny give your daughter $25 for the shoes. “ Mom says

“OK so now instead of getting $150 a week I get $250 and dad do not worry about the $25 that was on the house but only this once.” I say seriously

My dad just shakes his head. Then my cell rings from Nick's house and I go ballistic and answer on speaker while screaming. The call went like this


Anthony(Nicks cool brother): I am not your loser but I am calling because you have the little guy running all around the garage like a madman. He is practically in tears because he is not allowed to call you and ask question but he says he needs a large shovel and we only have a very small one for flowers.

Nicole: You tell the wimp having his brother call me is the same thing as him calling me. Not that I do not want to speak with you stud but I do not want to be pestered by the wimp all afternoon. He can use the small shovel. I do not care. Now tell him to get to work.

Anthony: What do you have the little idiot doing anyways?

I explained the three chores to Anthony who was laughing and then hung up.

I stretch back in my chair and say “OK dad. Not a bad day so far. I am tanning and made an extra $100 and it isn’t 2:00PM yet. Now do you need something to do because mom and I need to discuss this chastity issue and I need to learn more about Harvey. I say

I go inside and get three fresh large glasses of ice tea and while I am sitting back down I point towards our fence and say

“Look there is the little wimp is now.”

My mom and dad both almost kill themselves as they turned their heads so fast and look toward the fence. You can see Nick bedding down with a garbage bag in one hand and a little shovel in the other. My mom picks up her phone and says

“I will be right back I am gonna take a picture of him because Aunt Lydia is not going to believe me when I tell her tomorrow. She really gonna be proud of you Nicole.” Mom says while getting up walking to the fence and snapping tons and tons of pictures beaming with pride.

My dad is speechless and both watch my mom who is more excited than me. My mom gets done and lays back down next to me and says:

“I just sent Aunt Lydia three pictures and texted the situation. I know she is gonna be proud” Mom says.

At this point I am all business and say

“So let this me get this straight. This chastity makes it impossible for Harvey to get an erection and therefore he can’t have any sexual relationships. How does Harvey have he have an orgasm.” I say

“Well he doesn’t have any orgasms unless Lydia or I want him too. Don’t worry Richard since I have been married to you I stopped messing with poor Harvey’s chastity because I did not feel comfortable unlocking it for him and allowing him to pleasure himself over the toilet as I thought I would be cheating on you. Lydia takes care of all that nonsense every few months for the poor little fellow. But I wear his keys still so he understands that I still have the authority to unlock him if I deem to do so. However, I can still remotely shock his balls through my cellphone if I need anything but as long as he works at the office I never really use it.” Mom says

“(Screaming excited) Shock his balls? What does that mean” I scream

“Oh the ball shocking is great. It sends an electrical painful surge of electricity through poor Harvey balls and lets him know that I need something. But let me start at the beginning. In college chastity became necessary as Harvey’s masterbation became problematic because Lydia and I always had studs over. Poor Harvey would be trying to complete his daily chores meanwhile Lydia and I are having sex in our bedrooms and we found out that poor Harvey was not working very hard when this happened because he was always in the bathroom masterbating while listening to us have sex. I thought we were going to have to get rid of Harvey but Lydia searched the internet and found out about male chastity. After Harvey was secured and his masterbation problem ceased his work performance increased greatly. In fact, we found that the longer he was without an orgasm the harder and faster he worked. Of course we were in college then and pretty wild so poor Harvey really struggled sometimes. I can remember one example when Lydia cancelled his monthly release because Harvey forgot to polish some of her heels and that same night Lydia and I had two studs over and we had been drinking and decided to practice our deep throating abilities on our studs and Lydia made poor Harvey hold our hair for us while we serviced our studs. Poor Harvey was in tears because he had worked so hard that month for his chastity release and because he forgot a chore it cancelled. His poor arms were shaking so bad while he held Lydia and my hair for us. But guess what Harvey has never forgotten to polish Lydia’s shoes again.” Mom said.

As my mom is talking I almost orgasm again and dad’s jaw is on the ground and he is white. Then I say:

“I am having the same problem with Nick masterbating all the time. Where can I buy one and how much do they costs because it sounds to me like it is a wise investment plus I think Nick could really benefit from it. Plus I can’t wait to wear his key and my ankle and show all my friends” I say all excited.

“(Yelling) You're not putting Nick into chastity young lady. Wait a minute...Did you just say Nick masterbates?

“Yes I am. In fact, fuck the car I have been saving for. That $4500 I saved is going for Nicks chastity device because from what I just learned once in chastity I will not need a car as I will just make Nick drive me everywhere. Yes he hasn’t masterbated in front of me but he always is using the bathroom while doing his chores and I find used tissues in the garbage can. Plus from what mom just said I think chastity will keep Nick focused on his chores and not his stupid wimpy dick” I say

“(Yelling) I am not allowing it.” Dad says

“You do not have a say. I am almost 18 plus with or without your blessing Nick is going into chastity. Period. I want him to be my janitor someday.” I say

“Help me out here Carly you can’t approve of this” Dad say while looking at my mom

“Oh relax Richard. I agree with Nicole on this one and believe Nick could really benefit from chastity. I think it could be a great investment for her to make. Me and Lydia paid $3500 for poor Harvey’s because it had the spikes and ball shocker built in but what an investment because 24 years later all I to do is send a shock and Harvey comes running. Now where else can buy anything for $3500 that 23 years later still has that kinda return.” Mom says

“I still do not understand the ball shocker mom.” I said

“Well when Lydia investigated chastity we were informed that the more expensive units came with a ball shocker. Lydia and I figured for the extra $1000 it might be useful so we got it. We did not know how handy it would be until poor Harvey was secured. Like a week after we bought the chastity and put it on Harvey Lydia and I were lounging in the family room and Harvey was out in the parking lot washing my car and we both needed refills on our drinks so Lydia said let's see how the ball shocking works and shocked Harvey and with three minutes we had refills and do not have to budge from the couch. After that we told Harvey that one shock is for Lydia and two shocks is for me. The shocks can be delivered from a level of 1 to 12. A shock of about 7 will knock poor Harvey to the floor making it look like he is having a seizure. So we decided that a level three wouldn’t hurt that bad and would just jolt him to attention letting him know we needed something. The shocking feature was only $1000 but boy I can tell you it was money well spent. After that we had poor Harvey running and doing everything. There were a few times that we really fucked with poor Harvey but that is a story for another time. I do not shock Harvey or bother him at all but I am sure he still knows that if he gets two jolts he has to call me within five minutes or else.”Mom says

“Shock him twice mom and let's see please. In fact where is the shocker?” I say

“Once we graduated college we upgraded his chastity and now the shocking device is activated through my cell phone here and the rule is one shock for me and two for Lydia. Like I said I do not mess with Harvey because I married and hopelessly in love with you Richard and because of you Nicole and quite frankly have outgrown having some wimp running around doing things for me but Lydia still uses Harvey quite often but she is not married yet and a bit wilder. But if you would like to try Nicole hit this button on my cell twice and let’s see.’

My dad has given up and is just sitting here listening and his jaw is on the ground.

I hit the button twice and looked at my watch.

“When he calls Nicole answer my cell on speaker and I will let you speak with Harvey. He will be so happy because Harvey is always telling me how beautiful you are as he sees your pictures in my office. I want to see how he speaks with you and how you handle him” Mom says

“Why should I tell him we shocked him?” I said suddenly nervous

“Oh I do not care. What would you shock Nick for if dad and I weren’t home.” Mom said

“Honestly if you and dad weren’t home or knew about him he would be rubbing my feet as I lay out, then he would be doing dads car. I actually can find many chores for him to do. But when you guys are not home I usually have Nick rubbing my feet or waiting on me in one way or another. I said

“We'll see what Harvey is up to when he calls and if he is not busy have him come help Nick with his chore. I think Harvey would be a great role model for Nick. Harvey will be so happy. He says you're beautiful every time in he is cleaning my office. He will love to serve you Nicole.” Mom says

“How old is Harvey?” Dad says

“Oh I guess around 40 maybe. Why? What difference does that make. He is a wimp with a locked up penis they are ageless.” Mom says

“I do not know. I give up.” Dad says

“Dad I hope he is 40 because the thought of a 40 year old wimp with a locked up dick having to do what I say turns me on and trust me i will let the loser know too.” I say

“I do not know about this.” Dad say

My mom goes into bitch mode. I am just like her and never knew it. God I love her. My mom who is frustrated with my dad now says angrily

“Oh shut up Richard. (Mom has never told my dad to shut up) I have been a good wife and mother for years and until now have never spoken about this but Nicole is almost 18 and there are 18 old wimps too and I want to see how she handles an experience wimp. Now if you are gonna have issues go help Nick with the dogshit or shut up and observe.”Mom says raising her voice a little

I was so proud of my mom. I never have heard her speak to my dad with anything but respect until that is right now. I see exactly where I get it from. I am a lot bitchier and demanding than mom but she said she has lots of stories from high school and college which she has yet to tell me. Maybe in her younger years she was as bitchy as me. My aunt Lydia is a bitch but I never knew about Harvey. I can’t wait for my dad to leave or shut up.

“Did you just tell me to shut up and tell me to go pick up dogshit Carly?” Dad asks mom

“Yes I did Richard. I have observed you get on Nicole for the last six months for for no reason at all. I am so proud of my daughter. She has maintained over a 4.0 GPA and does everything you asks whether she does it or not it gets done. Nicole is beautiful. More beautiful than me or Lydia ever were and I have known for years now that boys go crazy when she enters room. I have also known for years that there are wimps/losers who would do anything for her attention but never told her to act use those wimps. Now that I have found out that she has a wimp of her own and has for sometime now I want to empower her. So yes if you can’t deal with this go do something else and as far as I am concerned wash your own damn car because if you do not like the way your daughter does it than do it yourself because the way Nicole does it is to have Nick do it for her.”. Mom says while chewing out my dad.

Just then moms cell phone rings.

“Oh that must Harvey and in 3.5 minutes. See 20 something years later and he still is reliable as ever for $3500. Here hunny answer it and hit speaker as I want to hear you in action:

The following call went like this:

Nicole: Hello this is Nicole

Harvey: I am sorry ma’am but I must have the wrong number because the person I am calling is not you.

Nicole: Who are you calling?

Harvey: What difference does that make she is not named Nicole. I am sorry

Nicole: Is this Harvey?

Harvey: Yes. who are you?

Nicole: I am Nicole your boss Carly Mcbride’s 17 year old daughter

Harvey: Oh Ms. Nicole I so sorry for the disrespect please do not tell your mom or I will get in huge trouble. I apologize ma’am. But hey did you shock me?

Nicole: Yes I did Harvey and the reason I did is because I need you to come and help my wimp with some chores. Do you know where I live?

Harvey: Yes I do (stuttering) but right now I am going to my best friends from high schools 40 birthday party so it is not a good time.

Nicole: Do you think I care about your dorky friends party and I do not know how you had any friends in high school because mom told me you were always studying so she could get straight A’s. Now my dad's car needs cleaning, dogshit need picking up, shoes need to be cleaned and I am certainly not going to do any of these chores. I make my wimp neighbor who is a complete loser like you do it. I am telling you that you need to come help him because there is lots to do. Now that I think about it harvey my toilet needs scrubbing and from what I have learned this afternoon you are the expert and can show my loser how to complete his chores with more efficiency and productivity. Am I clear?

Harvey; Does your mom or dad know you are contacting me.

Nicole: How can you get my mom and Aunt Lydia over 4.0 GPA but be so stupid. Did you not call me because you were jolted with electricity twice in your nuts?

Harvey: Well yes I did Nicole

Nicole: There is no well about it loser. If I shocked you twice then my mom must have told me that is how to contact you right.?

Harvey; Yes Nicole

Nicole: I would think that a loser who has served in chastity for so long would be more respectful and I think I deserve respect anyways loser so start calling me Ms. Nicole got it.

Harvey: Yes Ms. Nicole please do not tell your mom

Nicole: Do not tell me what I can and can’t tell my mom. I think my wimp is better mannered than you and he is not even in chastity yet. And to think that if you could get here in 20 I was going to allow you to rub my tired cheerleader feet and now you will be lucky I give the the privlidge of picking up my dogshit.

Harvey: Ms Nicole I am sorry. I was not telling you what to tell her please let me rub your feet.I think you are so beautiful as I see your pictures all the time.

Nicole: Ya you see my pictures when you're scrubbing my mom toilet in her private office or giving her shoes a quick polish or taking out her trash bin. Do you think a girl like me wants someone like that rubbing her feet. Don’t answer because I already know the answer which is no she does not. Now I heard your fifteen minutes away. I will be kind and give you 20 minutes and for each minute you're late we will add an additional month until you're allowed an orgasm. Oh and I am going to start wearing your chastity key on my ankle and when I hang up with you I am calling my Aunt Lydia and advise her that I'm in charge of you orgasms for now on. Am I clear?

Harvey Yes Ms. Nicole. Do I still cum tonight because Lydia was going to allow me my monthly release tonight at 9:00.

Nicole: No I have a date with my stud boyfriend tonight so you can wait till next month. And you better start putting a MS. in front of every name you say for now on so I know you are being respectful and do not ask me when you can cum again as I will advise you when I decide but let me tell you that if you are not constantly kissing my ass and making me happy you will never cum again. Is that clear loser.

Harvey: Yes Ms. Nicole. I am leaving now see you in under 20 minutes and thank you.
I hang up the phone and my dad is just shaking his head speechless but my mom is beaming with pride and smiling ear to ear when she finally says

“Oh Harvey is gonna love you but Harvey is my loser. I told you to answer and speak with him not steal him. What makes you think I am going to give you Harvey’s chastity key young lady? What makes you think Lydia will allow you to change or delay his chastity releases.” Mom asks while smiling.

“Well I don’t know that you would give me the key or that Aunt Lydia would allow me to be in charge of his chastity releases but I have and idea which popped into my head once I was talking to Harvey let me tell you what I am thinking and again as I was speaking with Harvey I observed Nick bend over and pick up the dogshit I thought that this could be a good summer job for me as I am really really really good at bossing wimps around.”

“How does that job pay you young lady.” Dad asks

“Well I just made an extra $100/week from mom for having Nick do the doghshit around the lake.” I say and was interrupted as mom's cell phone rang.

“Oh it’s Lydia. Hold on Nicole let me take this. “ Mom says

My mom keeps telling Lydia that the pictures are real and quickly advise what she has learned about me and the call ends.

“Lydai is right around the corner and wants in on this discussion so she will be here in a few but she is so so so proud of you Nicole and says she will gladly let you be in charge of Harvey’s chastity releases and suggests you don’t let him cum for awhile and make him kiss your ass a lot first.” Mom says while removing her anklet and Harvey chastity key and handing both to me.

“Now here put this anklet and wear Harveys key proudly and make sure he sees it when he gets here OK?’

Fuckin A right it's OK. This is the best day of my life. When this discussion started I was just going to reveal to my parents the fact that wimp does chores for me. Little did I know but just a short hour later I am given a trained wimp with his dick locked already. Now I have two of them.

In Part 2: Lydia arrive and locked up Harvey arrives and a new Teen Goddess is born.
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kwstas_doulos kwstas_doulos is offline
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I love your stories....
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morris474 morris474 is offline
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Fantastic, I love the young brat Girl loving her power/. Thank you
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Skatana this is some great writing
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Please continue your story!!! Its fantastic!
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WoW Skatana, that story is fantastic and I hope that there is more...much more!!
Thanks and please continue.
TuttO ruota intorno a Lei !
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Great story!
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