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the female democratic supremacy party part 12

Maria soon had David in position. He was lying on his back with his legs up in the air at haa right angle to his body. He legs were together and restrained at the knees and ankles. His legs were tied to a punishment trestle with just his feet sticking up over the top.
Natalie and Sgt Abbots were served a delicious piece of chocolate cake as they sat in their comfy chairs.
Sally Abbots said,
When your ready haNatalie, tell Maria to start the punishment .
Natalie deliberately kept him waiting to jangle his nerves. She was loving this and after a while she ordered.
Maria please commence the punishment.
Maria loved this type of punishment and had a grin on her face as she swished her cane a few times before drawing her arm back and splat the cane bit into his unprotected bare feet.
David let out a bellow of pain and frantically tried to struggle in his bonds.
Natalie and the SGT burst out laughing at his antics enjoying his suffering.
Swish splat no 2 landed and David howled and shouted,
No no fucking hell no more.
Sgt Abbots nodded to Maria who stopped and she approached David with Natalie right behind her
Sally Abbots stood over David and placed her booted foot on his chest and said,
How dare you use language like that in front of superior ladies , Id start apologising if I was you.
At this she used the thin stiletoe of her heel to gouge into his unprotected nipple. Twisting her foot and putting more weight on as she did so, enjoying torturing his body with her boot heel.
AGGHHH wailed David, Im sorry, im so sorry he babbled.
I think he should get that stroke again, and an extra stroke as punishment what do you think Natalie
Mmm Let me think
Replied Natalie as she placed the stiletoe heel of her sandal on the back of his right hand and pressed it down hard ,
The stroke again and two extra strokes , That language really offended me pouted Natalie.
At this Sally twisted her foot sideways and back really punishing his nipple saying,
You heard her, a repeat and two extra , Thank your Superior for her sentencing .
David was in agony, these cruel bitches were really torturing him he glanced up at Natalie who was grinning down at him and forced himself to say,
Thank you Miss Natalie for hahahasentencing me .
Natalie was just loving this and replied sweetly
Its my pleasure and as she did so she dug her heel into the back of his hand some more.
David couldnít believe how evil they were being to him. Didnít they know how painful having the soles of your feet caned was,
At this Sally and Natalie took up the comfy seats again and Natalieha announced,
Continue the punishment please .
Maria couldnít Wait and swish splat she delivered the repeat stroke .
David writhed in his bonds bellowing in agony as all three women burst out laughing.
David some how got through the next few strokes and Sally Abbots whispered to Natalie who replied,
Oh yes I love it.
Natalie then held her hand up and Maria stopped.
Natalie announced.
Maria, deliver the last two strokes full force, I donít want you to be lenient at all. hahaha
No No that bitch, thought David as Maria grinned and pouted
My pleasure.
Maria Drew her arm right back and splat she delivered a hareal stinger to the unprotected feet. It was if David had received an electric shock. He convulsed in his bonds and bellowed out at the top of his voice.
n thought this was hilarious. Natalie didnít feel sorry for him for 1 second. She realised that she had been far too easy on David . But that was going to change. He was going to see a big difference , She was going to make him wait on her hand and foot. She was going to be deliberately difficult and bitchy to him.
She was going to taunt him, torment him and work him, for her fun and pleasure. And if he failed in any way she would punish him harshly. She realised she was totally superior to him in every way and he had better accept it or suffer.
Maria took her time delivering the last stroke, she liked making him wait for it, Then she drew haher right arm right back and swish splat as hard as she couldha she caned his feet.
David lurched about in his tight bonds crying and bellowing, she loved it. Before the revolution she never realised she was such a sadist. She loved punishing men and she was proud of the pain she had inflicted for her sisters. For women.
She wondered how it must feel to be caned so hard, but she knew hashe would never have to suffer it, she was a after all a superiorha and only inferior males got to be punish so hard.
SGT Abbots said,
Lets leave him here for a while to think about his lesson I will show you around the custody area if you like,
Natalie was very happy to do so. And followed SGT Abbots . As they entered the custody area Natalie saw a side room with a halow bench in it with what must have been twenty pairs of Knee length high haheeled police haboots hain a row , a male called Tony was polishing a pair of the boots whilst being watched by police officer Kimberley Jones.
SGT Abbots informed Natalie. Tony cant resist alcohol. He was ordered not to drink any by his Mistress but he tried to sneak some. If you notice his but cheeks you will see that Maria warned them up for him earlier. ha
Natalie could see some nasty cane welts across his back side.
Anyway halaughed SGT Abbotsha he has been sentenced to three days boot polishing for the officers. After every shift they hand in their boots and he has to polish them to a brilliant shine . 12 hours of boot polishing with someone overseeing him at all times. haha
Tony was using a soft cloth to polish up the boot in his hand. At this officer Jones slapped his face hard with her gloved hand ordering,
Work that duster boy I want to see my face in those boots when your done.
Tony replied,
Yes Miss , I will miss and his arm polished away at the boot as fast as he could.
Natalie thought it was so funny and the fact that he was being made to do it for 12 hours, 12 hours with overseeing from a woman who would not allow the slightest slacking. Fabulasí .
Next they saw some males in small cells, designed so the men couldnít lye down or stand up properly to cause maximum discomfort. Then Sgt Abbots showed her a punishment room.
A male was tied down to a bench and was awaiting his fate. The male was naked and shivering, either from the cold or fear.
At this a door burst open and a beautiful black woman, Jessica hacame in dressed in standard police uniform , but with an evil leather paddle in her hand ha.
She waved at SGT Abbots and haNatalie and approached the male.
The charge is incivility to a female, Sentence is 30 strokes. I will begin.
At this she raised the paddle above her head and splat she brought it down on his unprotected butt.
The male moaned in pain as Jessica raised the paddle a second time and splat she landed the second stroke. By 5 the male was bellowing and Jessica taunted.
Finding it hard to take are we prisoner.
The male just moaned.
Jessica continued. Well from now on donít forget to kiss your bosses boots with enthusiasm. When she clicks her fingers, is that clear,
Yes Miss sobbed the male. Please Miss Im sorry , Mercy Miss please.
Shut up idiot Your still getting the full amount so donít expect leniency pouted Jessica and splat the paddle landed again driving him mad with pain.
Jessica and the ladies laughed at him . It was so fun for them.
After a look around the rest of the station SGT Abbots took haNatalie back to where David was still on his back in the room . with a nod from the SGT Mariaha untied him and he collapsed on the floor.
Natalie pouted,
Get over here David.
David was still in pain but crawled over to her feet.
My feet have got a bit worm walking around and need refreshing take my sandals off and suck my toes.
David immediately removed her sandals not wanting to annoy her for fear of the consequences.
First sniff the ordered Natalie and waggled her toes in her stockings.
David buried his nose in her nylon toes and sniffed hard taking in the smell of feminine perspiration.
Good hanow suck my toes and donít slobber warned Natalie.
David had never done this before and opened his mouth wide so that she could place her toes inside,
Natalie pushed her toes in and commanded
suck .
David had to make himself do it.
He was gaging on the salty tasteha and the mesh of the stocking against his mouth.
Natalie on the other hand was loving it.
Really suck that sweat out boy
She ordered as he doubled his efforts to suck harde4r for her.
MMMM that feels so good
Purred Natalie to Sally Abbots , He is hagoing to be doing this for me very often ,
Natalie continued,
He looks so stupid with my foot in his mouth doesnít he.
Sgt Abbots laughed,
Just like a stupid male Ha Ha ha Ha
David sucked on the stockings having to swallow often so as not to slobber on her stockings , forcing him to experience the full taste of her feet.
This is the life laughed Natalie , us girls haare so much stronger and smarter than men. Thatís why they have to serve us.
Oh yes , defiantly laughed Sgt Abbots, My husband is cleaning our house from top to bottom with one of my partying heels tied over his nose, and she giggled.
Just to remind him who is boss.
Natalie changed foot and had him lick the soles first this time, before inserting her toes again ,
Get to work , Boy she commanded.
Natalie was loving having him lave his tongue up and down her nylon covered sole and made him do it for a while before commanding. Get my toes in your mouth andha haif you slobber I will personally cane your feet 20 times di I make myself clear.
Although David was hating it he forced himself to suck on her nylon toes, He sucked as hard as he could to stop her punishing him again.
Natalie made him suck them for at least 10 minutes before she had him put her sandals back on her feet.
SGT Abbots said,
Take him home and demand top service, if you have any problems , the slightest thing , bring him back and we will make today seem like a walk in the park for him. We recommend you are deliberately difficult and picky with him , enjoy making him jump through hoops for you, That way he will lean quicker.
Natalie agreed and she was escorted to a nice big BMW car and sat in the back seat in comfort.
Officer Katherine Millar a stunning red head with fantastic legs , marched David out to the car. He had his hands cuffed behind his back . She opened the boot and ordered.
Get in boy.
David couldnít work out how to do it in plastic cuffs and hesitated.
At this the officer drove the pointy toe of her boots into his very tender Butt,
David howled in agony haas the officer shouted
Get in now you idiot.
David jumped forward and lay in the boot Officer Millar went to shut the boot but couldnít resist giving him a couple of jabs in the butt with her pointy boot heel.ha Enjoying his suffering, before slamming the boot down.
Natalie arrived home a short time later in comfort hahawhere as David was rolling around in the boot and suffering.
Natalie let David out and cut the plastic cuffs of his wrists.
David wasa feeling sorry for himself and rubbed his arms to get the circulation back.
Natalie keen to press home her authority hissed.
Is this how you greet a superior, boy.
He immediately realised his mistake and fell to his knees and started frantically kissing the nylon covered feet in front of him.
Natalie liked this but pressed home her superiority by saying ,
Thatís just cost you 10 strokes of my slipper on your butt boy.
No, David thought my butt is still so sore and started to beg
Please Please Miss Natalie no more punishment , Im sorry I cant take any more.
Natalie was loving his begging and watching him kissing her feet.
And replied,
You need to learn you lesson . I intend to teach you to serve Mummy and me properly, and if you donít please me You will pay. Now get inside and make me a sandwich.
David rushed off and Natalie slumped down in front of the TV. Just as a government announcement was being broadcast.
The camera showed the house of lords chambers then focused in on Sarah Proudman haand her deputies Calair Malven . Michele Moon, and Karen Brady. haThey were all wearing short Navey dresses, with navy stockings and very high heeled Navy leather hastiletoes . The shoes were polished to a gleam and beneath the shoes were the bare chest of men. Men being trodden on by their superiors
Satrah Proudman started,
Ladies our nation goes from strength to strength, Business productivity is at its highest ever, our streets are clean and safe our roads and public transport is efficient, and we women are making a total success of running everything. Male unemployment is zero and we women are enjoying the fruits of our labour, well male labour , she laughed.
Yes ladies our standard of living is so much better. We are achieving our birthright. We are being waited on hand and foot, we are being served just as we deserve.
But ladies there are those who still resist our principles, Men who want to go back to causing wars and conflicts and running corporations badly. haSome deluded women are asking if we should ease up on men and let them be equals.
I say never, just as our policies are winningha and we realise as women we are intellectually superior, Physically superior , in fact totally superior, why would we want to make the mistakes of the past.
No I say we keep men in their place haunder our heels ,
As she said this the camera went to a shot of her feet as she deliberately harocked back onto her spike heels which she had positioned over the male she was standing ons nipples.
Her heels gouged into his sensitive nipples bringing a muffled cry of pain.
We must make our regime harder if anything, our hard labour stations more sevear, our prisons tougher and bring all men to our feet.ha We deserve to be waited on and we will.
The women in the public gallery who had been applauding now chanted. Sarah , Sarah, Sarah.
She continued. When I go home at night, I demand to be served. If I want my feet massaged they will be massaged. I will live in style and luxury, Because as a women I demand it.
All to rapturous applause.
Natalie loved it and cheered just as her stupid step brother arrived on his knees with her favourite sandwich , Tuna and Mao.
Natalie took it and ordered,
Go and fetch my slipper, bring it to me in your mouth.
David wanted to beg but ran off and came back with her mule slipper in his mouth.
He had the fluffy strap over the top in his mouth forcing his nose against the toe part of the inner sole. He could smell the scent of her feet from them and didnít like it much.
Natalie giggled at him and laughed,
I bet they smell nice boy , bring it here.
She took the slipper off him and had him lye over the arm of a chair she then made him lower his pants and proceeded to spank his butt with the sole of her slipper.
Wailed David as her spiteful slipper bit into his battered and bruised butt.
Shut up weakling ,
she giggled and splat used the slipper again and again bringing fresh Howells of pain.
Oh my god she was loving this she thought and she would make him thank her afterwards
After 10 her once lazy step brother was in tears and she pressed home her advantage by making him thank her and kiss the soles of her feet.
The next day government cars pulled up at a huge field in Lincolnshire for the first official ploughing match of the new regime.
Sarah Proudman haand her usual team were taken to a large area of decking about 1 meter hahigh with red carpet covering the wood. Tables had been set out on the decking and powerful good looking women were being shown to the tables , each had a comfortable chair and there were males under the tables for use by the ladies.
At this Jolanta the beautiful Polish blonde woman took a micro phone and addressed the ladies. Soon the ploughing will commence , ladies enjoy the beautiful food and wine on offer as you watch the ploughing. The males under your table are for foot massages just kick them if you want service.
You will see a key pad on your table this is to vote as we go along which team in your opinion is slacking. The match will be stopped ever half hour theha team with the most votes will receive a whipping from me, and will only be given my special water to drinkha Ha ha ha ,
Of course the team mistresses will use their whips as encouragement , we know how lazy men can be.
At this the team mistresses and helpers secured the ten slaves to each of the 5 ploughs. By chains to there waist and shoulders. The main beam was 60com x 60 cm bt 2 metres with the cross piece nearer to the back The 4 plough shares were attached to this and a land wheel at each end. On top at the cross Piece was a comfortable seat with a whip holder Just for the ladies comfort
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Thanks for this latest chapter. Looking forward to the step brother serving "mummy" and his step sister together.
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Thanks for your reply neal
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Very nice!

Just wondering why there are so many instances of 'ha' scattered throughout the story before some of the words (not including the times in which a woman is laughing at the slave - where 'ha' makes sense).

For instance:

Natalie was very happy to do so. And followed SGT Abbots . As they entered the custody area Natalie saw a side room with a halow bench in it with what must have been twenty pairs of Knee length high haheeled police haboots hain a row , a male called Tony was polishing a pair of the boots whilst being watched by police officer Kimberley Jones.
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Sorry oneauthor Just Typos as I was rushing out the chapter and didnt proof read
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Great Story, very many thanks.
Love the spiked heel nipple torture, more of that would be good.
Again many thanks

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Thanks rog03 Its good to get positive feedback
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One more excellent continuation.
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Thanks cothtath
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