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Two very different lives

This story comes from my imagination and love of the dichotomy between mistress and slave.

The premise is a middle aged single man (me) who is very submissive with a very strong foot fetish who fantasizes about being totally owned by a woman, sacrificing and suffering daily, truly for her benefit. I am writing this story from two different prospectives, first her's (Mistress Billie) then mine, with a brief synopsis of how it all started.

Last year John made contact with a foot fetish site that advertised session with the mistress of your choice and the site requested a description of what you wanted during session, kinks, etc. John wrote a long description of all of his kinks and wishes and requested a one hour session with Mistress Billie, a beautiful young blonde with gorgeous feet. Mistress Billie responded, told him she thought she could bring johns fantasizes to life and a session was set up.

Fast forward 6 months:

My name is Billie, I am 24 years old, a part time bartender and I also work, mostly for fun at a "foot fetish house" catering to men with foot fetishes. It is a lot of fun for me as I am able to play different roles. I really enjoy the dominant role as outside of the house I am a very giving and caring, fun loving person but with several clients, one in particular, I am somewhat of a bitch.

His name is John and I have been seeing him weekly at the house for sessions for about six months. We really click and have a good time playing, he is very generous to me. When we're playing I make certain rules for him that he follows throughout the week. Sometimes, I think it is a little extreme but he really likes the roles we both play.

John really likes the idea of male chastity, financial domination and some very strict rules. When John comes to session I try and think of new ways to excite him and he is really like putty in my hands when I take my shoes off. Most of my requests come when my feet are resting on his face, he never says no.

I talk often to the owner of the house, and she given me some really cool ideas to make our relationship better. She knows much more about this kind of thing than me. With her help, John and I have pretty strict rules that we follow and it truly is a very rewarding experience for both of us.

John sees me once a week and of course pays his session fee and always brings me flowers and other thoughtful gifts when he comes. John is locked in a male chastity device and I have the key ( which is a really cool feeling). We feel like being monogamous in our relationship works best. John brings me his paycheck stub every week and gives me half, in cash as an additional tribute. John makes about $1,000 per week, so he gives me a $500 tip every week. John seems to be pretty frugal so I'm sure he does fine on the $300 a week he has after paying his session and tip. I usually request 5,000 hand written lines from John every week, usually one sentence each about sacrificing for me and his love for me and my feet. It's my way of trying to give him a little more than just a one hour session per week, this way he gets to think about me a little more during the week.

In session, John is always so sweet, never demanding like some other clients, he is always so respectful of me and my time. After paying tribute and tip, I usually take a quick look at his lines while he kneels and rubs my feet. John understands if I have to cut our session short because of other commitments or if something else is going on. I usually keep my phone with me while John is in session because he doesn't mind me picking up during session, I usually just let him serve as my footstool during these times.

I usually rub my feet on John's face and put my toes in his mouth for at least 5 minutes per session and when we're done, I give him my chastity key so he can have his release. John doesn't want to disrespect me so he usually releases in the corner while I play with my phone. Sometimes I ask him if he will wait an extra week for his release (my friends idea) and he always agrees. The next week he is over the top submissive, it's really cool to see.

Anyways, I usually do two or three sessions a week, but johns is always my favorite. I also bartend in the side for fun. My extra money at the foot fetish house gives me the freedom to vacation with my boyfriend and go out and do more things like nice dinners and cool concerts. I usually tell John about our vacations and stuff I buy because I know how happy that makes him.

To be continued: next up Johns story
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thanks, nice story
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Great promise for this story please continue
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Very nice story!
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