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Two very different lives johns story

Johns story:

My name is John, I'm a fifty year old single man and my life literally revolves around Mistress Billie. I was very fortunate to have met her about six months ago at a "foot fetish house". She is the most beautiful woman in the world and I worship the very ground she walks on.

That being said, the last six months have been extremely challenging for me. The highlight of my week is the hour that I get to spend with Mistress Billie, being in her presence is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Mistress Billie is so gracious, she allows me to rub her gorgeous feet every week and almost always lets me kiss her beautiful feet. For my birthday, Mistress Billie even let me pick out the color for her pedicure and let me pay for it as well.

Mistress Billie is very busy and sometimes needs to take calls from her friends during our sessions or leave early if she had plans. She usually puts her big toe in my mouth as I kneel before her to tell me she's leaving (sometimes after only 15 minutes) and tells me how proud she is of me and what a good slave I am. Although disappointed, I understand am am so happy for anytime I'm allowed to spend with Mistress Billie. Unfortunately it's during these sessions I must wait for another week for release from my chastity, but that's ok because my happiness comes from Mistress Billie's happiness.

When I'm not with Mistress Billie, my life has changed quite a bit. i am thinking of selling my condo and my new truck as I am really starting to fall behind on payments. I have stopped eating meat and try to maintain a pretty strict budget under $50 a week for food. Most of my free time is spent writing lines to Mistress Billie, professing my love to her.

I find myself constantly horny thinking about Mistress Billie and with my chastity device securely on, that never changes. I am able to save money by not dating as I would not ever want to upset Mistress Billie, she enjoys my monogomous relationship to her. Mistress Billie is so appreciative of my sacrifice and once gave me an old pair of flats she wore on her last vacation with her boyfriend. They were the greatest gift I have ever received, Mistress Billie even gave them to me for free, she is so generous.

I have pretty much cut off most communication with family and friends because I just don't have the time I used to and also it is hard to explain my new living arrangements. Also in good faith I couldn't go out with my friends and buy a meal or a beer when that money could go to Mistress Billie's wants and needs.
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Good start, tell us more. Thank you.
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This is really creative. I'd love to see her add on a few other extra torments that she thinks wouldn't be a big deal but send John into mind numbing despair.
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