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After permitting me to have two orgasms within a short time, Mistress Caitlin spoke, ‘Assume the position, kicking bag’.

‘Yes Your Highness’.

‘I have to admit I had an ulterior motive letting you get yourself off twice, loserboy. I’m absolutely itching to damage you some more and, sometimes, I want my victims to feel sexually flat when I crucify them. It makes the pain worse, your focus becomes the pain, not the arousal’.

‘Yes Mistress Caitlin’.

‘The fact is, I missed crippling you. Seeing the look on your face as the first kick cuts into your scrotum is priceless. It’s like you forget from one flogging to the next how painful it is. The next enjoyable moment is after the second or third kick when you’re disabled and you couldn’t escape whatever punishment I have in store for you, even if you tried. That’s powerful cause I know I could snuff you out if I chose’.

I was kneeling before a force of nature who was wasting any ego of mine that remained.

‘Then, as I carve you up, seeing the agony on your face as you try to withstand my onslaught tells me how much you value being my kicking slut. I love seeing you reeling from the full frontal assault of my destructive right hook. But the highlight is always the last kick, the destroyer that takes you down’.

‘I like hearing you beg for it, I like building up the terror by making you close your eyes then breathe in, breathe out. But I really love the look on your face as I kick your balls with all my strength before you go down in a heap. It’s the definition of agony, that look, it’s priceless. Are you scared boy?’

‘I am Mistress Caitlin but I’m also resigned to my fate. I know there’s nothing I can do to stop you or modify what you have in store for me, so I’ll just try to take it like a man’.

‘Take it like a man, how quaint. Let’s turn your balls into cumstain, shall we?’

‘Whatever you say, Your Highness’.

‘Close your eyes. It’s time’.

It was a brutal beating, even by Miss Caitlin’s standards. She obviously had pent-up emotion and angst that needed releasing and, by the time she’d finished with me, all of her stresses had been transferred into my scrotum. I lay on the floor at her feet.

‘Roll on your back fag’. She placed her right foot on my face.

‘You have no idea how good that makes me feel. I’m almost as addicted to ballbusting as you are to the soles of my feet. Honestly, I’d flog anyone to sate my urges but that underclass of males where you belong stimulates me the most. The thought of having scum like you meekly kneeling before me knowing I’m about to destroy their ball sac is a big turn-on’.

She sat down, spent. I was a mess. ‘Get under my feet turd’. I was in paradise again. Her soles were to die for, or die at, I wasn’t really sure what she had in store for me in the future.

‘One more thing. Next time your Master wants something from you, your reply will be, “It will be a privilege to serve you Sir”. I don’t want any fucking around like went on today. Do I make myself clear faggot?’

‘Yes Mistress Caitlin, you’re crystal clear’.

‘Good. I’m back at work tomorrow so Georgie and I will be over for a foot massage at 5. See you then’.

And with that, she was gone again.
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I really enjoyed the last two updates.
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Fantastic story I love every single chapter!
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Things had taken a new twist rather suddenly and unexpectedly. I really wanted to minimise my exposure to other people while serving as a slave to Mistress Caitlin. It had been disconcerting being ‘outed’ in front of Miss Georgie but, being exposed as a foot freak in front of Adam, or Sir, or Master, or whatever I was meant to call the prick, was mortifying.

I racked my brain trying to think of a solution where I could withdraw from that part of my service to Mistress Caitlin without causing too much fuss, or without her wanting to rain hell down on me!! I couldn’t think of one. Perhaps a man-to-man chat with Sir would work? He would understand that I wasn’t into serving other males, surely? Then again, how do you have a man-to-man conversation with someone who addresses you as faggot?

My reverie was interrupted by the front door opening and Miss Georgie and Mistress entered. It was only 4pm so I wasn’t kneeling inside the door. My heart was in my mouth as Mistress spoke,

‘Oh don’t worry slut, we finished early, it was a quiet day. I don’t expect you to be able to read minds. As I’ve told you before, I’m not unreasonable, cruel yes, unreasonable no haha’.

Whew, that was a relief.

‘Start massaging Georgie’s feet. Now, there’s something I want to ask you. You’ve probably served heaps of Mistresses over the years; did any of them teach you how to do a decent pedicure?

‘Yes Your Highness, I had a Mistress who was a beautician so I was trained as her pedicure bitch.’

‘So you can do a pedi properly, cuticles and all that?’

‘Yes Mistress Caitlin’.

‘What happened to that Mistress turd?’

‘She left town, got married and had a baby Mistress Caitlin, and she no longer required my services’.

‘Hmm, I suppose that does happen. OK, I’m appointing you to a new position. You will have the honour of being the personal pedicurist of Georgie and me. Does that thrill you fuckwit?’

‘Very much, Your Highness’.

‘Tomorrow you will buy all the paraphernalia needed for a professional pedicure and 10 bottles of OPI nail polish, which will include a two deep red and a few peach shades. Any questions dickhead?’

‘I have none Mistress Caitlin’.

‘Good. See, I told you Georgie, footsluts like this creature were bound to have other usable skills for us to exploit.’

Miss Georgie spoke, ‘That’s great, assuming he does a good job; I mean, one less thing. Look Caitlin, I’ve got to go. I might as well use this early finish to catch up on some bookwork and ordering for the café’.

‘Me too Georgie, I’m seeing Adam a little later.’

They both headed towards the door. Georgie spoke, ‘Hey Caitlin, don’t you normally bust the fag before you leave. I don’t want him to miss out hehe’.

‘Why don’t you do the honours Georgie?’

‘’I’ve never kicked a male in the balls before, I wouldn’t know what to do’.

‘Just order him to Assume the Position then kick his balls as hard as you can. Easy peasy’.

Miss Georgie spoke, ‘Assume the Position, turd.’

I did as instructed, on my knees, legs spread as wide as possible, hands behind my back, pelvis thrust forward and chin up, just as Mistress Caitlin had trained me to do. She always demanded ‘full access’.

I knelt there and Mistress strutted over and kicked me on the inside of my thighs, hard, then said, ‘Give Miss Georgie full access, dipshit’.

There was no need for it, my legs were spread as wide as possible, it was just a display of power. I co-operated by wriggling so it appeared I had obeyed. Mistress Caitlin was dangerous in a situation like this.

‘He’s all yours Georgie’

Miss Georgie kicked me gently in the balls. Mistress said, ‘That’s a love tap Georgie. Watch this.’

Mistress drilled one of her vicious signature turbo kicks into my balls and I shuddered ,but did not grunt or fall, because that was against her Ballbusting Rules.

Miss Georgie gasped, ‘Holy shit Caitlin, you’re kidding. You’d be arrested for grievous bodily harm if you did that in public. I’ve seen the damage you’ve done to the fag sac before but I didn’t realise you were so violent’.

Maybe I had an ally, maybe this was a signal for Mistress to not be as savage with her ballbusting. My hopes were soon dashed.

‘You ain’t seen nothing yet Georgie. You know those sexy black pumps of mine? Well, when I drive the toe of one of those beauties into the fag scrotum and catch a testicle, that’s violent, isn’t it turd?’

This was another of those bunny-in-the-spotlight moments, a time for extreme humility. I knew that any wrong words or any perceived criticism of Mistress would be dealt with harshly.

‘It is your right to do anything to me as you see fit Your Highness, and I’m honoured to receive whatever gifts you choose to bestow on me’. That was a good grovel, I thought.

There was a pause in the banter; Mistress Caitlin could be fickle and this was a hazardous time for me. She spoke, ‘That was a good answer faggot. I’m pleased with you. Alright Georgie, bust him good then we’re out of here’. It was always a rock and a hard place with Mistress Caitlin.

Miss Georgie then kicked me 5 more times, building to a crescendo where the 5th kick took me down and I fell onto my face gasping for air.

Georgie spoke, ‘I see what you mean Caitlin, that is a power trip. Can I practice more tomorrow?’

They were still chattering as the door closed and they left me in my misery.
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Thanks for another great chapter.
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After I recovered, I started a list with all the items I needed to buy for their pedicures which I would presumably be doing tomorrow. I received a text from an unfamiliar number. It was a photo of a bottle of Veuve Cliquot with the caption, ‘Only the best for your Master, ae faggot?’ Mistress said she was meeting Adam.

I texted back the words Mistress had instructed me to use, ‘It is a privilege to serve you Sir’. The next text was a voicemail with them both laughing then saying together, ‘Assume the Position, faggot’.

Fuck, this was a head-spinning journey I was being taken on by Mistress Caitlin. I was enjoying the prospect of attending to her beautiful feet, and Miss Georgie’s, tomorrow and I didn’t need this Adam cunt interfering. I hated the thought of having to serve him and I would definitely draw the line at being kicked in the balls by him. If he ordered me to Assume the Position, I would simply walk away from the whole situation. Yeah right, walk away from Caitlin’s feet, I don’t think so.

Rationally, I was unlikely to have much to do with Sir. Maybe drive (or ‘chauffeur’ as he called it) him and Mistress around and pay for stuff, but that should be about all. At least, that’s what I hoped.

Another text arrived from Sir, ‘Hey fag, are you any good at cleaning? I need a maid to clean my apartment’.

Fuck no. No, no, no. I had to get out of this one. ‘I’m not Sir, I don’t even clean my own apartment.’ That should be the end of it, I hoped.

A new text, ‘Maybe you could learn on the job, faggot’.

‘I also work Sir so I don’t have much spare time’. Please leave me alone, that’s enough for one day.

‘You need to prioritise your time faggot so you can properly serve your Superiors. And I need a cleaning bitch so you’re going to be my pansy maid, and that’s a direct order’.

Direct order!!? Fuck you mate, how dare you order me about? Pansy maid, the fucking presumptuous young upstart!! I was furious but Mistress Caitlin’s warning rang in my ears, so I replied, ‘It will be a privilege to serve you Sir’.

I was despondent. This smug, pompous young male was ordering me about and I was defenceless because of my addiction to Mistress’ feet. How did I ever let it get to this?

Another text, a voicemail, it was both their voices in mocking laughter followed by Sir saying, ‘Don’t forget to bring your maid’s uniform, faggot’.

‘Yes Sir’.

I had been broken, defeated by both of them. Where this would lead to, I knew not. I tried to concentrate on my pedicure shopping list and block out thoughts of being a ‘pansy maid’ for a young man. Heaven forbid that ever happened.
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:-) great story
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Really looking forward to the next chapter!
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I shopped after work the next day and purchased all the pedicure items. I hadn’t heard from Mistress but was expecting a text before she came over in the afternoon. It soon arrived, a voicemail, but wasn’t exactly what I expected,

‘I’ve got a bone to pick with you, fuckwit’.

Mistress Caitlin was upset about something. Geez, what was wrong? I’d done everything she’d told me to do. Another text arrived,

‘I’ll be there at 5. You will report to my feet and prepare to be punished’.

For what?! I presumed this related to being a ‘cleaning bitch’ for that prick Adam, which was the last thing I wanted, but Mistress had made it clear I had to obey him. I was confused. What was I meant to do? Once again, my thoughts ran to the possibility of escape from this situation. I was trapped in a riddle inside an enigma and didn’t know how to handle it. My emotions were all over the shop.

Another text, this time a photo of the sole of Mistress Caitlin’s right foot with a caption that said, ‘I can give you agony or ecstasy with this foot turd. Your choice’.

My God, that foot was just so beautiful and Mistress was so superbly manipulative. Still, I didn’t really know what she meant but texted back, ‘It’s always up to you Your Highness, that would be up to you to decide’.

‘Correct answer, fuck tard. Make sure you’re kneeling inside the door when we arrive today or I won’t be responsible for my actions’.

What was this about? I’d find out soon enough.

Mistress entered my apartment soon after 5 and I went straight to her feet and grovelled. She spoke,

‘So, you volunteered to be Adam’s pansy maid but you don’t do any housework for me turd. What’s that about?

Volunteered!? The last fucking thing in the world I wanted to do was to work for Adam. I knew that disputing what Mistress said would be suicidal so I answered,

‘I would be honoured to be your house bitch, Your Highness’.

‘I’ve already told you I don’t want an old creep like you hanging around my place when I have friends and family visit. You haven’t answered me scumbag, why did you offer to be Adam’s pansy maid’?

I had a sinking feeling; Mistress had manoeuvred me between a rock and a hard place again. There was really no satisfactory answer to that question. I decided on an honest answer and accept the consequences.

‘Because you told me that the next time my Master wants something from me, I had to reply, “It will be a privilege to serve you Sir”.

‘But that isn’t what happened, is it fag? I was with your Master when he was kind enough to offer you the position as his servant and you tried to wriggle out of it. He had to give you a direct order before you succumbed to him. That’s not satisfactory, that’s not what I instructed you to do, and that’s why I’m angry with you.’

‘I’m sorry Your Highness, it won’t happen again.’

‘Oh, I know that, after what I’m about to do to you, you’ll be very eager to serve your Master. And, for the record, I don’t do sorry, I do pain when I’m dealing with scum like you. Assume the Position’.

There were no further niceties exchanged as Mistress went about the ruthless dismantling of my scrotal contents and gave me an ear-ringing bitch slapping.

She cut me down then stomped on me a few times like she had done in The Confessional, as if to finally expunge all her anger.

‘On your knees kicking bag, you have 5 seconds, four, three …’

I struggled to my knees. She held me by the chin and lifted my face up. ‘Look into my eyes turd. When I give you instructions, you don’t have optionality whether you obey or not. Am I clear?’

‘’Yes Your Highness, you’re clear’.

‘Let me make one thing very, very clear. You are my slave. Full stop. I haven’t put all this effort into training you to have you pick and choose which one of my orders you follow and which ones you don’t. When I make Rules, they are to be obeyed to the letter, without hesitation, and without questioning me. Is that crystal clear, fool?’

‘Yes Mistress Caitlin, you’re crystal clear’.

‘We won’t be having this conversation again. If you ever defy me again, you won’t be around to read your funeral notice in the paper. Do we have a crystal clear understanding fuckwit, or do you want me to put on my pumps and tattoo what I just said into your ball sac and brain?’

‘You have made yourself very, very clear Your Highness, and I fully understand everything you just said. I know you don’t accept apologies from the lower life forms, but I want to express my extreme regret for letting you down and promise that it won’t happen again in the future.’

‘Good boy, you may now proceed with my foot massage’.

Defeat, total defeat, and I had to accept that I would be Adam’s pansy maid!!
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"If you ever defy me again, you won’t be around to read your funeral notice in the paper."

Mistress Caitlin has spoken!

And as always, I am loving her attitude...and of course, this story.
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Another excellent chapter!!
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As I was massaging Mistress’ feet, she spoke, ‘Do you have all the pedi gear, dickhead?’

‘Yes Your Highness, I do’.

‘Good, Georgie and I will be over tomorrow for our pedi. We want our feet to look beautiful cause we’re going to the gallops on the weekend, with our partners’.

‘That sounds like fun Mistress Caitlin’.

‘Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it. You’ll be chauffeuring your Master and me’.

‘Yes Your Highness, it will be a privilege to serve you both’.

Mistress purred with satisfaction at my meekness and said, ‘Harder dimwit, you press hard on my soles or I’m hard on your balls’.

‘Yes Mistress Caitlin. Am I to wait with the car while you and Sir attend the races?’ I was really just shooting the breeze, as I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to go in with them.

‘No fag, you’ll be cleaning your Masters’ apartment’.

It was if I was struck by a bolt of lightning and was filled with apprehension. Why did she have to do this to me? It was erotic and intimate massaging her Goddess feet, why did she have to throw that spanner in the works? Self-preservation is a powerful motivating force though, and I replied,

‘It would be an honour to clean Sir’s apartment, Your Highness’.

‘Your Master doesn’t live far from the track so you’ll be able to do your pansy maid chores while we party then we’ll buzz you when your chauffeur services are needed. It should be very satisfying for an inferior sub male such as yourself to be of use to his Superiors’.

‘Yes Mistress Caitlin, thank you Mistress Caitlin’.

‘OK, I’m off. I’ll be here with Georgie after work tomorrow. Assume the Position. This one is just cause I can’.

Mistress drilled a ruthless, gut-wrenching turbo-charged kick into my sac which compressed my left testicle against my pelvis making the pain radiate into my left kidney accompanied by a wave of nausea. Somehow, I managed to stay on my knees.

‘Good boy, I’m proud of you for taking that like a man. Grovel at my feet then you’re dismissed, fag’.

She allowed me worship her feet for a few minutes then left.
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I had all my pedicure implements lined up along with towels and a bowl of warm, scented water so I was well prepared for what was, for me, an event I anticipated with much pleasure.

They arrived at the usual time and I awaited instructions. Mistress spoke, ‘You will do Georgie’s pedi first and I will supervise turd. What do you do first?’

‘Soak Miss Georgie’s feet first then, after drying them, I will trim her nails, Mistress Caitlin.’

‘And what will you do with the nail clippings, boy?’, she said, raising an eyebrow. I was pretty sure I knew here this was heading so I replied, ‘Put them in my mouth?’

‘Good boy, and chew then swallow them’.

‘Yes Mistress Caitlin’.

‘Tell me what order you’ll do the pedi in, footslut’.

‘Next, I will file Miss Georgie’s nails, then smooth off the ends with my tongue, apply cuticle cream then push the cuticles back, then clean off the cream with my tongue, dry Miss Georgie’s feet then proceed to apply an under coat which I will blow dry, then apply two coats of varnish followed by a finishing lacquer, blow drying between each stage, Mistress Caitlin’.

‘Excellent, you may even be rewarded with footrest duties as each layer dries rather than having to blow them yourself. You’d like that, wouldn’t you faggot?’

‘Very much, Your Highness’.

So that’s how the pedi unfolded and, when I’d finished, their feet looked magnificent, even if I said so myself. After all, I had been well trained by a very dominant and meticulous Mistress.

Miss Georgie spoke, ‘That’s quite a professional job, turd. Who taught you again?

‘Her name was Mistress Aleisha and she was a beautician, Miss Georgie’.

‘I like that she trained you to do the pedi on your knees, so there’s no chance you’ll forget your place is at our feet.’

Miss Georgie was every bit as dominant as Mistress Caitlin, just not as sadistic.

‘Yes Miss Georgie, my place is at your feet’. One could never be too humble.

‘I might go Caitlin, things to do. Say, you can’t bust up faggot with freshly painted nails, can you? Don’t tell me you’re going to let him off the routine of daily punishment of his balls’.

Conversations like this made me squirm, firstly from being dehumanised as two beautiful Women discussed my fate of my balls without my having a say and, secondly, there was only ever one loser at the end of it … me!!

‘Of course not, silly. Firstly, we can always bitch slap him so he remembers us when we’re gone. But I’m about to show you a trick; it’s called the Mule Kick, or Heel kick. Assume the Position, fuckwit. Now watch Georgie, I face away from the kicking bag and bring my heel up between his legs, like so’.

Mistress Caitlin made a few practice moves then mule kicked me. She was inaccurate though, and kicked the inside of my thigh instead.

‘That’s the only problem Georgie, the heel kick is not as accurate as the frontal kick so you have to persist sometimes but I’m sure you’ll be interested in his reaction when I do connect’.

It was probably four or five more attempts before Mistress Caitlin connected with her Mule Kick and it was like an explosion went off in my groin. I had no control over my body and jack-knifed to the floor and curled up in the foetal position. It was the most brutal groin strike I had ever been subjected to.

‘Bingo’, said Mistress Caitlin, ‘Ballseye, fuck that must hurt cause that’s how they all react when the heel and balls collide. Must be the hardness of the bone in the heel, maybe. Who knows, I don’t care as long as I get my chuckles. Why don’t you have a go, Georgie?’

‘How long will it take him to recover?’

‘I don’t give a flying fuck, just order him into position. He seems to get over every injury I inflict on him eventually and, anyway, his suffering is not our problem. He has one job in life and one only; that is to obey me, and to serve whoever I tell him to. Go ahead Georgie’.

Georgie spoke, ‘Assume the position, fuckwit’.

Fuckwit! She was becoming more abusive and dominant as we went along. It was a struggle, but I found myself on my knees looking up at this beautiful young Woman, Miss Georgie, who was about to slaughter my testicles. I looked into her eyes for mercy … there was none, just determination to get a job done. She spat in my face and slapped me, then turned around. I closed my eyes, I didn’t want to see the mule kick coming cause I knew I’d flinch.

Miss Georgie was like Mistress Caitlin, it took her a few exploratory manoeuvres with her right heel before that inevitable explosion happened and I collapsed to the floor in a world of pain, paralysed and immobile.

Miss Georgie placed her right foot under my chin and lifted it up. ‘Look at me loser. I expect to be treated with the utmost respect by you from now on or you will dance at the end of my heel many more times. Am I clear shit-for-brains?’

The change had occurred in Miss Georgie, she had embraced her inner Dominatrix and I was to be one of her subjects.

‘I managed to grunt out, ‘Yes Mistress Georgia, you’re clear.’

‘Mistress Georgia, ae? You’re right about that constant diet of pain and humiliation Caitlin, it does fuck up the chemicals in the brain of a sub male. Listen up faggot, you are feral scum, a toerag, and you will address me as MISTRESS GEORGIA from now on’.

She still had her foot under my chin as I choked out, ‘Yes Mistress Georgia, what you say’.

‘That’s right scumbag, what I say when I say’. She kicked my face a few times as if to demonstrate her complete control over me then said goodbye to Mistress Caitlin who then addressed me.

‘OK turd, tomorrow is the races for me and a day of servitude for you. I’ll text you the details, Ciao’.
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more and more humiliating... great story
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Loved the last two parts!
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