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the female democratic supremacy party part 14

Meanwhile there were still some males who struggled with the new order. In response to these correctional facilities were used. These were managed and staffed by women who enjoyed being sadistic to men. One of these, Facility 12 was situated in Chester and affluent area of the country.
Sarah Proudman and her inner circle had debated these facilities behind closed doors. The realised women could make up offences just to get men in trouble.
Sarah’s view was that as long as it was not a code red punishment, (the death penalty) then it was part of the fun for Women. After all she said,
There is nothing like having a man punished on a whim for nothing, its so good for discipline. And great fun she giggled, Claire, Michele and Karen all laughed too.
Caterina a raven haired 2nd generation Italian British citizen was in charge of Facility 12. She was 45 years old, with long black hair, framing a gorgeous high check boned face. She had a very slight roman nose but this enhanced not detracted from her beauty. Caterina had a slim but curvy figure and was tall at 1.75 meters tall (5ft 9in ) Most of her height was in her long gorgeous legs which tapered down to size 7 uk 8 us feet.
Caterina was stunning looking but anyone who looked close enough could see her cruel smile and eyes.
Catarina’s husband had died and left her extremely wealthy, and she used this to spoil her daughter Ariana.
Ariana took more after her dad and was shorter at just 1.44 metres (5ft) with an athletic figure she was also stunningly beautiful with long brown hair a heart shaped face amazing legs and petit size 5 Uk 6 us feet. She knew men drooled after her and enjoyed teasing them.
Both ladies were dressed in just bra and panties and were lying side by side on the fronts receiving full body massages from male slaves.
Just to add to their fun, the males had been kept in CB 6000 restraints for 2 months and were suffering as they massaged shoulders and backs.
Ariana breathed,
Slave, do my legs and feet, knowing it would drive him mad to touch her fibulas legs.
What do you want for your 20th Birthday Ariana asked her mother
Oh just a new Range Rover sport and a pair of Lady Louboutin shoes pouted her daughter as the slave forced himself to massage her magnificent thighs.
Catarina giggled at her daughter’s extravagance but said,
We may have to up the forced labour hours to 15 for a while to pay for that and the both laughed.
What about a party?
Asked her mother.
Can we have a barbeque and a disco at the facility, and have a male punished for entertainment.
Caterina did not reply immediately, and a flash of anger crossed her beautiful features as she, reached out a beautifully manicured hand and slapped her massage slaves face a good stinging blow.
Press harder on my back you idiot, or I will have you whipped without mercy.
Then the smile returned as she said,
Got anyone in mind for punishment.
Ariana pouted and said,
My old Teacher Walter Williams . I want to watch, and enjoy him suffering for putting me into detention.
Caterina smiled and said,
I never liked him either, How bad do you want him to suffer. ?
A single tail whipping whilst we eat, very harsh punishment.
Pouted Ariana.
The two massage slaves who were suffering massaging beautiful women having been in restraint, forced themselves to work harder as they heard the evil plot being hatched.
It was agreed and Catarina would have the local police trace Walter, and set him up with an insulting a female charge for which he duly got sent to Facility 12, for 6 months.
A month later Ariana and 10 of her female friends had a great time roaring around the fields at the back of facility 12 in Ariana’s new Range Rover. She took them in batches of five and the car was filthy afterwards, as they drove into the facility gates.
Caterina brought a team of two prisoners forward and ordered.
No 6 Clean the outside, No 4 (Walter ) the inside, and you had better do a good job or else.
To emphasise this she then slapped the males faces hard slap slap, slap slap. With her Dents of London, fine silk lined, black leather gloves.
Caterina usually wore boots to work but as it was a party she was wearing a short black above the knee skirt a white blouse. Black hold up stockings and new ,black Jimmy choo stiletto heeled, lance. Black patent sandals.
The young women were given a tour of the facility and enjoyed watching the quarry hard labour area. Men being worked by women, they loved it.
Ann hour or so later as her friends settled into a line of comfy chairs under a sun canopy and were served chilled champagne, Caterina and Ariana went to see how car cleaning was going. In truth the Range rovers paint was gleaming red again and the interior was spotless. Caterina examined the exterior whilst Ariana checked the interior.
The sweating prisoners were on tender hooks as both women announced not too bad. You may go. The males obviously relieved started to move off just as Ariana took a sweet wrapper out of her purse and dropped it in the rear foot well.
No 4 get back here
Shouted Ariana.
What is this she gloated holding up the sweet wrapper.
What exclaimed Walter, it can’t have been there I checked.
At this Caterina took hold of his ear and dragged him to the floor.
How dare you accuse my daughter of anything, you are going to suffer for that.
He looked up at the gloating Ariana in her pink and purple short check skirt White blouse high shine nude stockings and Black Add to dictionary black peep toed Lance heels.
He started to beg kissing Catarina’s black stocking feet through the gaps in her sandals. Until guards came and took him away.
The ladies danced and partied drinking lots of champagne as the barbeque was prepared.
Later that evening a frame was put up about 8 feet , 2,5 metres from the row of comfy chairs the frame was a static crane with its jib up high.
As the food was served the ladies sat in the comfy chairs There was Molly, sat next To Ariana , she was a cool red head with a pink cocktail dress and enclosed high heels.
Ana Ariana's cousin in a short dress and black stockings and boots, Laura a cool blonde who had kicked her heels off and was wearing Dr Scholl’s wooden sandals on her bare feet.
At this Caterina appeared she had Walter crawling after her on a leash. She couldn’t wait to test her new heels out and jabbed him in the sides several times.
Catarina announced, Ladies for our entertainment Ana is going to punish this prisoner here for poor work,
There were loud cheers as the jib of the crane was lowered to just above head height.
At this a stunning woman with long blonde hair appeared. She had a black leather biker jacket on over a black leather bustier. Black high shine panty hose and Black thigh high patent boots with a 5in heel.
Walters arms were secured at his wrists and pulled up so that they were looped over the crane hook. Next the crane jib was lifted until just Walters tiptoes were on the ground.
Ana with a malevolent smile cut his shirt off with a knife and then his trousers leaving him in just his under shorts.
The barbeque meet was served with a fantastic salad by slaves who had been half starved for a week just to add to the ladies fun.
The champagne flowed and after a time Ariana held up her arm for silence and shouted.
Begin the punishment whip him.
Ana had been a good standard tennis player and was strong and athletic and as she took up her stance behind Walter she had a few practice lashes them ,
Whip she whipped his back bringing a bellow of a scream from the 60 year old Walter.
The ladies all laughed and cheered, enjoying his suffering.
Walter could not take his eyes of Ariana’s legs and feet. She was dangling one of her heels from her toes showing off her petit perfect nylon clad foot.
Ariana knew he was looking and slowly rotated her foot to tease him,
Ana knew to take her time, and about a minute later she lashed his back again. Another scream of pain and more laughter from the women.
Ariana held up her glass of Champagne and mothed cheers to him as she drank the expensive liquid.
Molly had now kicked off her heels and Walter despite his pain noted she had gorgeous bare feet as she flexed her toes.
At 15 lashes Ariana held up her arm and said,
Halt a second.
She approached Walter with an evil smile on her face and said,
I saw you looking at our feet, You are not allowed to do that , look at my face so you can see me laughing and enjoying your suffering.
Yes Miss,
Walter managed to say as she then stood on the toes of his left foot with the platform sole of her shoe.
He was helpless and had to put up with it as she slowly crushed his toes. She then stepped back slightly and kneed him hard in the balls.
The ladies cheered and Molly can up and also kneed him hard. It was a agony but he was helpless.
Ariana returned to her seat and sipped her champagne before ordering.
Whip him.
Ana unfurled the single tail and whip. She struck him a very cruel blow to his back.
After 20 lashes Ariana again held up her hand and shouted halt.
She continued.
Ok lets give him a chance at mercy.
The crane was lowered and Walter was allowed to fall to the ground. Caterina made a loop in the leash and took Walter over to Ariana on his knees.
Ariana ordered beg for mercy.
Walter started kissing and licking her shoes pleading for mercy, Begging her.
Ariana was loving this and made him take off her shoes and said,
Get grovelling at my feet.
Walter kisses the nylon soles of her feet , begging for mercy. He extended his tongue and licked from heels to toes of her nylon soles.
Her feet had perspired a bit in the warm air and she gripped his nose with her toes forcing him to smell the perspiration trapped in her stockings. She then forced him to suck on her nylon covered toes. Waggling them in his mouth for fun.
Next she said to Molly, are your feet hot Molls,
She replied
Yes really a bit sweaty actually. She giggled.
Prisoner clean her feet ordered Ariana and he had to lick molly’s feet.
Lick harder ordered Molly and kicked him with one foot as he licked the sole with the other.
Molly again ordered,
Well what are you waiting for lick between my toes prisoner.
Walter had to force himself as her toes were very sweaty and he almost gaged twice as she worked away.
At this Ariana Said.
I like your Dr Scholl's Laura can I have a look.
Laura took her left sandal off and Ariana ordered Walter to fetch is for her. Walter crawled over to Laura and went to touch the sandal. He received a hard kick from her other foot.
In your mouth stupid, she ordered and Walter had to open his mouth as the toe part of her wooden sandal was put in his mouth,
He looked so stupid as he crawled over to Ariana with the sandal in his mouth.
Ariana had a quick look then Caterina had him crawl to her with it in his mouth again.
Take my sandals of and grovel to my feet whilst I look at them prisoner.
Walter had to kiss lick and suck her hot stocking feet feeling the nylon mesh in his mouth as he sucked out her perspiration.
He was forced to grovel, and kiss the feet of all the ladies then the had to vote.
Mercy or suffer sais Ariana.
The reply was unanimous,
Walter was despairing. He had not done anything wrong Those evil bitches he thought as he was strung up to the crane. Gain.
Ariana again said,
Whip him, Can you do his front Ana.
My pleasure said the sadistic blonde.
Splat she landed a blow on his chest, Walter screamed out.
Then next lash got his nipples and he bellowed in pain and danced in agony as much as he could. The ladies were loving it.
Twenty more blows as the women laughed and parties.
At this Ariana said,
Just to finish off can you cane the backs of his thighs please.
Ana was more than pleased and whap whap whap in quick succession she punished his thighs.
Walter was bellowing in agony now so The other Anna , Ariana’s cousin approached him and slipped off her knee boots Then her stockings , she then held the toe part of her stocking up to his nose and said,
Aroma therapy, take a good sniff. He had no choice as she smirked at him and said,
Open wide and pushed the sweaty stockings into his mouth,
The acidic taste assailed his senses but he had no choice he dared not spit them out.
Ana continued to punish his thighs with her cane saying.
That must be driving him mad as she deliberately landed 6 in quick succession.
At the end of the party the ladies drifted off and Ariana and Caterina let Walter down.
Ariana was tired and ready for bed. Her mother asked her.
Have we finished with Walter or do you want him to suffer a bit more yet.?
Ariana was intrigued and out of Walters ear shot asked.
What have you got in mind Mummy.
Well I keep forgetting to flush the on suite toilet in my room. I enjoy making prisoners lick it clean for me.
OH god mummy yes you have to make him do that, Please Mummy.
Toilet cleaning it is then Daughter happy birthday.
Caterina took Walter to her room and said,
One last duty to preform and you can rest , You have had a tough day.
She continued, what are you like at foot massage?
Walter was relieved and replied,
Very good madam.
Excellent come with me on your knees.
Walter followed her into her on suite. He was a bit puzzled then she said,
I will have that foot massage in the morning. I just need you to clean my toilet.
Walter looked around for cleaning stuff.
Caterina laughed and said,
Your going to have to use your tongue , I'm going to bed you have all night but don’t disturb me by flushing. Or I will have you whipped.
Now kiss my feet and thank me. Walter kissed the tops of her nylon feet and she kicked his face hissing,
Like you mean it.
He frantically kissed her feet. Much to her amusement
She eventually left him to it.
Walter hesitated as he lifted the lid,
Oh my god no, His heart sank.
The bowl was smeared in brown stains and The water in the bottom was tinged a yellowy green with two small turds floating around.
Catrina was in her comfy large bed as she giggled.
You may have to drink the water up and eat my leftovers because if that bowl is not spotless I will get Ana to repeat last nights punishment this evening. And she laughed an evil laugh.
He couldn’t believe it and just stared at the bowel, How could he do this, No that evil Beautiful Cruel bitch .
He had no choice he couldn’t take another whipping and forced himself to extend his tongue licking the stains from her bowel.
He gaged and gaged but had to do it.
½ an hour later, He heard rustling and she came in naked but for a see through night shirt. She handed him two drinking straws and said,
Im not as evil as you think, You can use these to help you drink the liquid.
Well get on with it them she giggled. He put the straws into the liquid and forced himself to suck it up.
She laughed and went back to bed.
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Another wonderful continuation. Thank you.
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Fantastic, as always.
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Thank you for your latest work.
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Thank you cothtath, OneAuthor and neal. for your positive comments
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