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replacement for pony play ;-)

i would have to have your comments about this idea/scenario.

I a little car ( you now the little ones without license ) a slave hidden in the motor place would provide engine power with some bycicle elements.

In the car, a mistress / beautiful girl would unaware of him drive the car.
( She would be dressed with stockings and sandals )

there would be an automatic gear shift slow (for slope) /fast and an accelerator and a brake pedal

The interesting point would be how to provide orders to the slave.
perhaps when the woman would press the pedal, slave balls would be compressed until he would reach the correct speed with peddling.

Perhaps we could imagine what the gaspedal would be his cock.

what do you think about that ?

if someone have a story on this or would write one ?

anyway, i dream of mistress doing session with this car lol
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I had a vague idea for something like that with a motorcycle but I just couldn't figure out how to have it make sense. Then again, I suppose it doesn't really need to.
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Yes, great premise!!
TuttO ruota intorno a Lei !
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