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First post here, enjoy!

Hi, I've been here a while but too shy to post, but I've finally worked up the courage to post one of my fantasies, myself of course taking on the role of the slave. This was written by me, please be advised that this contains serving a Male/Female couple, if that's not your thing, don't continue beyond this point, thanks.

Picture a variation of a scenario such as this day in the life.......

He wakes up horny in the morning early while she is still asleep, so slave is woken up to give a long slow morning blow job, cumming in slaves mouth and having it swallow before emptying his bladder in the slaves mouth as well before even leaving the bed. While he goes to have breakfast and coffee, she wakes up to slave gently licking her ass or pussy and works intensively to bring her to her first orgasm of the day. After calming down, she walks slave to the bathroom (on leash and collar of course) so that she can use slaves mouth to empty her full bladder into as well. As she's finishing up, her husband/boyfriend returns and indicates that he needs to use the toilet before having a shower. She leaves to have breakfast while he has the slave lay on it's back, mouth open while he squats over and casually takes his morning shit in it's mouth while playing on his phone as if he was using an ordinary porcelain toilet, slave of course has to eat everything and lick him clean afterwards to the best of it's ability before his shower. After both are ready to work, slave prepares to eat it's breakfast from it's dog bowl while reading it's list of duties for the day consisting of all cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and other errands and such, ensuring dinner is nearly ready when they both get home. Slave knows that she usually gets home first and has it lick her sweaty feet clean, followed by dragging it to the washroom to empty her full bladder into it's mouth then using it's tongue to bring her to orgasm for the second time. After recovering, it's time for her daily ritual bowel movement which of course will all be swallowed by slave. She goes to watch tv and relax while slave finishes preparing dinner for his arrival home, where it is required to give him a welcome home blow job, swallowing his cum and bladder full piss. While him and her enjoy dinner at the table, slave is given scraps from their plates placed in it's dog bowl under the table sometimes seasoned with his or her saliva, phlegm, ear wax or any other undesirable from their bodies. After dinner he usually needs to take another shit, but this time he locks slave in it's toilet box for the rest of the evening so he can enjoy his evening with his wife/girlfriend while it lays there suffering with the taste of his "leftovers" in it's mouth waiting to be used again. Throughout the evening slave is used several times to drink all their piss, inhale any of their flatulence which can be quite amusing for them and usually turns into a competition and lick her pussy and/or ass clean of his cum from inside of her at least once or twice with her sometimes finishing off the evening taking another huge dump it's mouth so that he has the taste of her shit all night long. Then slave gets unlocked and ready to sleep on the floor at the foot of their bed in case it's needed at anytime through the night. Being very sexual, it happens fairly often that they wake up frisky in the middle of the night and have slave lick his or her ass or his balls while they have sex, cleaning up both afterwards and toilet duties that never end. Also during her time of the month it's tongue works overtime cleaning up her Menstruation and giving her extra orgasms during her horniest time and blow jobs for him increase as well so that he doesn't suffer from blue balls just because she's bleeding.

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Very nice!
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Me too, is there any more?
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OMG ! What a wonderful life !!! For the masters of course ! For the slave, he will like it at the beginning and do it with pleasure, for a few days then, the pleasure will diminish, his services will decay, so .... The masters will have to use te whip to maintain his level of excellence !!! What a beautiful life for the masters !
And I'd love to be their slave !
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