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re. Mistress Sara's questions

Let's see if i remember the questions.

Re. foot and toe worship, i try to please my Wife in the way that She loves: tonguing around the inside ankle; sucking on Her big toe; and pursing my lips such that i can suck and massage the ball of Her foot with my tongue.

Re. boots and shoes, i definitely have a fetish for the former. i adore the thought of licking dirt from the sole of a boot -- unfortunately the heels bother my Wife's back. i just have to 'suffer' with licking the dust and dirt from the sole of Her foot.

Re. BDSM...i'm all under that. i love being kicked and stomped and otherwise beaten by my Wife. i had wondering whether i should upload a copy of one of our recent Valentine's Day's playtimes; You and kenrug may have seen it on foottales a few years ago. It involved a very thorough face-kicking for an evening...plus other treats (flogging, buggy-whipping....) With pain there definitely is gain. i particularly love bleeding for my Wife from Her beating of me.

i have a question for You, if i may: Do You ever use BZ heels on kenrug? And have you and kenrug had any fun lately?

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Hi rugboy,

Unfortunately, I do not own a pair of BZ's Heels. (I think kenrug would run away possibly screaming if he saw Me in a pair) I do have a pair of wicked thigh high PVC boots, Iíll have to upload a clip onto My site because I canít seem to upload it here because it is too long unless our good friend daddo has a secret way of doing it?

Speaking of face kicking. A friend of Mine showed Me a clip of this guy on all fours and the Women were kicking him in the face really really hard!! Iíd be happy to take a peek at your clip. Sounds very naughty!

I hope to read other responses from you guysÖ. Címon. Donít be shy.

Always AboveÖ

Mistress Sara
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Thumbs up

As you may remember, my cup of tea is knee high dress/fashion boots and being trampled completely and helplessly under them. No mercy whatsoever and where ever she steps on me is what i have to take.

Can be very ( good ) painful !!!! SO yes you can say i have a boot fetish.
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