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Girls Gone Wild bus runs over cyclists. The girls go wild.
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There was a NZ girl living in OZ who used the email debstick21. Yes her name was Debbie. She was quite the crush girl. She could be really wicked! She told the story about how she first associated crushing and power and being sexually turned on. She said that she was a passenger in a bus that ran over someone. She was in high school and they were going somewhere in a pair of charter buses, that is, highway buses or tour, not school buses.

Debbie said they were going round a corner and she was looking out the window, bored to death. Saw an old man who stood the curb start off. She thought "You'd better wait, old man!: She said he should have see the bus turning... but as she watched he just walked out and the side of the bus hit him and pushed him over. She said he looked up suddenly! In surprise! Then he went out of sight! She drew in her breath and waited...and the bus rocked up and down. Other girls on the bus had seen it too. They gasped!

They stopped the bus and they got all the girls out. She said she stood up in turn and took walking down the center isle. She was wondering where the man was. She was wondering if they were all walking right over him! The other bus went on. The girls were lad across the street and they school staff were trying to keep their attention away from the bus. The police and fire had arrived and they were looking underneath the rear of the bus.

The girl standing next to her was the same girl who had been sitting beside her on the bus. They were watching the rescue people crawl under the rear of the bus. They could see the man. The rescue people were less urgent. The girl whispered to her: "Oh my gawd! He's dead! Deb, he's dead! Deb,...don't you realize that we were sitting right over the back tyres?" She looked at the girl and saw that she was smirking. "Yep! You felt it didn't you? That was him! Oh my gawd! He went right under us!", she whispered hoarsely, "Deb...he got squished right under us!" The girl was working to hide her entheusiam. And failing. Deb said that was right. They had been sitting in the seats that were right over the back wheels. She had felt the bus bouncing her straight up and down every time the back tyres went over a bump. And again, straight up and down when they had rolled over the careless old man. She found herself looking at the big dual back tyres. They were huge! They were big and dirty. And the bus looked very, very, heavy.

She stood there thinking about it. It wasn't their fault. It wasn't! It wasn't even the driver's fault. She could have seen the guy step out. He was standing on the curb when the she passed him! Look, the guy had no one to blame but himself. Really, after all, he could have waited; he could have looked; he was just stupid! He practically laid down under the back tyres. Now they would all be late. Why couldn't he have waited? But still, it was kind of interesting. He was dead. She had never seen anyone die.. He had gotten squished under a great big bus carrying about 35 girls. What a way to go... The more she replayed it in her mind, the more she liked it. It wasn't their fault...but they had done it. She had done it! She squished him as much as anyone! To death! And just because she was had just happened to sit in the seat that right over the back tyres! Pure chance! So because if this random event she had felt the tyres run right over him! The big slow bump up and down had come from right under her. The stupid old fool had died right underneath her; under the floor, the dirty floor, somewhere under the souls of her shoes; straight under her bum! What a turn on! It was the start of her crush fetish!
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The land of OZ .... follow the yellow brick road. Poor guy would not wish this on anyone. Glad it is only fantasy! Hmmmm
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Originally Posted by BabesInBoots View Post
Poor guy would not wish this on anyone. Glad it is only fantasy!

Yes, I also hope it's only fantasy. But the description is so hot. That it's only girls in the bus. And that Debbie and her mate emphasize how they enjoyed this experience (which in a way is very pervert but makes the fantasy so thrilling).

Thanks for your work!

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Hey SMF - I especially like the yellow school bus art work and the girl is a gorgeous knock-out!!!! Did such a great job it looks real - but I know it is the very best in graphics manipulation!!! :thumbs:
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Thinking about this thread an old story came into my mind which I found years ago in another trampling forum... I searched my folders and here it is... Maybe some know it already, maybe some are happy to read it for the first time. It's about trampling on a bus and finally squashing the victim under the tires of the bus. The author's name was given as "CRUSHEDKID".

Road Rage

It was a Friday evening, and Eric was late. He had a dinner business meeting to attend, and he was speeding. To top it off, it was one of the hottest days of the year. The high had been 112 degrees, and the humidity was off the scale. Eric had untied his tie, and was sweating like a pig. He was not in a good mood.

Now, he was stuck behind one of those short school busses, and it was driving slower than he thought it should. Granted, it was filled with good looking young women, but that didn't quell the growing frustration he was feeling towards the occupants of that bus.


Jefferson High had an awesome varsity female swim team. They were some of the best in the state, and had already earned a reputation as being "the ones to beat". Besides, they were not only great swimmers, they were also incredibly beautiful. Most of them were blonde, with a few redheads and even a couple with jet black hair. Young, nubile women, they won their swim meets with ease, and along with the competition, quite a few young men's hearts (or at least their libidos). Today they were riding home in their swim suits. Because the weather was so hot, and they would probably sweat on the bus (it had no air conditioning), all twenty of the girls had decided to just wear their suits home on the bus and change when they got back to school.

The girls were now talking about the day, boys, and all the things girls talk about when they have a long bus ride ahead of them.

Becky spoke up first. "You guys hear about that girl in Texas that was beaten and raped on a school bus? I heard it took six months for her to get out of the hospital!"

Jeanie said "Yeah, that sure is scary. I'd just like to find the guy who did that and meet him in a back alley somewhere."

"What would you do to him?" Becky asked.

Jeanie said "First, I'd kick him as hard as I could in the nuts. Then, when he was on the ground, I'd jump really high, and land on his face, heels first. Oh, and I'd make sure I was barefoot too. That way, I could feel his face being crushed beneath my feet. I'd just keep jumping up and down on his face until his head was nothing but an unrecognizable pile of mush. As a final treat, I'd do the twist and feel his face squish between my bare toes!"

For emphasis, Jeanie pointed the toes of her right foot seductively. She smiled evily, and then slamed her heel on the floor, twisting in a grinding motion.

Deb laughed and said "Crushing his face is all fine and good, but I don't think you should just leave his nuts alone after the first kick."

"Oh?" Jeanie said, "What form of exquisitely painfull demise did you have in mind?"

Grinning wickedly, Deb said "I think it should be a team effort. While you are pulverizing his face, I'd take his nuts. I have a pair of old Birkenstocks that I've had so long they have the imprints of my heels and toes are pressed deep into the sole. I'd put on those shoes, and back up so I was facing his feet. Then I'd lift my heels, and place his nuts in the heel depresion. They'd have nowhere to go to as I slowly lowered my heels and shifted weight until i was standing on just my heels. His nuts would be squashed flatter and flatter, until they popped. I'd not notice, of course, and continue to grind the meat with my heels until I made nut butter - the smooth kind!"

They all laughed at that. Then everyone started to get into the spirit. The Johnson twins said they would help by each taking one side of his head and kicking repeatedly while Jeanie was jumping on his face. Heather said she'd stomp on his hands, making sure to pulverize each finger. Others said they would jump on, kick, or stomp various body parts - arms, legs, stomach, chest.

Lynda surprised everyone by her input. Normally shy, she said "You know, he'd probably be really annoying and yell during the whole thing. I think I'd have to shut him up."

"How?" asked Deb.

Lynda's eyes stared into space, as she thought. "I'd jump high and land on his throat. I'd take special care to position my heels so that they were on each side of his adams apple. Then I'd turn into a barefoot jackhammer. I'd stomp his neck and crush his windpipe so much that my feet would reach the floor through his flattened throat!"

She was snarling, and clenching her hands, shaking. Deb looked at Jeanie, and back to Lynda. "Why are you so mad?" she asked.

Lynda looked up, with tears in her eyes. "I had an old grade school friend that was beaten when she was twelve. I've always wanted to get revenge for her. It took her a long time to recover."

Deb said "Well, don't worry, Lynda. If we ever get the chance, we'll get your revenge as a team."

All the girls said "yeah!", or "count me in!". Some nodded, some stomped their feet in support.

They were all so into their discussion, they didn't realize the bus had stopped. "What's the matter, Miss Wilson?" Deb called out.

Miss Wilson, the bus driver and coach, said "Some asshole just cut in front of me and slammed on his brakes. Holy crap, he's getting out of his car and coming towards the bus!"

The girls all rushed to the bus windows, and looked out. They could see Eric coming towards the bus, an expression of rage on his face.

Jeanine glanced at Deb and said "Maybe we'll get a chance to practice our team exercises. If this guy gets out of hand, I'm taking him down." To the rest of the girls, she said "If I say "places, ladies", let's take him out like we talked about. You guys with me?"

Everyone agreed with nods and scattered "yeah" and "let's do it".

Eric came up to the bus door and pounded on it, yelling "Let me in, you bitch!"

Miss Wilson calmly opened the door and said "What can I help you with?"

Eric bounded up the bus steps, and got very close to her. Still shouting, he said "Why the fuck are you driving so slow on such a hot day? You won't even let me pass your piece-of-shit bus so I can get going. I'm late, now, and it's your fault!"

In a fit of blind rage, he drew his arm back and slapped Miss Wilson as hard as he could. Her head flew back, and slammed against the bus window. She cried out, and then dropped over the steering wheel, unconcious.

Jeanie yelled at him "Hey Shithead! Why not try that with one of us!"

Eric whirled around at her and snarled. "Ok, girlie, you're next."

Jeanie yelled to her friends "Places, ladies." The whole group of them started to get up and move towards Eric. They climbed over bus seats and squeezed down the aisle to get ready for anything he might do.

Eric laughed and started walking towards Jeanie. "Oooo, tough little girlies, huh? You all gonna try and take on the big man? I can take you all! Do your worst, girlies!" In his angered state, he didn't see the danger. He was being surrounded by very capable, very angry young women.

Jeanie waited till he was within range, and then steped forward and executed a perfect cheerleader-type kick. Her foot shot up and buried itself in his crotch. She felt his nuts flatten against his body, crushed nicely between her instep and his pelvis. Jeanie had kicked with such force that Eric was lifted off the ground a few inches. He fell to his knees, groaning.

"Not so tough now, are you asshole?" Jeanie said sarcastically. She cooed "What's the matter, tough guy have a boo-boo?"

Deb said "Get his face, Jeanie!"

Jeanie smiled wickedly, and grabbed Eric's hair, pulling his face up. He was in no position to argue, feeling quite nautious from her groin kick. He just stared at her dumbly through mounting tears.

Jeanie lifted her knee to her chest and pointed her heel forward. She then yelled "Hayyyah! and kicked him in the face with everything she could muster. Her heel smashed into his face, loosening several front teeth and bloodying his nose. Eric's head snapped back, and he grabbed his face as he fell backwards.

The other girls were now surrounding him, laughing at his fate. However, Eric was always a slow learner, and he showed that trait now.

"You bitch! You loosedb mby teebth with your kick! I'll kill you! "

"You don't look to be in a condition to do much of anything, asshole!" said Lynda. She emphasised her claim by kicking his hands away from his face and stomping on his throat. As Eric coughed in pain, Lynda smiled sweetly. "Feel good? 'Cuz there's plenty more coming!"

Now the "plan" the girls had discussed earlier was starting to come together. Deb jumped off one of the bus seats onto Eric's groin. As she landed, she stood in place, twisting her heels into his balls.

Eric screamed in pain, and Jeanie smiled. "Uh uh," she said, "we musn't attract attention by being noisy." She palced each hand on the back of a bus seat, one on each side of the aisle. Lifting her knees to her chest, she slammed her feet down on to Eric's upturned face with all her might. With an audible crunch, his nose disappeard beneath her heels. Eric tried to scream louder, but all that came out was a sound like he was gargling. Jeanie snarled, and twisted her heels on his face. "Lynda, help me out here!"

Lynda looked at Jeanie and grinned. "One throat crush, coming up!", she yelled.

Lynda jumped up high and landed on Eric's throat with both heels. She felt a satisfying crunch, and then started to lose her balance. She caught herself on the bus seats. "Try and trip me up, eh? Naughty, naughty!" She started to walk in place, stomping her feet hard with each step. Eric's throat kept its shape for the first few stomps, but then started to soften. Lynda smiled. This wouldn't take long.

Lynda looked at Jeanie and grinned. "Hey Jeanie, if i didn't know, I wouldn't be able to tell what was happening by the sound. That squishing sound his face makes when you twist sounds really cool!"

Deb laughed. "You want to hear squishing? Watch this! Keep him busy til I get back."

She stepped off his nuts and ran to her gym bag. Reaching inside, she rummaged around for a few moments, and then pulled out her Birkinstocks."Ta da!" She said triumphantly, starting back to the group.

Meanwhile, the Johnson twins, Jill and Joan, pounced on his head. They were both very active in school sports. Jill was on the soccer team,and Joan was a cheerleader. Both smiled evily.

Joan said "Jill, you take the right side. I'll take the left. Lets pracitce our kick steps"

"You got it" yelled Joan.

They stomped up Eric's body, making sure to kick his nuts hard as they walked over his body. Eric was too busy trying to breath with Jeanie twisting on his face and Lynda stomping his throat to notice much. His body just twitched involuntarily in pain. Jumping high, they used his chest as a springboard and stomped down hard, hopping next to his head and leaving deep footprints in his shirt. They moved so they were on each side of his head.

"Bout time you guys got here. My arms are a bit too short to continue reaching across the aisle." Jeanie said. She switched from holding onto the seats to holding onto the twins shoulders. "Let's get a rythm going. I'll say kick, you kick. The next beat, I stomp. We alternate like so. Sound good?"

Jill said "Sure, Jeanie. We're both in the band. We can keep time to any beat!"

And so it went. Jeanie yelled "Kick", and the twins kicked Eric's head from both sides, simultaneously, as hard as they could. They made sure to use the balls of their feet, to provide more crushing power. While the twins kicked, Jeanie lifted her knees to her chest. On the downbeat, she would slam her heels into Eric's face, crushing it more and more into a pulp. She started singing "I've been working on the railroad...". Each beat would begin with two pulverizing kicks to the head, followed by a face crushing stomp. Eric couldn't see anymore, his eyes smashed beneath Jeanie's heels, he couldn't hear anymore because his ears were mush from the twins kicks, and he could barely breath with Lynda on his throat. His body was starting to go numb, and he thought the worst was about over. He was wrong.

Deb returned to her place between Eric's legs. "Ok, everyone, help me get these pants off." The girls who couldn't get close enough to get into the action joined Deb in pulling off Eric's pants and underwear. In no time, they were looking at his slightly swolen bare balls.

Deb said "Here's where we really have some fun!" She dropped her Birkenstocks onto the floor between Eric's legs. Turning around, she slipped on her shoes and backed up until her heels were up against his balls. For good measure, she slammed her heels into his nuts a few times. "Gotta soften those babies up, you know."

Deb said "Laura, you take his left nut, Denise, take the right one. When I lif my heels, put his nuts in the heel depresions."

Laura and Denise nodded their understanding. Debbie lifted up on her toes and walked backwards even further, till his nuts were directly under her heels. Laura and Denise positioned each nut in its own little hole, and then signaled to Deb. "All set", Laura said.

Deb smiled her biggest smile yet. She shouted "Here's a squishing sound for you!", and dropped back on her heels with all her weight. She felt his balls flatten, but they didn't crush immediately. She started to twist on her heels.

Eric's world was a white hot flash of pain. He could feel Deb's heels crushing his nuts more and more. Every time she moved, a new wave of unbearable pain swept over his body.

Deb was getting frustrated. "They won't pop! Tough little buggers!"

Denise said "Try lifting up and slamming your heels down on them a few times. That ought to do it."

"Good idea" Deb said. She raised herself on her toes, and dropped as hard as she could onto Eric's nuts again. The left one popped immediately, but the right one slipped out of its indentation. Eric's body convulsed in sheer agony. "Shit!" Deb said. "It got away!"

Laura yelled "I'll hold it.". She reached down and pushed his right nut back under Deb's heel. "Okay, go!"

Deb slammed her right heel down on Eric's remaining nut, lifting her left foot for extra weight. It crushed flat with an audible squishing sound.

The girls cheered. "Those things won't bother us again", Deb said, smiling.

Lynda said "Good job Deb! I heard those things squish from up here."

"Thanks, Lynda" Deb said, "I take pride in my work. How's your end going?"

Lynda looked down at the mess of pulp that used to be Eric. "Pretty good. Jeanie and the twins are pulping his head, and I'll be done with his throat momentarily." Turning back to her task, she started to rapid-fire stomp his neck into mush. Her heels were leaving deep, lasting depresions in his neck. His neck was so soft, in fact, that her toes left an inpression as she started jumping up and down with both feet.

"Jeanie, let's finish him!", Lynda yelled.

"Sounds good to me", Jeanie said. "Okay, ladies, let's pop his head! All at once now. One, two, three!!"

Eric's final blows from all the girls hit at once. Jill and Joan kicked his head as hard as they could, and felt the sides of his skull give. Lynda jumped high, and landed on his neck with an audible snap. Jeanie slammed her heels down on his face, and felt her feet sink into his face a few inches. For good measure, she gave one more quick full-weight stomp. Her heels smashed into his now crushed face, and kept going to the floor as his head exploded into a pile of mushed face and brains. She found herself standing on the bus floor with the remains of Eric's face squishing between her toes.

"Eeewww", Jeanie said, "It feels all smushy". She wiggled her toes and squished parts of Eric's face between her toes. She glanced down, and saw an eyeball. Curling her toes, she trapped it under her feet and popped it with the ball of her foot.

Deb said "A job well done, ladies. Let's get this mess cleaned up before Miss Wilson wakes up."

They took Eric's remains, the pieces that were big enough to carry, outside, and placed them under the rear tires of the bus. Then they used the water from the team's water cooler to wash the floor, and their feet. By opening the back safety door, they could swish the bloody water out of the bus. Just as they were finishing up, Miss Wilson started to groan.

Jeanie went up to her and said "Miss Wilson, are you alright?"

"What happened?" She asked. "Where's the guy who hit me?"

"We scared him off, Miss Wilson", Lynda said, "But he might be back. We should really get going".

"You're right, Lynda. Ok, everyone in their seats."

As she started the bus, the girls looked at each other and smirked. Deb stuck her head out the side window and watched the tires roll over Eric's body. When the bus rolled forward, the girls could hear the remains of Eric's body crunch and squish under the tires. Deb saw his legs snap, his chest cave in, and what remained of his internal organs come shooting out his neck as if someone stepped on a ketchup packet. She smiled, and sat back down on the seat.

She whispered "Well, no one will ever know what happened, guys. There isn't enough left of him to even identify wether or not he was male or female."

Jeanie said "You know, that was kinda fun. We'll have to do that again sometime".

Everyone nodded in agreement. "Yeah", Deb said, "We could be 'Team Trample'".

They all laughed, and looked forward to the next opportunity for their new team to pracice their special skills.

by Crushedkid
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Just found the link to this youtube video


on another forum. It features inside view of a young lady riding a schoolbus, flooring the gaspedal in an attempt to win a race against a dumptruck. I think there might be some folks here who like that !

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Thumbs up NIce ! How about these shoes in black patent!??? mmmmmmm

NIce ! How about these shoes in black patent!??? mmmmmmm

Originally Posted by natalie34uk2000 View Post
Just thought I`d share my experience with a slave who fantasised about being crushed under my tyres.....
I drive a VW touran, and as a compromise, I agreed to cun over his hand on some softish grass, so his hand would get pushed in the ground, rather than be completely crushed. At least he got to feel it for real!!!!
I had my door open and got him to put his hand behind my front tyre, with him on his hands and knees so he could see my sexy high heels on the pedals. I was wearing my 6.5" black patent courts with metal spike heels.
I made him lick my right shoe as I slowly pressed it on the accelerator pedal as my car slowly reversed on to his fingers. He was groaning with pleasure as I crushed his hand by pivoting my shoe on the stiletto heel.
It must have felt strange to be worshipping a shoe that was causing him pain!
What I will say is that it turned me on to be in such control over this man! So much so, that I am hooked myself, and cant get enough of car crush.
Usually My slave will ride with me, and I will look for roadkill like rabbits, or a fox and crush it as i drive in my high heels.

Another pastime i like is to humiliate my slave, by making him stand outside my car, lock him out and make him run after me as i drive off slowly, gradually speeding up till he can no longer keep up, then stop when he collapses with exhaustion and casually rest my stilettos on him,making him worship and lick my heels, before letting him get his breath back!

My ultimate goal, would be to drive a big lorry, a nice 18 wheeler in my stilettos and try some crushing with THAT!
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Great story.
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As she started the bus, the girls looked at each other and smirked.
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Nice pics!! I'd love to find one that is a view looking straight on to the front from the road and seeing a woman driving. Still, great photos!
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Wow, really cool story, and good use of wording to discribe motions and the crush. thanks to the author for taking the time to create this story.
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Continuation of the bus crush story

Sorry guys, I thought the story, which started this thread was too good to end there. I took the liberty to work on a continuation. Please let me think if its worth going any further.

Frank woke up and checked the watch on the small night table beside his bed. It was 2 o’ clock in the morning. He was sweating and he had an erection again. He had been dreaming again about this woman and the two other ones he had seen two months ago near his construction side driving in an old Greyhound bus.
Frank worked as a driver of a very huge earth moving truck on the construction side for the new highway. It was a difficult spot the route had hit and the construction was slowly progressing thru the rock. It took a lot of blasting and rock breaking and Frank was hauling crushed rock since two months from the site to a nearby depository.
On a weekend, two months ago, he had to stay behind and carry out inspections of some trucks and update all their log books. It was a long weekend with the following Monday off and all his colleagues had plans for the weekend. They didn’t need much prodding for Frank to give in and take the job, so they could cruise into the weekend with their families or girlfriends. Frank wasn’t much of a lady’s man. He was rather shy and his friends often poked fun at him for that but otherwise let him be. So rather than being questioned what he would want to have long weekend for, he just gave in and worked on the trucks.
It was on that weekend two months ago when he saw the three girls with the old bus. But there was someone else; there was a man with them and Frank was still getting sweaty hands when he remembered what they did to him. Although Frank was too far away from them that day, that he could hear what they said, he had seen everything that happened. He carried a binocular in his truck to watch for the red flag, signalling if another blasting was going to happen shortly and he had observed them thru it. He remembered that at first he felt rather jealous, when he saw the man with the three ladies. But then the man had stepped out of the bus and they waved him Good Bye. After walking in front of the bus, Frank got the shock of his life when he saw the man lye down on his back in front of the bus. What on earth was happening here, he thought. But to his relief the man got up on his feet a few moments later and walked further away from the bus. Frank came to the conclusion that these people were perhaps working on some sort of stunt trick or were trying out different angles for a camera shot. Frank was therefore not too surprised when he saw the man waving his hand and getting again on his back about a hundred meters in front of the truck. He could see the bus starting to drive towards the man on the ground and thought that this was exciting, and was quite happy with his decision that he had volunteered for the weekend job. Franks position was a few hundred meters to the left of the bus and he could clearly see the woman behind the wheel thru his binoculars. She was smiling in excitement and it was clear that they were doing some sort of practice run here.
Frank’s heart missed a beat when he however saw the front wheel bouncing upward when the bus had reached the man on the ground. Frank wanted to scream, but something inside him held him back. He saw the man’s body caving in under the weight of the rear wheels and then the bus came to a halt. He watched two of the ladies get out of the bus and walk towards the man on the ground. Something must have surely gone horribly wrong with their stunt or whatever it was they were trying to do. At first, Frank wanted to jump up and run to them and try to help as best he could. But then he watched in disbelief that ladies motioned to the driver to back up over the victim again. They did this twice and eventually they all stood by the side of the mangled body of the man and all were smiling or giggling. Long after they had left Frank was still leaning against his truck with the binoculars in his sweaty hands. It was only now that he realised how excited he was and that he had a huge erection. It was clear to him that the man had this done to him by his own desire or else he could have just rolled out of the way.
There hadn’t been a night since that weekend where Frank had not thought or dreamed about this event in one way or another. He had soon after that event decided not to go to the police but make this his own secret. He had seen the license plate of the bus and he had seen the girl’s faces. And much to his own horror, Frank had to admit that what he saw had excited him, had awoken something in him. So much so, that he eventually had begun to envy that poor man he had seen being squashed to death by these three women. From that moment Frank knew he had to find that woman.

Rachel had difficulties focussing on her work. Whether at work, at home or at night in her sleep, there hasn’t been a day, not even an hour where she did not think of what she and her friends had done to her boyfriend. They had joyfully killed him, period. She still had difficulties to come to terms with the whole thing, even after two months had past. She had known him only for a few months, prior to that fateful day. He had been a nice guy, strange at first with his peculiar desire to be under her feet and eventually under the tire of her car. She had found that all strangely interesting to have this kind of physical control over a man. When he asked her the first time to drive over him with her car, she was very worried at first. Not so much about his health as about any legal consequences should he get hurt. Soon however, after she had had him a few times under the wheel of her car, she took delight in doing it. It gave her a feeling of being in control, of having power over another human being.
Then, one day, he came with the idea of her running him over with a vehicle so big and heavy that he could not possibly survive. At first she brushed that aside as just another aspect of his strange infatuation. But then she understood that he meant it and, by the way he was making detailed plans for it, she realised that he was going to make his dream come true, one way or another. The fact that he had picked her to end his life filled her with an enormous sense of power and she went along assisting him with his plans. Eventually they found the right vehicle, an old Greyhound Bus and she learned to drive it in a remote area, where no one lived, nearby a construction side for a new Interstate connection.
She still wasn’t convinced at that time that he was fully serious about his plans, so she didn’t mind to let her two best friends in on their plan. They came along when he had decided that the day had come to be crushed under the tires of that bus, driven by his girlfriend. Until that last moment before she heard that unforgettable crunching sound from under the bus, she and her friends were convinced that he would roll out of the way in the last moment. And then it had happened. The wheels of the bus that she was driving had crushed this man to a pulp. The man who had chosen to give her the right to end his live and had lived up to it. What a rush she had felt in that moment. The same rush she was feeling since then every time she thought about that day. Having control over another man is one thing, a very enjoyable thing, as Rachel always had thought. But having control over a man to the point that he gives up his life, willingly that is, for her to take it for her pleasure, that was something else altogether. The rush she had felt at that day and which was still reverberating thru her mind till today, was accompanied by a feeling of utter loss because she realised that she would never encounter this again in her life.

Until she received that phone call this morning, which was the reason she could not concentrate at her work. The caller had identified himself only as Frank. He was very nervous on the phone and it took Rachel a while to understand what he wanted. He was shy and demanding, all at once. And just before he had hung up, he had blurted out: “I know what you did to him. I want you to do the same to me”

To be continued…..
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Awesome! keep going!
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Definitely re-captured my attention here. It would be great if they could fill that bus with about 50 young attractive and curious females.
That would be good for at least 5,000 girl-lbs of xtra weight...Eeeeew Squishy Squishy! Lol
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