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Old 08-16-2009, 12:32 PM
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Red Feather Tickle and Soft Hands Jerk

As some of you true fans already know, I have added 2 new clips in MY clip store, yesterday and the day before - They are actually 1 clip cut in 2, because of the length and the different kind off fun. I must say it was a fun clip to make!

In part a I start to tickle MY "victim" - I call him victim, even though he is a willing participant, but he is still at MY mercy, so this name suits him for the moment - with a red feather sex toy. As soon as MY feather strokes his dick, he trembles with pleasure. I Hold his cock with one hand and stroke his cock up and down - not to forget his balls and anus - with the feather, he quivers beneath MY hands. A tickle job is so intense and arousing, yet the chance of an orgasm is practically impossible - victims that enjoy tickling always know this - and this makes it even more fun for ME. Every once in a while I tickle his cock - or stroke his cock up and down - with MY fingernail. The change of touch makes it even more arousing - the victim not knowing that was even a possibility. But I do not stop there with the tease, I take his balls in MY hands and squeeze while the feather does it jobs on his cock. All this action is backed up with ME looking in his eyes ever so often - smiling MY evil grin, which makes him wonder what is going to happen to him this day - and him glancing down MY blouse - seeing MY big round breast going up and down with every breath I take. After about 5 minutes of pure pleasure torture the clips ends...

It is all shot at the POV angle - the victim trying to keep his hands steady trough out the whole ordeal.


In part b I continue teasing MY victim with the - o so arousing - red feather but now I am making his ordeal worst by adding a nice jerk. I put one hand around his hard cock and start stroking up and down, while the feather is teasing his balls. Within seconds he almost cums - which is to early on MY account - and I stop. The only feeling he gets from ME - when he is at the edge of an orgasm - is the soft tickling feathers over his cock head, making a orgasm denial the obvious reaction. This kind of teasing makes ME happy, naughty and even a bit sadistic - I may say, it brings the best out of ME. This kind of teasing I do over and over - his moans becoming more and more desperate by every orgasm denial. When his moans has reach a level that pleases ME enough - total helplessness, hopelessness and despair - I grand him his wish and let him cum. But as I have explained to you puppies before - something you should never forget - I was beginning to get sadistic. So I decide to ruin his orgasm - a spur of the moment decision, which I have not regretted yet - by stopping to jerk or tickle and only holding his cock between MY thumb and finger. His eyes are begging ME to continue the jerk and tickle while you can hear his frustration - and MY laughter. When all the sperm is out I give into his pleading eyes and give him a little bit more jerk and tickle - knowing this is what he wanted a minute ago and not at this moment - his eyes beg again for ME to stop. This is a day he will not forget!

This is still from the same angle - POV- and it is 10 minutes of pure fun and pleasure torture.

Watch them, enjoy them, just as much as I have - my victim too - and react! If you have watch this clip, I would love to hear your from you!!
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