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Ballerina Pointe Shoe Trampling

Hi boys- I' d like to share a free sample clip of this amazing experience I had trampling a slave in my ballerina pointe shoes. I walked on him en pointe and he suffered tremendously.......

To view the free clip, click here:


For those of you who'd like to view the whole clip, click here:



Ms Bijou Steal
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Thanks for the sample Ms. Steal. i was just danced on with those same shoes last week, and i can assure all you guys out there that they are much, much more painful than they look. It's those rock hard tips and the tough leather bottoms that seem to make them very painful.

Wow, seems to be lots of ballerina doms in Vancouver. i've served two other doms that are/were dancing professionally or taking lessons. Must be something about those ballerinas!

Best wishes to You Ms. Steal.


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I've had my girlfriend jump up an down on me as hard as she could, landing on just the heels of 5 inch spike shoes.. that I can take, that and a whole lot more.

Pointe shoes I can't. 10 seconds up on her toes in those and she burrows straight through to my spine. I just don't get how. They do look hot... at least what I can see of her ankle from my vantage point, as the rest of her foot is buried in me.

Last time she trampled me it was a reward for something.. I don't remember what. She wouldn't stay off pointe and I was dying. I was like.. "hey babe its fine not on your toes" and she replied "Well I don't want you to feel like you didn't get what was coming to you". Oh funny. She was sincere though :/

However pointe shoes do have that tiny sole, and they don't flex. Awesome for uh.. more intimate trampling.. when she stays off her toes!

I once had a different friend who I was fighting to be the one to ride this ridiculous rhino on a spring in a park.. a kids ride. I'd pull her back onto me whenever she'd get up and off it, and soon she started kicking me back down while she climbed on, which became climbing up while standing on me, which became trampling me hard for about 30 seconds till I was 'stunned' and 'couldn't move'. I had to make it seem like she was making progress. She said I was clearly never gonna win, and I said hey I can do this all day, next thing I knew it seemed like she was inserting daggers in my stomach, it was bad, and made me groan.. I said what are you doing? She said her ballet exercises. And remarked about how painless they were, well... for her.

It stopped being fun at that point... but that second girl was 140 lbs and my girlfriend is 105. Pointe shoes are killers.

Just look at the dudes expression in that sample clip. His eyes are bloodshot, his face beet red, and this cute little mistress is like 100 lbs as well And shes on two feet .

Pointe shoes are to heels as heels are to bare feet... a whole lot more painful.
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this brings back a great memory to me from the past. I got the complete clip immediately...
happy trampling,
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