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old women facesitting?

DOes anyone know of sites or have pics of old women sitting on young guys?
my dream is to be facesat by a midget
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I share that fantasy with you. I don't have any pictures to post but would like to find a site myself. Good luck and if you find a site, please post so those of us who share in that fantasy can benefit from your find - or ours, for that matter. I have often sought older women for sitters. They have a bush - most younger women shave their pussies.
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Instead of using the word old try mature and it will bear more fruit. Here is a link to a thread from the past with several pics and the links to where they came from regarding mature facesitting.


May your face always have a womans ass on it.
May she always be wanting more.
And may you be in heaven
half an hour before the devil knows you're dead.

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I had missed that earlier thread. I really liked some of those. Rather than the photos where she seemed to he having the orgasm of the ages, and she would be beholding to him, I am drawn to the attractive mature woman who somehow comes to own a younger man and makes damn sure she is in control and with a rye smile she has him sniffing her ass and tonguing her snatch at the same time. He never gets it his way and she always gets it her way. It makes her curl her lips into a cruel grin when she feels her sweaty butt sticking to his sweet young nose when she bouncing on him.
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Check out Dylan Ryder on Smothertube.com, buttloaf and the like. She's like 35ish, and the guy she's sitting on (me ) was about 20 at the time. Good age difference and boy did she have a great plump soft ass.
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