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She Begs To Shit Into Your Mouth

This story is not really finished but this is what I've got so far. I wrote it because in most stories you read women are begged by men to shit into thier mouths, or asked to beg. I wanted to read a story where the woman begs the guy, but i couldn't find one. So I decided to try and write one myself.

She Begs To Shit Into Your Mouth

Chuck was franticly masturbating to scat porn on his computer when he heard a knock on the door. Because he wasn’t expecting any company he was very surprised, but quickly he pulled up his pants and got presentable. To his pleasure when he opened the door standing there was a hot young women smiling. She was gorgeous. Chuck asked her, “May I help you?” The pretty young women replied, “Yes you may. My name is Samantha and I am here because I am on a ‘scavenger hunt’ competing with the other girls from my sorority. Only our scavenger hunt is a little kinky. You see, I have already found everything on my list except one thing and I was wondering if you could help me…” Chuck was intrigued. “Alright”, Chuck said, “What do you need?” Samantha said, “Well, this is really weird, but I, eh, well, it may sound really bad but…” “But what?”, Chuck asked. “Just spit it out.” Samantha took a deep breath and looked up at Chuck, and she said, “I need to find someone that will let me shit into there mouth.”

Chuck couldn’t believe what he had just heard. “What did you say?” She responds, “I know it’s really odd, and it’s a lot to ask somebody, but I would like you to allow me to take a shit on your face. In your mouth, actually.” Samantha kind of looked down at the ground smiling with her hands behind her back, rocking back and forth and she scrapped the toe of her shoe against the ground behind her. “Please Chuck, please let me shit in your mouth. It doesn’t taste that bad, really. Come on Chuck, please…. Please, I really need you to do this for me Chuck. Plus, I really have to go. I’ve been holding it for hours…” Chuck was a bit exited, but also hesitant. He couldn’t say no, but he wasn’t about to jump up and down shouting halleluiah either. All he could get his mouth to say was, “What’s in it for me?” At this point Samantha knew that she had a real opportunity to fulfill her will on chuck, so she turned on the charm. “Well Chuck, one thing is that you will get to see me naked…” Samantha reached out and rested her hand on chucks shoulder, then began to rub her hand up and down against his arm. She looked Chuck in the eyes and asked, “Would you like to see me naked, Chuck? See my beautiful ass over your face, my pretty face looking down at you over my shoulder, my pussy rubbing against your chin…” Chuck felt his cock get hard against his jeans and he took her by the hand and lead her into the house.

They went into the bathroom together and Chuck needed no further instructions. He took his shirt off and laid down on the floor. Samantha wasn’t expecting this, but she allowed herself to go with the flow, mostly because she didn’t want to miss her opportunity to do this. She was exited, she had never shit on somebody before. Chuck had never been shat on before, and was nervous but horny. Samantha looked down at Chuck and let out a giggle as she began to unbuckle her belt. She kicked off her sandals then pulled her pants and underwear down and off, kicking them into the corner near the tub. Chuck was speechless, but Samantha could see that he was more than willing to do this. She took her red belly shirt off to expose her braless breasts, and Chuck smiled as she let her shirt fall to the floor. “Okay…” was all that she had to say as she approached Chuck (as she was a few feet away from his shoes) and stopped when she was looking down at his awaiting face. She laughed and shook her head as she turned her back to him, and Chuck saw her naked ass for the first time. It was mouthwatering, perfectly shaped cheeks that ended in a half-moon at her legs. She leaned forward and put her hands on Chucks chest to help her down to her knees, which rested comfortably on the bathroom rug, and her lower thighs was up against Chucks shoulders.

Samantha lowered he ass down a bit and to her surprise Chuck gave it a kiss. She raised her ass back up a bit and said, ”Wow. To kiss an ass as it prepares to shit on you really says something about you, Chuck. You must really want to eat my shit. Are you a shit eater Chuck?” Chuck began to answer but was silenced when Samantha pushed her ass back down on his face. “Rhetorical question, Chuck. I know you want to eat my shit Chuck, because I have been trained my Goddess Rebecca at my sorority about submissive men like you. You see, I belong to the sorority W.I.C., which stands for Women In Charge. Every one of us there are dominate women in one form or another and I think that after I shit all over your pathetic face, I’m going to bring you back with me, Chuck. Let the rest of the girls know that I found a shit eater right here in town.” Samantha let out a fart against Chucks face, and Chucks hard-on was stronger than ever.

Samantha demanded that Chuck remain quite as to let her concentrate. Chuck eagerly did as he was told. Samantha lifted her ass off from Chucks face and told him to be ready, for she was seconds away from letting it all out. Samantha closed her eyes and began to push. Chuck’s vision was a bit blurry because her ass was so close to his face, but he could tell that Samantha’s ass cheeks were not widely spread, but about normal. He heard her strain and suddenly the turd was approaching his face. He opened his mouth wide and stuck out his tongue catching the tip of her turd on the tip of his tongue. Her shit slid slowly down his tongue all the way to the back of his throat, reaching the uvula. The taste was indescribably bad, and as the turd continued to push against the back of his throat he felt as though he was about to throw up. All of a sudden the whole situation seemed so crazy and in Chucks panic he felt vomit shoot from his stomach up his esophagus and nearly to his mouth. As his uvula opened up to allow the puke to exit his body the turd, still pushing down, forced it’s way past the uvula at his time. Like two runaway trains colliding, the turd rammed the vomit with full force and won the battle. Chuck knew it and all that was left for him to do now, was to try to swallow the turd in his throat. But the turd grew, for Samantha was not kidding when she said that she had been holding it for a long time. Samantha pushed hard and the turd grew. Now the tail end of Samantha’s shit was a good four incheds down Chucks throat as it continued to grow, unbroken out of Samantha’s perfect ass. When her ass closed and her shit was gone, some of her log was in his stomach as the end was about to enter his mouth. All in all, the turd must have been 16 inches long, and narrow.

When Samantha was finished she stood up and wiped her ass on Chucks beech towel that was swung over the shower curtain rod. While watching Samantha put back on her underwear and pants, Chuck was still gasping for breath as he felt her turd slowly crawl down his esophagus. He felt like he was going to throw it all back up, but each time the feeling was suppressed because Samantha’s giant log seem to be blocking the way. Samantha chuckled watching Chuck cough and gasp for air. Chuck felt like he was going to die. He didn’t get up, nor did he try. After Samantha finished getting dressed she took out her lipstick and started writing on the bathroom mirror. She told Chuck, “Here is my email address and my phone number. I want you to leave this on here to remind you of me. Now, because your so sick and because I would never take you to meet my friends with breathe like that, I want you to email me tomorrow morning and let me know how you did over night. I of course expect you to always fully consume and digest my shit, but because this was your first time eating shit I assume that you’ll get violently sick. Let me know if you throw it up or not, that type of information is very intriguing to me. Then stay put after sending the email because I will send you a reply email to let you know what I have planed for you. Do I make myself clear?” Chuck nodded yes and Samantha said, “Good.” She started walking out the door, but then turned back and said, “…and by the way, thanks for helping me finish my scavenger hunt. My prize will come in handy, as you will soon find out…”

Part two coming soon…

She Begs To Shit Into Your Mouth - Part Two, The Following Morning

Chuck felt exhausted. After Samantha left he just lied on the floor, and it felt like his stomach was about to burst. He didn’t have the energy to throw up, let alone get up so he slept on his bathroom floor that night. The following morning Chuck woke up in pain. His back was killing him and his stomach ached. He forced himself off the floor so he could take a piss, and that’s when he saw the lipstick on the mirror which reminded him to send an email to Samantha. So he slowly walked to his computer and took a seat. In the email he told Samantha that he was now up, and that he had not thrown up- yet, and that he was experiencing incredible pain. After sending the email Chuck stayed in his computer chair and rolled himself back into the bathroom where he brushed his teeth and drank about half a gallon of water.

By the time he got back to his computer, Samantha had already replied to his email. She told him to get himself cleaned up and professionally dressed, and to walk to the W.I.C. sorority house by lunch time. So Chuck showered and put on a suit, then started walking. He didn’t give much thought about the situation. He had always dreamed about scat love and he thought he should pursue the situation.

He arrived at the sorority at 12:00pm and Samantha let him in the door. To his surprised when he walked through the door, he heard a big cheer from the seven women sitting in the living room. Samantha told Chuck to take a seat on the floor, and Chuck did so. He heard the women comment to each other and then one of them stood up and shook Samantha’s hand. Chuck would find out later that she was Goddess Rebecca, and she was the goddess in charge. Goddess Rebecca was tall, over six feet, with long hair down to her waist, and a nice booty to go along with her black skin. None of the women there acknowledged Chuck. They were to busy congratulating Samantha and high fifing each other.

Goddess Rebecca lead the group upstairs to Samantha’s room, and Chuck followed behind. They all walked into Samantha’s private bathroom, which was huge - clearly the sorority house was custom designed for women. Chuck couldn’t understand why all the women were so exited until he saw Samantha’s prize. He would have ran for the door when he saw it, if he hadn’t passed out. And when he woke up, he was inside it. It was a custom made toilet slave box.

Part three coming soon…

She Begs To Shit Into Your Mouth - Part Three- The Toilet Box

Chuck screamed in a panic. All he could see was what looked like a toilet seat above his face and the white colored ceiling above it. Then he saw Samantha’s head above him, looking down at him through the hole of the toilet seat. She told him to be quite, and then she preceded to tell him what was happening. “Chuck, you are locked into a toilet slavery box with your head under my new toilet seat. You see, as the winner of the scavenger hunt, I received a prize. A brand new fully functional toilet box for any man I fell I should use as my toilet…” Chuck remained silent as Samantha explained the situation. “Now, I did not plan on enslaving you today slave, but, with the encouragement of the girls, I decided that I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to lock you into this devise while you were passed out. So now, you are my toilet slave. You will remain here at all times while in our sorority house. You will eat my shit and drink my piss every single day, and probably the shit and piss of any of my curious sorority sisters, for they too wish to experience what it feels like to shit on somebody’s face…”

Chuck asked her, “How long do you expect to keep me in here?” Samantha told chuck that she planned on using him as her toilet slave, “For a very long time. At least until after I graduate from college.” Chuck began to have a panic attack. He pleaded with her, “Please, Samantha, I never agreed to be your toilet slave! This is a kidnapping! This is against the law! You’ve got to let me outta here, please!” Samantha remained silent and thought about it for a few seconds, then shook her head and said, “No, I don’t have to do anything that a slave tells me…” Chuck did not give up, he said, “But I have a job, I have friends. People are going to find out that I’m missing and look for me…” Samantha laughed at Chuck and Chuck began to feel like he was going to cry. He said, “Please let me out. I’ll do anything. I promise that if you let me go I won’t tell anyone about this, ever. I just want to go home. How could you do this to me?” Samantha answered Chuck with a sincere tone of voice. She told him, “I am a highly intelligent dominate women. You are a sick perverted weirdo who let a stranger take a shit down your throat. As a member of society, and as a dominate women I feel that you are only useful to me as a slave, and so I have enslaved you. It’s really quit simple. And if you want me to break it down, I can. All that happened here in the last 24 hours was just a situation where a slave was spotted by a goddess and that very goddess decided to take that slave in as one of her own. Now, Shut the hell up.”

Chuck tested the box, and he found out that he couldn’t escape. He could barely move. Just as Samantha was about to walk away Chuck said to her, “Okay. That makes since. But let me just say this. If you keep me in this box long enough, my muscles will become weak and I wouldn’t be able to walk even if you wanted me to. So are you going to let me out enough to exercise and stay reasonably healt…” Before Chuck could finish his sentence Samantha answered him by saying, “Like I said, you are not to leave that box until after I graduate from college 3 years from now. And if you do lose the ability to walk, that’s fine with me, because I will probably end up taking you with me to a private residence after college anyway to serve as my lifelong toilet slave. The less you move the less energy you will be burning. Thus the less food you will need to survive. Which , as I’ve learned from my mentor, means that if we all shit and piss into your mouth everyday, you won’t need much more than a daily vitamin to keep you alive. So you better just accept your fate and try to enjoy your predicament.”

Chuck only nodded his head, as a way of telling Samantha that he understands. Then Samantha walked out of Chucks field of vision. He was left there to ponder silently about his future, and after thinking about all of the things that he may never do again (watching football, masturbating, driving his car, eating pizza in it’s original form, talking to his family and friends, and of course deleting all of the disgusting porn videos from his computer that his family would surly find upon searching for him), he began to cry. Hearing his weeping brought a very evil looking grin to Samantha who was pulling down her pants and underwear, just out Chucks very limited line of sight.

Part Four Coming Soon…

She Begs To Shit Into Your Mouth - Part Four - Sorority Toilet Slave

Samantha lowered her bare ass over Chucks face. Any other time the sight of an ass slowly descending toward his face would sexually excite Chuck, but because of the circumstances, Chuck felt depressed. No words need be said. Chuck had read enough toilet slavery stories to know his place, and he obediently opened his mouth in anticipation of what was about to happen. Samantha gave a little push and a piece of shit gently exited her ass hole. It landed directly in Chucks mouth and Chuck was able to close his mouth around it and chew it up. He swallowed and opened his mouth back up just in time to catch Samantha’s next turd as it fell from her delicious ass. Chuck quickly ate that one up too, as Samantha reached under her ass with some toilet paper in hand to wipe her ass. Chuck figured that the day’s amount of shit was small because of the fact that the amount of shit she forced down his throat the night before was so big, and he was glad to be done eating it. But then, unexpenctantly to Chuck, Samantha dropped the used toilet paper onto his face. Chuck then opened his mouth and used his tongue to pull the shit stained toilet paper in. Samantha wiped two more times and Chuck chewed and swallowed the paper as a toilet slave should.

When Samantha stood up and turned around to see that Chuck had eaten all of her waste, she smiled.
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plz keep going very good story so far
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great stuff , n e more?
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Great Story, i am looking so forward reading it all. Please continue.
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Well I'm not usually into this type of thing but I liked this because it makes it pretty real. Yes shit tastes fucking terrible, and it makes you sick for days. In fact after the one time I experimented I can't really ever remember feeling worse. And it doesn't matter how often you brush your teeth, you can still smell it on your own breath. It makes you wonder if anyone else can, though no one said or acted any differently so I assumed not.

And for the story to make the point that it is kidnapping and talk of the things he will miss out on by being a toilet slave really helped the 'real' factor for me.
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Great story, hope to see more.
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Great story, cant wait for next part, and thank you very much. Great story men.
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Excellent story. I really like the idea of being trapped in a permanent situation like that. I hope you decide to continue.
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I wish I could be in Chuck's place ! What a wonderful destiny ! Please keep it going , I can't wait to hear of his future breakfasts, lunches, dinners and other quick bites !!! Thks for sharing this !
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yes! please continue!
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well that story is a gem... i spent a week in a womans basement in canda in 2006, and i ate her waste for 6 days, listened to all the footsteps upstairs i made me soo crazy being bound so long... after the second day the puking urge is pretty over with, but i got hep c from the use. i had no idea i had it i figured from being used? i still like to die under a bottom... so i guess its fate...... neat writing, it is like hungryguy's story. eternal toilet slave scooby+)
someday ill sleep forever under a girl )
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plse go on
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Wow ...too shocked for words ....but im enjoying this...excellant writing and vivid details on how yoy felt.Yoyr style of writing makes a person wanna read more.
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Old 04-22-2010, 9:54 PM
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Originally Posted by scooby557 View Post
well that story is a gem... i spent a week in a womans basement in canda in 2006, and i ate her waste for 6 days, listened to all the footsteps upstairs i made me soo crazy being bound so long... after the second day the puking urge is pretty over with, but i got hep c from the use. i had no idea i had it i figured from being used? i still like to die under a bottom... so i guess its fate...... neat writing, it is like hungryguy's story. eternal toilet slave scooby+)
What the f**k! 6 days?? Thats pretty impressive mate. Did the lady involved not express any concern for your health? Or did she just get off on the idea of using a man as a toilet for that amount of time?
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Alex: well part of the subspace is mnot having concern for a object, but i think she cared a little... She gave me a bagfull of the days meals from her family. the table scraps, the trimmings that her family cut from the meats, some spoiled items from Her fridge...she let me up to strech once every two days, kicked me,stood on me, etc+)FUN!!! it was an extreme experience it affected me since that session... i want to find a Domme like her spend a month..... but it costs money i gave her 5k. so a month is going to cost me financially, and physically.............................. +) scooby
someday ill sleep forever under a girl )
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begs shit mouth slave

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