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ssbbw squash story pt 1

A squash story, Pt. 1 The best is yet to come...

When Jenny emailed me about our upcoming class reunion, I have to admit that I was curious. After all, I hadn’t exactly been nice to her back in high school; in fact, I remember causing her a lot of embarrassment with my teasing and practical jokes. Jenny was a bit overweight, as was her little sister Karla. I remember making jokes about both of them in gym class, putting whoopee cushions on their chairs in homeroom, even calling them the two-ton twosome behind their backs. But that was twenty years ago… surely Jenny couldn’t still hold a grudge. Why else would she invite me to her place for dinner before the reunion?

I was a bit surprised to find that she was still living in the same small town where I grew up—a small town in rural Missouri that was mostly a farming community. Judging by the address that she gave in the email, she must have bought a farm somewhere on the outskirts of town. I hesitated when I got to the end of the email… then replied that I’d love to see her. After all, maybe this was one of those Cinderella stories where she turns out to have become a gorgeous woman who has harbored a crush on me all these years. Only one way to find out, I thought as I hit send… after all, my flight gets in in plenty of time to go over to her place before the big party.

When I pulled into the driveway, I was surprised by the beauty of the landscape. The farm was small, but well-tended. The only thing that seemed out of place was the rather run-down looking barn that was completely boarded shut and locked with an immense length of chain and a padlock. I walked to the front door of a quaint old farmhouse that seemed well-kept despite its age. I had my hand raised to knock, when I saw the note on the door: “Pat, I’m in the studio in the back, come in and make yourself at home. – Jen. “ A studio, I thought… I wonder if she’s an artist as well as a farmer. I opened the door and entered what at first seemed to be a tastefully decorated home with plenty of room … almost too much room. There was something about the layout and the architecture that left me a bit uneasy, almost dizzy, but it took a while to figure out why. I took a closer look at the furniture as I entered the center of the room. From a distance, it seemed normal, mostly imitation early American Shaker style stuff—but up close it seemed, well, big. Very big. And then it hit me that that’s what was slightly off about the whole place…everything was slightly larger than it should have been. The chairs were wider, as were the cushions on the sofa. The door frames were wider than they should have been-- not much, but definitely wider. There was no individual thing that seemed grossly out of proportion, but the effect of the whole place made me feel a bit like Alice though the looking glass. I shook my head and chuckled to myself…must be the jet lag setting in.

“Pat, is that you?” a familiar voice called from somewhere in the back of the house, “come on back here, through the kitchen and around the corner.” “Ok,” I called back, heading through the living room into the large kitchen. As I passed through, I noticed that the place seemed stocked completely full of food, and a mountain of plates were soaking in the sink. It looked as though a small army had set up camp in the kitchen. I rounded the corner and entered the studio just as Jenny was coming out and we almost collided. I stepped back, momentarily startled, but when my eyes registered what I was seeing, I felt my jaw reflexively drop open. Jenny had always been a little fat in high school, but nothing like this. She was … huge. There was no other word that would describe her. She was always tall—nearly six feet, but never this, well, massive. She was wearing a pair of denim overalls splattered with paint, and as I slowly got over my shock, it seemed that she wasn’t wearing much of anything else. Her rolls of flesh spilled out over the sides of the overalls, and the metal buckles looked to be straining greatly to contain her absolutely enormous breasts. With a combination of fascination and embarrassment, I noticed that the tops of her breasts were threatening to overflow, and I could see the top half of her nipples raised above the top of the denim. They were easily the size of small tea saucers…I’d never seen any so large. Her arms were encased in rolls of soft, tan flesh, almost as wide as my own torso, and her hips seemed impossibly large, easily more than twice my width. I could almost hear the seams of the denim giving way to the pressure of all that flesh packed within. My God, I thought, she must weigh nearly 400 pounds. I instinctively looked down and followed her hugely round thighs and equally massive calves down to her feet, which were bare. Her toenails were rather long, and painted blood red, but her feet were as massively proportioned as the rest of her…almost the size of footballs. Her presence was more than intimidating; it was overpowering. I could even smell her-- the hot, almost sweet scent of her flesh and perspiration in the hot August afternoon air … an earthy, feminine scent that was almost intoxicating. It was only then that I realized that I hadn’t spoken or looked her in the face yet. I raised my eyes to a face that was framed in curly blonde hair that fell to her shoulders, and her eyes were a piercing green and hypnotically large. She looked at me with her head cocked slightly to the side and one corner of her mouth turned up in an impish grin.

“What, Pat… nothing to say after all these years?” she cooed.
“Uh, “ I stammered, trying to compose myself, “Sorry Jenny, I just… it’s been so long I guess I didn’t recognize you at first.”
She looked at me curiously for a moment, and I had the uncomfortable feeling that I was being sized up. Then she laughed in a throaty chuckle and said, “Well, guess I can’t blame you for that. I guess I have changed a bit since the old school days, huh?” Then she did a slow turn, posing herself for me. As she turned, I was again shaken by her size. Her belly must be unbelievably huge, as it pushed the overalls out to an astonishing degree, and flowed out and around the edges of the denim. Her ass was beyond comprehension… at least 60 inches wide and as tightly encased in her overalls as a sausage in its casing. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
She laughed again at my speechlessness, saying “Yeah, I know… it’s a lot to take in isn’t it? I seem to have hit a rather impressive, ah, growth spurt since high school, haven’t I? Don’t worry, I’m used to people staring… I actually like it. I feel… empowered by my ability to make people look at me twice.”
“Uh, ok Jenny,” I said, a bit uncomfortably. “I guess I can see that.”
“You ain’t seen nothing yet, sugar,” she purred and tapped my face lightly with her palm. “ Why don’t you come into my studio here and see my artwork? We have plenty of time before the reunion.”
I felt my stomach do a slow turn over upon itself as I considered my situation. She was actually flirting with me. My God, I can’t show up to the reunion with her. I’ll be the laughing stock of the place. I tried to think of an artful way out of the situation, but she grabbed my hand and slowly pulled me into the room. It was a large studio (now the oversized dimensions of the house and the accumulation of food in the kitchen made sense, I told myself) and filled with canvasses on easels and hanging on the walls. At first, I couldn’t make out what they represented… just blotches of earthy colors.
“Here is the body of my work,” she said, waving her hand across the room like a game show hostess showing off the prizes. “Go on, take a close look and tell me what you think.”
I looked at the paintings and with a slow realization figured out what they represented. They were all presentations of the male form, but distorted, almost flattened out two-dimensionally. But this wasn’t a Picasso-like flattening of the three dimensional world,… these figures were stretched and spread out across the canvass in a disturbing combination of cartoonish flattening and hyper-realist accuracy. I didn’t know a lot about art, but I knew I had never seen anything like this in my life. There was no blood or gore, but the images seemed to suggest a terrible violence, an awesome power that could so distort and literally smear the male form across the canvas. And there was an uncanny familiarity to the figures, something that seemed just beyond the reach of my rational mind. They were clearly representations of the same figure in different stages of destruction seen from different angles, but there was something else about them that I just couldn’t lay my finger on.
“Well,” Jenny said, clearing away a paint palette and drop cloth from the newest painting in the series. What’s your opinion?”
“You know, I’m not much of an art critic,” I said, not sure where to go with this. “There’s definitely a raw power here, that much even I can tell.”
“Really, Pat,” she said, a bit disappointed. “That’s all you get from this? I have to say I thought they’d leave make more of an impression on you.” She bit her full, ruby red lip like a sulky child.
“Oh no, Jenny, it’s not that I don’t like them. I just, well I just don’t think I understand them, that’s all.” I looked at my watch to avoid her stare.
“Oh, don’t worry about the time,” she said jauntily. Sweeping the rest of the drop cloths off the floor with a grace and agility that I would have thought impossible for a woman of her size. “I’m not going to the reunion party… to tell the truth, I’m not excited to see a lot of those people.”
I felt a severe pang of guilt hit me as I stood in this massive woman’s home, surrounded by her oddly disturbing paintings. “Hey look, Jenny,” I said, “I know I teased you a lot back in school, but I never really meant anything mean by it. It was just… you know, kid stuff.”
She hesitated for the briefest of moments before answering, and I thought I saw an odd expression pass over her face like the shadow of a cloud over a field. But she smiled and said, “Oh no, Pat… I know that. You were always someone special. I knew it was all in good fun. In fact, you’re the only one I was interested in seeing at the reunion. I just thought we could have a drink and share a few old stories before you went on to the party.”
I can’t tell you how relieved I was at hearing that. I let out an audible sigh that I tried to cover up by coughing into my hand. “Hey, Jenny, that’s great. I’m glad there aren’t any hard feelings.”
“Nope, none at all” she said, and fixed me again with that arresting stare. “In fact, why don’t you go over to the wet bar there and fix us some drinks while I finish cleaning up. Make mine a Maker’s Mark Manhattan, and fix yourself whatever you want. Then I’ll explain these paintings to you. I did as she asked, making her drink and finding to my surprise a bottle of J&B Scotch. It was my favorite drink in high school, the drink that the Kurt Russell character drank in The Thing. I always thought it made me look cool. What the hell, I thought, as I poured myself two fingers worth over ice.
I brought the drinks over to the couch in the far corner of the room and set them down on the coffee table. “Have a seat, Jenny called over her shoulder as she carried the drop cloths out of the room. I’ll be right back,”
Well, I thought to myself. Not bad after all. Jenny might be hugely fat, obese by any standards, but she seemed to have taken my behavior in high school in stride, so I had to give her credit for that. And, after all, she had good taste in Scotch. I took a large swallow and felt the warmth rise inside of me like the return of an old friend.
Jenny returned and sat down beside me on the couch, Watching her move as like watching the tides in motion, watching a force of nature cross the room in a gravity-defying dance to gradually lower her bulk beside me on the couch. Her weight on the couch tipped me over towards her and I awkwardly fell against her, my face nearly landing in the heaving mounds of her breasts. My drink sloshed in the glass, and I saw on drop spill over and land between her cleavage, running down the wide valley between her basketball-sized breasts. “Oh, Jesus, I’m sorry Jenny!” I said, trying to sit back upright.
But she only laughed. “Don’t worry, Pat. When a girl gets to be my size, you just get used to it.” She placed her index finger between her breasts and slowly ran it up to her mouth to suck the drop of Scotch on her tongue. “Mmm, you always liked this brand, didn’t you. Something about a John Carpenter movie, wasn’t it?” I was feeling a bit flustered, as though the room was suddenly getting hotter, more humid. “Well, let’s just drink a toast to the old days… the good old days, right?”
“Uh, sure,” I said, feeling dizzy. Something was happening here, but my mind didn’t seem to want to process the information. We clanked glasses and drank, and then the room seemed to fade into darkness and I could barely hear the muffled thud of my glass hitting the floor before my head followed it.

I awoke slowly, as if trying to struggle up from underwater for air. But the air that I could breathe was… tainted, foul, contaminated. My eyesight slowly returned and I could see something large hovering over my face. As consciousness slowly returned, I saw with mounting horror that it was a foot, a bare foot, and it was lowering itself closer to my face. Suddenly I was in blackness again and struggling to breathe. Then it hit me… Oh, my God, I’m being smothered by a foot! I could smell the funky scent of sweat and warm flesh, and my mouth was filled with the salt and vinegar taste of her foot. Her foot…JENNY’S FOOT! The realization hit me like a sledge hammer. She was smothering me beneath her sweaty, fat foot. I gagged for breath, coughed, tried to cry out, but found my mouth filled with her calloused heel. I couldn’t breathe. Then the musky weight was off my face for the briefest of moments and I felt my nose pinched shut between her toes, her sole resting lightly over my mouth.
“Oh, so you’re finally awake, Pat. I thought I might have put too much sedative in that bottle of Scotch. You’re so predictable, you know. I didn’t think I’d ever have the chance to explain my art to you.”
I tried to move, to jump up, to grab the massive foot that was smothering me with my hands and wrench it off my face, but I couldn’t move, Jenny merely laughed at my feeble attempts to struggle against her. She brought her other foot up and buried my face under both of her soles. My senses were rapidly returning to me, so I could smell every scent emanating from her feet, and taste her hot, sweaty soles in my mouth.
“Now you’re finally where I want you, you little shit. Don’t even try to struggle against me, you’re going to stay there smothering under my lovely bare feet until I say otherwise. Oh, GOD how I’ve dreamed about this moment. The moment when I would finally get you down on the floor beneath me. Where you are right now.” Then she laughed in a way that sent ice water through my veins. “Yes, Pat… I’ve spent nearly twenty years preparing for this night… the night when I would make you suffer for all of the years of insults and indignities that you forced upon me, This is my night of REVENGE!”
Then, before I could even consider reacting, she suddenly stood up and straddled me. In a moment of horror I saw that she had removed her overalls, and all I could see was her massive, pendulous belly and her amazingly enormous ass as she dropped all of her weight onto me. The breath was forced from my lungs as I felt the massive squash of her ass hitting my chest. Her belly apron immediately fell over my face, crushing me flat and smothering me simultaneously. I had never before believed that such pain was possible. It felt as though I had been run over by a steamroller. She shifted her weight back, settling her ass on my stomach she squashed me flatter under her body.
“Oh, Pat… I thought you would have figured it out by now. Don’t you recognize the figure on the canvas of my art? It’s you, you shit! It’s how I have imagined you after I got through squashing you. Each painting represents a squashed version of you… how I’ve imagined you after I got through squashing and crushing you into a little stain under my beautiful, yes I said BEAUTIFUL body. And now, for the first time, I have YOU as my live model. Oh, how I’ve dreamed of this moment. You’re going to squash now, boytoy. You’re mine to pulverize beneath my massive body.
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Wow! This is a really amazing piece of writing! Very promising beginning. Interesting background and character development, nice suspension build-up in the story, very creative and thrilling idea with her "squash art" which makes the reader fantasize about her plans with him. I am really curious whether her sister will join at one point as I am afraid only 400 lbs won't be enough to squash him really flat...

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really really good beginning. loving how detailed the descriptions are. cant wait for more. loving the sweatyness, hope ass is stinky!! thanks again
Kiss her ass & sniff her feet, sweaty sweaty such a treat

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Thanks for the responses! And yes, don't be surprised if her sister Karla makes her appearance at the end.
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I'm thinking of titling this story "Abstract ImPRESSionism." Here's part two...

Her weight was beyond belief. I felt as though my body was compressing beneath her as she sat on me. How could this be happening? This kind of thing couldn’t happen in real life, it just couldn’t.
“Oh, Pat,” you have no idea what’s in store for you, do you? How much care and planning this took, how much of my life has been building towards this moment… my time has finally come!”
She rolled forward slightly, pressing me beneath her belly like an industrial steam press until she was looking down into my face. My mouth involuntarily opened as the air was forced from my compressed lungs.
“So,” she purred, “let me tell you what’s in store for you tonight. I’m going to have to soften you up a bit, You know, prepare you for the surprise finale that I have planned for you. It took me twenty years to build my body into the work of art that’s squashing you right now. Imagine the discipline, the training to get to this size. In high school, I weighed a slightly plump 210 pounds, but today I can proudly say that I make the scale groan at 425 pounds. So tell me, how does it feel?” And she settled her weight back onto her ass and stretched her legs out over my shoulders, burying me beneath her. I was flattened, gasping for breath like a fish at the bottom of a boat. It felt as though the weight of the entire planet was smashing down on me.
“Hmm.. nothing to say?” she laughed. “Well, maybe you’ll make some noise when I start pulverizing you.” And then, mercifully, the weight was gone from my upper body. I took in great breaths, filling my starving lungs with blessed oxygen. I couldn’t move… my mind was screaming for me to get my legs working, but I could only lay there helplessly. My oxygen starved brain could barely register what was I saw when I looked up. She was standing over me, one huge foot on either side of my head. Her legs were like redwoods, incredibly huge, with multiple rolls of fat rippling as she shifted her weight. Her belly, her unbelievably pendulous belly obscured any view of her face, but still I had the eerie feeling that she was looking down at me. Everything seemed to blend together into rolls and rolls of flesh where her legs came together, but I could see tiny drops of juice trickling down from her inner thighs. Jesus, I thought, she’s getting off on this, she’s…excited. That’s the last coherent thought I had before she suddenly relaxed her knees and came rushing down towards me. Her ass met my chest with the force of an atomic bomb. I felt my ribs creak and groan under the pulverizing weight. A loud grunt escaped from my lungs as the air left in a rush, and my face was buried beneath her belly. I’m going to die here, I thought.
Then, with incredible speed, she rose up and repeated the move, dropping her massive ass on my chest over and over. It was like being beneath a pile driver… there was no relief from the pounding and crushing that she was subjecting me to. I lost count as to how many times she smashed me beneath her, but at some point, I heard her laughing. After what seemed like an eternity of being smushed flatter and flatter into the hard wood floor of her studio, she stopped, and straddled my groin in a schoolgirl pin.
“Oh, Pat… that was so much fun, twenty butt drops on your pathetic body… one for every year since high school. What a feeling of accomplishment, what a rush!” She looked down at me, hands on her hips. She was so wide that her hips spilled out over my body and reached the floor. “Now that I have you softened up a bit, it’s time to put you… hmm, what was the name of that song by Queen and David Bowie that was our prom theme… the prom that YOU laughed at me when I asked you to take me? Oh yes, Under Pressure!” And she slowly rolled forward onto me, squashing me under her belly with methodical patience. As she rolled onto me, I felt the air slowly forced out of me… it was as though I was caught in the ringers of an old fashioned washing machine. And the squashing pressure kept increasing as she lowered herself onto me, pressing me as flat as a pair of pants. Her breasts inched closer and closer to my face as she put more and more of her weight onto me. She now placed a hand on either side of my head and looked down in triumph at my helplessness beneath her.
“Do you understand now, my pet?” she asked. You’re out here on my remote farm, I highly doubt you told anyone you were coming here … wouldn’t want anyone to know you were coming out to visit old Jumbo Jenny, would you? Isn’t that what you used to call me back in school? Let’s see, how did that old rhyme go that you wrote on the bathroom wall on the fourth floor… oh, you didn’t know I found out about that? Let’s see, I think it went ‘Jumbo Jenny is so fat, if she fucked you you’d be flat,’ wasn’t that it? Well, that was the start of all of this. I was so…humiliated that I swore that I’d make you pay for those years of torment, and that I’d teach you just how superior a woman of size is… and how helpless and pathetic you really are.” She had now rolled a considerable portion of her weight forward onto me, steamrolling me beneath her. My body was in agony, my rib cage threatening to give way beneath the squashing force of her belly.
“Let’s just consider you an experiment in the extremes of the human form. I’ve spent many years painting what I imagined you to be like after I got done smearing you into a grease stain beneath my ever-growing body. Now it’s time to put my artistic experiments to life.” She began to bounce her belly onto me, slamming her weight onto me over and over. I was amazed at how her belly, which looked so soft and supple when she stood, rolling and flowing with a liquid ease could be so hard and uncompromising once she put her weight behind it. There was a solid core of muscle behind that feminine flesh, and that core was pulverizing me as she slammed it down on me repeatedly. I felt like meat being tenderized, and after the tenth, or perhaps fifteenth time, I began to lose consciousness. I was being mashed out of existence beneath her. But just as the world began to turn grey , she stopped her onslaught and again looked down at me with a mixture of contempt and excitement.
“Oh, poor baby,” she crooned, “Are you squashed down there? Maybe you need some quality time between my breasts. I’m a 48 triple H in case you’re wondering.” She slowly lowered herself closer to me, supporting herself on the hands she had on either side of my head. The crushing weight of her was not as pulverizing as before, and I had a chance to fill my lungs with air. Slowly, agonizingly, she inched her breasts closer to my face, stopping when her nipples, her massive nipples, brushed my face. I could smell the sweetness of her sweat, and detect the faint odor of bourbon on her breath as she pinned me. Then she began to sway her body from side to side, smearing me beneath her as she brushed her breasts against my face, coming lower and lower with each pass. For some bizarre reason, I thought of Poe’s story “The Pit and the Pendulum,” and I was afraid. In the story, it was just a blade, but here a massive woman’s living flesh was threatening to engulf me, prolonging the agony. My head began to move synchronically with her breasts as she lowered more of her flesh onto me. She had worked up a sweat, and trickles of moisture ran from her breasts into my mouth. God, I’m tasting her, I thought, and the realization filled me with fear, but also turned on a long buried part of my mind. I felt a faint stirring in my groin that was both humiliating and wonderful. Her rhythmic rocking quickened, and my face was slapped by the weight of each breast as she continued. With the increase in speed, I began to realize that her breasts must weigh at least as much as a watermelon, perhaps even more. She continued to batter me with increasing violence, and I thought for the first time in my life how powerful a woman’s breasts could be. Suddenly, she stopped, and left one nipple poised tantalizingly over my mouth, just ever so slightly brushing my lips.
“Ooh, I think I feel some stirring down beneath my hips, Pat,” she said, humiliatingly. She wriggled her hips to make the point, and my body, no longer reacting to my mind, responded. “Well,” she said, “after all, smother knows best, right?” And she lowered her breasts fully onto me, burying my face between her massive breasts. I was engulfed in her sweat, her flesh, her power. It was as though I had been consumed by her… she completely covered me, and I heard her say something that my muffled ears couldn’t quite make out before she raised her hands off the ground and laid herself out completely on top of me. My body quivered involuntarily, smashed into an impossibly flat state without breaking any bones. I felt her raise her legs below the knee to put all of her weight onto me, pressing me flatter and flatter beneath her. She lay there, poised like a statue for what seemed like an eternity. I could catch brief snatches of air in a tiny pocket of life-saving space between her breasts that my desperate mouth had found. When will this end, I thought, when will this end? How can I survive this? Then, just as I thought I would black out, Jenny rolled back up, releasing me from the majority of her weight.
“Oh, yes, Pat. You can try to hide it from me as best as you can, but I can feel your body’s response to this. You’re getting turned on, aren’t you? As hard as this is for you, you’re going to get hard, aren’t you?” In my mind, I cried, humiliated at the betrayal of my body to the humiliation I was experiencing. “Well, you don’t get to get off without MY receiving some very long overdue pleasure. How does your tongue feel, darling? I may have squished your body, but your tongue should be in perfect working order. She shifted herself up on me to straddle my chest. My arms were pushed helplessly over my head as she held me in a classic schoolgirl pin.
“No, Jenny,” I begged, “please no… don’t do this to me.”
“Really?” she laughed, “You really want me to show you mercy? You think you are worthy of mercy? You still don’t get it, do you? You don’t understand the forces that have brought us together after all these years, don’t appreciate the care, the unending patience and fury that have driven my life to this very moment. Well, there will be time to explain all of this later… time to squash and to create, to paraphrase T.S. Elliot. But now, it’s time to smother beneath my hot and dripping pussy, to please me with that pathetic tongue of yours, to be buried beneath my sexy folds of flesh. Time to quit talking and get to work, you miserable excuse for a man!”
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... more to come later today...
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...part 3

As she laughed, she shifted herself forward, sliding her mountainous body up over my face, kneeling over me. I saw her move both her hands to the incredible folds of flesh at her crotch, and watched in slowly dawning horror as she parted the folds of fat like Moses at the Red Sea. I could see that she was shaved (my God, I thought, how does she shave in there?). Her pussy dripped in sweat and juice, yawning before me like a great cavern. I tried to struggle out from under her, but I couldn’t budge her an inch. I was trapped. I saw her fleshy folds drawing closer and closer as she lowered herself. Then, like a building collapsing in on itself, she dropped onto my face. Her belly spread out over my head, completely engulfing it, and her hot, slick inner flesh forced down upon my mouth and I was overwhelmed by the musky smell of her sex and the taste of her juices as she slathered herself over my face. I tried kicking my feet, desperately trying to kick her off, to get some air, but she was as immovable as a mountain. She began rhythmically grinding herself on my face, squashing my features beneath her as she glazed my face with a pungent mixture of sweat and pussy juice. I was flailing my arms, unable to breathe, unable to remove her weight from my body, her unforgiving pussy from my face. Then, just when I thought I couldn’t take it any more, there was a rush of air as she lifter herself of me.
“Hey, she said, slapping my face with her hand, “don’t you dare pass out on me! I said I wanted some tongue action out of you, and I meant it. If you don’t start using that tongue of yours for something other than begging me to stop, I’m going to stand on your chest with both my feet and jump up and down on you until you stick to my soles like gum on the sidewalk… get it?”
I nodded my head, terrified at the prospect of her threat, thinking of the paintings hanging in the studio around me. I swallowed audibly, and whispered “ok, ok, yes Jenny.”
“That’s more like it… although come to think of it, letting you lick and kiss me there would be sort of a reward… something I don’t think you’re worthy of. After the hell you put me and my sister through in school, I think your tongue would be better served somewhere else. If you want to live, just keep your mouth shut and lie there like a good little sex toy.”
I lay helplessly as she lowered herself onto me, and began rubbing her pussy over my chin and nose. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t cry out for help. I couldn’t even cry, as the pressure of her weight was destroying me. She rubbed and rubbed herself over my nose, burying it deeply inside her, riding my face like I were a wild bronco. I could feel her body tensing, her considerable muscles flex beneath her massive rolls of fat, and as I tried to cry out for mercy, my mouth was filled with her warm juice as she came on my face, filling me with her fragrance and battering my face beneath her as she rode the waves of her orgasm. I was literally drowning in her, my head engulfed in her rolling folds of flesh. I felt her pace slacken, slowing to a sensuous grind across my face as her heart rate slowly returned to normal.
“Mmmm,” she said, sliding back to straddle my chest. “That certainly was a long time in coming. How does that feel—you’re just my toy to play with, to squash, to grind into a pulp. And we’re just beginning, honey. That was only a down payment on what you owe me for those high school years. “ I was panting, gasping for breath, thankful for the momentary reprieve of sweet oxygen. My face felt as though I had gone ten rounds with George Foreman.
“Yes, your face served me quite well, but now it’s time to put that tongue of yours to proper use. Only a gentleman would have the honor of placing his tongue deep in my pussy… and you’re still the same creep you were in high school. Your tongue should only go somewhere else, somewhere still pleasurable for me, but not so pleasant for you. She began to turn around, and watching her do so was like watching a planet revolve on its axis. She positioned herself with her front facing my feet, her knees and lower legs tight against my sides. “You know,” she said lasciviously, “I don’t see why I should be naked and you should lie here in your clothes.” And in an instant, she ripped the shirt from my body, buttons flying across the room and ricocheting off the wall, and pulled my pants down to my ankles in one, smooth sweep of her arm, Her strength was… terrifying.
“Oh dear,” she said, feigning disappointment, “is that all you brought to my house? That little weiner? Well, that just won’t do now, will it? You couldn’t even get that past my folds of flesh, let alone reach my clit. I guess we’ll just have to squash that into a little pancake later. Right now, I want you to get that flapping tongue of yours ready—you’re going run that baby up the crack of my ass and lick up all my sweat, then probe my asshole, licking me until I say you’re done. And if you resist… if you don’t do EXACTLY as I say, I’m going to smear you so flat across this hard floor that I’ll need to scrape you off when I’m done. You understand?”
I feebly nodded my head. I was appalled at what she was demanding, but I was even more afraid of what she would do to me if I didn’t do as she commanded. How could I have come to this? All I wanted to do was go to my high school reunion, relive some old times, and perhaps get a bit of forgiveness to ease my conscious about the past… but not at this cost. Jenny positioned her mammoth ass over my face, and reached behind her to grab a handful of flesh from each cheek in her hands, My mind processed what she was about to do, but I couldn’t believe it. She slowly pulled her incredible cheeks apart to reveal a vast, dark crater as deep and foreboding as the Alps, or perhaps the Himalayas. As the darkness slowly descended, I could see her quivering, puckered, pink rosebud of an asshole open like the lens of a camera, and I was afraid for my very soul. There was no shaking this off, no forgetting after the fact. A 425 pound woman was about to swallow my head in her ass and make me taste her, penetrate that black hole with my tongue. Would I ever get the taste out of my mouth?
Her cheeks spread to an impossible degree and then, my face covered by her, she commanded me to lick her crack. And, God help me, I did. I ran my tongue up the length of her crack, tasting her sweat, the scent of her skin like fresh baked bread, but with a hint of… of nastiness beneath. This is what being buried alive feels like, I thought, as I licked for all I was worth. I could see every pore of her skin, each dimpled mark, each wrinkle of her cheeks as I fought for life beneath her. There were tiny hairs at the top of her crack, faint blonde wisps that I washed with my saliva. Then, just as my mouth was running dry and my tongue felt like sandpaper, she positioned herself directly over me, the dark void of her asshole hovering over my mouth for what seemed like an eternity. Then she lowered herself, sitting completely on my face. My mouth found her puckered hole and her sheer weight forced my tongue between my teeth and out into her soft and waiting flesh. She tasted of earth and sweat, of sweet soiled laundry and the foul air of a locker room. My tongue was insider her, and in my frenzied attempts to escape, it wriggled and moved within her dark passage, sending a fresh wave of juice washing over my chest from her pussy. Her taste was both horrible and wonderful, not unlike my first taste of Scotch—strong, assaulting, and overpoweringly foul, but also intoxicating and full of mystery. I could feel my loins stir again and was horrified. Oh no, I thought, no, please don’t let me be turned on by this, I pleaded with myself. She used my face as her own personal possession. I lost all track of time beneath her. I have no memory of her getting off me, just a vague recollection of coming back to consciousness, her scent still taking up residence in my nostrils, her taste coating my tongue with an earthy, peaty flavor.
“Well,” she said, “welcome back, sport. I thought I’d lost you there for a minute.” She was standing over me, one foot planted firmly on my chest. “You make a good little asslicker, Pat. With some training, you might just amount to something.
“Jenny,” I panted helplessly, “I’m… sorry, so sorry for what I did… I promise, I’ve learned my lesson. I… I’ll never make fun of heavy women again.”
“HEAVY?!” she screamed, putting more pressure on the foot on my chest, “did you just call me HEAVY? I hate that word, you little shit! You can call me large, you can call me zoftig or Reubenesque, or you can call me an SSBBW… you can even call me fat, because I’m a damn proud Fat Girl, but don’t ever call me heavy!” And she placed even more weight on my chest, pulverizing me beneath her foot. I tried to mutter an apology, but I couldn’t do more than whisper.
“I think you need some more training before we begin with my art project. You, I’m sorry to say, just need some more squashing to put you in your proper place, squash boy. Hmm, let’s see…trampling or belly flops, trampling or belly flops. What should a girl do? I know,” she said, the pressure on my chest now unbearable, why not Both!”
…to be continued.
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Very nice story my friend, look forward to reading more.
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story end...

Then she shifted her foot (good Lord, it must be a man’s size twelve, I thought) off to the left side of my chest and, before I could prepare, shifted all of her weight onto it as she raised her other foot to slap down on the other side of my chest. I was in n agony I didn’t think possible. It felt as though I was being stapled to the floor. She just stood there on top of me, her gigantic belly obscuring my view of her face. I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, I was losing feeling in my legs. My mind couldn’t comprehend the fact that Jenny was standing on me, squashing me into oblivion beneath her bare feet. Then, with a terrifying laugh, she began to shift her weight from foot to foot, walking in place on my chest. I felt the muscles in my chest and shoulders straining and separating beneath her weight. She was literally breaking me apart. Then she stepped back to stand on my stomach, and my body involuntarily arched beneath her, my head and shoulders bending up as my by now numb legs were lifted off the ground.
“Uh oh, Pat,” said mischievously, “looks like you’ve got a soft tummy here. Guess we’ll have to just work out the lumps, huh?”. She began digging her toes into my flesh, twisting and squashing my skin beneath her as I lay in exquisite agony beneath her. I tried to beg, but no sound would come out. I felt as though my insides were going to explode out from my mouth… there’s no other way to describe it. Then, like a gift from the gods, she stepped off. I was absolutely paralyzed. My legs twitched helplessly as feeling slowly returned to them. This is worse that hell, I thought, this was beyond even what Dante could conjure up in his fervid imagination. My only hope now was to survive… whatever it took to survive at all costs. I would do whatever this huge, cruel, all-powerful Amazon required of me, no matter how depraved or dehumanizing it may be. I just had to survive this.
She looked down at me, chuckling softly to herself. I saw her raise one foot ad place in softly on my chest, gently running her toes around my nipple. I felt like a piece of property, or a slab of beef that was being appraised by a cautious buyer. She ran her toes down across the faint, downy hair of my stomach, and then back up my chest again.
“Well, well,” she said. I think you might need a break if you’re going to last here. Can’t have you checking out before my project is finished now, can I?” She inched her foot closer to my face, her toes nearly tickling my chin. “I think you can earn a brief reprieve by using that pathetic mouth and tongue of yours to clean my feet. They just get so… so, dirty walking around this farm barefoot, you know.
By now, I had nothing in me to resist. I opened my mouth to accept her toes, sucking and kissing them in a pathetic attempt to please her. I cleaned every spec of dirt between her toes with my tongue, and kissed her warm, smelly soles as thought my life depended on it. I absolutely abased myself at her feet, threw myself over to the dark side and worshipped her feet like they were immortal. I lost myself in my devotion, lost track of time… it was as thought something else deep inside of me had taken over, and surrendering to it gave me a wonderful sense of freedom.
“Ooooh,” she said, “not bad, Pat, not bad at all. I think you may have promise as a foot slave. But we have to do something about, uh, down there.” I knew what she meant, I knew that my cock was stiffening as I worshipped her feet, growing rather rapidly, in fact. She removed her toes from my mouth and ran them tantalizingly down my body to rest just above my groin. She flicked her toes against the tip of my cock, slapping it around as though it were a punching bag she was toying with. “Yes, we can’t put up with this. No uprising from down below allowed in my studio.” She ran her toes along the length of my shaft, dragging the nail of her big toe across my skin in a combination of pain and pleasure that I can barely describe in words. God help me, but I wanted to come between her toes, to explode all over her feet. What the hell was happening to me??
“No no, Pat,” she said, withdrawing her foot. None of that now. This isn’t happening for your pleasure, you know. I’ll never forget what you put me through back in high school. I think we need to crush this uprising right now!” Before I could even form the word “no!” on my lips, I watched in horror as she placed her sole along the length of my shaft and stepped down with all her weight. I watched in disbelief as she stood on one foot, crushing my cock flat beneath all of her 425 pounds. I saw stars, the world went grey again, and then all was dark.
I awoke slowly to pain and muscle aches that I couldn’t believe. What happened, where the hell was I? I swiveled my head painfully to see what was happening, and I caught a glimpse of a massive shape blocking out the light. Then everything came crashing down on me. The air was forced from my lungs, my body seemed to splatter under an incredible weight. The shock waves rolled through me as I struggled for consciousness.
“He he he,” Jenny laughed from on top of me. Nothing like a good full-weight belly splash, is there Pat? I lay, compressed beneath her as she completely covered my body from head to toe. “As much as I’d love to splash you over and over, I really do have to get to work here. My art always comes first, you know.”
She raised her massive bulk off of me, looking down at me with the appraising look of an artist. “Yes, I think you’re now softened up enough for us to begin.”
Begin, I thought. What the hell is about to begin? The horror of my situation dawned on me. Jenny again stood over me, shifting her weight from side to side to make her belly and ass ripple and move over me. Time for you to go night night for a while.” Then she jumped up in the air… I saw her feet leave the ground and saw her hover over me for the briefest of instants before her ass came smashing down upon me like a meteor hitting the planet. I instantly blacked out.
When I came to, I was in a different room. In fact, it seemed as though I was no longer in the house. The room was immense, the dirt floor covered in canvas drop cloths, as were the walls. I was in a completely white space. I rolled my head painfully to the right, and saw Jenny standing at an easel, on which a virgin canvas was set. She had a paint palette in one hand and a brush in the other. She saw that I was awake, and gave me the coldest smile I had ever seen.
“It’s time now for my art, Pat,” she said. We’re in my special studio now.” I thought of the padlocked barn and shuddered. “As I told you before, I’ve never painted from a live subject before, just from my imagination. You didn’t think I’d leave my dear little sister Karla out of the fun, did you.”
I tied to understand what she was saying, and a cold, creeping terror came over me.
“Yes,” she said, “I think it’s time for you to say hello to Karla.” And she entered the room. Whatever fragment of sanity left rattling around my brain fled then, as I saw her shamble into the room, She was a bit shorter than Jenny, but almost twice the width and completely naked. She looked beyond human, so fat, so HUGE that she defied description.
“Hi there, Pat, “ she called out in a heavy, husky voice. “So nice to see you after all these years.” I tried to get up, to run, but my legs wouldn’t respond. She shuffled over to stand next to me. She was a massive collection of fat rolls, a terror that walked. “I just weighed in on the farm scale,” she said. “The scale tops off at 600 pounds, and I buried the needle. That’s bad news for you, loser!”
“Ok, Karla,” Jenny said, paint brush raised in her hand, “Squash away. And don’t stop until he’s completely crushed. I want this to be my best painting yet!”
I watched in horror as Karla bent at the knees and saw her ass rise in the air and come crashing down with an apocalyptic force. Then all was darkness. My last, fleeting thought was of the paintings and if I didn’t survive this, if I could live on through Jenny’s art.
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its great to see stories here. Please, please post more!!!!
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Id love to be the character in that wow that was amazing
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