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Toilet slave

Teacher and her devoted toilet

This story is about a school student who always had hots for her teacher and particularly for her ass.john was an average student in his early school days.he was a very shy guy and was very submissive in his behaviour from his childhood.he was particularly submissive towards girls and women and considered himself to be inferoir to them because of their supreme beauty when compared to guys.at the time of his puberty he developed a lust toward his class teacher,her name was ms.catherine,who also was his neighbour.
Catherine was a very beautiful and slightly muscular woman,it was said that she belonged to a queens's family before someone cheated her grandfather and took most of their property.she had a very proportionate body and an amazing ass and had an amazing dressing sense.she mostly wore a white tanktop and tights when she was at home.she was a tall woman at 6'0 whereas john was 5'5.
She wore a sleveless top and a tight pant in class.john used to sit in the first bench in her class and stare at her.whenever she lifts up her arm to tie her hair or to write something on the board he used to cherish the oppurtunitiy of taking a look at her amazing armpit.he also was not able to take his eyes away from her ass as he considered them to be divine and sacred.
At one point his lust gew too much.his only aim was to have contact with two of the most precious thing in the world,catherine's armpit and ass.catherine had the habit of cleaning her armpit with tissue paper whenvever its sweating heavily in class,she used to throw it into the dustbin.he was so desperate to smell her armpit that he used to take the tissue papers from the dustbin and smell it,he even used to eat the tissue papers.he used to cherish it because he was actually eating something nasty produced by the woman whom he loved so much.from there on his desire to eat woman's waste started
Though he got the oppurtunity to atleast feel one of the treasures in the world,the other one remained eluded,that is her ass.so one day he dirtied her chair.when catherine came in she saw tat the chair was dirty,she saw the students giving them a sigh to clean it up.john volunteered to clean up the dirt with a cloth and then spread his brand new handkerchief on the chair for her to sit on.she obliged him and sat on his handkerchief.after she left he ran to the table and took his handkerchief and went to the bathroom.the handkerchief smelled of womanly odour and he was in heaven,he ejaculated there smelling and fantizing about her ass
He was so turned on by her ass that he wanted to die for it,he so desperately wanted to be under her licking and kissing it.he knew it would be very difficult for him to be able to get to that position and due to his submissive behaviour he thought that a ugly creature like him doesnt deserve to be touching her body,so he atleast wanted to be her toilet,staring that magnificent ass and waiting in anticipation for her precioud gift which she had painstakingly prapared for him from her body.from tat time onwards he decided that his only ambition in life was to become her toilet and nothing else and he set out to achieve his goal.
John and catherine were living in an area where there was virtually no gap between the houses.catherine din hav an attached bath,she had a seperate bathroom and toilet,her toilet had an exhaust fan too.actually her toilet was on the other side of the house.the neighbour on that side complained that due to the exhaust fan the smell from her toilet was too much and unbearable,as the exhaust fan pulled all the foul air from inside to the outside.as catherine always preferred a toilet with an exhaust fan she asked john whether she could keep her toilet on his side.john was overwhelmed with the offer and he accepted it gleefully.
catherine decided to change the toilet bowl too,john wanted her toilet bowl for himself,but there was no way that she would offer him her toilet bowl.catherine kept the old toilet bowl outside her house so that she could throw it away the next day,but john stole the toilet bowl and hid it inside his house.In his room he switched on all the lights and to his delight he saw that the toilet bowl was very dirty and yellowish in colour.without any second thought he put his head inside the toilet box and started licking the yellow layer from the toilet,all the time thinking that a day back catherine was sitting on it and taking a dump exactly on the area where he was licking now.he decided that till he becomes catherine's toilet he would eat his food from the toilet bowl.he poured all the stuff he prepared for dinner into the toilet and started eating from it.now he was so obsessed to be her toilet,that there was no turning back
The next morning as catherine was shifting her toilet to his side,he decided to make full use of the oppurtunity.he too put up an exhaust fan to draw up all the air from outside into his house,the exhaust fan was exactly parallel to catherine's,the distance between them was less than 30cm.he also shifted his dining table,kitchen and the toilet bowl to that room.he knew that catherine used the exhaust fan only when she is taking a shit and not while peeing or any other time.he sealed all the windows and doors of that room so that no air escapes from the room,the only way air entered the room was through the exhaust fan.the next morning he got up very early and prepared his breakfast,he then put all of it into the toilet bowl and waited till catherine woke up and had her shit.he wanted to have his breakfast exactly when cahterine was shitting,he wanted to smell her shit while he is eating.after half an hour catherine's exhaust fan ran,he knew that the moment has arrived for him to have his shitty breakfast,in her toilet catherine opened the toilet seat and sat on it,she adjusted herself on the toilet and farted,the next moment the blessed the new toilet with her heavenly shit,the smell filled up the room and through the exhaust fan reached john's room.he started to smell something foul,though it was stinky it wasn't repulsive and he started to like the smell,he plunge to the toilet and started to eat his breakfast,also not forgetting to get deep breaths of cahterine's shit,the smell accumulated in the room as the room was sealed fully,he started to hav an orgasm while eating,as everything seemed very sexy for him.until this moment he dint realize that a woman's shit's smell can make a man horny.
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Great story

Very good story plz keep it going
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damn thts a new twist pls keep this going
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Great post please more. Thank you.
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please carry on with this story,i can't wait to see if his dream comes true.
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Teacher and her devoted toilet continued

A week went by with john having his shitty breakfast from his teacher's toilet bowl.by this time even the toilet bowl started to lose its taste of catherine's shit.The next day when as usual her was having his morning breakfast from the bowl he noticed that the foul smell lingered in the air long after he had finished his breakfast. he immediately understood that either catherine must have had a persistent diarrhoea or there must be something wrong with her toilet.he decided to stay at home and smell the foul stench to the fullest.he locked himself inside his dining room and sniffed each and every bit of the divine odour.
John's guess proved to be right,in the morning as catherine was flushing her precious wastes down her new toilet she saw that the toilet was clogged up,she knew that there must be a problem with the plumbing.she was very embarrassed as she thought what the neighbour's,especially john would say about the foul smell.
Seizing this opportunity,john went to catherine's home to see what's the problem.on seeing john, catherine immediately apologised to him for the discomfort,but to her surprise john said that the smell was not that bad and asked if he could help her in any way.catherine asked him whether he could arrange for someone to repair the plumbing and to clean up all the mess.john asked her if he could have a look at her toilet to see whether he could himself fix it up.catherine was very much embarrassed by his offer,because
her fresh morning turds were still floating in the toilet bowl and the entire toilet was stinking very badly.she even felt very shy to let a boy who was also her student,smell the foul stench coming out from her private toilet.so she refused his help and told him that the smell would be too much for him to even go near the toilet,let alone repair it.But john persuaded her to give him a chance and see,as for the smell he told her that her toilet must surely smell good when compared with the toilets in their school or for any matter anyone else's toilet.he even talked a little submissively and told her that being such a beautiful woman her toilet must also smell good.he said that he can imagine a gorgeous woman like her stinking up the toilet.catherine felt very honoured and agreed with him that her toilet smelt a lot better when compared to their school toilet,but still she warned him that a beautiful woman's toilet also stinks and asked him to think once again.
Without any second thoughts john agreed to fix the plumbing,he told her that it would be his pleasure to help his teacher in any way he can. catherine was very appreciative and they both walked to her toilet.john cherished this golden chance of seeing catherine's shit for the first time in his life,though he hoped it wont be the last time
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OMG ! Please keep going !!! THks for this already
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While this story could use a little proofreading (i would be more that happy to help!) i really like the ingenuity and the length he goes to emulate his fantasy. The symbology and spirituality of his actions are undeniable!
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Altho u should really pay more attention to the word "that" as u keep forgetting the "h"
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I enjoy this story, as mentioned a spell and grammar check could improve the story even more....but shouldn't this story be in the scat forum?
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i know this is old but would love someone to continue this!!
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yes, i agree. could this be continued?
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Originally Posted by mysterious View Post
I enjoy this story, as mentioned a spell and grammar check could improve the story even more....but shouldn't this story be in the scat forum?
Isn't this the scat forum?
We're late, so step on it, Sweetie!
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Originally Posted by Jimmy Choo Choo View Post
Isn't this the scat forum?
It was when I clicked on it

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This forum thread has been moved to here from the the Facesitting & Smother Stories forum
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