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Cool Mom's footslave Part 2

The next day when I got home from school, I was so excited thinking about what transpired between me and my mom's feet yesterday, I could hardly wait till she got home wondering if I could be that lucky again to be under my mom's feet massaging them and serving as her footrest. I had just finished preparing supper when I heard the front door open. "I'm home sweetie, how was your day at school?" "It was ok mom, same old boring stuff,you know. How was yours?" "It was probably about as boring as yours, son. But I was looking forward to coming home to my wonderful massaging footrest." Today my mom was wearing a short red skirt and matching heels and she had on nude color pantyhose. Her silky pantyhose covered legs looked so gorgeous as she walked over to the recliner and sat down. I was standing by the recliner when she looked at me and pointed to the floor at her feet. I just stood there staring at my beautiful Goddess on her throne. "Well, don't just stand there like a dummy, lie down on the ground under my feet and get busy." My mom had never talked to me in a commanding manner like this before, there was so much arrogance in the tone of her voice. Like a shot, I immediately got on my knees, lifted her shoe covered feet in my hands, and before sliding under them and lieing down, I planted a loving kiss on the top of each red pump. "I'm sorry mom, I will obey more quickly next time, I promise." "You should be sorry, after all you're the one who wanted to serve as my footrest and foot massager. I shouldn't have to ask you anymore, unless you don't want to be of service to my feet anymore." "No mom, please, I want more than anything to be your footslave. You are so beautiful mom, to me you're a Goddess. Nothing would make me happier than to serve your Holy feet and be your footslave forever." As I said this I was passionately kissing the shoe leather on the tops and sides of my mom's heels.
"Forever is a very long time, son, but I do like that footslave part. What's the matter, why are you only kissing the tops of my shoes? What are my shoe soles not good enough for your slave lips?..ha, ha, ha"
My mom then rested her heeled feet on my face and I started slavishly kissing her shoe sole bottoms. My mom kicked the side of my head lightly with the toe part of her heel. "Ok, enough, take off my shoes now and get busy with my foot massage." "Yes, my Goddess." "Hey, I like the sound of you calling me Goddess, I think I could get used to that. *giggle*" I gently removed my mom's heels from her feet and immediately my nostrils were overcome by that delicious cheesy aroma from her feet. My mom started rubbing her moist damp smelly pantyhose covered soles all over my face, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. "Slave, why are you not showing my feet the same respect you were showing my shoes, shouldn't you be kissing them." Immediately I started kissing her moist pantyhose covered feet with great passion. "C'mon, kiss and sniff my stinky feet, footslave."
After about 45 minutes of massaging and worshipping my mom's feet she told me she was hungry and wanted me to go get supper ready but first she had to get up to go to the bathroom. I told her that she could get up from the recliner and stand on my chest, thus using me as her carpet. She was thrilled at this idea and immediately got up and stood on my chest. "This is a great idea, son, could you please be so kind as to put my shoes on before I go pee." "Yes, my Goddess, my pleasure." I placed the shoes on her feet while she was still standing on my chest and now she was standing on my chest with her heels on. The pain was mixed with pleasure because while my mom's heels were digging into my chest the view was fantastic, as I stared up at my beautiful Goddess in her pantyhose, skirt and heels I was able to catch glimpses up her beautiful silky pantyhose covered legs, up under her short skirt to her Holy pantyhose encased crotch. "Are you getting a good view from down there, doormat?" "Yes, my Goddess, the view is wonderful." "Ha, ha, ha, you naughty boy, you're sneeking a peek under your mommie's skirt, aren't you. That's ok, if you want a closer look, maybe after supper I'll sit on your face and you can a turn at sniffing my ass, since you already know what my feet smell like." "Yes, my Goddess, that would make me unbelievably happy if you would be so kind and use my face as a seat for your Holy bottom." My mom started laughing at this and then while still standing on my chest lifted her foot just above my face. "Look at my shoe soles, son, they're all scuffed up."
"I would be happy to clean them for you, my Holy Goddess." I then started to lick her soles with my tounge. My mom seemed very happy with this and told me to stick out my tounge as far as it would go and started taking turns wiping her shoe soles over my outstretched tounge.
"This is great having a doormat that cleans my shoes. Slave, I think tomorrow you should serve as my doormat when I come home from work so you can clean my shoe soles before I come in the house."
After my mom was finished having her shoe soles licked clean she walked off my body stepping lastly on my genitals, none too gently, causing me to cry out in pain at which she just laughed as she made her way to the bathroom. I got up served my mom supper and while she ate I lay under the table, my face serving as a footrest for her feet, which were still in heels. The rest of the evening and before she went to bed, I served as a footrest for her bare feet while she watched tv. Unfornatuly my mom never sat on my face that evening. She said she didn't want to spoil me and that she wanted to give me something to look forward to and that maybe tomorrow after work she would sit on my face if I did a good job serving as her doormat.

I am open to any suggestions for part3. Would you like to see this story get more humilating and in what way?
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Wow, spicedog, I just love the footworship and the mom's increasingly dominant attitude as it is. Has the son done much bare foot licking and in-between-the-toes service? The mom can also invite some like-minded friends over for a game of cards or something, or she could bring him to work and end up sharing him with cruel or creative female co-workers. He could make a bet with his mom and lose it, creating more servitude in some way. Or his grades at school could affect what happens at home.
I confess I'm not much of one for son/mother slave stories as I feel it somehow violates an age taboo. But you are writing a good one!
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Thumbs up

Great writing love the foot worship and trample
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Fine story and a good sequel! I would like more footworship, trample and humilating.
Sit on the face I find IMHO not so "nice" like footworship. The boy could for example belly crawl behind his mom in the house. Mom could phone with a friend and talk about her son under her feet.
Son could suck on her heels, suck on her toes. Mom could stand in heels on his face. Mom could one evening bring a lover home and humilating her son together with him. And so on...
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wow, spicedog it was superb!!

I love shoes worship and shoe trample so keep going your very exciting story
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Hey! Very nice job with the socond part!!
I think that son should be more humanilated.Maby he should live in the basaement or something like that.She should treat him like a dog.Definetly more high heels and boots worship.And so on...
It's a very good story.Please continue...
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I absolutely LOVE mother-foot-worship!

I love the idea of having her friends over, and maybe playing cards at the table while he is laying under it!!!

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Excellent story! but, I do not think that face sitting is a good idea...for 2 reasons.. (1) No matter how humilating it may be, that is not part of foot domination and more importantly..(2) It would be somewhat of an incest.

A foot slave usually and specially in this story, should NEVER be allowed to touch his mistress/mother, above her knees.

Lastly, like all the others have suggested, make it more and more dom, let her friends use him...may be some girls from his school too.

Waiting for part 3.

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Jussi FINLAND Jussi FINLAND is online now
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I hardly can wait next part of your story
Jussi from FINLAND
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Absolutely wonderful, though I agree with Ms. Clinton to avoid anything vaguely sexual.
There's a lot to be done just getting used to having a foot massager/door mat/carpet/ foot smeller.

He's eager now, but what about the first time she comes home with muddy shoes or when he wants to go out to play and she wants an all-day footrest.

I'd wait a little bit before introducing others. Let her explore her options first. I'm pretty generous with my stuff, but I like to monopolize it for a while.

Anyway, nice story, I'm enjoying it a lot.

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really great story..... please continue...
1. after you like her lick her shoe soles clean next day, you don't want them to get dirty again? Do you? So maybe you can become her horse/pony so she don't have to walk anymore and can ride you.

2. Also when the goddess got up to go the bathroom to pee, I thought you were going to offer your mouth. What good is your mouth man? Don't you think it is so inconvenient for a goddess to get up in the middle of night and walk all the way to the bathroom to pee while your mouth is there anyway. You could become her pee toilet.

3. She could use your back as a chair and/or use your face as seat.

4. I think maybe you should not be allowed to stand on 2 legs in front of her. That might be an insult to her for you to be on anything other than on 4 legs before her or maybe have to crawl in her presence.....

5. Maybe you wash her feet/flip flops with water and drink it. Or you eat your food only one way - after she crushed it with her shoe by walking/crushing it and you have like her shoe soles.

anyway great story.... please pleaaaase continure...
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Hmmm...great story so far--I'd love to see it get more humiliating--definitely would love to see the mother progress to facesitting him--maybe even going so far as toilet slavery--and I'd love to see another woman incorporated--maybe an initially shocked Grandmother who ends up using him as cruelly and completely--whatever you choose to do though--please please please continue.
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wonderful story. The facesitting-idea is even better. Mom using her son's face as a seat. Phoning with her neighbour. Wonderful!

Van straaten
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Great story. But donīt forget that the son must eat. Crush some food inside her shoes or just on a plate with her nylons.
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How about this ten rules:

1) Always be kneeling or laying flat on the floor in their presence
2) Donít talk unless required to do so and donít forget to say every time respectful Mistress
3) Crawl on hands and knees or even better on your belly, donít walk
4) Thank your owners by kissing their feet or even better the soles of the shoes
5) Door mat duty, lick the soles clean before the Mistress entrance the house
6) wear always a dog collar and let the Mistress lead the doggie at the leash, your Mistress
is calling you little puppy or little puppy, even in the public
7) worship very respectful the feet of your mistress, say at the same time quiet a prayer
8) drink the bath water of the feet of your mistress or better drink her pee, eat her garbage, trash from under her shoes
9) sleep at night at her feet and sniffing, licking and suckin all the time her lovely feet
10) your face is her footstool always at home, if the watch tv, or phone with a lover or friend, or read a book. In the public you can be footstool in a cafe, bar, restaurant, or club, the other people laughing about you or a other woman said: ďwhat a good boy!Ē.

To Facesitting: Iím agree 100% MISTRESS CLINTON, is not so proper for a mom story!
Only footworship and trample is the best way for it IMHO.
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