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Fiona`s BBW Escort Story Continuation...

I`m Reposting my continuation of Fiona`s excellent story, pending her aggreeance of course. Can`t quite remember how much of this I`ve already posted so I`ll post all that I`ve added.

An addition to Fiona Brown`s "Ralph & the BBW Escort", by Dolphin20pl1

After a short while she stood up, Ralphs face was heavy with her perspiration & he took in deep lung fulls of air as she calmly walked from him. "I-I...couldn`t breath", he stammered. "I told you to shut up", she snapped, "I`m going to make myself a cup of coffee, then I`ll be back", she added.

Ralph couldn`t believe what he`d heard. He began to tug at the belts to try & free himself, it was no use of course, he wasn`t going anywhere until she released him. He looked at the clock on the mantlepiece. He had been there for 45 minutes, he`d only paid for 30. What the hell was she doing.

Suddenly she was in the room again. "I only paid for.....", he said, "didn`t you hear me the first time", she said, "I said shut up", she added in a cold tone, she didn`t even look at him, she simply turned her back on him & sat until all her weight was once again on his face pressing it down into the cushion.

Once again Ralph was in hell as she sat there uncaringly, she crossed one leg over the other & sipped at her coffee ignoring the mmph mmph noises that had already begun to emanate from beneath her.

Then the phone went again. "I do a full hour for 100, half an hour for 70, blowjob for 40", she said to the anonamous caller. Then there was a long pause. Ralph wondered if she`d hung up, then the conversation began again.

"I can do that, if you have the money yes, tonight at 7pm, Block 8 door number 7, see you tonight then love"

Marie hung off & settled back down into her coffee enjoying the feeling of Ralphs face trapped beneath her.

This lasted for another three quarters of an hour, Ralph was unmercifully & systematically tormented under her fat ass, she allowed him to breath when he needed to but she absolutely refused to allow him to speak the whole time until the session finally ended. She then stood up & untied him.

Ralph quickly composed himself & breathed in lungfulls of cool, clean air. Then he looked once again at the clock. "I tried to tell you I only paid for 30 minutes", he said in a concerned & worried voice, "I don`t have any more money"

Marie smiled. "Consider the extra a freebie", she said, "I quite enjoyed it anyway & got a few bookings in whilst doing it too", she added. Ralph then got up & left Marie to get back to her normal routine.

The whole week following that, Ralph just couldn`t get the idea of what she`d done out of his head, he really wanted another session but his mind had already began to elaborate upon his fantasy. He had formulated a plan to adapt an armchair that could hold him inside it & he was desperate to ask Marie wether she would use it on him. He eventually plucked up the courage to phone her again.

"Can you sit on my face again", he said in an excited voice upon her answer. At first Marie wasn`t aware who she was speaking too but then the penny dropped. "Ah, my little seat boy", she said, "want another session then do we love", she added.

Ralph drew a deep breath. "Could I bring something with me", he said nervously. Imediately the big whore went into business mode. "Any additional equipment is extra, 50 for whips or gags, another 50 if you want me to dress in something specific", she said. "No, it`s, it`s something I`m going to make, an armchair, a special armchair", said Ralph excitedly.

"I don`t have the room", said Marie, "You can`t go lugging furniture up these stairs waking all the neighbours" she added. "I`ll tie you to my own chair & sit on your face as before, it`s that or nothing", said Marie. Ralph sounded dejected. "Ok, can you do it now", he said, "If you have the money", said Marie, & the deal was struck once again.

The session went as before, Ralph paid the 60, she tied him to the chair & then she simply ignored him as she sat on his face the whole thirty minutes watching tv. This time it was thirty minutes too. Ralph however, still had ideas about the armchair & decided to have another go at persuading Marie to entertain it.

"It`s just an armchair, I go inside it & my face is in the seat part looking up", he said, "You could keep me in there & ignore me, I could be in there while you entertain other clients", he added, becoming more & more excited at the prospect"

"I don`t want any more furniture in my flat", said Marie, "It`s too bloody small already", she added. "I don`t want you bringing furniture with you & taking it away whenever you come here, it isn`t practical", said Marie. "But you could keep it, I could come &.....", he said growing ever more excited. She cut him off in an instance.

"It`s not going to happen", she said acidically, "I do what I`ve told you & nothing more".

Ralph was on a roll though, his imagination began to get the better of him. "What about if you kept me here longer than my session time", he said. Marie sighed, his insistence was begining to bother her. Ralph however was allowing himself to get caried away with his fantastical longings.

"You could even keep me here permanently", he said. "I-I would give you everything in my bank account", he added foolishly. "Don`t be silly", said Marie, "I`m serious, I have 6000 in it, it`s yours if you do this", said Ralph.

Marie sighed once again. "Off you go", she said, "time for you to leave I think", she added whilst ushering him out through the front door. Ralph left dejectedly but now couldn`t get the idea of being a permanent seat to a big woman out of his head.
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Two weeks went by. Ralph`s thoughts & fantasies were now becoming almost totally occupied with the notion of being a permanent seat slave to a woman, if not Marie, then he`d find someone else. He began scanning the classifieds again. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue he received a phone call from Marie.

"How did you get my number?", he asked, surprised at her being able to call him. "Never mind how seat boy", said Marie, "I got it & that`s all you need to know", she said. Ralph fell silent unsure then of what to say. "What do you want?", he said meekly.

"What do I want", said Marie, "I want to know if your still serious about your armchair stunt that`s what", she added, Ralph cleared his throat, his penis began hardening in his pants. "Er, um, yes, of course I am", he said. There was a long silence.

"Can you be at my flat in ten minutes", said Marie abruptly, "Er, y-yes", said Ralph. "Good, be there then", said Marie abruptly & then she hung up.

Ralph was stunned. Stunned & excited. He gathered up his note pad, the one with his armchair design in it & imediately left for Maries.

When he got there, he stood silent outside the front door to her block. He was nervous, as nervous as when he had first came here. He pressed the buzzer. "Who is it?", came the reply. "It`s me, Ralph", said Ralph. There was a short pause, Ralph could hear her talking to someone, "The seats here", she said in a quiet voice. The door buzzed & released the lock, Ralph walked in & climbed the stairs to Maries flat wondering just what he might be getting himself into.

When he entered the flat, he was imediately aware of another woman sitting in the living room. She was about the same age as Marie, mid to late fifties, may`be even a little older, her shoulder length permed hair dyed a deep brown, & facially more on the unatractive side than vice versa.

She wore a rather hideous black diaphanous semi transparent gauzy blouse with satin frills on it & a short tight grey skirt that hugged her large nylon covered cellulite marked thighs in such a way as to almost be splitting the side seams. Her clothing looked dated & old, the black nylon lining of her skirt showed past it`s hem due to it`s age & her low heeled shoes looked in need of replacement.

She had definately seen better days, a smoker too if her wrinkled top lip were anything to go by, but her ample hips, wide butt & at least 50DD, or possibly 50EE tits straining at the black nylon bra clearly visible beneath her almost see through blouse more than made up for the lack of looks.

At first, Ralph was imediately on the defensive, he was nervous about the other woman not knowing who she might be & it showed on his face. "Sit down", said Marie, "This is my friend Mavis, she`s interested in your armchair scene", said Marie. Ralph gulped loudly. "Oh", he said & that was all that he said.

"Ya wanna be a womans seat", said Mavis abruptly, "er, um, yes", said Ralph in a meek tone of voice. "Ya wanna be my seat", said the woman coldly. Ralph was all of a sudden out of his depth, after all he knew nothing of this woman, she could be a serial killer for all he knew.

"Well, do ya or don`t ya", snapped the dragon lady on the sofa. Ralph bowed his head looking at the awesome spread of her wide hips & her arse as they all but completely covered the entire seat cushion. "Yes", he said, "Yes I guess so".

"This chair ya got", said the woman, "this armchair, Marie says ya go inside it & yer ed is in the seat", she added. Ralph nodded meakly whilst looking to Marie nervously. "Marie tells me ya have money & that you`ll pay a woman to keep ya inside it permanently while she just sits on ya", she said. Ralph nodded once again.

"You`ll sign over ya bank account details to me, all 6000 yes", she said, Ralph fell momentarilly silent. "I-I er um...", he stammered. "Well, YES or NO!", yelled Mavis agressively. Ralph nodded, his aprehension building once again in his gut as he spoke. He wasn`t sure about this at all now, he felt as though he were being steered, coherced, but Mavis`s awesome stature, her wide spreading hips & arse & those large breasts positively transfixed him.

"Where is this armchair?", said the woman, "I, er, I`m still building it, but here are the details", said Ralph handing her his notebook.

Mavis looked it over intently. "What`s this bottle ere?", she asked, "Ralph coloured up embarrassed by what he`d drawn. "It collects my waste", said Ralph, "My, you know.....", he added. "I`m not stupid, I can guess", said Mavis with a smile. "And these straps inside hold ya in place inside the chair so that ya can`t escape?", asked the woman, Ralph nodded. "What about the back, there ain`t a door, how do ya get in & out?", said Mavis studying the design further.

"It`s designed so that I can`t get out", said Ralph, "I go in & the wooden part that my legs are strapped too gets bolted & nailed back in place, then the material on the back gets stapled back on again, I don`t come out", he added. Mavis turned to Marie & smiled a sickly smile. "And once yer in it, nobody can see ya, nobody but me knows yer in there?", she asked. "No", said Ralph. "Ya think a little runt like you can survive under me?", said Mavis, "ya think ya can survive being just a thing under me big fat ass, a seat fer me to sit on whenever & however often I like", she added. Ralph nodded but said nothing.

Mavis turned to Marie & spoke. "He don`t say much does he, certainly is a quiet one ain`t he", she said lighting up a cigarette to confirm his earlier assumption of her being a smoker, "just as well really, he won`t be talking much under me that`s for sure", she added with yet another sickly smile. "If I does this to ya, I`ll probably have to gag ya when I`m not using the chair ya knows that dontcha, with me knickers I think, tied in with a nice silky scarf, we wouldn`t want anyone hearing ya cries when I`m out now would we", said Mavis coldly.

Ralphs blood ran cold at her words.

"You`ll sign a contract as well of course", said Mavis, "a contract?", asked Ralph, "Yeh, to protect me, don`t wanna end up being accused of kidnapping ya & keeping ya locked up in me home now do I", she said. Ralph nodded again.

"He really don`t say much at all does he Marie", said Mavis as she shifted her ample hips & arse up off the sofa to turn & face Marie. Ralph couldn`t help but notice her wide hips & her arse then, it strained inside the tight grey skirt & her thighs, clad in dark shiny nylons wobbled ever so slightly as she moved. He was getting another erection.

"When will I get ya bank details", said Mavis, "I er, I suppose I`ll arrange it right away", said Ralph, gazing in awe at her huge arse & still not knowing quite what he was getting himself into.

"If ya really do want this, I mean REALLY want this, I`ll do it", said Mavis, "Get the chair made & contact Marie when it`s done", ordered Mavis. "Ya better be sure about this though, real sure cos the sooner ya get started, the sooner we can get started on ya being me, PERMANENT seat", she added & bade Marie farewell before promptly leaving the flat.

"Happy now", said Marie, "You got what you wanted, although I must admit I do feel rather sorry for you", she added. "A lifetime under Mavis`s heavy arse & thighs, whatever were you thinking"

Ralph grimaced. "I`m not sure", he said as Marie ushered him out the door.

That evening he walked slowly back to his little flat near the shopping centre thinking deeply about what he was doing & what he might be getting himself into. It was obvious of course that the big woman Mavis was only interested in the money, but strange though it seemed that fact seemed to add to his fantasy. It kind of said that she really would be just using him as a seat & nothing else.

The following week was spent basically spying on the woman who would soon be sittting on him & on adapting & perfecting the armchair to his specifications. He had seen Mavis going into the supermarket across the road from where he lived & had begun to watch her more or less every day after noticing that she visited the shops on a daily basis. In so doing, he had also started to get a much better picture of the kind of woman she was, which was basically unrefined to say the least.

Her manner of dress was something to behold for she seemed to be one of those older women that still felt they could get away with looking sexy. He had seen the type before, garish satin, nylon or shiny lycra clothing, exagerated frills, short skirts & see through materials, it all left a little to be desired. Her ass, hips, thighs & breasts though never failed to impress him as he ogled her in secret from his flat, for Ralph was indeed a commited bum & tit man.

He began to wonder just what it would be like to be sat on by her, to be owned by her whilst she ignored him completely. In his minds eye, he pictured himself at her home in the armchair while she was out & about as she was now. Would she act the same, would she stop & chat to friends as he had seen her do countless times outside the supermarket. Would she even think about him at home, trapped in the armchair awaiting her return. The very thought of it all made him shivver with delight & the more he thought about it, the less uncertain he became of going through with his plan.
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Mavis was begining to look rather desirable to him if he didn`t say so himself!

Of course before any of this could become a reality, he had to get the chair made first & he had obviously chosen as large an armchair as he could get so that when he lay within it, his face would be suitably mid way in it`s seat while his legs were suitably hidden within it`s back rest.

When he had finally finished it, it truly was a marvel of construction. His woodwork teacher at his old school would have been proud of him. A padded wooden section as wide as his upper body had been fitted into position below the seat itself for him to lay himself upon with some degree of comfort, the rear edge of this section had three hinges attached which in turn held the board upon which his legs would be strapped prior to it being swung up & into position in the back rest of the armchair itself, where it would then be permanently nailed & bolted into position to effectively seal him in the chair.

These boards in turn sported conveniently positioned leather restraining straps just below the armrests & near to his thighs & ankles to prevent him struggling too much when he was finally installed in the chair. In the centre of the seat itself, directly under it`s cushion a neat hole had been cut for his face to peer out of. At first he had intended to cut a hole into the armchairs removable cushion as well but he then remembered that Mavis had no wishes for him to be visible in the chair by anyone other than herself. This way, when he was not in use, it`s cushion would of course hide his face from view.

He did however alter & use one of the cushions from the old matching sofa that he`d bought with the armchair just in case Mavis wanted a cushion with a hole in it also.

Down in the base of the chair on it`s right hand side, Ralph had also made a small concealed hatch way about eighteen inches high by about twelve inches wide which would facilitate the removal of his waste collection jar for emptying. He`d obtained suitable lengths of tubing & certain medical apparatus from a chemist that was normally used by old age pensioners who had bladder or bowel problems in order to facilitate this.

A device known as a convene would be slipped over his penis & tightened in place rather like a large condom to take care of his water & an air bulb retained enema attachment in his ass would effectively handle his solid waste once he had been installed.

It was complete. He sat back on his own sofa & contemplated his next move whilst looking at his bizarre creation. He would now have to phone Marie of course but the thought of doing so caused him both fear & excitement within. He felt like a man on a cliff anticipating jumping to his inevitable doom. What was strange though was that the thought excited him immensely.

Even after he had actually gathered his thoughts & composure & made the call, he still had thoughts about what the hell he was doing. This woman, Mavis was really going to keep him, quite permanently inside this armchair, how would that feel he wondered. Would he change his mind after a while & want to be released. Would Mavis release him!

He thought not for that would probably mean she`d lose the money & that was something he instinctively felt she would not tolerate. She had demanded a contract after all! It was too late now anyway, he had actually cancelled his university placement & given notice on his flat. Now he was commited.

For the next two days, Ralph was in utter torment. Marie had told him only to wait while she got hold of Mavis, this however seemed to be taking quite some time. By the time contact was eventually made again, he was going out of his mind. It was a quarter to one in the afternoon on a tuesday when the knock on the door finally came. Ralph opened it up nervously to find both Marie & Mavis standing there, he let them both in & they imediately sat without speaking.

How did they know where he lived he wondered to himself. He never bothered asking.

Mavis was true to form as always, The same grey skirt with the dropped visible nylon lining, Dark nylons or may`be tights upon her legs, he wasn`t sure which of course, different shoes & blouse this time though for she wore grey high heeled pumps that looked in need of re-heeling & a pink long billowy sleeved satin blouse open to her cleavage. This time, her hair was bunched up upon her head & kept in place with a rather unfetching alice band. Marie wore a dark denim skirt & a cardigan over a cream silk vest style top. She looked altogether more conventional than the rather garish Mavis.

Mavis took in the surroundings, her gaze finally falling upon the armchair. "Is this it?", she said abruptly whilst pointing towards it. "Yes it is", said Ralph a little nervously. "It looks good, quite ordinary, I like that", said Mavis lifting herself up from the sofa & walking towards the chair.

Once again Ralph found himself becoming mesmerised by the sight of Mavis`s awesomely proportioned ass & thighs as she moved, he watched as she bent forwards & pressed the cushion with her hand to test it`s comfort, & as she did, the rear hem of her skirt rode up slightly to reveal more of it`s shiny nylon lining to his gaze. He gulped audibly as she turned to face him with a look in her eye that chilled him to the bone. Then she slowly & purposfully sat. It was as though she were reading his mind.

Ralph couldn`t help himself. "Oh god", he sighed, loud enough for both women to hear him. Marie tutted & looked out the window as though she had better things to do with her time, Mavis smiled arrogantly as she allowed her wide ass to settle all over the cushion. "It feels nice n comfy", she said wriggling about, "Yes, I think it`ll look good in me home, just the right colour too, fit in just right", she added. Ralph swallowed hard, "I-I`m glad you like it", he said allowing his eyes to fix upon Mavis`s lower extremeties as he imagined his face trapped under them. Then he quickly averted them as he noticed Mavis had caught him oggling.

"Ya kin look", she said agressively, "I don`t mind ya lookin at me ass n thighs", she added with a rather mischevious laugh. "I mean, you`ll be under em soon won`t ya seat boy", she added. "Under this very skirt praps", she added while smoothing her palms acsross the taut fabric stretched across her ample thighs.

It was all too much for poor old Ralph, he was becoming arroused again & it was showing in the front of his trousers. "Don`t ya go expectin me to go easy on ya though", said Mavis, "seats are just fer sittin on so don`t ya go expectin me to talk to you or treat ya as anything other than me seat, cos that`s all you`ll be ya know that dontcha"

Ralph said nothing, he just nodded as he continued to take in the vista before him. He was lost in his own personal fantasy of being in that chair beneath Mavis`s awesome ass & thighs.

Mavis laughed again. "Look at im look Marie", she said motioning to his groin, "the Little perv`s getting all turned on already, wonder if he even knows what he`s gettin himself into", she added. "Sure ya still wanna be me seat then luv, still want me to keep ya in this thing". Ralph felt himself colouring up again. "Er um Y-Yes, of course I do", he stammered. "Of course ya do what", spat Mavis. "Of course I want to be your seat", said Ralph. Mavis`s expression changed then to one of spite, she stood up & moved menacingly towards him, he in turn backed against the wall nervously.

"If your gonna be me very own permanent seatslave, your gonna ave to address me proper, ya know that dontcha", snapped Mavis standing before him. Ralph didn`t know quite what to say. Mavis placed both hands upon her hips in a classic dominating stance & then she moved forwards again & pressed her ample body against him to pin the much smaller lad against the wall as she did so. Poor Ralph became instantly aware of the overpowering smell of her cheap perfume & imediately found himself peering into her opened blouse & down into her deep cleavage. He could see her bra, it was huge, beige & silky & looked as though it were struggling to contain the awesome mammeries that heaved with her every breath within it.

"Mistress", snapped Mavis looking down into his terrified young features as he looked up into her face with a puzzled expression. "I wanna be adressed as mistress", she added, "Do ya understand me boy", Ralph nodded meekly. "Yes mistress", said Ralph as Mavis smiled that sickly smile again & then moved back from him towards the armchair again. Then turning around again with that same arrogant look in her eye, she slowly sat upon it.

"Ave a good long look seatboy", said Mavis as she sat, "You`ll never see me sit like this again cus next time you`ll be seeing it all from a diffrent angle altogether", she said as Ralph watched, with his jaw dropped in astonishment as she allowed her flesh to splurge once again in the chair.

She reached into the patent handbag at her side to withdraw her cigarette pack before removing & lighting one up as she continued to look towards him where he stood. "Your bank account details", she said blowing a stream of smoke into the air, "I wannem now". Ralph went to the drawer in the kitchen & retrieved the details with a pit forming in his gut. Then he returned & handed them to her. She took them from him & glanced the details. "I`ll need authorisation too of course, somethin from ya to say yer lettin me draw all the money out in one go" Ralph nodded rather stupidly again, his mind was filled with the fantasy of being Mavis`s permanent chair, he was on autopilot! She was the autopilot....
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"So", she said, blowing another stream of smoke into the air. "Is everything finished with this chair", she added, "Don`t want no accidents when ya in it & I wanna be able to just forget about ya once yer inside", she said. "don`t want no crying & begging to be let out either cos ya won`t be getting out", she added, "I`ll feed ya sometimes of course, & change ya bottle but that`ll be it, that`ll be all I ever do other than sit on ya, d`ya understand me?", said Mavis crossing one leg across the other as she spoke, so as to draw his attention down to the cushion & her nyloned thighs once again.

Ralph gulped visibly at the show, her words filtered into his brain somewhere along the line but to be honest, he would have agreed to anything she said at that moment in time. He could now see also that she was wearing tights as well, not stockings as he`d hoped, he could see the dark shiny nylon as it spanned up across her right buttcheek which had become visible now due to the crossing of her fleshy legs.

"Do ya ave any money on ya other than whats in ya bank", said Mavis, "About thirty pounds", said Ralph, his gaze stil fixed upon her ass & thighs as he spoke. "Ya can use that to get me new armchair taken to me place this afternoon", said Mavis as she reached into her handbag. "This is me address", she said as she handed him a piece of paper. "I want that back once ya arrive too, don`t want anything left ere linking ya to me house", she added. Then she took another piece of folded paper from her handbag & handed that to him also.

"Read that & sign it this afternoon after we leave", said Mavis, "It`s a contract fer me protection as agreed", she added & then she got up off the armchair looking to Marie as she did so. "Ready Mar", she said, "Got a bit of shopping to do before I go home", she added. Marie smiled at Ralph as they both then left the flat & him to his twisted thoughts. Mavis continued on down the stairs & was waiting at the bottom door for her friend. Marie stayed behind briefly on the top landing to talk to Ralph.

"Are you really sure you want this?", she asked. Ralph simply nodded, his mind still pretty much on autopilot. "She won`t let you go you know, she`s dead serious about this, she`ll keep you in that armchair & you`ll remain there", added Marie. "And I do mean REMAIN there", she said ominously.

"I arranged this because you sounded like you really wanted this to happen, you better understand what you`re getting yourself into here & that you`re probably going to be listed as missing by someone sooner or later", said Marie, "Don`t expect me to ever come get you out of this because from this point on, I wash my hands of it", she added. "If anybody ever comes to my door asking if I know you I`ll deny all knowledge of you".

It was strange, her words, the finality of it all, it was all arrousing Ralph like nothing ever had done, he knew this was kind of stupid but he couldn`t help but want it now. May`be in his minds eye he felt that if he really did change his mind about this at a later date, Mavis would let him go & return the money to him. Something else though said that she wouldn`t do that at all. And the thought of that excited him beyond belief! He was like a fish caught in a beautiful net.

Marie left his flat to join her friend. Ralph opened up the folded piece of paper & read it`s contents. It was a simple, rather scruffily written note absolving Mavis of all guilt should anything happen to him or if anyone were to find him in her home. It prevented him from ever saying that she had forcibly kidnapped him & it ensured that it was quite clear that he himself had arranged all of this without cohersion of any kind. With trepidation, & his hormones playing havok with his better judgement, he foolishly signed the letter & then he phoned a local man & van to arrange transport of the armchair to the address Mavis had given him. Then he made himself a cup of coffee.

It was now 8pm that same evening. The armchair, hitherto reffered to by Mavis as, "Her armchair", had been transported to her house & she had already contacted him to now bring himself also.

When Ralph finally arrived, it was all pretty much how he`d expected it to be. Mavis had changed into a quite hideous lime green & brown patterned satin housecoat kind of thing, her hair was bunched up on top of her head with a black satin scrunchie & she was wearing pale blue fluffy slippers upon her nylon tighted feet.

Her home, which in fact turned out to be a flat was just as dingy as Maries. When Mavis led him in, he addressed her as mistress as she had asked, then, after he had managed to tear his attention from her huge jiggling breasts, thighs & arse, he began to take in the suroundings of what was to effectively become his new prison.

He passed first from the darkened hallway & on into Mavis`s living room, noticing as he did the typically council type kitchen on the left with it`s stained cooker & the downstairs toilet on the right as he did so. The living room itself was decorated in yellowing, nicotine stained, late seventies patterned wallpaper, the ceiling artexed but yellowing now due to Mavis`s heavy smoking habit hung ominously overhead, a sight which was to suddenly instill within him the thought that it was to very probably be one of his only sights later whenever Mavis wasn`t actually sitting in her armchair.

He averted his gaze from the ceiling & then he continued looking around the room, noticing as he did an old Bush colour tv which stood directly in line with his already delivered armchair, which he noticed had already been conveniently positioned in a place that was comfortable for Mavis to watch her favourite programs. The thought caused his cock to twitch as he anticipated being trapped helplessly within it while she perhaps watched a movie or the three & a half hour Eastenders omnibus perhaps.

"I`ll warn ya now seatboy", said Mavis, breaking him out of his thoughts. "I watch a lot of tv, I`ll be sitting in that armchair a lot & as far as I`m concerned yer just a part of it, ya don`t exist to me", she added as she once again lit up a cigarette. "That`s how I want it", said Ralph, his voice faltering again with the excitement that was building within him. "Good", said Mavis smuggly, "Cos that`s how it`s gonna be".

Her words made Ralph positively shivver inside.

"Ya better show me how to get ya in this thing & how I`m supposed to close it all up again", said Mavis. "Then, as a little treat, if you like ya can go ave one last walk round me house, I`ll show ya me bedroom & things & the cloths I got in me wardrobe, I got lots of really nice cloths in me wardrobe ya know", she said, "I`ll show ya the skirts & dresses & things I`ll wear when I sits on ya", said Mavis, "not that your ever gonna see me other rooms & me wardrobe again once yer in me armchair of course, but I thought ya might just like to see the rest of the place where ya being kept", added Mavis.

"Ok", said Ralph nervously, as he then began to show her the intricacies of the armchairs design. He showed her how his bodily fluids & his other waste would be channeled to the bottle in the side, how to remove it, how to re-attach it etc etc. Then he opened up the material covering at the back of the armchair to show her the interior & it`s workings & how it all interlocked & bolted back into place once he was inside it. Mavis reached in & pulled at the leather straps fixed to the wood inside to test their strength.

"Don`t want ya getting free & escaping now do I", she said with a sickly smile. "Don`t worry", said Ralph, "the restraints are bolted into the wood & the frame itself actually traps me in place once it`s swung up & bolted to the backrest with the security nuts", added Ralph. "Once I`m in there I can`t get out unless I`m let out".
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Mavis lit up another cigarette & blew the smoke upwards in a deep exhale. "That ain`t gonna happen", she said, "Ya wanted to be kept in there fer real & thats exactly what I`m gonna do to ya", said Mavis. Ralph gulped, his cock once again twitching excitedly at her words. "Until then though, I advise ya to think about what ya getting yerself into here seatboy, this is ya last chance to back out", said Mavis sucking audibly on her cigarette as though she were trying to get the absolute maximum amount of nicotine from within it.

Ralph of course was now primed in his excitement at what he was contemplating. He couldn`t turn back now & he knew it, everything had been arranged, his parents had been informed that he was going to be away for a long time, his flat had been returned, his college course cancelled. "No, this is what I want", said Ralph, still in the grip of his post sexual high. "Then let`s go for a quick walk round me house then before ya go in shall we", said Mavis as she led him from the room & on up the stairs.

The upstairs turned out to be much the same as the downstairs, although to be truthful, it did smell much nicer in that the air was rather thick with perfume, particularly in Mavis`s bedroom. Her bed was a large confortable looking wood affair with a pink quilted satin cover & a femininely styled, frilled vallance, while two equally comfortable looking matching pillows graced it`s ornate headboard. An oak dresser complete with attached mirror stood in the corner of the room, it`s surface full of make up, perfumes & various other feminine paraphernalia strewn atop it. It`s top drawer was open & various bra`s panties, tights & other such fineries were bursting out from within. The two remaining drawers were shut.

Mavis walked purposfully to the large matching oak wardrobe in the other corner of the room which she then unlocked & opened. "These are me cloths", she said, still puffing on the cigarette in her lipsticked mouth like some caricature of fag ash lil. "Me skirts & me blouses & dresses & things", said Mavis running a hand amidst the hundreds of items within.

Ralph moved towards the wardrobe to look inside, it smelled kind of old & musty, like his grandmothers wardrobe used to smell when he`d hidden in it as a boy playing hide & seek.

"I likes dressing up nice", said Mavis, "And I really likes me nylon & me expensive silks & satins & tafettas, the stuff of a real womans wardrobe me husband always used to say, god rest his soul".

"I`ll be buying a lot more nice new things now as well", said Mavis, "ya six grand will come in very useful thats fer sure. Be nice n comfy for ya when I sits on ya face", said Mavis, as though it were the most natural thing in the world for her to do. "I never wears slacks ya see, only skirts & dresses", she added, "be much nicer on ya face when I wears me silky skirts & things I mean", she said, "Nice & smooth fer ya when me big heavy ass is squashin ya down", she added with a sickly laugh. Ralph just smiled, he didn`t quite know what to say.

"Not into ladies dirty underwear are ya?", asked Mavis all of a sudden. "Knew a guy once that liked cleaning all me worn underwear with his mouth & tongue, washing it in his mouth & licking & suckin all the stains & sweat off em", she said.

"Quite gross really if ya ask me but I had the cleanest knicker gussets, tights & bras on the street that`s fer sure", she added, "Used ta put me knickers & me tights over his head & tie me bras over his face so he could cleam em", said Mavis, "He loved it, & ya better believe I does tend to get a bit messy in me drawers & stuff too", she said, "too much fer me washin machine to cope with", she said whilst unashamedly opening up her laundry basket to show Ralph it`s multitudinous silky contents, with it`s crumpled, heavily soiled underwear still rolled up in to the crotches of her discarded tights & the stale perfume smelling skirts, blouses & dresses as though to prove the point.

"May`be I`ll MAKE ya do it anyway", said Mavis sternly, "After all, yer me slave ain`t ya, what could ya do about it once yer trapped in me armchair eh", she added with a wink. Ralph looked into the laundry basket & gulped aloud. "No", he said, "I-I don`t think I would like that at all mistress", he said sheepishly, "I just want to be a womans seat", he said taken aback, "just your seat mistress, thats all", he added.

Mavis closed the laundry basket & huffed arrogantly. "That`s a shame, would ave liked me undies cleaned to perfection again", she said clipping the clips on the lid of the basket to hold the lid on.

"I will gag ya from time to time though, ya know that dontcha", said Mavis, "I told ya I`d use me knickers fer that didn`t I, tied in with a scarve, I don`t want no crying out when yer in me armchair & I goes out d`ya remember me saying that?", she added.

Ralph smiled nervously. "Yes I know mistress", said Ralph remembering their past conversations, "but I`m really not into having to clean all of them like your other friend was", he said sheepishly.

Mavis huffed again. "Mmm, I see", she said, "Oh well, let`s get ya put into me armchair then shall we seatboy", said Mavis closing & locking her wardrobe door & then ushering him abruptly from the room. "Before ya changes ya mind", she added. Words which were to imediately instill Ralph with a mixture of fear & excitement as he allowed himself to be led back downstairs & into Mavis`s living room.

It took roughly forty five minutes for Ralph to become fixed in place & plumbed into the armchair. He was both frightened & excited, his excitement however was far in excess of any fear that he was feeling, for his fantasy had by now taken over completely.

Mavis of course knew the effect that her awesome thighs, breasts & ass were having on him as she moved around the chair positioning his face into the hole in the seat of the chair itself. She knew that so long as he could see those parts of her, she could strap his wrists, waist & ankles to their respective binding points on the boards inside the armchair without him suddenly seeing sence & backing out on his plan.

Mavis wanted the money, that much was true, she wasn`t going to risk losing it now that she had him there in the chair & she proceeded with utmost efficiency as she finalised his enslavement. She asked him if he was ok, Ralph croaked that he was & then she lifted the hinged board that held his legs up into position in the chairs back rest to be bolted permanently into place. If he chose to back out now, he couldn`t of escaped even if he tried, the thought made him shivver with a mix of fear & positive delight. Mavis picked up the staple gun & walked around to peer down into his trapped face fixed face up in the seat of HER new armchair.

"Time to re-upholster me new armchair seatboy", said Mavis with a glint in her eye. Ralph was a lost cause, he looked up at her, at her huge breasts hanging heavily beneath the glistening satin of her housecoat as she leaned forwards to speak to him. Briefly, he caught a glimpse of her black satin bra beneath as the material of her housecoat parted a little, Mavis made no attempt to cover up. Why should she? As far as she was now concerned he wasn`t even a human being anymore, he had passed from being that into being a chair for her to sit on. Nothing more.

His penis however, was rock hard, harder than it had ever been as he watched her go out of sight again.

"Do it Mistress Mavis", he said, "Oh please Mistress, make me your permanent seat, seal me in here forever", he said, breathing heavily now with his mounting excitement as he squirmed against the tightly strapped restraints & listened to the click, click of the staple gun as she stapled the fabric permanently back into place at the back of the armchair.

Then it was done.
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Mavis walked slowly back around the chair to look down into his face with a rather smug & self satisfied smile upon her face. "I got ya now ain`t I seatboy", she said, much to Ralphs obvious delight as he squirmed in delight under her gaze. "Mavis is now 6000 better off & poor Ralphy has become her seatslave forever", said Mavis tauntingly. "Ya ave no idea what ya got yerself into ave ya", she said with a smile, Then she walked off towards the table at the side of the room to pick up the paper which she then opened to the tv page.

"W-what are you going to do to me mistress", said Ralph excitedly falling quickly into the role he`d created for himself as he spoke.

"Seats are fer sittin on aint they seatboy", said Mavis flicking casually through the paper. "Ya just me seat now aint ya so what do ya think I`m gonna do to ya", she added.

"No, please mistress, please don`t sit on me", said Ralph feigning fear. "I-I`m trapped down here in your armchair mistress, oh please don`t sit on me, please don`t sit on my face", said Ralph in his most meak mannered tone of voice. Mavis continued reading, ignoring him now completely as he simply stewed for a minute or two.

"Now then", said Mavis, "Oh, theres a good film on tonight, three hours long, think I`ll watch that in me new armchair", she added, much to Ralphs obvious delight as he squirmed inside the chair straining his head to try & catch a glimpse of her as she read.

Then, all of a sudden she was there before him, standing directly before the armchair, her back to him as he gasped in awe of her. She was so close to him now that he could hear the rasping of her nylon tights as she moved her legs slightly, he was looking directly up her housecoat at her nyloned crotch, high up inbetween her thighs, he could see her full styled knickers underneath the shiny nylon, he was mesmerised, his cock fit to burst.

Then she just sat.

She sat as though he wasn`t even there in the chair, taking him completely by surprise, no words, no looking down at him, nothing. She simply bent her knees & sat heavily until his face was completely lost under the oppresive smothering nylon & satin covered flesh of her. Then she crossed one leg over the other as she reached for the TV remote control, screwing his visage under her as she did so before turning on the TV.

This was like nothing Ralph had ever experienced before, Marie had been heavy when he`d paid her to sit on him, Mavis however was something else entirely. When he had first met her, he had guessed her age at somewhere between fifty & fifty five, she was actually fifty nine, one year off sixty! And she sat with the confidence & nonchalance of a mature woman who had seen a few things in her life, she had been a prostitute herself for nine years so that went without saying.

With Ralph however, this was the easiest 6000 she had ever made, as far as she was concerned, if he was foolish enough to hand all that cash over to her with the request that she keep him permanently in the armchair, she would damn well take advantage of it. That money was hers now & she wasn`t going to give it up, not now. As far as she was concerned it was easy money & Ralph would get exactly what he wanted, wether he wanted it now or not.


Deep within the armchair, Ralph tugged at the leather restraints holding him firm, he couldn`t escape, he knew that but it just felt divine to squirm & struggle under this awesome woman as she ignored his presence completely.

Above him, Mavis relaxed in the armchair, she could feel his little face trapped underneath her knickered arse but just as he`d requested, she chose to brush it from her mind as she settled in to a bout of TV. She let herself fall back into the chair so that her back came into contact with the backrest & in so doing, the shifting of her nether regions upon Ralphs face afforded him a slight reprieve in the suffocation he was by then experiencing, as his mouth became uncovered just to the side enough for him to inhale.

"Please, plee...", he cried. Mavis shifted again to seal his mouth into her nyloned crotch once again & he spoke no more. Thirty seconds passed, then forty, then fifty...

Ralphs lungs began to collapse, he was begining to pass out, he saw stars in his smothered out eyes as he tried to voice his distress. "MMph", he cried directly into mavis`s crotch as she sat, ignoring him. One minute thirty seconds had passed, he was bucking now inside the armchair, he had no breath left in his tortured lungs whatsoever.

"Oh god no don`t kill me now, not now", he thought in desperation, as he began to slip slowly into oblivion. "Please, please Mavis....."

Then she lifted. Mercifully, she got up out of the chair to go to the table to fetch her cigarettes. Ralph gulped in huge amounts of life giving air, fearful of her sitting again right away. She had nearly suffocated him, he thought he knew what it was like to be under a big woman but he`d got it wrong, he`d got it very wrong. Then all of a sudden, Mavis was upon him again, without a thought she had appeared to drop onto his tormented & trapped visage all over again.

"No, noooo.....", he cried. It was no use of course. Mavis simply sat & crosed her huge thighs one over the other as before, smothering him completely. Mercifully though, on this occasion he found he could suck in tiny amounts of air due to the fact that Mavis was slightly off centre of his mouth, she was sitting just a little to the right with one arm resting on the arm of the chair. Ralph was breathing, barely!

It had never dawned on him before just how much a woman of Mavis`s fleshy weightiness would compress not just the cushion of his armchair prison cell, but also it`s supporting frame as well. The wooden cross members supporting the seat itself were bending just enough to come into contact with his chest & upper stomach as he lay trapped inside. He could also feel the weight of her against his thighs as she rested back into the seat oblivious to his presence.

Mavis didn`t care of course, she was doing exactly what he requested, ignoring him completely. She lit up a cigarette & began flicking through the channels until she found something worth watching whilst Ralph suffered in silence beneath her, eventually settling on the film she had read about. She then watched the film in it`s entirety, she could just hear Ralphs laboured breathing under her ass, it kind of tickled although not in an annoying way, more a nice way.

"I could get used to this", she thought to herself, "I definately could"

The film lasted two & a half hours during which, Mavis never lifted once from the seat of the armchair. She shifted a few times of course as one does in a chair but that was all. Occasionally, she sealed Ralphs mouth against her nylon covered ass once in a while but mercifully not long enough to pass him out permanently. Ralph however, was suffering a mix of very real torment & absolute bliss as he became lost in the fantasy of being Mavis`s seat cushion.

She sat on him that evening for a total of four hours, almost non stop. That night, Ralph had truly been shown what it was like to really be a seat to a big woman. He had orgasmed four times during the whole scenario, his semen passing into the urine tube in his cock to enter the reception bottle down in the side of the armchair. He had urinated once also & this too had entered the bottle in just the way Ralph had intended. Mavis had been oblivious to it all, she had simply watched the film as though she were sat upon nothing but an inanimate armchair. Then, at eleven pm after switching off the TV, she got up & retired to her bedroom without one solitary word to the poor young man, trapped in her armchair.

Ralph was exhausted. He had never experienced such a rush as during his ordeal beneath the uncaring Mavis. She has simply used him as a chair, an integral, built in part of it`s seat, & unbeknown to Ralph, she had enjoyed it immensely.

(To be continued)
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Please continued
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Thumbs up


Superb story,I`d can`t wait for continuation.I wonder if that ever happened to anyone in reality.
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Great story!
Please continue soon..
Carpet for Ladies
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Thats quite a story!
Actually I think I know her *smile* dont see her as much as I used to, that must be why! lolol (guys, I'm j o k i n g, so dont email me for her details hahaha!)
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Great story, thanks for sharing!
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First of all, I`d like to say thanks to everyone for their feedback on this continuation. I appreciate that the subject matter might not be up everybodies street, but then that`s what makes this great fetish of ours so wide & diverse.

Personally I`m more into the mature bigger type of facesitter that imposes innescapable facesitting, so I tend to write in that vein.

Secondly, I`m glad I haven`t offended you Fiona in attempting to continue the great story you started. When I first read it, it struck a chord & I knew I wanted to elaborate upon it. As I said, it is a work in progress, I have more ideas as to Ralphs ultimate fate under Mavis which I`ll add to the board in due course.

Thanks again. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Last edited by dolphin20pl1; 01-24-2004 at 7:03 AM.
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First of all, I`d like to say thanks to everyone for their feedback on this continuation. I appreciate that the subject matter might not be up everybodies street, but then that`s what makes this great fetish of ours so wide & diverse.

Personally I`m more into the mature bigger type of facesitter that imposes innescapable facesitting, so I tend to write in that vein.

Secondly, I`m glad I haven`t offended you Fiona in attempting to continue the great story you started. When I first read it, it struck a chord & I knew I wanted to elaborate upon it. As I said, it is a work in progress, I have more ideas as to Ralphs ultimate fate under Mavis which I`ll add to the board in due course.

Thanks again. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
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Ooops, sorry bout the double posting.
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i hate people who double post
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