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At those smelly feet Part 7

"Smell my raunchy foot odor Roderick, you sad pathetic loser!" she commanded. "Smell my feet thoroughly, or I'll hurt you, big time. I'll hit your tiny, cock right into the dirt, you idiot. Smell between my stinky toes Roderick, or I'll kick your balls from here to Paris. Do you think I'm playing games with you here, you little wimp?! Just smell my nasty foot odor! An ugly sissy loser like you deserves to be walked over and tortured. You are the biggest loser I have ever seen. You're so totally repugnant, that no girl will ever be interested in you romantically. You'll definitely never have a girlfriend, Roderick. The only thing you deserve from pretty girls, is to be treated like dirt. Women just feel compelled to beat you up, humiliate you, and hurt you terribly-and you deserve nothing more from us. You are nothing but a complete loser, Roderick, and you deserve every bit of this abuse. So smell my sweaty feet, you little loser! Smell underneath my long, stinky toenails, you total eyesore! Get that crooked nose of yours in between my toes, and start sniffing. Smell in between each and every sweaty toe, you creep! I'll teach you to ask me out for a date, you loser. You are a nauseating, effeminate piece of filth, and I'm gonna treat you exactly as you deserve. How do you like constantly smelling my nasty foot odor, Roderick? You know, my feet haven't stunk this badly in ages, and I hope it kills you. I hate your guts, you know. You are so totally ugly, that it hurts to look at you. And you wanted me to date you?! What are you, a stand-up comedian or something? Just smell my stinky feet, loser. I'll wipe my sweaty feet right in your face, any time I please. Do you understand me, you little wimp? Just suffer!!"
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I love this story! Please continue.
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