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Old 09-21-2004, 7:28 AM
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Anyone here with muscle women/bodybuilder trample pics?

I know it's not a popular request, but it is an interest of mine... and I know I can't be alone. So I'm reaching out to the rest of you. If any of you have any photos of big, strong, muscular bodybuilding women - particularly Nicole Bass - having their way with smaller, less powerful men, might you take a moment to post them in the photos section? I know I would totally appreciate it!
I used to have a few photos of Nicole Bass trampling some helpless dude with her awesome size 12 feet, but my girlfriend found them and I felt like a freak for having 'em... so I deleted them! Now I'm kicking myself (even though I'm still with the same girlfriend, lol)! Guess I'll just have to hide the pics better this time - presuming any of you can fulfill my request, of course.
I actually got the chance to see Nicole Bass in person a few years back in NYC (not for a session/can't afford those!)... She was in the city promoting something and I fortunately happened to be around. So I checked her out... She was wearing black patent leather heels w/ about a 3" heel on them. All I could think was how great her huge soles would feel and smell if I could have removed her heels right there and then, and just wiped her feet all over my face!
Anyway, I'm babbling. Thanks in advance again to anyone who may be able to help me out! Peace.
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