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"Kiss my ass!"

It looks like facesitting is mainly male fantasy. But I think many guys have at one time had a woman say,"Kiss my ass!" In some cases she doesn't mean it. However I've had the feeling that some women who say that mean it. Many guys would'nt kiss a girl's ass in public out of embarrassment, especially in front of other peers.

Has anyone ever kissed a female ass after having been told that, whether to be funny or call her bluff or whatever?
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I've kissed and bitten many a female ass in the company of my peers!! Now my wife's best friend says "KISS MY ASS!" followed quickly by, "NOT LITERALLY, MOGLI!!". hehehe Yet she often teases me by shaking her voluptuous, jean covered butt at me and saying, 'Bet you $5.00 you want to bury your face in this!!'. After she says it, I usually buy her a drink!! I'd love to spend an hour with my face buried in her ass crack!! Jean covered or bare...
Take It Lying Down
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funny u should say that... a girl i know who happens to be gorgeous! like Miss universe material (almost) used to say it all the time at parties etc... and i'd say 'ok' and go right ahead!
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Poor Willy and I kissed a dancers ass at a strip club in Kingston.
She loved it and started sticking her ass in our faces repeatedly for adoring sniffs. The crowd went wild.

Yeah Mon

I also kiss the sistas-rule.com Mistresses Ass's publicly at times. When it is staring at you in the face sometimes you can't resist...

Yeah Mon
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Funny you should ask. I remember one time at a party after a few drinks something just like that happening. A few people were playing a drinking game called Beriut and one of the girls said something to me after I beat her ass in the game. She said.."kiss my ass.." and I laughed and said, "put it on my face and I will"...she laughed and said.."no problem, lay down.." and I did..she leaned over ..put her ass up to my face, pressed it rather firmly against my face and I kissed it. It got alot of laughs and I was happy as hell.
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I`ve kissed a woman`s ass in public many times...It ranged from dares to have been told too "Kiss My Ass" Literally, This one stripper and I were talking in the night club.Somehow,The conversation swung to me saying (You`ve a lovely ass) next thing I knew,She`d dared me to kiss her ass.

The night club had been packed that night and everyone were screaming...The irony is! the next stripper that came over to me saw what just happened and she`d had me kissing her ass also.
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when I was in high school we were about a to smoke a joint and I couldn't find a lighter. I said, anybopdy got a match, and this girl, she was a junior, real hot, said ``yeah, your face & my ass''. I said ``thats a match made in heaven''. She said come into the other room, I have a match for you.

The two of us went into a small den and she just stood there and said ``well''? She had on jeans and I got on my knees and started kissing her 17 year old ass.

It wasn't great cause she had denim jeans on so I said, ``well, this isn't really kissing your ass, cause ya have jeans on'' and at that point she pulled them and her panties down to her knees and sais shut up & lick!!!

I was in heaven, she was hot and had a great ass, with a little bit of hair around her rim. I spread her cheeks as far as I could and just dove my tongue into her asshole as forcefully as I could. I licked her asscrack & asshole for aout 20 minutes when a coupel people came in, looking for a match and saw me on my knees licking her ass. I got teased mercilessly for about a month, but I also got to lick her ass numerous times.
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Great story, but why does everyone always have to write, "this story is true?" I appreciated reading it, but no 17 year old girl called you into a room with such little prompting and made you lick her bare ass for 20 minutes. Do you realize how long that would be for licking an ass? So she just stood there while you licked her ass for such a long time? Just write that it is fiction and th story will be just as good.
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folks, 20 minutes is not that long of a time to lick .. My personal record is 3 hours ... that's just me though ...
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Originally posted by FootCleaner
Great story, but why does everyone always have to write, "this story is true?"
Where does it say that? infact, none of the stories had "This story is True" in it.

I`ve been known to lick a woman`s ass for a few hours myself 20 minutes is just a tease..it`s hardly a sample
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