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Tess's sexy teasing toes! (Fiction)

Tess's teasing toes.
Tess was a pretty 24 year old department manager for linens, pillows and bedspreads for a large retail chain. She was a bit of a modern hippie chick who enjoyed indian jewelry, floral print dresses and loved her sandals. She without a doubt had a shoe fetish, to the point that she just worked so she could buy shoes, in every color and style for her very cute size 6 feet. At 5'4 110lbs with wavy and curly brown hair, deep brown eyes, a big but charasmatic nose, and thin but welcoming lips, she wasn't a classic beauty, but she always turned heads. Tess always had a smile for everyone, and her sweetness often got her everything she wanted. She had a staff of 2 full time women during the day, and four part time high school girls to cover the evening hours. One girl, Joan, she suspected had a little crush on her. Joan was cute in her own right, at 5'2 short blonde hair, big blue eyes, and full pink lips with a small nose, she had that girl next door look. At 18, she just worked 3 days a week for spending money, and to spend time with Tess. On this night business was slow, so Tess figured she might as well get some more pillows out of the stockroom and on to the selling floor. She asked Joan to get a flat cart with 2 big empty boxes, and meet her in the back. When Joan got there, Tess was already on a ladder waiting. Joan immediately saw Tess's white sandaled foot, with the most gorgeous white painted toenails right at her eye level, and she couldn't take her eyes off them. Tess being her silly playful self, just threw down some pillows hitting Joan in the head with them, yelling stop day dreaming, let's get to work. Joan tossed some pillows into the empty boxes, but Tess's feet so close to her face, was driving her wild, and making her sweat. She studied the size 6 foot with it's high arch and graceful slope, and the toenails long and squared off at the end painted the bright white. Joan tried to get some of the smell of the feet without being too obvious about it. Hell, she couldn't tell her boss that she had a crush on her, or could she. She was in a trance trying to detect how the pretty feet smelled, when out of no where Tess moved her sandaled left foot to her lips, and wiggled her toes on them. See something you like? Joan froze with fright and embarrasment. Tess moved her foot, and gently stroked the sides of Joan's face with her sexy foot. Is my foot distracting you? Tess knew it was. I know that you like my feet, I see you always starring at them Joan, so kiss my toe and admit it! Tess placed her sexy left big toe by Joan's mouth, and then slowly traced her lips with it. Joan had to give in to her desires and kissed the teasing toes. That's it, kiss your bosses feet little girl, now lick under the toes, here let me lift them for you! I hope my pretty feet don't smell too bad? Why don't you take my sandal off, and let me know. Go ahead, tell your boss how her feet smell, are they like roses? Joan got a waft of sexy female foot smell, raw and pungent, sweaty from working a full day in leather sandals, and it made her eyes water. Don't cry little girl, just sniff your bosses sexy and pretty feet. Lick my soles, they're a little sore from working so hard, that's right, your a good little foot licker. How does it feel kissing your superiors feet? Joan couldn't understand how her pretty and always smiling boss, could turn so bitchy and dominant. This hippie chick, was turned into corporate bitch #1! Joan felt that she was really trying to humiliate her, and it was turning her on even more. Tess knew her teasing toes wielded a lot of power, as she'd had them kissed by many different girls and boys. She never did have her feet kissed at work, while working, with a chance of being caught. Tess got excited and more agressive with her new foot slut, and forced almost her whole right foot into Joans now very sore mouth. Suck on it completely bitch, I don't want you to ever forget what I taste like. The young girl was now as scared as she was turned on. She got weak in the knees and slowly slumped down on the floor of the stockroom. Tess just laughed and stepped down off the ladder. She stood over the young girl, and looked into her flushed face. She lifted her sexy left foot, now bare, and gently rubbed it all over her employees cute face. She felt the warm breath on her sole, and then the soft gentle tongue working up and down on her tangy moist toes. She inserted her sexy long big toe into the girl's eager mouth. Tess then wanted her other foot tasted and loved also. It was then that Margaret turned the corner of the stockroom, and saw Tess's sexy right foot in Joan's mouth. Margaret! How nice of you to join us! Joan was just telling me how she says stupid things sometimes without thinking. So I said, you mean when you put a foot in your mouth? Joan said yes, and I said you mean like this! The worst thing Margaret is, she didn't even answer me yet! Could you believe it? Well at least she won't or can't say anything STUPID!!!!!

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I like very much the way it is written, but I wished it was a guy that was being humiliated like that.

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