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Which blow up doll is more humiliating?

Copied directly from My blog - Mistress Kiara's Findom Dungeon

Ugh, Iíve been feeling so sick lately that I havenít even been able to log on to YIM! Itís been really frustrating, but Iím feeling much better now. As soon as I hopped online, I got a message from My faggot-boy toilet fucker. he immediately started BEGGING Me to choose a humiliating sex doll for him to buy LOL! I found so many that are hilariously humiliating, but I canít decide! Thatís where you come inÖ vote on which you think is the most humiliating by posting a reply. Here are the options:

1. Ďbig joeí

2. granny

3. Piggy

4. Fatty patty

If you are interested in a session with Me, check out MY website. you can also send Me an email to set up a session - dominakiara@gmail.com
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Nice to hear you feeling better again Goddess.
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