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forced toilet slave part 2

Part 2

Amrita and Amanda were relaxing eating a good hot curry and drinking fine wine and Amanda laughed to her friend.
Isnít it great knowing he is in the bathroom suffering as he contemplates what we are going to do to him, How far do you want to take this,
Amrita had a sadistic smile on her face as she replied,
He made our lives hell; I want him to really suffer, a least a whole year as our toilet. I want to train him to eat everything using pain for motivation. I want to break him so he eats all our crap out of total fear I canít wait to get started on him.
Oh god that sounds great, Iím totally up for it, and do you think we can make him do it
Replied Amanda.
Yes, he is such a wimp I have a plan.
Amrita explained her plan of using electric shocks on his balls as gentle persuasion. We can get a shocker off the Internet and rap his balls up in it and then have fun zapping them for him.
They burst out laughing, and Amanda said,
Just to help I may kick his balls with my stilletoes , they will be more sensitive if I tenderise them first.
Both women fell about laughing.
The had great fun ordering a shocker off the Internet as the relaxed eating fruit salad for desert.
At this Amanda said,
I think I need to use him now; I canít wait to give it to him.
Amrita laughed and said she would go with her, as she wanted to tenderise his balls, just for fun.
Paulís heart sank when he heard the clacking of stilletoe heels on the wooden floor as they approached the bathroom, next they burst in through the door and he saw two grinning beautiful faces staring down at him,
Its time for part one of your dinner laughed Amanda,
Please no, Il give you money anything.
Amrita said,
Open your mouth and let us spit in it, if you can do that without gagging we may let you off, it your choice.
Ok anything he pleaded.
Amrita got a big mouthful of spit, rolled it around her tongue and said,
Open wide
Paul forced himself to open his mouth and Amrita slowly let the spit run from her beautiful mouth and dribble down into his .She deliberately took her time making it harder for him.
He couldnít help himself he gagged and Amrita pretended to be furious.
He begged and pleaded as Amandaís well-rounded bottom settled on to the seat above him.
Amanda Nodded to Amrita who took great delight in driving the pointed toe of her right shoe into his totally unprotected balls.
She then left Amanda too it.
As Paul screamed in agony Amanda let go a sloppy log right onto his face.
Paul had his mouth partially open and some of Amandaís aromatic waste entered his mouth.
He coughed, He spluttered and retched.
Te smell and taste appalled him, but he was trapped and all he could hear was peals of laughter coming from his tormenter.
Amanda loved it. She got up and looked down at his pleading face, covered in her waste, she laughed at him, not feeling an ounce of sympathy
And said
Amrita will be in later but here have a drink first,
With that she sat back down and a jet of hot piss splashed into his face.
She then wiped herself down with toilet paper and casually threw it into his box so it landed right in his face, before laughing and saying,
Have a nice day as she walked out leaving him to suffer.
Paul was trapped he could hardly move and it took him a good thirty minutes to dislodge the used toilet paper from his face.
The smell the taste in his mouth, how could they be so cruel. He thought about their legs, their beautiful bodies, how could they be so cruel and heartless to him? He couldnít do that agine he just couldnít.
To be continued
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thanks please keep going
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Great, please don't stop!
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Great story thanks. Hope you continue it.
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