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SENSUAL FEMDOM: Gloves and feet surprise

From USA, two professional models shot this fetish video: Alisa Kiss and Jamie Daniels.

Jamie is reading a letter on the couch. Intruder Alisa is dressed with a black corset, a pair of stocking, black heeled shoes and black leather gloves.

"Who are you?" Jamie says when she discovers Alisa in the living room. The blonde domina doesn't answer. She grabs her, making her quiet with gloved handgag and sleeperhold arm.

Alisa keeps Jamie under her control for several minutes, listening muffled screams of her victim under the gloved hand.

The female intruder removes her hand from Jamie's mouth and pulls out a chloroform rag. "What are you do..." Jamie can't finish to tell the phrase, because Alisa puts the cloth over her mouth. Jamie is forced to breath the anesthetic substance and sleeps.

She wakes up, tied on a chair. Alisa loves to kidnap victims and forces them to smell her stinky feet.

Domina takes off a heeled shoe and fondles her sole with black leather gloves. Now Jamie must smell the Alisa's stinky feet until she will decide to stop the fetish game.

Download full video at:


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