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Old 09-30-2012, 9:44 AM
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Does anyone here have any ideas about this fetish and fantasy?

I have a very strong sleeve fetish. In my femdom fantasies I am always dressed in a long sleeve shirt with my sleeves down and my arms covered completely to my hands in long sleeves. To me, my long sleeves and covered arms makes me seem and feel more weak, inferior, and submissive.

In my femdom castration fantasies, the castratrix is always wearing a long sleeve shirt. Just before she begins the castration surgery she rolls up her sleeves rolling them up above her elbows, sometimes well above her elbows. To me a woman wearing a long sleeve shirt with her sleeves rolled up above her elbows seems even more powerful, dominant, and very omnipotently Goddess-like and I feel very drawn to that.

What insights might anyone here have about my sleeve fetish, why I have it, what is going on with it. Has anyone else here heard of such a sleeve fetish? Are there any pro-dommes here who have had a male sub who had a sleeve fetish like this, what can you tell me about it?

I also have very strong femdom castration fantasies all involving surgical castration performed by a woman or by women. In my fantasies as the castratrix performs the castration surgery on me she becomes and is God Herself (I perceive of God or The Supreme Being solely as female as Goddess). I totally worship her as Goddess as she cuts my nuts out and my manhood is destroyed at her hands. Castrated at her hands I will forever worship her and serve her and belong completely to her as her own personal eunuch slave castrated at her hands!

For me, undergoing surgical castration performed by a woman wearing a long sleeve shirt with her sleeves rolled up above her elbows would be a very deeply spiritual and even deeply religious experience.

What insights can anyone here give me into my femdom castration fantasies, why I have them, where they come from, what is going on in them and what I'm looking for through them. I would appreciate most of all hearing from some dommes and pro-dommes who have had experience with male subs and male slaves who had femdom castration fantasies and dommes and pro-dommes who have done mock surgical castrations. Thank you.
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