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toilet slave stories

I write stories every once in a while,, but love reading other writer's stories. Has any one read any good toilet slave stories where the toilet slave ends up dead because of to much shit? Would love to read some of that kind.
If you like my stories please reply or email me at siciait@hotmail.com

For hire, The only payment I ask is to be shown no mercy.

Try anything once, twice if she forces me too.
Can I have that tomorrow after your done eating it?
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Hi SiCiAiT

Well where is the "Buried alive by Shit" story that was posted in the Tales from the Dark Side forum a few days ago by Hurt Me More

I too loves stories where someone ends up drawing in shit

I love your stories.
and I would love to read a continuation of some of your stories:

A Bad Dream Became Worst
How does his weekend goes?
Does she remember to check up on him?
Do they build one of those punishment public ladies toilets when they get home?
Do something unexpected happen? (like do one of the users add an extra padlock or 2 that Mary donít have a key too, so she have to travel home without him?)

Daughter and Mother-In-Law
How does his thanksgiving dinner goes?
Was they just buffing to scare him or is where really coming so many ladies for dinner?
If he makes it, how will his life be afterwards?

How did your live up to your lost bet?

I do know that in real life it is possible to eat the full load form 14 girls, where they go one after another.
(Scat-Princess has made 2 videos where their normal slave received the full load form 14 girls. I only got the pleasure of eating from 7 girls in one day back then I visit them back in June)
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hey check my stories out on tales from the dark side

p.s SiCiAiT i am a big fan of your work


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