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Talking Assassin/Hitwoman facesitting snuff story

He pulled the needle out of his arm and pushed her aside to make for the door, but she tripped him and laid her 180lb body over him long enough for him to exert much force to move her off, by the time he tried to stand up he felt his sense of balance going and he landed right back down on the floor with ever greatening force holding him down. she saw no rush was needed and sat beside him for a moment stroking his hair. Then she said, "I know what your doing to her and I want it to end, but she will never get over you unless your gone for good, but I care about you enough to have thought out this goodbye present for you, plus your cute"

With that she rolled him over and pulled him up onto the bed, which she had earlier attached handcuffs to. After securing his four limbs she put a gag in his mouth. and proceeded to put on a pair of thick leather pants which were worn in. She had been a soccer player in her youth and it still showed, moderate height and very heavy athletic frame throughout, with small breasts and a large muscled ass matched by an amazingly strong pair of legs. She sat reversed on his upper chest and began stroking his stomach and chest. This continued for over 20 minutes until his breathing became labored enough for his chest to rise and fall more dramatically with her body rising and lowering above him.

When satisfied she pushed herself right over his face so his mouth was covered by her crotch and his nose pushed into the depression of her ass. The sound of air coming through his closed nostrils and lips became more of a hiss as his breathing took place through an ever shrinking area of intake. She spread her legs further apart and adjusted her hips to meet her comfort and ensure his deprivation of air. After a few minutes of this she got up and sat forward on his face, pushing his nose and mouth as deep into her crotch and ass as possible and gyrating to make herself wet. Slowly his eyes began to open and he found himself restrained, air deprived and groggy from the tranquilizer. She had only intended for him to be unconscious for a short time, she wanted him present for the send off. His eyes soon opened full and he began to moan and squirm on the bed.

She smiled and looked down on him " I want you to feel me until you die, I want my body to be all that you know, I want you inside me and there you will be better off. While gyrating herself on him she would periodically lift herself enough for him to take in enough air to stay awake, just enough to keep him writhing on the bed and attempting to plead for mercy. She fell back on his stomach to relax a bit more while pushing her sex and ass over his face, moving her hips to follow his attempts to free his head. Her butt cheeks bounced left to right as he desperately thrashed his head about to be out of her hot leather clad sex. He could only maintain this for so long before his body became weak and his resistance waned. She held herself over his chest and face until she sensed him passing out.

When he awoke she was was standing next to the bed naked with bare feet and satin gloves on her hands. She smiled and got on her knees while walking onto the bed. She kissed his body up to his face and said "I want this to be good for both of us". He renewed his attempts to get free and off the bed but she simply sat on his chest and slid up so her wet sex was gently touching his face. Then after a tense minute, she slid forward and his mouth and nose slid into her. At first gentle enough where he could breath on a part of her gyration over his face, this went on for 10 minutes before she began to push harder over him, still gyrating but now not allowing his room to breath. His subdued resistance picked up again and he started screaming with the last air that was in his lungs. On occasion a popping nose followed by a sucking sound would emit from under her, then he would be sealed in again.

He fought at his cuffs for dear life now, bleeding on the wrists and ankles. Her clitoris rubbed hard over his nose and his lips could taste her juices which were also going up into his nostrils. When this violent shaking reached its peaked, she pushed forward and supported herself on the bed frame and sat with all her weight over his face. She stopped gyrating and simply pushed down, occassionaly readjusting herself if he slid even an inch away from where she wanted his face. Then her orgasm exploded and she smashed down on his face again and again while maintaining as much pressure as possible. This went on for what seemed like an eternity before he passed out again. She stayed there until he began to thrash his limbs madly in the last moments before shutting down.

He awoke again to find his nose gently touching her anus and his mouth already sealed by her vagina. She looked back and said "Thank you lover but now it's time for you to go". He began to resist once again as she spread her ass cheeks and descended on his face. He went in deeper than before now and she kept spreading her cheeks apart and pushing his face in as deep as possible. Then with her feet she places them behind his thrashing head so even his neck is being pushed up into her. Her body vibrates again and again and he fights for his life. Again the Popping of the seal and the hissing of air is heard but this is part of the game to her. She suffocates him in her ass and lets him breath enough to hang on for over an hour before slowly pushing him to shutdown. His face is covered in tears, sweat and bodily fluids. Still weak attempts at the cuffs are made and his head still twitches for freedom but with less and less strength. She savors his passing and rubs her sex against him as hard as she can while stroking his chest and stomach, playfully stroking his penis.

Minutes later his body begins to convulse as he loses consciousness, he makes one last screech, moan and head twitch before lying still. She stayed on her victim for another ten minutes riding out a surprise revival two minutes in. Her ass sucking the life from him utterly before even resting on his face. His pulse continues for another three minutes then stops. In this time she strokes his erect penis and amazingly semen shoots out posthumously. Five minutes later she slowly gets up, a sucking sound being heard as his head falls out from between her cheeks and soaked sex. She kisses the head of his wet cock and gets dressed. Her problem solved.

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nice , the way i want to go
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Very hot! Great story.
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love facesitting assassin stories thanks
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anyone know of anywhere with stories like this on assassins? other than diana the valkyrie
Facesitting Female Assassins Clipstore!


Fantasy roleplay scenarios where the victim is smothered to de*th!!
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I have found the same problem, all the stories were written long ago and there are hardly any new ones these days. Over the next few weeks Ill write a few more, perhaps something will influence one of your awesome upcoming films
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assassin, hitwoman, snuff

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