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Yes Diosa!

It had been another long hot day for Jim Rogers. Self appointed captain of the Texas Citizens Border Guard. He had spent the whole day patrolling a desolate expanse of desert outside of El Paso, Texas. Usually he contacted the official Agents assigned to that area but occasionally he "handled" the illegals on his own. Today was going to be one of those days, it was the five year anniversary of when he'd caught his wife sleeping with their poolboy, Jose and Jim was in a foul mood as he remembered standing in the doorway as she panted underneath him and the younger Latino whispered sweet nothing's in his wife's ear in Spanish.

He'd divorced her a few days later and now she was married to another Mexican! Some rich lawyer...probably got all of his money defending the Cartels. She had made sure to get what she could from him on the way out the door though. If he came across some illegals today, they were gonna know his pain!

It wasn't long before he saw the telltale signs of a campfire in the distance and he knew it was his lucky day. He moved in quickly and after seeing that it was just two of them he rushed at them, pointing his custom built, tacticool to the max, AR-15 in their faces and shouting the foulest things he could at them in his limited Spanish. The former bank executives lack of formal law enforcement training finally bit him in the ass and he got to close to his targets.

A flash a movement and then a blinding pain in his crotch, Jim was already sinking to his knees from the low blow kick and met a knee to the jaw as he went down. His vision swam and his arms and legs wouldn't obey his commands. The last thing he saw before his brain shut off was two women's faces, slightly dirty but still attractive.

It was still light out when he came to. He was on his belly in the dirt with his hands cuffed behind his back with his own handcuffs and his his ankles tied together with some sort of rope.

"Good, you are awake."

The voice spoke English but had a heavy Spanish accent. It also sounded fairly mature. Jim tried to squirm to see his captors but they were standing behind him.

"Please don't hurt me! I will say I never saw you here! I have a lot of money, people know me! I will help you get out of here! Just don't kill me!" He pleaded from his position on the ground.

There was no immediate response, but as he finished begging for his life he saw two hiking boot clad feet appear in front of his face.

"You WILL help us get out of here, you say you have a lot of money?"

"Yes! I will give you however much you want! I will take you back to my mansion, get you fed and clothed and we can pretend we never saw each other."

"You beg convincingly, dumb gringo. Convince me more...you are at our mercy after all. I could find your vehicle and get away any way. No one will find you until the coyotes have finished with you."

Terror took hold of Jim's vocal chords "No!" He shrieked "Please! What do you want me to do? I will do anything!"

"Well! You are good at that. Put your mouth to better use and lick the sand off the top of my boots, then I will consider letting you get out of this desert alive."

There was no hesitation, Jim was already terrified to the point of being a broken man. He wiggled like a worm across the hard desert ground and began to lap at the worn leather of the hiking boot like an obedient dog. As he worked on one boot, his torturer stood between his shoulder blades with the opposite one. After a couple minutes he had apparently done a serviceable job and his captor took a step back.

"Very good pig. Sophia, ven aqui! It's your turn!"

He heard giggling above him as another pair of boots appeared in front of him. He didn't even wait to be told, he was terrified that these two women would leave him here to die.

"This is excellent Maria! Are we going to let him live?"

"I think so Sandra, we agreed to leave the sicaria lifestyle behind in Mexico. Plus he said he had a mansion, we can rest there before we move on."

"Si, I bet he's got a hot tub!"

"Do you pig?"

He paused from his polishing duties "Yes! And a pool! And as much food and drinks as you want! Just don't let me die!"

"Fucking pathetic, but satisfactory." His whole body clenched as he heard the telltale opening of a pocket knife, but he relaxed when his legs fell apart from each other, freed of their bonds. "Knees." The voice commanded him.

He quickly scrambled to his knees amongst the sticks and stones.

"How far away is your truck?"

"Only a mile! We can be there before the sun goes down!"

"Look at me gringo."

He had kept his eyes trained on the ground at their feet. Afraid to be able to identify his attackers. He was shocked when he looked up, they weren't dressed in the fanciest clothes and could use some make up but both of his captors were beautiful, black haired, tan, women in their mid-30s.

"You will take us to your mansion, we will rest and recover our strength there and you will serve at out every command while we are there. We both used to kill for the Cartel and it will be no new stain on our souls to add you to or ledger. If you serve us satisfactorily we will leave you be. If you disappoint us we will kill you slowly, do you understand?

"Yes! Whatever you say!"

"Oh I know it's whatever I say, I'm the one with the gun now. Now thank me for not leaving you here to rot. Get...creative."

Jim flopped back to his stomach and began lavishing her boots with licks and kisses "Thank you so much! You won't regret this!"

Sandra allowed this to continue for a minute before giving him a light kick in the face. "Enough, get up." She pointed his rifle at him "Walk us to the truck, and no funny business."

"Of course!"

She poked his ribs with the barrel of the rifle "And refer to us as Diosa, after all we are your God now."

"Yes Diosa!"
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Great start, thank you. More please.
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Excellent start.
what I know actually can hurt you though.

- Mistress Sara
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Lovely start - can't wait to read more!
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Thanks for writing! Good start indeed, and a different angle than many of the stories on this board. Please continue!
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Cool stuff.
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Nice idea FeetandBooze,

I haven't read a border patrol story before so this is very interesting

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yes, keep going.
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