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Sistas Rule BBW Buttdrop Vid

So, I've just downloaded 'Double Trouble Buttdrops Part 1'.

Wow, 8 minutes of brutality. I've been intrigued with Sistas Rule ever since probably 2006 when I got the internet and delved into the whole squashing thing. They would seem to produce some interesting stuff but they never really seemed to push the envelope, until now that is.

I don't know why they've started doing buttdrop vids but praise the lord, this clip is great, one of the girls probably weighs 250+ and isnt afraid to throw her weight around. Obviously like a'lot of these there's always a thin girl who is the aggressor but like I said, its always nice to see a big girl not be afraid to squash.

Pretty much all of the drops are brutal, with a few dangerously close to the slaves face.

Props to the slave as well, he just lay there and took it, no screaming or ott crying. Like Kabani's slave, I have the utmost respect for you.

Heres 10 seconds for you, have a look for yourself.

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The big woman is sexy. She has great hips. I want ot see her from behind once too.
Have a seat on my face and think it over.
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Just downloaded the second one as well 'Mistress Thunder Buttdrops'

This one goes 10 minutes and like the first one isn't without some toe curling brutality, especially with the skinny girl punching the slave in the face, full force.

There is something to be said for inter racial femdom, especially with Kabani and (I would imagine) Sistas-Rule been so popular.

I do get the impression, Kabani, Juicy and the girls of SR really enjoy flattening a white person. I think it's easier to put yourself in the slave's shoes in that predicament as your not sure if the girls are putting it on for camera or really mean/believe what they a putting out on film.

If only Mistress Thunder was 400lbs it would surpass pretty much everything else, ever.

More buttdrops Sistas-Rule.
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