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The farting contest (story)

Renee, Bailey, and Brianna got back home after a long day of food tasting at the local chili festival. I was lounging in the TV room with the door slightly cracked. I casually listened as they settled down in the living room.

"Oh my Gooooood, that chili was soooo good! I swear I ate at least like 15 bowls!" Bailey said.

Renee, a tall athletic redhead with long legs, pale skin, and a smaller tighter rump started laughing hysterically. "Hahaha yeah you did! I'm pretty sure we all did! Our house is going to be a war zone by the time this runs through our systems!"

Brianna, a somewhat short very attractive Brunette with a tiny waste and a wide well-toned posterior sat down on the living room couch and began rubbing her belly."Yeah I can already feel a storm brewing downstairs haha. It's gonna be baaaaaaaaad. Wish there was a way we could get it all out and not have suffer through smelling it… especially with you Bailey! I swear your farts could kill an African elephant!"

Bailey was average sized, except her ass was exceptionally round and soft. The kind of ass every guy turns to look at when she wears her yoga pants and instinctively says, "Daaaaaamn! Is that thing real?!"

"Haha what can I say? I'm the master!" Bailey said while putting her coat away.

Brianna suddenly got an evil grin on her face. "I can think of a way we don't have to smell them, AAAND it would be fun!"

Both girls turned and looked at Brianna with her mischievous smile. "Haha oh yeah? How?" Bailey questioned.

"Oh great" I thought. Now I'm going to have to deal with all their shit the next 24 hours. Literally.

The living room suddenly got quiet which did not sit well with me. I leaned further in my chair to try and hear what they were whispering to each other but couldn't make out anything. Finally my curiosity led me to the door so I could listen. The second I put my ear up to the door, all three girls slammed it open, knocking me to the ground. They all dove on me and begin to pin me down.

"What the fuck are you doing?! I yelled.

Renee got me on my stomach and grabbed both of my hands.

"Quick give me the handcuffs!" She yelled.

Brianna handed them to her as she tried to wrestle my legs. With some effort Renee had cuffed my wrists and Brianna and Bailey had managed to cuff both of my ankles as well. Renee flipped me over where all three stood above me.

"Hello Brad." Brianna said in a menacing tone. "We just got back from the chili feed this afternoon, and all of us are SUPER gassy!"

"Get these fucking cuffs off me! What the fuck are you even doing?! " I yelled.

Brianna mockingly laughed at me as I continued to struggle. "Give me that duct tape Bailz. I'm tired of hearing him bitch. Get that neck brace you used last year too, I think it will come in handy."

Renee squatted down and held my head in place as Brianna placed several pieces of duct tape over my mouth and then made several circular wraps to insure I couldn't breath through my mouth whatsoever. Bailey immediately came back in the room with her neck brace and violently put it on me. "What the fuck are they doing?" I thought to myself.

"Perfect! Now the only air he can get is through those two little nostrils he's got and he can't move his head at all." As she pooched her lips while speaking in a pouty tone. "Anyways, like I was saying Brad, we just got back from that chili feed, and we can tell we're about to all get suuuuuper gassy. So we … well… I thought up of a fun idea where we could release it all but not have to deal with the smell all night."

Bailey and Renee exchanged eager glances at each other and bit their lips and shaked their booties in excitement as the looked back down at me.

"We decided we should have a farting contest, and we figured since you have such a huge nose, you would be the perfect judge to decide whose smell the worst!" Brianna snickered to me.

I always was told I had a very large nose. I would get made fun of back in grade school because of it's size and the way it slightly protruded up so my nostrils pointed straight out from my face. They said I looked like a pig and would oink at me all the time. It was a very humiliating part of my life.

My eyes went wide with shock as I listened to Brianna explain what they were going to do to me.

"Oh we're not gonna be nice about it either. I don't know about either of you but I'm not wearing anything when I do this. I want his nose right against my little rose bud when I let out my farts. He better be sniffing like a mad man when I do it too, or he'll have hell to pay!" Bailey said as she hovered above me.

Renee squatted down near my face and playfully brushed her index finger around my nose. "Oh yeah and the way his nose is shaped his nostrils are going to line up perfectly against it! Not gonna lie it's kind of getting me horny!"

Brianna squealed with excitement. "Ahhhh! I want the chili to kick in right now! Huuurry up chiliiiii!" As she hopped up and down and rubbed her flat stomach. "Let's get him in Renee's bedroom and figure out the best ways we can fart up his nose! I want my ass spread as wide as it can go so he gets a straight shot of all my hot air! You better be sniffing every single one of our farts up too! If any of us smell anything you will be getting a swift kick to the balls!"

The girls drug me into the bedroom. I attempted to struggle but I knew it was of no use. There was no way I could prevent what was about to happen to me for the next several hours. Brianna let go of me and hopped onto the bed.

"Oh God I think it's finally kicking in! I better get ready so Brad can enjoy every bit of it!"

The girls drug me up onto the bed while Brianna got in doggy style and looked back at me with an eager grin and wiggled her bum back and forth at me.

"I hope you're ready Brad!" Brianna then seductively pulled down her yoga pants while her G-string came off last as she pulled them down to her ankles to expose her perfectly shaped tight asshole. Once she got everything off, she repositioned herself back into doggy style, put her face in the pillow, spread her legs, arched her back, and spread both cheeks wide leaving nothing to the imagination.

"Get his nose ready girls! I'm almost ready to drop a hiroshima on his face!"

Bailey straddled my back and grabbed me by the hair and shoved me nose right up against Bri's puckering little shit chute.

"Ooohhh God you you girls have no idea how good this feels! Fucking sniff a few times for me Brad! Rub his nose in it while he sniffs Bailz! Haha"

I had no choice but to inhale her smelly ass. Bailey rubbed my nostrils against Brianna's bare sphincter. It was somewhat hard to breath since Bailey kept pushing my nose deep in Brianna's ass I snorted violently to stay alive.

"Alright line him up now I'm ready to let one rip. Just make sure his nostrils are lightly pressed against me so he can still breath but there's a perfect seal."

Bailey did as she was told and then pinched my nose with her other hand.

"Alright I have his nose plugged. Let me know when you're gonna go so I can let him breath again.

"Haha okay on three! One, two… THREE!"

Bailey let go of my nose as I could feel Brianna's anus slowly open wider as she began to strain. THTHTHTHTHTHTHTPTPTPTPTTPTPTPT! Brianna let out a 15 second dry sinus burner as I sniffed violently to get in any air I could. I tried to turn my head away but the neck brace was doing it's job very well.

Hahahahahahaha! Yeah fucking sniff that shit you dirty little fucker! Ahhh that felt sooooo good! I bet it smelt even better! Mmmmmmm keep his nose there I've got a lot more where that came from.

Brianna began to let out a full arsenal of loud sloppy farts up my nose. Renee kept kicking twisting my nipples or tickling me, anything to keep my heart rate up and make me sniff harder.

"Feel free to rub his nose in it Bailz. My butthole's kind of itchy from all that walking and his nose makes for the perfect butt-scratcher."

Bailey began rubbing my nose in circles around Brianna's tight little sphincter. Brianna began to moan and slowly began to rub her wet pussy as she continued to release fart after fart up my nasal cavity. I couldn't believe this was getting her off! Bailey could tell Brianna was enjoying herself and became more assertive by treating my nose like a butt dildo to help Brianna come closer to climaxing. Just as soon as I thought I was going to pass out from the stench and lack of oxygen Brianna finally let up.

"Fuck! I think I'm out finally! He got me so close to squirting too! His nose works wonders back there!" Brianna gasped as she collapsed onto her side.

Renee didn't waste a moment. "It's about damn time! My stomach feels like it's about to explode over here! Hahaha I didn't think you were ever going to run out!"

Brianna remained on the bed while Renee drug me down to the floor to reposition my face. "Phew! How did he do? You girls smell anything the whole time?"

"Not a thing! He sniffed every last drop out of your ass Bri! His nose works like a champ!" Bailey squealed trying to hold in her laughter.

Renee left me on the floor and briefly disappeared into Renee's walk-in closet. "The whole time he was sucking in your air Bri, I was trying to figure our how I could best utilize his nose and I think I got just the thing!"

Renee walked out with a miniature metal fold-out chair where the seat hovered about 12 inches off the ground. She placed it next to the bed and perched my head through the gap between the back rest and the seat.

"Damn Renee I think you nailed it." Said Bailey. "His face perches perfectly in that tiny little seat. You going to sit forward or backwards on the chair?"

"Duh! Obviously backwards, his nose is going to line up way better if I reverse face-sit him." Renee replied.

Renee then stood over my head and peeled out of her tiny athletic shorts to expose her clean shaven pussy and pink little rose bud. It was definitely a redder color compared to Brianna's since Renee's skin was much more pale. Renee bent down and ran both of her hands up and down my chest as she gazed into my eyes with her long red hair brushing against my body

"Hope you're ready Brad. Brianna's might have been bad but I've been waiting to let mine go for over an hour! It's just been festering in my stomach this whole time and I want you sniffing up every little puff of methane I can squeeze out!"

I writhed in agony of the thought of having to sniff up all of Renee's farts after I barely survived Brianna's onslaught of back-burners, but Renee's ass and tiny pussy started to give me a hard on. Bailey quickly took notice.

"Hahaha look at his dick Renee! I think you're turning him on. I think he WANTS his nose up your ass!"

Renee lifted her head to look at my bulging member. She started laughing and pulled my pants down to see it. Then she slowly began to stroke it as she turned her head to look back at me.

"Mmmmmm you like that don't you Brad? This whole time we've been using you for our pleasure, little did we know we were starting to get you off too!" Renee suddenly rose up in excitement and briefly stepped away from my face.

"I have a fabulous idea ladies!"

Brianna playfully skipped over by Renee and stood close to my face. "What is it?! I'm still horny and I'm not even close to done with him!"

"Let's make it interesting. While I fart on his face the both of you should try and get him off." Renee looked down at me again. "I kind of think our farts turn him on anyways but we should see how many times we can make him cum while we do it… Oh my God okay Brianna! While I fart up his nose you and Bailey should fuck your asses with his dick! That way he gets off and when it's your turn to fart your asses will be much looser and wider!

"Oh my God that's fucking hot! You hear that Brad? Looks like you get to fuck all three of our tight little assholes. Aren't you just lucky. I'm gonna make you shoot that load of yours so many times up this sweet little hole!" Brianna clasped both her buttcheeks and rubbed them in circles as she stood over my head.

As much as this fart barrage was killing me Brianna was really turning me on. She had such a perfectly shaped ass and while it was horrible on my nose I knew it was going to feel amazing on my dick.

Renee reverted back to her original position above my head as she sensually swayed her hips back and forth. "You're gonna loooooove my ass Brad! Mine isn't as big as Brianna's but when I squat down that means my ass is gonna spread even wider. Renee leaned down to have a closer inspection of my face. "Ewww Brad your nose hair is kind of long" As she playfully poked my nose.

Renee then squatted down just like she said she would. She was right. As she was just inches away her ass and buttonhole had spread substantially wider than Brianna's. She nuzzled her hole up against my nostrils. It was spread so much that my nose didn't even touch any other part of her ass.

"Well hopefully my farts will help singe all that hair out for you… My asshole can be your new nose hair trimmer hahaha... Oh Brad, your nose is perfect for me! Sniff hard a couple of times for me so I know I have a good seal… haha actually snort like a little piggy while you do it too that way I know your sniffing me right."

I had no choice. I snorted as loud as I could so she wouldn't be disappointed. Her ass smelled so bad! All the walking they had done earlier had built up a little must in their cracks and it was making a world of difference. Meanwhile both Bailey and Brianna were doing their best to keep my dick hard. Bailey laid on the ground and began gently massing my testicles while Brianna bent down and began sucking my penis ferociously. She then held my dick in one hand and squatted down reverse cowgirl style until the head of my penis prodded against her sexy little bottom. After a couple of moans her sphincter finally gave way and swallowed in the rest of my rock hard dick. It felt soooo tight and soooo amazing! I couldn't believe I was so hard when I've been snorting in air straight from Renee's ass! Then in the middle of my humiliating pig imitations, Renee let out a long SBD that blew my nose hairs wildly.

"Ohhhhhh yeah I was holding that one in forever! Mmmmm that's right sniff my tight little butthole Brad! You feel so good against me. Hehehe I'm gonna bounce on your nose like a pogo stick!"

Renee casually rested her elbows on the chair back rest and began bouncing up and down on my nose, letting it slip in her ass farther and farther each time she came down. She would occasionally pause and send a searing butt blaster right up my defenseless little nose holes. My body felt like a teeter totter with Renee bouncing her ass against my nose and Brianna fucking her ass with my dick. It was bittersweet pleasure. What was worse is Brianna was already getting me close to ejaculating and the stimulation was causing me to breath quite heavily which worked in Renee's favor. They worked well as a team.

"I think he's about to cum Bri! Fuck him like you mean it. I've got a huge one waiting for him right when he does!"

Brianna screamed with pleasure and started fucking me full force. I tried my hardest to hold back but her tight little ass just felt way too good for me to resist. My breathing became very labored and as I was on the brink of orgasm. My body began to twitch. Renee took it as a sign and lined up my nose again so she could unleash her masterpiece at the perfect moment. The pleasure was too much!

"OH GOD HE'S FUCKING CUMING RAY! DO IT NOW! Brianna screamed at the top of her lungs.

Renee was right on cue and let the loudest, longest squealer into my violently breathing nostrils as I was right in the middle of orgasm.

"Oh fuck yeah he's sniffing it like it's his fucking job!" Renee said while laughing with pleasure.

My eyes had rolled into the back of my head as the stench filled my lungs with Renee's stinky sulfuric farts. Brianna finally got off me as my penis began reverting back to its flaccid state.

"Well Bailz you wanna have a go at his nose or his dick? I've still got some gas left if you're not ready." Renee said still crouched with my nose up her butt.

"Fuck no! Are you kidding me I've been waiting to feel that huge nose this whole time! Haha plus I think I'd lose most of it if I stuck his dick in me right now. Let's get him in the position I want. Get him on the lazy boy in the living room.

The girls drug me out of the bedroom and sat me up normally on the chair with my face perched up in the air. Bailey slipped out of her yoga pants in a hurry.

"Ahhh! Gotta hurry! I don't know how much longer I can hold it in!" Bailey squealed as she got up on the lazy boy. She quickly turned around and faced my feet to expose her bare ass to me. She put both feet on the arm rests and slowly began to descend on my face while she spread her ginormous buttcheeks. Her asshole was a little darker and had more creases than the other girls. She was known to clear an entire house and her tight little fart hole seemed to fit the bill.

Bailey quickly shoved her puckering O-ring against my nose and let out the most monstrous fart I've ever heard. As I tried to suck her air in my gag reflex kicked in. It was at least 10 times worse than the other girls and there was so much I couldn't possibly sniff it all in. Bailey let out a huge sigh of relief and then rose up to look down at me.

"Oh jesus christ! What the fuck Brad?! You were supposed to be our fart vacuum and not let any of the smell get out! I can already smell that one!" Bailey yelled.

Both Renee and Brianna plugged their noses from the stench.

"Oh my God Bailey! That might be your best one yet. That seriously makes me want to puke!" Brianna then stomped over to the chair and punched me right in my groin. "You see what happens when you don't do your job Brad!? I don't want to ever have to smell Bailey's ass again is that understood?!"

Completely teary eyed and convulsing from the pain, I quickly shook my head yes to her and knew the next hour or two would be twice as bad as the previous ones.

"Alright Ray, you do what you can with his dick I'm gonna get behind this fucker and make sure he keeps his nose where it should be!"

Bailey got herself back in position as Brianna walked behind the chair, put both hands on my head and whispered in my ear.

Look at that asshole Brad. That cute little chute is gonna drop atom bombs up that little nose of yours and I'm gonna be right here to make sure it happens. My face is gonna be right behind yours and if I can smell even the slightest hint of one of Bailey's nasty farts I'll make sure you pay for it!" Brianna gave me a menacing laugh and then braced my face for Bailey. "So get ready little fart sniffer, time for you to suck in every molecule that escapes that little brown hole."

Bailey squatted toward my face and settled herself in the perfect position. When she made contact her ass spread enough where her anus opened so the outer rim of my nose got slurped just inside her greasy shit hole. It was truly the perfect seal. Brianna hovered over my face to make sure there weren't any leaks around my nose. Renee stood on the arm rests with Bailey but faced towards me. She placed both hands on Bailey's shoulders to help keep her balance as she squatted down on my newly erect penis., while Bailey used both her hands to keep her cheeks spread to their maximum potential.

"Time to put those yoga classes to good use eh Bailz?" Both girls laughed as Renee lowered herself lightly down until my penis was against her asshole. After a little work she had glided the rest of me inside her and began to go up and down at a slow pace.

Ahh he's inside me now. I'll do what I can but now it's your turn Bailey" Renee groaned.

"Is he good back there Bri?" Bailey grunted through her teeth as she began prepping for a massive release.

"I think he's ready. Haha your butt opens just enough so his nose actually goes inside. It's perfect. Now make it hell for him! I want you to make him pay for failing earlier!"

It didn't take Bailey long. She immediately began to discharge her massive arsenal of ass gas in my face. Whether to my benefit or not I had tried to hold my breath for a while in order to maximize my breathing for Bailey's ass. It was so putrid! I had no choice but to sniff it all in or Brianna would make things way worse. It didn't help any that her face was right next to mine, waiting for even the slightest hint of stench. She sadistically kept whispering in my ear as I sniffed away.

"Mmmm that's right sniff harder you little pig. I bet it smells like roses doesn't it? Well keep it to yourself I better not smell any. If I know Bailz like I think I do, you're gonna be doing this for hours. Some people faint by just being in the same room with her. You on the other hand get to smell it straight from the source."

Meanwhile as Brianna was tormenting me, Renee had built up a faster pace as she rode my dick bending it in circles as she glided up and down, causing me to breath faster and harder once again. It seemed that the faster and harder she kept fucking me, the more Bailey had to fart in my face. I could tell I was going to get off again soon, especially considering Renee's ass was even tighter than Brianna's.

"How you doing up there?" Brianna asked Bailey.

"Oh it feels so fucking good! I'm not even close though. But seriously, in another 5 to 10 minutes I think he's gonna make me gush! His nose is hitting my anal G-spot! Hahaha I didn't even know I had one."

"Fuck I think he's gonna make me cum too!" Renee yelled in the background as she had progressed her motions into a rapid series of squats.

Brianna went back to whispering in my ear. "Don't even think of cumming until you get both Bailz and Ray off you hear? This is about their pleasure not yours. Now start fucking her ass with your nose!"

Brianna grabbed the back of my neck brace and smashed my face into Bailey's ass. Bailey let out a pleasurable moan as she started rubbing her ass back and forth on my nose, constantly reapplying her fingers on each cheek to keep herself completely spread.

"Oh fuck I'm so close!" Bailey screamed. "Time for me to really let him have it!"

While I thought I had had Bailey's worst apparently it was only an appetizer. She bombarded my nasal passages at a constant pace as she kept my nostrils tightly up against her asshole. Both Bailey and Renee began quivering and I knew I could finally let myself go as well. The three of us simultaneously let out a shriek of ecstasy as every ounce of our juices were released. Near the end of my orgasmic convulsions Bailey let out one last long hot seeping fart for me to sniff up when I was positive I couldn't take anymore. I blacked out…

I woke up the next morning to find myself tied to my bed. I thought it was over, or I had just had the worst nightmare of my life. Next thing I know, all three girls come storming and and surround me on the bed.

"Sleep well Brad? Brianna said. "Well I hope so, cuz you've got a long day of work ahead! We had so much fun yesterday we thought we might make a full weekend out of it. We invited our black friend, Sabrina to join us today though. You know, the one you talk about having the biggest ass in the world. Apparently she has a pretty serious case of IBS and so her and Bailey are gonna have their way with you."

My eyes went wide. Sabrina came into the room right on cue wearing her tight spandex shorts. She turned around and spread her cheeks. I see she had cut a hole in the back so only her bare anus was exposed.

"Hello bitch boy! I made a little modification to my workout spandex just for you and that long pointy nose of yours!" Sabrina immediately let out a gigantic fart that filled the room with putrid air. All the girls laughed sadistically as they approached the bed.
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this is a awesome story..keep it up!
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a really good story ...thanks
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Great story! Please continue.
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