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Talking facesat by two schoolgirls

Hi guys

Here's a little something for a sunday morning...

Some stills taken from our latest video at Facesitting Bitches in which me and Claire facesit our pervy teacher. He was quite crushed by the end - we did quite a lot of double full weight sitting he he.

Hope you like 'em.

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damn lucky guy! Luv the pics just wish it was me down there!!!

Thankyou Nikki my Sunday just got much better
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Great stuff!
Always room for one more on top!
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great facesitting action in this video, these girls deserve an


Love to see Claire with her pink underwear. she doesn't look strong, but beware ...... she can be mean like hell.

almost as mean as our Mistress Nicolalalalalala.

Good choice of clothing, very hot.

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Mistress Nicola....thanks a lot,you are too good to us....we are not worthy..'bows in admiration',lol.
That pic where Claire is sitting on his face full weight and you are on her lap is awesome.Clair has her legs flat out so all her weight is on her bottom,which is on the guys face.On top of that your weight is added,he must be taking nearly 18 stone there,no wonder he appears to be panicking!
Great when new girls decide to smother guys etcetra.I always like that dilemma.The scenario where say,a guy has to be smothered,there is a crowd of girls watching,you turn and smiling sweetly say ''Anyone want to volunteer to smother him?''Oh the dilemma as he looks fearfuly at them all pondering the question....will they,won't they?...lol!
I have lots of ideas for scripts for your shoots.let me know if you would like them.
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Know how to touch a cord. Lots of us had (or saw) something like this kind of event in our own schooldays - never quite recovered - kick-started the whold facesitting thing!!

More of the same please!

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Nicky: Thank you very much! Your pussy looks delilcious! Wish I could taste it. Tag
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Great fantasy facesitting pictures!!

Thanks for posting Nikki.
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Thanks Nikki. I have been waiting for someone to come out with a school-girl style smother and trample combination where 2 or 3 or 4 girls with plaid skirts, different colored knee socks, saddle shoes etc smother and trample with the socks and shoes a victim.
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