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Between Two Butt Cheeks, A Tale of Ass Domination

I would just like to thank all my readers for their kind words and interest in my work here at MDFF. In a sign of gratitude for the success of one of my ongoing stories, "Forced", which I see is quickly approaching a 10,000 number to those whom have viewed the work, I have decided to submit additional works of mine that I have in the past written.

If this story receives interest, I will be inclined to disclose more stories. I have just found that in MDFF the work of the story writers' is often much less appreciated than those that give clips or pictures. When you have 13 comments out of 10,000 people that have viewed a work, one is not so inclined to spend all their days writing stories, which I am sure the other writers would agree with me on. But since this one is already completed, I thought I ought to submit more literature, hopefully, to MDFF's enjoyment.

As always, tell me your thoughts.

Story One “Between Two Butt Cheeks, A Tale of Ass Domination” – Part of the Sorority Secrets FaceSitting Novella Series

Chapter I: Carrie’s Seductions

By Assaholic

Lost in a fast approaching orgasm, Carrie found herself furiously pumping back and forth upon the drowning upturned face sustaining her naughty pleasure. “Mmmm…this feels so good,” she moaned as her nose-filled vagina soaked the man caught beneath her. He no longer struggled, after losing that fight some time ago. By now he was dazed and disoriented, conscious only of the strong aroma of female arousal clogging his nose, and the stabbing pain in his oxygen starved lungs. His face was sticky and hurt, but she had ignored all of his pleas to get off. Gasping through his dried out mouth, his lips intimately made contact off and on with her well-fed buttocks, rhythmically pressing hard against him. Tightly riding his face, she moved as if galloping for her life, the swollen knot of her clit caressing the foreign object trapped deep inside her. “Aaaa…oooo…yeessss…”, she cried out as she ran her hands through his hair, forcing her body down to mold with his face, drenching him in a wave of cum. Gasping, his mouth was sealed beneath the crushing force of her round derriere, smothering him into oblivion with terrifying speed. Some amount of time that Carrie could not recall had passed while she had enjoyed the rush of her orgasm. She could not recall how long she had been smothering the long forgotten face glued to her warm, gushing slit. Feeling the familiar twitching beneath her, Carrie sensed that the man’s face and limbs trembled freely, as he must have passed out some previous moment that she was unaware or unconcerned. It was almost over now, any minute he would be a goner. Climbing off her would-be-victim, Carrie checked to find a weak pulse. Satisfied, she got dressed and left the dark room.

Entering the hallway of the dormitory, she casually checked her watch to see how much time had elapsed since she forced her vagina onto her male choice for the night. “1:15 in the morning, I still have over an hour left on rounds, that’s plenty of time to mount another cute boy’s face”, she thought to herself. Carrie was a shapely woman, possessing curly brown hair draping below her shoulders, a gorgeous face, and a curvy figure. Her ass was round; hips fat but firm, and her breasts were large and shapely. All in all she was quite desirable and easily scored. Carrie was a strong woman, both physically and mentally. She knew what she wanted and was used to getting it, particularly when it came to her insatiable sex drive. She loved to work out and spot cute guys, both in the college gym and in the fraternities, where she loved to party. As a Residence Assistant, Carrie was in charge of keeping order in the dormitory and helping to patrol the halls of the fifteen story building. This responsibility had often afforded Carrie the opportunity to spot cute guys and even sneak off into their rooms while on patrol to have some fun with the drunks that needed in the dorms in the early hours of the morning. Tonight was no exception.

This had been going on all semester. She had been able to always get away with it. The whole thing had started innocent enough, with her boyfriend and Carrie engaging in hot college sex, experimenting around, trying new things. With him she had first discovered the pleasures of being eaten out, of even having her ass licked. But what had really driven Carrie wild was the power and confidence he had instilled in her. Quickly she began to realize how easily he was to dominate, how far he would go to please her, what she was capable of making him doing. He needed her, he needed her ass, her smells, her tastes, and she realized just the kind of unbreakable hold a confident, beautiful woman could have over men. College was indeed an experiment, and she had discovered the secret: mastering the means of control. That power was her body and the means by which to use it however she pleased. But what thrilled her even more than that was just how deliciously naughty she could be…and get away with it! Raised in a wealthy family where she had always been habituated to be proper, going to a small private university where all the people were upper middle class or just filthy rich, she had always tired of how stuffy it all was, how ridiculously judgmental everyone was. This was her chance to rebel, to be downright bad. It turned her own so, she could not resist. And what could be more un-lady like and inappropriate etiquette than disrobing and mounting some guys’ face for your own sexual pleasure? What could be more thrilling than doing whatever you wanted and getting away with it? Life was good…because it was so bad…

Carrie was strolling down the hall towards the elevator when she heard partying coming from one of the rooms. The music alone was too loud, but there was shouting and all sorts of other noise as well, plenty of reason to bust things up. Knocking on the door, she was greeted by a cute blonde, appearing in his early 20’s. “This is quiet hours. You have to tone it down.” The young man nodded and worded an apology, when suddenly someone shouted from within the room “Who wants another beer!” Carrie smiled an evil smile, “Do you have under-age drinkers in your room? I need to come in and ask for everyone’s ID’s, you know the rules.” Judging by the look of terror on the guy’s face, Carrie already knew that answer. The college had strict rules about drinking in the dorms, but there were always people stupid enough to break them. Getting caught was a rather serious offense, the third offense made a student eligible from expulsion from on-campus housing.

The room froze when she announced her position as the Residence Assistant. Demanding identification, she quickly discovered there were indeed people 19 and 20 year-olds in the room. Indeed, with her experience as an R.A., she would have been shocked if there wasn’t. For one thing, most older students moved out of college by their junior and senior years, moving into fraternity and sorority houses or getting their own apartments.

Pointing at the blonde, Carrie angrily told him he and his roommates were in big trouble.
Quickly she performed her duty and got everyone’s college ID before breaking the party up again. “You all are in big trouble, I remember this room, I’ll check the records but I know this isn’t your first offense. You know the rules, your parents will be notified and you will have to be referred to the Dean of Student Affairs.”

The two roommates looked genuinely terrified at this, “Oh please no! This will be our third offense this year! Please don’t report us! We could get kicked out of our room! Come on, we weren’t hurting anyone! You saw that for yourself!”

Turning to face the two, Carrie just shrugged, raising her hands in the air. “Why should I let you off? This is my job. I could get in trouble if I don’t report you. Besides, I can’t be doing just anyone any favors, especially for free…. I’ll tell you what, maybe, just maybe I won’t report you. But you owe me, you have to give me something I want and you have to agree to do it without any conditions. What I say goes. No questions. Otherwise the deal is off and I’ll go to the Dean myself and make sure you get kicked out of here. It makes no difference to me what happens to you. Are we agreed or not? I will ask this question only once and that is your only chance.” The two college students nodded fervently, and without any hesitation to the gorgeous R.A. After all, what could she really have them do that would possibly be worse than jeopardizing their living quarters?

Smiling mischievously, Carrie instructed the two to be ready for her tomorrow morning, after she had finished her morning jog. She would have a very special task for the two of them.

Finishing the rest of her rounds, Carrie headed back to her own hall. She was quite excited about the turn of events for the night. It seemed her list of the blackmailed or just plane weak were constantly growing. At this rate, she would have half the residence under her sway before the end of her career! Carrie sighed, longing for one more orgasm before day’s end.

Carrie unlocked the door leading into her room and silently made her way in. Her roommate, Molly, had already fallen asleep. She was such a goodie goodie. Moving around from where Molly was lying, Carrie stared over at where her roommate was peacefully sleeping. As quietly as she could, Carrie slowly bent over and stealthily disrobed, revealing the pair of white cotton panties snuggly held against her protruding ass cheeks. Still bent over, Carrie disrobed herself of the panties, letting the world see her half naked body. She had a nice ass and she knew it. Indeed, as many as people as possible would know it before she was finished. Tip-toeing over to her roommate’s bed, Carrie stood over her motionless form, watching her sleeping. She was a little thing, a tiny blonde that was always in the way. Facing away from Molly, Carrie ever so carefully brought herself onto the bed. Straddling Molly’s sleeping body, Carrie brought her knees to either side of her roommate’s resting head so that her ass would hover right above the upturned and unsuspecting face inches beneath the orgasm hungry body of Carrie’s. It always thrilled Carrie to surprise people this way!

Not realizing it, it was at this moment that Molly woke up. Staring above her, Molly realized that her roommate’s naked ass was in her face! “Oh no! Not again!” Molly thought to herself. Carrie’s ass was round and quite intimidating, and now it was all that Molly could view…or smell. She stared up at it wonderingly, now well trained not to respond at all. Molly loved Carrie’s body and had often dreamed of seeing her roommate naked, but she would have never thought of anything like this! When Carrie discovered Molly’s secret sexual desires for her, Carrie had used it to her full advantage, smothering her into submission, making her worship her ass, even licking her puckered anal rosebud! Now Carrie would demand oral services of her on a frequent basis.

The rustling beneath the sheets informed Carrie of her sex toy’s awakening. “Good, you’re awake. Just in time to see my ass in your face, I see.” Carrie laughed an evil laugh. “Alright, in you go, you know the drill. Lick me until I come or else I’ll sit on your face until you expire. Either way I’m going to enjoy this.”
The only sound was the slightest of whimpers as Carrie’s ass came slamming down onto his target. Settling hard onto Molly’s face, Carrie gasped as she felt the skinny roommate’s tongue enter up into the folds of her sex. Carrie seated herself in skilled fashion, so that Molly’s nose was wedged deep into her anus, while her pussy rested on her waiting tongue. Carrie wiggled around to find the most comfortable position, the weight of her heavy bottom shifting around on Molly’s poor face. Her small head was almost completely engulfed in these threatening butt cheeks. Carrie’s bodyweight pressed heavily onto Molly’s face.
Totally inconsiderate of her roommate’s struggles and inconveniences, Carrie sat unconcerned full weight, anticipating the gentle services of Molly’s tongue.

"Don't make it a long night bitch. Make me gush all over your face. I have people I need to do tomorrow, so fuck me quick!"

Tongue extended, Molly performed her obligations. She had become quite efficient at pleasing her very demanding roommate. What disgusted Molly was how helpless she was in fighting against Carrie. But what was even worse yet, she couldn’t fight against her own sexual urges to eat out this pussy! Molly knew she was pathetic. How could she love this ass and pussy when it belongs to such an abusive owner?

As Molly lapped away at Carrie's bulging clit, she could hear the growing panting from above. Carrie's ass jiggled on her face, as she rocked back and forth to the soothing feel of Molly's wet oral instrument, soothing the sticky smelly cavern. Suddenly, Carrie came in one great spurt. It felt like she was peeing, as it always did when someone hits the G-spot, but in truth it was the inundation of vaginal liquid, pouring its way mercilessly onto Molly's face. The goo seeped into her mouth, the repugnant taste, seemingly unbareable.

"Lick me clean bitch, I'm not going to bed all sticky!"

"Oooohhhh, that's right, you are a good little cunt licker aren't you? That's right bitch, swallow my fuck juice."

As Molly finally concluded her cleaning services, Carrie leaned her weight forward, cutting off the supply of air Molly had relied upon. With Molly's nose crammed up Carrie very large ass, Molly couldn't breathe!

"Well when I came in you were asleep so I figured I might as well save you the time and knock you out for you....hahaha."

After several minutes, Carrie acheived her smother of her roommate, she slowly climbed off the very sticky, sweaty face of the unconscious Molly. With great satisfaction, Carrie crawled into bed, fantasizing about what sexual conquests tomorrow would bring, drifting off to the sounds of Molly's irregular breathing.
Crack to nose,
cheek to cheek,
face enclosed,
ass so sweet,
smell her smell,
all is well.

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Loved it!
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ooooh yeah - Carrie sounds just like the kinda girl we all want to meet someday...

love to hear more!!

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You rank up there with some of the past and present great
writers on this board. Catus Juggler comes to mind. People are just to lazy to sit down and write a note on how good your story
was after reading it at midnite or later.
Your stories are great and I for one love reading them. You have a gift with words and your discription of detail is fantastic. I love your stories and can`t put them down once started. Please continue posting. I for one go to that thread first when I see your
name. It is now 12:30 am. Keep up the great work and keep
posting. I look forward to it.

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I'd love to see your other stories...or even more of this one. They're all great!
Hardcore Cock & Ball Trample, Deepthroating Feet, and Trampling!!!

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Thumbs up

wow man! absolutely fantastic, fan-bloody-tastic!! please continue this story, i cant wait to see how her ass is after that morning jog, it's going to be smelly haha! love the touch of dominating her skinny roomate, that is the biggest of turn on's in the world i think, heavy woman squashes smaller woman! excellent story, really really great. thank you so much.
Kiss her ass & sniff her feet, sweaty sweaty such a treat

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Thumbs up

Absolutely! Great Story! Well written! You did a very good job of capturing the mood of the moment.

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Thanks for the story, it was one of the best I've ever read by far. Your work is definately appreciated and I hope you continue to post your work in the future.
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Thanks for sharing Assaholic...you are most correct when you say how its unfortunate that many stories are read without appreciation...after all, it's not like writing these stories pays the bills or in my case, earns more college credit ...anyhow, I say this one is off to good start, with the description of our heroine (or should I say villian ), her merciless behavior towards her slaves (especially like the verbal humiliation), and solid visual appeal from the facesitting sequences...please continue and thanks again

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Well done Assaholic, I could easily see the story unfold as I read. It was enjoyable to say the very least Hopefully there is more to cum.

May your face always have a womans ass on it.
May she always be wanting more.
And may you be in heaven
half an hour before the devil knows you're dead.

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Old 04-12-2006, 5:29 PM
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Haven't read a story that good since Fionas, fantastic writing - absolutely loved it. Thanks very much,
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it's late, I'm tired, but I have to say,
the gift of your well-written story really made my day!
I apologize for all who don't give you your due,
often I don't take the time to respond myself,
but your story's quality is certainly true!
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I loved that short story. Nice work assaholic. Will you write about what she does to the other male student's after she go's joging ? I hope.
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Old 04-22-2006, 11:07 PM
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I loved it, please continue with your great stories.
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Old 05-05-2006, 2:22 AM
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Just read the story, and I gotta agree with herseat_1, you'r on par with cactus juggler in your ways of writing and use of descriptions and I enjoyed it start to finish, great work
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