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SHE Who Must Be Obeyed!

i awaken, dazed, naked on the floor, restrained by handcuffs and ankle cuffs attached to me and to clamps imbedded in the cold cement floor, my muscles flexing uselessly. i’m on my back with my head also restrained, so i'm unable to move my neck from side-to-side. Suddenly, i hear the click-click-click of the Her high heels on the floor behind my head, unable to see Her. Then, seeing Her powerful face looking down at me from above; Her sneering smirk at my helplessness. Her sensuous lips emitting a gooey, frothy white ball as i realize She is getting ready to spit on me. i plead, beg - it is no good. Her spit drops right in the middle of my forehead; i feel it running down both sides of my face and into my hair as She laughs at me. i feel SO degraded; strangely, my manhood pulses. She slowly walks around my helpless form, click-click-click from Her heels. She talks to me as if i were her pet animal, telling me Her day went. How She spent the morning exercising in the park; how She took off Her sneakers to exercise because it was so hot on the earthy soil; How She walked back to Her car carrying Her sneakers, Her already dirty bare feet turning almost black in the process. How in the afternoon, when the temperature soared, She wore Her cheap, plastic shoes to go shopping in the outdoor mall, Her feet trapped and sweating profusely in Her shoes from the heat. And how in the evening, She switched to Her current heels to go dancing - for hours. i feel my manhood throbbing as i listen, fearing what is to come yet unable to control the swelling in my loins. She asks me if i know what is going to happen next. i swallow hard, Her spit starting to dry on my face. i look into Her mesmerizing eyes, twinkling as She taunts me. i reply that i don't know; my voice an unrecognizable tiny squeak as it betrays my thoughts. She explains, calmly, as if it were such a simple, obvious thing, that i am going to first wear a gag - Her old, worn stinking hose stuffed into my mouth (of course, just the part that has covered Her feet); then, my mouth taped closed, i will be forced to smell Her bare feet; sniff between the toes as She cups them over my nose. Weakened from the stench and almost passing out from lack of air, my gag will then be removed and i will be made to kiss Her dirty feet all over on Her command, my lips absorbing the dirt and sweat; and finally, lick all the sweat and filth from Her bare soles and toes until my tongue and face are almost black and Her feet are perfectly clean. "Especially," She says, "between the toes - that's where all the dirt gathers." Throughout Her speech, my member throbs and pulsates, leaking pre-cum uncontrollably as my face turns bright red from shame. i plead with Her not to do this, straining at my bonds, my powerful muscles as helpless as a child's in my efforts to escape. She giggles at my struggles, explaining that quite soon my face will smell just like Her feet as She will use me like a doormat. "Remember," She chides, "you're there for Me to wipe My feet on!"

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