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Old 10-01-2006, 3:43 PM
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Pantyhose Facesitting and Dominating

This story is about being dominated in pantyhose, which happens to be one of my biggest fetishes. This is the first time i have made up a story like but i hope you still enjoy it, it is long because i went into a detail, and it dose also contain some scat.

Its a friday night i am sitting at home when i get a text from a girl i know called Kelly, Kelly is really good looking and i would love to go out with her if we weren't good mates, basically the text was asking me if i wanted to go round her's for a bit because she was bored i said ok.

I arrived at her house and she was wearing a black short skirt, black pantyhose, and a low cut top, i asked her why she was dressed like that and she said it was because she was out earlier and couln't be bothered to change. We went into her bedroom and watched a film, i couldn't pay much attention to it because i was stareing at her thinking to myself just how sexy she was looking especially in those pantyhose.

The film finished and Kelly asked me what i thought of it, i said it was ok, she also asked me what my favorate part was in the film, i paused for a while trying to think back to at least one part in the film that i could remember when truthfully i couldn't remember any of it, just as i was about to answer, Kelly interupted and said, you don't have a favorate part because you were to busy staring at me, am i right? I have never been able to lie to her so i told her yes i was but it was because i couldn't get over how sexy she was, her reply was thanks, and left to make us a couple of drinks.

She came back with 2 cokes, and we sat on her bed and talked whilst we drank our cokes, a couple of minutes after i had finished mine, i started feeling drousy, my head hurt and i was feelin dizzy, i layed down on the bed and closed my eyes and must have passed out, because wen i opened them again i was completly naked and tied tightly to Kelly's bed.

A few moments later Kelly came back into the room looked at me and said "O good u have finally come around now i can begin", i asked what she meant by this and she just took of her top and bra climbed onto the bed and sat on my chest, she then told me that she was goin to teach me a lesson for stareing at her the way i did when we are just mates, and she was goin to teach me that lesson by dominating me.

She began by smothering me with her breasts which were rather big and were big enough to stop me from breathing, after a while she pulled her breasts away and held one of her nipples in front of my mouth and ordered me to suck and lick it, which i did, she then went back to smothering me with her breasts, and i moaned and wiggled tryin to catch my breath.

After a while she got of me went to make her self a drink when she came back she asked me if i was ready to continue knowing that even if i did say no it wuldn't ave mattered. I asked her what she was goin to do next and she told me; "seeing as how u like pantyhose so much and i can tell that because of how hard your cock is, i am goin to smother you with my pantyhosed pussy and grind it all over your face and just to make it even more interesting i'm not wearing any underwear". I started to plead with her to not do it and saying to her that i thought we were friends, but all she could say was shut up, u shouldn't have been staring at me then.

She pulled her skirt down and climbed on the bed and stood over my face by now i could see that she wasn't lying about not wearing any underwear because i could see her pussy underneath her pantyhose, she slowly teasingly lowered her self on to my face and smothered me with her pussy causing me to loose my breath, i started to wiggle tyring to get an arm or a leg free, this just made her sit down even harder on my face, after a short while she got of my face, and told me to stop moving or she will do worse things to me, stupidly i replied, it's a bit fucking hard when one of your mates is sitting on ur face causing you to not breath, with that she sat down harder on my face and started to grind her pussy around my lips and my nose.

By now all i could smell was the cum from her pussy especially when she grinded her pussy into my nose causing my nose to go inside her pussy. The smell was making me feel ill, after a while she got of my face and turned herself around so that her arse was inline with my face, she then sat down again on my face but this time smothering me with her arsehole, she started grinding her arsehole around my nose, making me smell the scent of shit from her arse, which was making me almost throw up.

Kelly got of my face and looked at me and said "your almost throwing up no i hate to think what you will be like in a minute", i asked her what she meant like that and all she said was don't worry u'll find out. She turned herself round again and knelt up so that her pussy was inline with my mouth and her thighs were squezing my head, i asked her again what she was goin to do, and this time she said: "O i suppose it wont do ne harm telling you now. I am goin to piss all over your face, and i am goin to hold ur head in place with my thighs." i tried pleeding with her to not do it and that i was really sorry and that i have learnt my lesson but all she could say is that i dnt think you have and its to late now.

I tried gettin an arm or a leg free, and Kelly just squezed my head tighter with her thighs and squezed my balls tightly, tellin me to keep still. By now i was in a lot of pain and was just wishing how i was at home in bed. All of sudden i heard Kelly say; "I hope your ready" and then her piss started to trickle out from her pantyhose all over my face, and up my nose the smell of it was making me feel even worse and almost making me throw up, she stopped, and told me that she was goin to make me swallow her piss now, i told her to fuck off and that there was no way i would do that, she begged to differ. Kelly pinched my nose really tightly causing me to not breath and that the only way i could get oxygen was by opening my mouth. As soon as i opened my mouth Kelly sat down on my face causing her pussy to go in between my lips and stoppin me from closeing my mouth, and she started to piss again, whilst she was in this positioned i had no other choice but to swallow it all, which made me feel even worse.

After a couple of minutes of her pissing in my mouth she stood up and started to cut a hole in the back of pantyhose around her arsehole. I was to busy chookin on her piss and tryin not to be sick to notice what she was doing. I asked her if she was finished and if she could untie me, Kelly just laughed and said i have one more thing to do to you so that i will know that u have learnt your lesson and that you will never look at me in that way again, i asked her what it was and she said she was goin to shit on my face, she also said i had to choices one was that i was to eat her shit, and two was that she will shit on my face and spread it by using sitting on my face and using her arse. I reluctlantly said option one.

I tried pleeding with her again telling her that i have learnt my lesson and that i was really sorry, once again she said i dn't think you have and it's to late. She stood up again over my head but with her arse to me this time, as she squatted down i started to cry, i couldn't believe this was happening to me, i was completly defencless and i just wanted to be at home, Kelly told me to stop cryin it will be over soon, and as she said that i could see her sphinceter starting to contract and relax, then suddenly with one big squeze a piece of shit appeared, she lowered her self even more and pinched my nose causing me to open my mouth, by now her arse was bout 2 inches away from my mouth. With more squeze she had succesfuly shitted in my mouth followed by 2 more smaller pieces, she quickly sat on my face again to stop me from spitting it out, and told me that she wasn't goin to move untill i had swalloed it all, again i began to cry, i had been completly humiliated, i thought to my self that i like pantyhose but this i didn't like.

After a while i finally swallowed the last piece of shit and Kelly got of my face and untied me, i ran to the bathroom where i was throwing up for almost half an hour, once i was finished i got dressed quickly and left, as i was leaving Kelly shouted to me, "i hope u have learnt you lesson and if u tell anyone i will do alot worse things to you."
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Old 10-02-2006, 1:36 PM
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It's good. I like it!!!
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Old 10-02-2006, 3:05 PM
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great story need more thanks take care

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Old 10-02-2006, 11:43 PM
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Smile "Pantyhose Facesitting and Dominating"

Very good story, Cullis12.
However, it could be made even better with a few grammar and spelling improvements.
And, yes, it appears the story could be continued. I am very interested in finding out what she meant by her final threat, "I will do a lot worse things to you." What could be a lot worse?
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Old 10-03-2006, 3:03 PM
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Originally Posted by SafetyPin
Very good story, Cullis12.
However, it could be made even better with a few grammar and spelling improvements.
And, yes, it appears the story could be continued. I am very interested in finding out what she meant by her final threat, "I will do a lot worse things to you." What could be a lot worse?
Lol it was bout 3 o'clock in the mornin wen i wrote it if thats any consulation. And alot worse can consist of, being forced anal, whilst one of her girl mates sits on his face, shits and pisses in his mouth and then they swap over, there's always alot worse lol

But thanks i'm glad u's enjoyed it

Should i make a sequal???

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Old 10-04-2006, 1:50 AM
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I might have developed Kelly's angle a little more since it seems strange how quickly she turned The detail within each scene could be prolonged but I do like the progression of breast to pussy, pussy to ass...and the pissing scene stole the show for me...not much into scat but the ending was solid...the guy leaves not just broken but afraid...thanks for sharing
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Old 10-04-2006, 11:56 PM
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Yes definitely!
Hardcore Cock & Ball Trample, Deepthroating Feet, and Trampling!!!

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